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Hours passed since the gang arrived at Tails' house. Everyone slept there overnight in case something happened, but it's a new day now and the sun was shining in joy over Seaside Island. Everyone wanted to forget what happened yesterday. Sonic, Knuckles, Amy and Sticks were all gathered on the sofa. Just then, the bandaged up fox slowly opened his eyes while groaning in pain and tiredness. Sonic noticed this and sped over as fast as lightning, and hugged him tightly.

Sonic: TAILS!

Tails: Wha-? Aw, lighten up Sonic, I've been grabbed more than I can count haha. How long was I out for? I don't remember what happened after Eggman...-

Tails decided to zip it for now. Sonic was still hugging Tails, filled with joy.

Sonic: Oh man, I'm so happy you're okay! I thought you were gone! You were unconscious for three days! Don't worry, I promise that won't happen again, and I mean it this time, heh...

Tails froze on the spot for a second, then giggled along with him, until he noticed something wet touch his shoulder. To his surprise, he saw Sonic crying of happiness. Tails hugged Sonic back, Amy, Knuckles and Sticks joined the hug.

Amy: We're so glad you're okay, Tails. We were so worried about you! Those events were extreme!

Knuckles: Yeah, I was afraid I'd lose my buddy after all that!

Sticks: I'm glad it wasn't the government agents who possess our minds and act as if nothing is happening!

Sonic broke the embrace and everyone exchanged looks, then the Team burst into laughter.


Meanwhile, in Eggman's Lair, the Doctor had finally gained consciousness, but woke up to a terrible surprise.


Silence. He looked around, and to his horror, his lair had completely collapsed, and all of his robot minions, including Orbot, Cubot and Metal, were destroyed (again).

Eggman: Oh of all the...! My lair has been destroyed along with all my robots again, it's gonna take me years to rebuild everything! Why does that pesky rodent always ruin everything!

The Doctor looked over to where his cage was and he became very annoyed.

Eggman: I knew it! My prisoner is also gone. I swear I will get revenge on that blasted hedgehog!


A few minutes had passed as the team were all laughing and happily playing a video game on Tails' TV. Out of all times though, events took a massive turn for the worse. Sonic's migraine returned worse than ever. The pain was unbearable as if his head was about to explode. The speedy blue hedgehog fell to his knees, clutching his head in pain. It worsened as Sonic started screaming.


???: T H E R E IS N O E S C A P E.


???: T H A T I S I N S I G N I F I C A N T. I W I L L T A K E O V E R. D E S T R O Y.


???: I A M I N Y O U R H E A D F O R E V E R. Y O U C A N N O T G E T R I D O F M E. P A T H E T I C. T H E B R A V E, F E A R L E S S H E D G E H O G I S H A V I N G A B R E A K D O W N. U S E L E S S. N O O N E L I K E S Y O U. D I E.


Tails, Knuckles, Amy & Sticks: SONIC!


Tails slapped Sonic across his forehead, which did nothing.

Amy: Tails, what's going on?!

Tails sighed sadly. Sonic was still screaming in the background as the two-tailed fox turned to his friends.

Tails: (I guess the time has come to tell them.) Let me explain this to you guys, but stay away from Sonic because no matter how much we want to help him, this is very dangerous. There is this spirit called Exe, and he has the ability to possess Sonic. This spirit is immortal and He. Destroys. Everything. He is super powerful and there is nothing we can do. He is currently trying to take over Sonic. This is because his weaker emotions allowed him to take control, like rage, fear, sadness. This is a life threatening situation. Currently, there hasn't been any way to stop Exe.


Knuckles: We have to help him, he's our buddy and our leader! Even if he does go on a killing spree we gotta help him!

Tails: Amy is correct and-

Sticks: Uhh, guys?

Tails was interrupted as Sticks tried to warn him about Sonic. The heroic hedgehog's irises went from emerald green to a menacing blood red, his eyes went from white to black, his scarf and sports tape turned a lifeless grey colour, blood patches covered his body and blood started coming out of his eyes and mouth. A wide, creepy and threatening smile spread across the transformed hedgehog's muzzle. Even more petrifying, his teeth were like the sharpest knives in the world, covered in blood! He stared at the team, who all looked terrified, and said in a really creepy voice:

Sonic.Exe: D O Y O U W A N T T O P L A Y  W I T H  M E?

Tails: -That's w-what I'm talking a-about!

The team did not want to fight their best friend. They all looked petrified at what happened to Sonic.

Sonic.Exe: L E T ' S P L A Y H I D E A N D S E E K, I F I F I N D Y O U, G A M E.  O V E R.

