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Why Mill Stores?

     Mill Stores has been a family owned and operated business since its opening in 1958. We sell quality unfinished wood furniture that will last for generations to come. Most of our furniture is made by local and New England-based vendors, with many pieces coming from the articulate work of the Amish. Our durable pieces are made from parawood, pine, birch, teak, and more. We also offer custom finishing on all of our unfinished products. The possibilities are endless when it comes to finishing Mill Stores products, from staining, to painting, to even custom matching to an existing piece in your home.

During the spring and summer seasons, our property is blooming with many outdoor pieces, such as adirondacks, window boxes, picnic tables, trash sheds, patio sets, and more. At Mill Stores, our goal is to treat you like part of our family, whether you are a longtime client or just discovering our store and what we have to offer. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, and if you are ever unhappy with your purchase, we will work to make it right. With open arms, we welcome you to the Mill Stores to discover our solid wood for a solid value.

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30" Wide Pine Bookcase Collection

30"W X 12"D Height Options: 30"H , 36'H, 48"H, 60"H, 72"H, 84"H Adjustable Shelves Made of Solid Pine. *All Bookcases 72"H & 84"H has (1) Fixed Shelf.

36" Wide Pine Bookcase Collection

36"W X 12"D Height Options: 30"H , 36'H, 48"H, 60"H, 72"H, 84"H Adjustable Shelves Made of Solid Pine. *All Bookcases 72"H & 84"H has (1) Fixed Shelf.

48" Wide Pine Bookcase Collection

84"W X 12"D Height Options: 30"H , 36'H, 48"H, 60"H, 72"H, 84"H Adjustable Shelves Made of Solid Pine. *48"W Bookcases have a middle Divider. All Bookcases 72"H & 84"H has (1) Fixed Shelf.

Door Kit for 24"W, 30"W, 36"W & 48"

Door kit can bne ordered to be placed on the bottom section of the Pine Bookcase Collection. The Doors come 30"H. 48"W Bookcase is shown. All other sizes will only have (2) Doors Applied.

24",30",36",48" Alder Bookcases

24" 30" 36" 48" Alder Shaker Bookcases From Alder Shaker Bookcase Collection: Available in 24, 30, 36, 48 inch widths and 29,36,48,60,72,84 inch heights. 72 and 84 inch bookcases have door option. Depth: 12 inches.

24" 30" 36" 48" Alder Bookcases

24" 30" 36" 48" Alder Shaker Bookcases From Alder Shaker Bookcase Collection: Available in 24, 30, 36, 48 inch widths and 29,36,48,60,72,84 inch heights. 72 and 84 inch bookcases have door option. Depth: 12 inches.

Sours: https://www.barefurnitureny.com/bookshelves
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Custom Bookcases from Wood Bin Unfinished Furniture of Brookfield, CT


We have many stock sizes of bookcases to work from: Widths of 18" to 60" (by 6" increments), heights of 24" to 96" (by 6" increments), with depths of 10", 12", 16", 18", 20" and 24". We also offer custom sizing if you need it, at an affordable price. We can offer you a choice of over 30 different bookcase styles made of oak, maple or pine. We even have a manufacturer offering paintable maple which is a great value for painting.

Custom Bookcases

Molding Selection

Stock Bookcases

We carry stock oak, maple, or pine bookcases in several style in sizes. Stop in and take one home.


We offer in-stock bookcases as well as custom made. In-stock sizes ranging in widths from 24 to 48 " and heights from 30" to 96".

Ponderosa Pine Bookcases are all 10" deep; 18", 24", 30", 36" or 42" wide; 30", 36", 48", 60", 72", or 84" tall.

Custom Bookcases

Specialty Bookcases

The following products are offered in all varieties of woods and styles and in heights from 24" to 96", every 6". Doors are available for these units in all styles.

12" Depth
12" or 16" Depth
10, 12, 16, or 20" Depth

Follow 11 Easy Steps To Design Your Own Customized
Bookcase Wall Unit From the Liberty Collection

1. Choose your desired wood type: Maple, Pine or Oak

2. Choose from 9 styles

3. Choose the base height. Recommended sizes are: 30" or 36". Available heights from 24" to 96" every 6".

4. Choose your base width. Available widths are: 18", 24", 30", 36" or 42".

5. Choose your base depth. Available depths are: 16", 20" or 24".

6. Choose from 12 door styles for the base unit

7. Choose your hutch height. Available heights are from 24" to 96" every 6".

8. Choose the hutch opening: 15", 20" or 31 ". Hutch opening is the open area in the lower end of hutch, measured side to side.

9. Choose the width of the hutch. Available widths are: 18", 24", 30", 32", 36" and 42". Please refer to "Specialty Bookcases" for 48" and 60" bookcases.

