Deactivate meaning in english

Deactivate meaning in english DEFAULT


Those who failed to vote in two successive preceding regular elections also face deactivation, as well asvoters whose registration has been ordered excluded by the Court and if they had lost Filipino citizenship.

Voters' list to undergo cleansing Comelec

GRAB admitted on Tuesday its allocation rate has dwindled due to the deactivationof 5,000 of its transport network vehicle service (TNVS) units, and advised users to book for its carpooling service while it addresses the dearth of service cars on the road.

Grab riders advised to use carpool service

TRA warned that the failure to register within the specified period will result in suspension of the service on a temporary basis and further delay on the part of the customer will lead to final deactivation. This initiative is part of the Authority's on-ongoing efforts to protect and safeguard subscribers from fraud and identity theft.

Bahrain TRA sets June 2 deadline for SIM-card registration

TRA further clarifies that failing to register within the specified period will result in suspension of the service on a temporary basis, failing to register again during the suspension period will result in final deactivation. This initiative is part of the Authority's on-ongoing efforts to protect and safeguard subscribers from fraud and identity theft.

TRA extends prepaid SIM-cards registration renewal deadline

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[diːˈæktɪveɪt]VT → desactivar

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[diˈæktɪveɪt]vt (= disable) [+ bomb, alarm] → désactiver

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[diːˈæktɪˌveɪt]vt → disattivare

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Definition of deactivate in English:


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  • 1with objectMake (something, typically technical equipment or a virus) inactive by disconnecting or destroying it.

    ‘the switch deactivates the alarm’

    • ‘He pressed the switch to deactivate the program, then his weapons faded and he opened the door.’
    • ‘The council is also reminding local people that when they go on holiday they will not be able to deactivate their burglar alarm if it is falsely triggered.’
    • ‘Kevin ran to a computer and deactivated the shields and weapons.’
    • ‘He led Jess out by her good arm, stopping at the front of the bar to deactivate the alarm system.’
    • ‘It may have been that the transponder was deactivated in order to keep a pilot from raising the alarm.’
    • ‘At the last possible second, when Eusi saw that the Vanguard had not made a single move to power up its weapons or shields, she deactivated the blades.’
    • ‘Assuming I can find all the motion sensors, I can deactivate them.’
    • ‘It will deactivate any drones or tracking weapons that get too close.’
    • ‘Some approaches include a ‘killed’ vaccine, which means deactivating the virus so it can do no harm.’
    • ‘Two of the members of the squad have already bagged the gallantry medal for deactivating a live explosive which was planted in a Police quarters.’
    • ‘The power to the building went out, thus deactivating the servers, the cable connection was down and none of the IT staff could get to the office to handle the crisis.’
    • ‘Gen. Deddy S. Komarudin said later in the day the incident was purely an accident, and no other parties were involved in deactivating the grenade.’
    • ‘This will speed deactivating the phone if it was stolen.’
    • ‘Whatever controls were on, she has deactivated them and reinstalled her own.’
    • ‘The prison guards had deactivated the emergency call buttons in the solitary cells.’
    • ‘Then without even giving a proper bill of charges, they went ahead and deactivated my connection since I had allegedly exceeded my calling value.’
    • ‘The survey also showed most parents were unaware that child car seats should never be used on any seat fitted with an airbag unless the airbag is deactivated.’
    • ‘It is said that certain music will deactivate brain cells, which is the root cause of negative thoughts.’
    • ‘Once they walked away, the polling officer would deactivate the machine and their vote would be recorded as a ‘no’ vote.’
    • ‘If vegetables or herbs are blanched before they are frozen, this deactivates enzymes and ‘sets' their colour.’

    inactive, inert, latent, fallow, passive, idle, at rest, inoperative, deactivated, in abeyance, quiet

    1. 1.1Military Remove from active duty.

      ‘On 1 October 1993, the 46th Fighter Training Squadron was deactivated when the active duty Air Force took control of all fighter replacement training.’