Sticks: I KNEW IT! Pod People have TAKEN OVER HIS MIND!

Amy: Enough of your crazy theories! Let's just get outta here!

She grabbed Sticks by the wrist and ran out of the house, followed by Tails. Knuckles however, made a very risky move and tackled Sonic.Exe before escaping. He looked outside and laughed maniacally.


Amy, Knuckles and Sticks all ran to hide in their homes, which was pointless as that's the first place Exe would look. Tails however, went to hide in a nearby tree so Exe would not spot him. He wanted to warn his friends but he couldn't as he remembered Sonic.Exe still has the communicator on his wrist. This made the Two-Tailed Fox panic about his friends.


As he left Tails' house, he decided to destroy it, and his workshop including his plane and his tools, and then left it in flames as he floated away. Suddenly, the sky and clouds turned a menacing blood red. Exe noticed Sonic's communicator on his wrist and activated it, activating Amy's, Knuckles' and Tails' communicators in the process.

Sonic.Exe (through communicator): Y O U W I L L A L L D I E. I K N O W W H E R E Y O U A R E~

He switched off the communicator and the rest of the team panicked. He then threw it on the ground and stood on it, shattering it.


Tails was spying from the top of a palm tree and noticed his former best friend float by. The two-tailed fox was very upset, but this quickly changed into concern as Sonic.Exe went to the part of beach where Knuckles lives.

The echidna noticed Sonic.Exe and, despite not wanting to fight him (though sometimes he does it as a joke), he wanted to save Sonic, so he engaged him in combat. Knuckles went for the offensive and tried to attack Exe with a punch and his signature ground pound, which didn't work. Sonic.Exe wore a wide, threatening grin, and then slowly started turning his head sideways, while staring at Knuckles. This made his vision go red, blurry and glitchy until he couldn't see a thing, thus allowing Sonic.Exe to attack. He clawed him in the heart as Knuckles screamed so loud, then Sonic.Exe ripped his head off of his shoulders, causing the echidna to collapse, and he left him for dead, spine sticking out, blood leaking everywhere and a look of fear on his face.

The strongest guy on the island, dead? How?


• In Sonic's mind•

Sonic woke up in a room filled with only darkness. He felt kind of dizzy, and he held his head as he got up.

Sonic: What happened? Where am I?


Sonic: Hello? Anyone here?

Silence. Sonic started to get annoyed.

Sonic: This is annoying. Can anyone even here me?!

The speedy hedgehog started losing his patience until an unknown voice startled him.

???: S I L E N C E!

Sonic: What the heck?! Hey wait a minute! It' The voice in my head earlier. What do you want? Where am I?! Why are you doing this?!

Sonic became very angry.

Exe: I am Exe. I'm an immortal demon that can control you, Sonic The Hedgehog. Your breakdown allowed me to control you, and I  D E S T R O Y  E V E R Y T H I N G  A N D  I  K I L L  E V E R Y O N E! I am killing your friends and home. I  W I L L  G A I N  F U L L  C O N T R O L! N O  O N E  C A N  S T O P  M E!

Sonic fell silent, then exclaimed in anger and fear.

Sonic: WHAT?! You'd better show me what you've done RIGHT NOW!

Exe: You heard me, hedgehog! If you really want me to show you, I won't hold back, but be warned: you will regret wanting to see this.

Sonic was shown a live 360 degree view of what happened outside.
The red sky...
Tails' house destroyed...
Knuckles dead...

As the view vanished, Sonic started trembling. He couldn't believe he just saw one of his best friends dead. He also started worrying about Tails as he saw his house in flames.

Sonic: No...why...WHAT DID YOU DO TO THEM?!

Exe: Isn't it obvious? I destroyed that pathetic two-tailed Fox's house and killed your red friend, and now, I W I L L K I L L Y O U R O T H E R F R I E N D S. Y O U  C A N N O T  S T O P  M E!

Sonic was trembling and his breathing was unstable, he quivered as he spoke. Tears welled up in his eyes. He had just lost Knuckles.



Sonic just growled and sighed sadly in defeat. He wanted to keep his tough image, but he couldn't handle losing Knuckles.



A concerned Tails was still spying on Sonic.Exe until he heard a loud, echoing scream filled with fear, pain and agony.

Tails: Knuckles...No way! Did Sonic.Exe just kill him?!

Upset, concerned and petrified, he kept spying and saw the demonic hedgehog float towards Amy's house.

Tails: Oh no! Amy's in trouble!