10. Choose your hutch depth. Available depths are: 10", 12", 16", 20" or 24". Recommended depths are: 12" or 16".

11. Choose a door style for the Hutch

Sours: https://www.woodbinfurniture.com/custom-bookcases-connecticut.php
How to Paint and Stain Unfinished Wood Furniture

Solid Pine Wood Unfinished Modern Style Bookcase 30" wide x 84" high

Archbold Furniture Company began building solid wood unfinished furniture in the Early 1900s. Located in Northwest Ohio, AFC has a solid reputation for building quality furniture at affordable prices. To support growth and to enhance the manufacturing of the product line, Archbold Furniture Company moved to a new facility in January 1999. Product Selection: Shop our on-line catalog with over 300 pieces of solid wood unfinished furniture. Product categories include: Bedroom, Modular Computer and Home Office, Toy and Blanket Chests, Armoires & Cabinets, Tables, Accent & Occasional and Beds/Headboards & Bunk Beds. Custom Finishing Options: The beauty of solid wood products is your ability to custom stain any piece of furniture to match existing home décor. Visit our custom finishes and finishing tips sections to experience the unlimited options available. Commitment to Quality: Companies that have been in business for almost 100 years understand the best way to customer satisfaction is a commitment to quality.

Manufacturer Image
Sours: https://www.hootjudkins.com/solid-pine-wood-unfinished-modern-style-bookcase-30-wide-x-84-high

Bookshelf unfinished wood


Natural Furniture Offers Various Unfinished Wood Bookcases

For Portland’s book lovers, Natural Furniture offers a wide selection of wood bookcases customized to suit your needs. Simply choose your bookcase’s wood species, style, and color to complement the rest of your home décor. We can also help you select the appropriate width, depth, and height to look perfect in any room. Bookcases help you display and organize your beloved tomes properly without cluttering every nook and cranny. Today’s bookcases are even used to display other items, including family photos, baubles, collectibles, plants, sculptures, and vibrant objets d’art. Visit Natural Furniture today to get practical decorating tips using wood bookcases in your Portland-area home. We also sell wood room dividers and accessory ladders to help you organize your collection!

Wood Bookcases – Single Bookcases

Natural Furniture offers unfinished wood bookcases to suit any style or budget. For the university student or newlywed on a limited budget, don’t miss this Pine 30-Inch Bookcase available unfinished, factory-finished, or custom-finished. It also comes in 48, 60, 72, and 84-inch heights to accommodate a variety of interests. We also offer Parawood X-Sided Bookcases that present a more simplistic look for those who may be more interested in displaying objects instead of heavy volumes of books. These x-sided bookcases also go great in a more open design concept, such as a studio apartment!

For the more discerning book enthusiast, this Pine 36-Inch Bookcase with Doors provides an attractive way to display your books and hide other items, such as DVDs or magazines, tucked away neatly inside its doors. We may be a bit biased about our bookcases, but this Alder McKenzie Center Wall Unit with Doors makes an attractive addition in Caffe, Glazed Antique Cherry, or unfinished options. While it may set you back $1,000, it’s well worth the investment in quality wood furniture if you can afford it.

Adjustable Shelf Bookcases give you more customization options and come in several sturdy wood types, including oak, pine, maple, cherry, and alder. Fixed Shelf Bookcases can also be constructed in any size requirements you need. Finally, for those who just can’t get enough of the distinct style of Shaker furniture (a group known for minimalism in everything from their religious beliefs to their well-constructed furniture), take a look at this Alder Shaker Bookcase with Doors. It comes with three adjustable shelves, in various heights, and unfinished, factory-finished, or custom-finished options.

Finished vs. Unfinished Bookcases: Which Is Better?

Unfinished furniture presents many distinct advantages over finished furniture for your consideration. The majority of our customers at Natural Furniture enjoy its many personalization options, which allow them to stain or finish a piece to the exact color they want. When you remove the finishing process from the manufacturing equation, it results in lower production costs on average, which is excellent news for anyone on a tight furniture budget. Refinishing a bookcase is often much cheaper than buying the finished version in a more expensive retail outlet. Many also enjoy browsing one-of-a-kind unfinished options in their local furniture store without the added sales pressure deployed in the bigger chains.

Unfinished furniture lets you select the ideal size, design, and style of wood bookcase you want without breaking the bank. It also allows you to buy your home décor and furniture one item at a time without fear of pieces clashing with each other once you bring them home. Finally, many book lovers actually prefer the raw, natural beauty of an unfinished wood bookcase because it lets their impressive book collection pop in contrast. For the budding artists in the Portland, Oregon community, the chance to paint or varnish the bookcase themselves is an opportunity too tantalizing to be missed.

Browse Natural Furniture’s Selection of Wood Bookcases

Whether you prefer buying a wood bookcase constructed by a local craftsman or a well-respected national manufacturer, you won’t be disappointed with the selection at Natural Furniture. We pride ourselves on offering enough variety to keep our customers satisfied and keep the inventory rotating off our showroom floor. If you’d like to learn more about our wood bookcases in Portland, Oregon, we encourage you to visit our local furniture store or give us a call at 503-862-6346!

Our staff would be happy to assist in helping you make the right decision based on your preferences and price range. It’s no wonder we see visitors from as far away as Amity, Clackamas, Estacada, Gladstone, Hillsboro, Lafayette, Lake Oswego, Salem, Yamhill, and all points in-between. In business since 1975, we’re located on Stark Street and are open seven days a week for all your unfinished wood furniture needs in Portland. You can rest assured our wood bookcases will withstand the test of time to bring you many years of reading pleasure.

Sours: https://www.naturalunfinishedfurniture.com/furniture/bookcases
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