      • ‘Following this action the 5th Ranger Battalion finished the war serving as conventional infantry or guard forces, and were finally deactivated in October of 1945.’
      • ‘With the signal battalion deactivated, the burden of managing the installation, operation and maintenance of communications systems did not fall on the shoulders of the BTB.’
      • ‘The Army Air Defense Command was deactivated nationwide that year and with it came the end of Fort Hancock's military status.’




What is the meaning of the word DEACTIVATE?

Meaning of deactivate in English

But the team said it needed to correct its mistake and deactivated him again.

From CNN

The guy who dealt with keycards never deactivated his key.

From TechCrunch

More human nature: it's scary to shut down an unrecognized account or to deactivate a password that doesn't link to a known need.

From VentureBeat

But it's not just deactivating these accounts, it's going to offer them to other people.

From Wired

On the second silhouette, they painted areas of the body that get deactivated during that emotion.

From NPR

For those hoping to be surprised and be surprising, they could always just deactivate their social profiles.


Hot water immersion of the affected area is generally recommended, as it deactivates the toxin.

From Huffington Post

Those whole-cell vaccines, developed in the 1940s, were made by deactivating whole pertussis bacteria.

From Washington Post

Many said they were less comfortable with deactivating pacemakers, which weren't seen as medically burdensome, than with deactivating defibrillators, which dramatically worsened quality of death.

From The Atlantic

Eighty-seven percent reported they had been involved in requests to deactivate a cardiac device in a terminally ill patient.

From The Atlantic

If not deactivated, they could repeatedly shock people during their death agonies.

From The Atlantic

Sure, we can "deactivate" or "suspend" some accounts.

From Fast Company

You would have to possibly pull the circuit breakers if you want to deactivate them.

From NPR

It's essentially just yeast (the kind that helps bread rise) that has been deactivated.

From Huffington Post

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Meaning in english deactivate


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[ dee-ak-tuh-veyt ]

/ diˈæk təˌveɪt /

verb (used with object),de·ac·ti·vat·ed,de·ac·ti·vat·ing.

to cause to be inactive; remove the effectiveness of.

to demobilize or disband (a military unit).

to render (a bomb, shell, or the like) inoperative, especially by disconnecting, removing, or otherwise interfering with the action of the fuze.

Chemistry. to render (a chemical, enzyme, catalyst, etc.) inactive.

verb (used without object),de·ac·ti·vat·ed,de·ac·ti·vat·ing.

Physical Chemistry. to lose radioactivity.



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Origin of deactivate

First recorded in 1900–05; de- + activate



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deacon, deaconess, deaconry, deacon seat, de-acquisition, deactivate, deacylase, dead, dead ahead, dead air, dead-air space Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2021

How to use deactivate in a sentence

  • A shot developed in China using deactivated covid-19 germs protected only half the people who got it, although it did stop severe disease.

    The next act for messenger RNA could be bigger than covid vaccines|David Rotman|February 5, 2021|MIT Technology Review

  • This sort of sharing is something that might be enabled without your knowledge, or that you may have switched on at one point but now want to deactivate.

    Here’s your checklist for maximum smartphone security|David Nield|January 21, 2021|Popular-Science

  • I was in school, and I had deactivated my social media during the semester.

    “I think this is a wake-up call”: Seeing a familiar face in the Capitol riot|Luke Winkie|January 15, 2021|Vox

  • His return was delayed by a team disciplinary issue that caused him to be deactivated for a game and fined, and a hamstring injury.

    Tom Brady and the Bucs were no match, again, for Drew Brees and the Saints|Mark Maske|November 9, 2020|Washington Post

British Dictionary definitions for deactivate



(tr)to make (a bomb, etc) harmless or inoperative

(intr)to become less radioactive

(tr)USto end the active status of (a military unit)

chemto return or cause to return from an activated state to a normal or ground state

Derived forms of deactivate

deactivation, noundeactivator, noun

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