Amy's house was boarded up all over like she was in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, but even that was futile. Sonic.Exe broke down the door with little effort and found a petrified pink hedgehog hiding behind her couch. Amy screamed in shock and fear.

Amy: S-Sonic! We're friends aren't we?! Please, don't kill me, have mercy! There's something I never got to tell you..!

Sonic.Exe: I H A V E N O M E R C Y.  Y O U  W I L L  D I E.

Amy took a deep breath and entered a fighting stance, wielding her hammer furiously.

Amy: (Don'tbescared, Amy! Youhavetofighthim, forSonic'ssake!) Alright then, you damn demon! Bring it on! I will no longer allow you to control Sonic!

Furiously, Amy cried out and charged at Sonic.Exe. He held out a hand, covered by a bloody glove and Amy was lifted into the air.


Exe then grabbed her hammer. He swung Amy into the wall, almost crushing her spine. The demonic hedgehog threw the hammer at Amy. Luckily, it missed her face. Unluckily, it crushed her arm. She screamed in agony. He went over and clawed her face and her back, and left. Amy was bleeding out, blood was all over the floor and splattered on the wall.


Those were the final words she could force out before she fainted.


Meanwhile, Tails was still spying until something made him jump. He heard a shrilling, agonising scream that sent chills down his spine. Tails couldn't believe this.

Tails: Amy...Sonic.Exe got her too...

A few tears fell down the fox's face. He flew out of the tree and flew in the direction of Sticks' burrow.

Tails: (I am not letting him kill any more of my friends!)


Sticks looked out of the window in horror and noticed Tails flying over, she came outside to see if he was okay. When he got there, the two-tailed fox collapsed into her arms out of fatigue, fear and sadness. Gently, Sticks placed him back on his feet. She was scared, she didn't know what was going on. She's never experienced this before.

Sticks: Tails! Are you okay?! What's going on?! While yous were all gone the evil draconian sky overlords TURNED THE SKY RED!!

Tails: It was not *pant* an overlord, it was Sonic, well, *pant* Sonic.Exe now. He got *pant* Amy and Knuckles *pant*.

Tails was too tired to even speak. He was then on all fours, panting heavily.

Sticks: WHAT?! YOU'RE KIDDING! Those Pod People will rue the day they took over Sonic!

Tails: For the last time Sticks, *pant* it isn't pod people. C'mon *pant* I'll take you somewhere safe.

Wearily, Tails got up and took Stick's hand. Without warning, Sonic.Exe snuck up behind them, startling them both. Tails got a powerful punch to the face and was sent flying. Then, the demonic hedgehog grabbed the petrified badger by the neck, strangling her. He then forced her head through a sharp tree branch, tearing through her skull. A big puddle of blood formed underneath the corpse by the blood dripping down from her head.

Sonic.Exe: T O O B A D M Y F E R A L F R I E N D.

Sonic.Exe laughed maniacally and teleported away this time to where Tails landed. However, to his concern, the kit had vanished.

Sonic.Exe: BAH! N O M A T T E R! I S T I L L N E E D T O E R A D I C A T E T H I S P A T H E T I C I S L A N D.

And with that. He teleported away.

Tails was hiding behind a tree. He heard what Sonic.Exe said and saw him teleport. Tails became really sad and guilt washed over him.

Tails: I am sorry, I promised myself to protect Sticks, even I failed that. I cannot stop him by myself. He's just too powerful.


In Hedgehog Village, it was just a normal average day for the villagers. Dave the Intern was working his usual shift at Meh Burger, Lady Walrus was with her two sons: Stratford and Chumley (though she still can't look after her Chumley properly), Mike the Ox was walking around, Soar the Eagle was doing his usual broadcast and the rest of the villagers were all happy. Suddenly, all was dark as the same red clouds from before approached, covering the village. Some villagers panicked and some looked up in curiosity, but they all panicked when they saw "Sonic" approach along with the red clouds.


His first victim was Dave the Intern, who had been stabbed by Sonic.Exe. He then found the Lightning Bolt Society, and decided to kill them the same way he killed Knuckles. Poor, young Beth the Shrew was his next victim, who's head was cleanly sliced off. Comedy Chimp was next, who had been tied to a fence along with Wolfie.

CC: And I told myself: "I'd never be pinned down again." Ha!

Wolfie: Heyo! You've still got it, CC!

Sonic.Exe: S I L E N C E!

Quickly and brutally, he ripped out their hearts and left the two corpses hanging.

Wild Cat and Mike were talking as they were running away.

Mike: Wait a minute! Isn't that Sonic? If so, what on Earth has happened to him?! He looks like he's been possessed!

Wild Cat: He must've been possessed! He's the hero of this Island, he saves all of us! Sonic wouldn't just go ahead and kill everyone! He's not like that at all!

Sonic.Exe suddenly teleported in front of them and used his telekinesis to lift them up in the air. Then, the terrified villagers were flung into the wall. The impact was so big that the force actually killed them.

Og the Frogladyte heard all of the commotion and went to investigate, but he was murdered by Sonic.Exe. Before doing anything else, he tunnelled himself underground like a drill and eliminated the whole Frogladyte tribe! Who knew he could do this?! Wisps don't even exist in the Sonic Boom World! Is this a new power he somehow adapted?! Quickly, he tunnelled back up to the surface and started floating in the air, then he snapped his finger. Without warning, the whole island was suddenly up in flames! This killed off the rest of the villagers, Eggman (who was making his way through the village), the Gogobas, even melting Eggman's robots including his minions, Orbot and Cubot, Metal Sonic, Mombot and D-Fekt and the Cubots. EVEN THE STONE GUARDIAN DIDN'T SURVIVE FOR HEAVENS SAKE AS WELL AS THE TEMPLE BEING DESTROYED! The village, the team's houses, including Sonic's Mech and Blue Force One, and the whole island was destroyed, villagers were burned alive and dead, there was blood and the red sky made the setting even worse.

Sonic.Exe laughed crazily as he had an idea. He remembered Roboken was in the sky. In the blink of an eye, he teleported there, and, the whole place was in flames. This time, instead of snapping his fingers, he used lasers that were shot from his eyes. This killed off the citizens, Friendbot, Mighton, Bolts and even Team Cybonic!! All of the island was destroyed!


• In Sonic's Mind •

Sonic was sat against the darkness, hugging his knees in sadness and anger, he is really upset after seeing what he saw, unaware of what he was about to witness next.

Exe: S O N I C T H E H E D G E H O G.

Sonic just rolled his eyes, feeling annoyed.

Sonic: What do you want?

Exe chuckled, which broke out into a maniacal cackle.

Sonic: Hey! What's so funny?!

The blue hedgehog stood up quickly and defensively.

Exe: N O O N E C A N S T O P M E N O W!

Sonic: You keep dreaming that, buddy. I'm sure what's left of the Team or I will stop you somehow.

Exe chuckled evilly.

Exe: D O N' T G E T Y O U R H O P E S UP.

Sonic was shown a live 360 degree view of his home. The whole island, including Roboken, in flames...
The blood that was everywhere, even the red sky was still there...
He teleported and showed him his teammates, rivals, the villagers, his robot counterparts and his robot friends all brutally murdered, Sonic knew they're not coming back, ever...

Sonic was in utter disbelief right now. He clutched his head with both hands.

Sonic: You...You...This can't be real...

Exe: There was only one person I couldn't kill, and that was the two-tailed freak.

The speedy hedgehog was utterly speechless. Suddenly, he collapsed onto his knees in tears. He was sobbing so much, he couldn't believe what he just saw. He couldn't speak properly, his speaking and breathing was quivering, he was cut off through sobs as he was trembling.

Sonic: Amy... *sob* Tails...Knux...*sob*..Sticks, and *sob* everyone else...

Exe: Hmph.

Sonic couldn't take it anymore, and he screamed, loud, in utter despair.


Sonic couldn't bare the sight anymore. Tears streamed down his face like a river as he broke into loud sobs. The poor hedgehog was bawling his eyes out in utter sadness, despair and fury. He desperately punched the floor and the walls, trying to get out to no avail. This only made his head hurt worse. Sonic clutched his head, still crying.

Exe: T H E R E I S N O E S C A P E. T H I S I S Y O U R M I N D.

Sonic: Someone please help...

He buried his face in his hands, sobbing while on his knees.

• Reality •


Tails: Sonic.Exe...has gone too...f-far...I'm sorry, Village...I'm sorry, Island...I'm sorry guys...sorry I couldn' you all...I have failed...

An exhausted, petrified and upset Tails laid there with no energy at all. Guilt washed over him like a huge tidal wave. He was super lucky the flames didn't engulf him. All that remained of Seaside Island were flames, smoke, ashes, blood, corpses and screams of agony.

Tails: Sonic...why...what have you done..?

But...was Tails the only survivor?

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Aplikasi ini dirilis pada Sep 13, 2021, dan telah tersedia di ApkResult sejak saat itu. Versi saat ini adalah v7 dan sejak itu telah diunduh lebih dari 11826 kali dari platform kami. Aplikasi ini tersedia dalam bahasa Inggris dan 15 bahasa lainnya dengan versi lengkap yang akan Anda unduh. Unduh APK dan buka dengan pengelola file favorit Anda. Ketuk nama file untuk menginstal. Jika pemasangan tidak dimulai, Anda harus mengaktifkan sumber yang tidak dikenal di pengaturan Android Anda. Aplikasi ini diperbarui pada Sep 13, 2021. Jika Anda ingin menulis ulasan, instal aplikasi ini dan beri peringkat di situs web kami. Unduhan bersifat langsung seperti kecepatan kami dan kami menyediakan tautan langsung ke semua versi Sonic.exe APK yang tersedia secara gratis. Harap dicatat bahwa kami menyediakan file APK dasar dan murni serta kecepatan unduh yang lebih cepat untuk Sonic.exe APK. Anda juga dapat mengunduh Sonic.exe APK APK dan menjalankannya dengan Emulator Android yang populer.

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Dark Hyper Sonic and Dark V.S. Fleetway Super Sonic - The Finale [Animation] ソニック v. ソニック

Bratwurst's Sonic Exe Series is a fan - made series about Sonic Exe. It is made by Bratwurst. It is based on all the games, like Sonic & Exe, Sonic.exe: Nightmare Beginning, Sonic.exe: The Spirits of Hell, Sonic.exe: Tower of Millenium and it contains parts and references to all the games. Diana is currently not seen in the series, but she might be seen as a character as the series continues. We don't know yet. Also, it is unknown whether or not Exetior is out of Sonic's body. So maybe he has Sonic's form, or maybe he is inside him and controls him. The series is not complete yet. It is unknown when it will be complete. At first it was just simply fun, not intended to become a series, but has recently been one. One of the few serieses about Sonic Exe and probably the most famous and viewed the most of them all.


Tails mistakens Exetior for Sonic. Exetior chases him. Tails tries to defend himself but Exetior cuts him in half. Then he goes after Knuckles. In the chemical floating town he attacks him and while Knuckles tries to hide, Exetior turns a tree into stakes and kills Knuckles. Then he tries to kill Dr. Eggman, who shoots him with a laser. Dr. Eggman goes to an old castle where Sonic EXE surprise attacks him and kills him too. In the 4th episode, Exetior kills Amy like he breaks a puppet. He killed Cream in the 5th episode, but now we are waiting to see the potential death of Sally as well as the potential continuation of the series. There is also a prequel to the series.

Plot and Episodes[]

Episode 1: Tails's Demise[]

The first Episode in the series. Tails flies around, looking for Sonic. He finds someone, looks closer and sees Sonic's body. But when he approaches him, all of sudden, the sky turns red and thuders cause loud noises that scare Tails, who sees dead animals while approaching Exetior disguised as Sonic. He touches him in the shoulder. Exetior in Sonic's form smiles and Tails smiles back, but Exetior shows that he is not Sonic and that he is in his body or at least uses his physical form. He turns into Sonic Exe. Tails gets scared and tries to fly away but Exetior chases him. Tails sees a broken bone and tries to stab Exetior in the head, thinking that this guy is Sonic. He sees that the bone did no damage and that the wound faded away instantly. That's because Exetior is a Demon and consequently a God and can't be damaged, nor can be killed. Then he screams at Tails to scare him and disappears. Tails closes his eyes for a bit and touches his head, as he was starting to get a little bit dizzy, and then starts to think that all of this was a nightmare, but sees Exetior behind him, who cuts Tails in half. Exetior then plays with Tails's head and uses it like a ball. He says ''So many souls to play with, so little time, don't you agree?'', laughs and disappears and then we see an icon that says ''l Am God'' with Exetior having the mouth open with an evil smile. That's Exetior's phase which he uses all the time, ''l Am God''.

Episode 2: A Requiem for Knuckles[]

The second episode in the series. Knuckles flies in the air. Exetior puts Tails's head in a stake and puts it close to the edge of a cliff. Then he sees Knuckles gliding looking for Tails. While Knuckles reaches the chemical town, the sign that says ''Chemical plant'' changes into a sign that says ''Trun Back''. Sonic Exe appears behind Knuckles with purely black eyes. Then he lights up the red color of his glowing dark red ''pupils''. Knuckles says ''Sonic?'', not knowing that the the figure in front of him is not Sonic. Exetior shows the dead head of Tails and Knuckles becomes sad. Then he becomes very angry and charges at Exetior attempting to hit him with a punch, which Exetior easily avoids. Then, Exetior scratches Knuckles in his head, blinding his right eye. Knuckles flies away and hides behind a tree but Exetior turns another tree into multiple stakes and shoots them at Knuckles. After that, one last stake hits Knuckles in the head, opening a big hole that throws Knuckles's brain out of his head. The brain is stuck on the stake's tip. Exetior then evily laughs and sees Eggman behind him. Exetior says ''The doctor, is in''. Then evily laughs again and suddenly, through an open sky of red clouds and a very big, big Moon, Exetior appears violently at the center of the video screen, screaming demonically, as he is a demon.

Episode 3: Dr Eggman checks out[]

This the third and longest episode of all 5 so far. Dr. Eggman flies with his small ship while Exetior shouts ''EEEEEEEEEEGMAAAAAAAAAAN'', to say Eggman. Eggman turns around and sees Exetior, who says with gestures that he will take his head off his body. Eggman looks scared and angry and boosts the speed of his vehicle. Exetior laughs very loudly with a scary evil laugh and then says ''NOT SO FAST'' with a very loud and incredibly deep voice. He then turns his arm into 'Kraken' like tentacles and then graps Eggman, about to kill him, but Eggman presses the red button and his vehicle shoots a beam at Exetior, injuring him severely. Exetior is pissed. Eggman then reaches a castle with a sign that says ''Do not enter'' and Eggman enters anyway, with Exetior appearing behind him, and Eggman not noticing him. Exetior is very angry. Eggman walks through the castle and takes one torch so he can light his way and Exetior appears as a black shadow with red eyes before the entrance to the room. Exetior quickly outruns Eggman and Eggman accidentally throws his torch out of fear, but the fire is out because of Exetior's speed that put it out. Eggman sees a light in the way and the stairs lead down to it. Exetior appears as a shadow behind Eggman and then scares Eggman causing him to fall down the stairs. Eggman is injured. Exetior steps on his fat body, causing Eggman to spit blood. Exetior says ''lt's a very sad day for you, isn't it doctor?''. Eggman is pissed off and shoots Exetior with a small laser, opening 4 small holes in Exetior's torso. Exetior then falls to the ground pretending to have been killed by these shots. When Exetior sees that Eggman thinks he is dead, he says the following lines: ''You just don't get it, do you? Your pride and self admiration is your greatest weakness doctor. Years and years of your life you spent deploying your pathetic contraptions in attempts to defeat me, were just all for nothing weren't they? No matter what improvements you made, no matter how much you tinkered with your liitle toys, it just all ends with failure''. Exetior basically pretends to be Sonic, speaking about Sonic's past and present. Then his speach and lines continue: ''You know why? Because l am the Universe, l am the Ultimate Life Form, l am Life and Death.'', then he graps Eggman. His eyes turn purely glowing red as demons cause them to and he puts Eggman in the air saying ''l'' and grabs harder with one hand, ''Am'' and graps harder with another hand, ''GOD'' and cuts Eggman in half. Then he laughs again. After that, he heals himself form the injuries and absorbs the souls of Tails, Knuckles and Eggman and reaches his second form.

Episode 4: Master of puppets[]

The fourth episeode where Amy gets tricked by Exetior who disguises himself as Sonic once more, like he did to Tails. Exetior uses an illusion of his fourth form to scare Amy and blinds her in her left eye, then he makes her a puppet. She tries to approach him, thinking that he is Sonic, and then Exetior pulls hard to her limbs and cuts them off one by one, fiirst cuts off her right arm and then cuts off her left leg, and then cuts off her entire head. Then he laughs and turns Amy into his slave. Amy screams evilly.

Episode 5: Whiplash[]

Cream is lost in floating colorful roads and Exetior secretly gives her a speed runner power - up which allows Cream to run much faster. She completely passes through all the roads and runs with a lot of joy around, but she almost hits the large spiked wall, which was a trap set by Exetior to kill Cream. Then, Exetior pushes her towards the spikes as Cream albeit barely managed to not get hit by the spikes, and then he tells Amy to give him Cream's soul. Exetior abrosbs Cream's soul and reaches his third form. Then, he knowns that he only has one more victim before he can reach his fourth form, and that is Sally. He then charges at the screen, possibly trying to search for Sally.

Episode 6: Unknown name of the episode[]

The episode where Exetior potentially kills Sally and uses her soul to reach his fourth form. He has already his third form and now all he needs is Sally. After that, Exetior potentially goes on to kill the rest of the people of mobius too, icluding the freedom fighters, Sally being one of them. It's possible that after that he gains the Master Emerald and the Chaos Emeralds and becomes Super and Hyper and possibly completely invincible (, at most at least).

Potential continuation of the series[]

The series might continue after the sixth episode but we don't know whether it will or not.


It is a prequel to the entire series and it's called ''Before The Massacre...''. We see someone working on the computer and inside a tank we see the shape of Sonic, but then we see a liquid thing taking over Sonic's body, then takes Sonic's form, that thing was possibly Exetior. Then, the figure powers - up and breaks the tank and opens his eyes, we see Sonic EXE and a dark figure with white eyes is behind him, that figure is Eggman. Exetior switches off the red light of his puppils and attacks Eggman who falls back in a tank and bleeds a little bit from his head and mouth. Then Sonic EXE leaves and flies away and we see Eggman revealing himself. The thing inside the tank was either Sonic and Exetior took his body, or it was a fake copy with cells of Sonic and Exetior took control over it. Either way, Exetior became Sonic Exe.


The series is a fan - made series of simple animated videos. Although it is based on the games, and contains many references to them, in the series, Exetior simply kills everyone and possibly achieves his goals.


Parts 1, 2 and 3 are the Sonic EXE trilogy, the first 3 episodes in 1 video:

Part 4: Master of puppets:

Part 5: Whiplash:

Episode 6 and potential future content is yet to be released.

More Content[]

There is one more video in the series, which is called ''Before The Massacre...'' or ''Sally.EXE FINALE TEASER'' and it is a small but still important prrequel to the entire Sonic EXE series and the only prequel in the series so far. It was released after the other current content of the series up the now, which is the 5 episodes yet.

Unlike the other parts / episodes of the series, this video does not contain any references to the video games, but is a prequel to the series overall, which is based on the games anyway.



Knuckles sonic exe kills

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Knuckles (Exeller)


Guardian of the Master Emerald



Dead (Bad/Solo/Duo Endings)




Super Strength

Knucklesis one of the main characters in the Sonic the Hedgehogfranchise. He is also a playable character in Spirits of Helland Whisper of Soul. He is also the guardian of the Master Emerald.



Not much is known about Knuckles' past besides him being a part of the Echidna tribe. He met Sonic later on the same way he did as in Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles. One day, Dr. Eggman deceives Knuckles, and convinces him that Sonic was trying to steal the Master Emerald. Knuckles then does everything he can do to get rid of Sonic & Tails. Later on, the two meet in the Hidden Palace face to face. Later on, Knuckles realizes that Eggman tricked him, and Eggman betrays him. Eventually, the two defeat Eggman later on.

Sonic.exe: The Spirits of Hell[]

Knuckles is one of the playable victims of Exeller in Round 1, where he goes to You Can't Run after Tails sends him a message about Sonic.

Solo Ending[]

Knuckles used the Master Emerald to go to Hydrocity Zone, where he is almost killed but is saved by his Black Ring, and he kills a Exeller clone by cutting it in half. He then escapes the real Exeller by avoiding spikes and entering a Giant ring to go to Mountain Peak. It is revealed after the Credits that Exeller kills Knuckles off-screen.

Knuckles And Tails Duo Ending[]

He and Tails uses the master emerald to go to Mecha green hill. after trying to run Exeller finds them, he almost threw a perfect red ring at Knuckles. but Tails ended up being the poor soul who touched it... so Tails and Knuckles had to escape before the illusion kills Tails.

Knuckles and Dr. Eggman Duo ending[]

Him and Dr. Eggman use the master emerald to go to Spring yard. eggma decides to betray Knuckles and try to get the emerald alone. Knuckles then runs through spring yard, but as Dr. Eggman finds the emerald, Exeller catches him. Knuckles saves Dr. Eggman and they have to fight Exeller and Tails (Exeller).

Sally.exe: Whisper of Soul[]



Knuckles is independent, wild, tough, and a loner by nature. He shows intense care for Tails, and shows some resent to Robotnik. When enslaved by Exeller, he shows hate to Tails (if he chose to help Sonic which would lead to Knuckles' death) for abandoning him and letting him die, saying he is glad they are no longer friends.


Knuckles has a red fur that covers most of his body, peach skin on his muzzle, a white crescent-shaped patch of fur on his chest, and purple eyes. He also has seven dreadlock-like spines on his head and a medium-sized, tri-crooked tail. For his shoes, Knuckles wears red and yellow shoes, each with green cuffs and a grey, sextuple-bolted plate on top. He also wears large, white, mitten-like gloves with sock-like cuffs and two spiked knuckles on.





Knuckles in the ending of Round One.

Knuckles' Night

Video Game / Sonic.exe

Sonic the Hedgehog: Now with 70% more oceans of blood!

"This Sonic was a monster, a pure evil, sadistic, all-powerful, nightmarish, demented monster... and all of his victims, including Tails, Knuckles, Robotnik and possibly Kyle, are just his little toys, and the game is the very gateway into his chaotic, nightmarish world and the very Hell his victims are trapped in."


Sonic.exe originated as a Creepypasta by Sir JC the Hyena seen here) concerning a man named Tom who receives a bizarre CD in the mail from his friend Kyle, who hasn't been heard from in a while. Disregarding Kyle's note telling him to destroy the CD, Tom plays it and is disturbed by the title screen showing Sonic with bleeding red eyes and black sclera. As he plays the game further, Tom bears witness to just how monstrous X, this incarnation of the blue hedgehog, really is.

Since then, Sonic.exe has received fan-made sequels and has also been produced into a video game of sorts that replicates the experience (sans Sonic actuallycoming out of the screen), by YouTube user MY5TCrimson. The SomeOrdinaryGamers walkthrough of the game can be watched here.

A sequel (also in video game form, and made by MY5TCrimson too), based on a spin-off, Sally.exe, is available here.

An OrdinarySonic 1 ROM Hack, a crossoverROM hack of the original Sonic the Hedgehog video game, was released at Sonic Hacking Contest 2013. In this game, Sonic.EXE invades the game and targets the genuine article. Unfortunately, the author was unable to complete the game before the contest deadline, so Star Light Zone and Scrap Brain Zone areDummied Out. However, he has recently confirmed that he is working on a complete version of the game, two years after its original release.

A fan film has been created as part of a YouTube series titled Tales from the Consoles as the pilot episode. To watch it click here

In 2013, the official sequel was made. However, it doesn't focus much on the game itself (in fact, only two of the three new scenarios were described), rather what happens when you play the game.

Since its creation, the game has also spawned many clones of it, including SuperMario.exe and Sunky.MPEG.

On October 31st 2017, the author of Sonic.exe posted a remake of the entire story. If you wish to look at the tropes of the Sonic.exe remake, click here.

Sonic.exe provides examples of:

  • A God Am I: One of the messages that X leaves on the screen is "I AM GOD".
  • All There in the Manual: At one point, the author to the original Creepypasta revealed X's official Backstory which, amongst other things, explains his nature, his personality, why he resembles Sonic in the first place, how he's able to steal his victims' souls, and what he actually does to his victims.
  • Anti-Frustration Features:
    • An Ordinary Sonic 1 ROM Hack allows monitors to respawn. The reason for this is so that Sonic will always have a way to temporarily return his world to normal and prevent Sonic.exe from killing him. There are also more monitors in general in the hack compared to the original Sonic 1, including in the fights with Eggman, because the author said that the game would've been Unwinnable by Design otherwise, but he also stated that the additional amount that was put in wouldn't end up making the hack "too easy".
    • Once you enter the goal area in the normal world or defeat Eggman in the third act, the game won't switch to the Dark World in order to prevent a Kaizo Trap from occuring.
  • And I Must Scream: According to the backstory for the titular character, this is the fate of all Sonic.exe's victims due to him simply taking their souls and placing them in bodies that look like Sonic the Hedgehog characters just so that he could "make them his slaves", as well as killing their "bodies" in gruesome manners.
  • Apocalyptic Log: The letter written by Kyle that comes with the package, as well as Derek's diary.
  • Ax-Crazy: X. Psychotic, sadistic, and totally devoid of human compassion.
  • The Bad Guy Wins: In-game, X succeeds in killing Tails, Knuckles, and Eggman in Tom's playthrough. In Derek's playthrough, he's killed Shadow and Sally, though Derek refuses to finish the game as Rouge. Outside the game, X has claimed many victims thanks to Shannon Goldman and the Cult of X distributing the game, and will go after anyone else next.
  • Big Bad: X is the demon taking the form of Sonic that, in-game, kills Sonic and his friends, and outside the game kills people in the real world.
  • Big Bad Duumvirate: X and Eggman in An Ordinary Sonic 1 ROM Hack. Eggman plays the same role he did in the original game (conquering South Island and turning the animals into Badniks), while X appears periodically to drag Sonic into a Dark World and chase him.
  • Black Eyes of Crazy: X has black sclera.
  • Black Eyes of Evil: The Zalgo-ified title screen.
  • Bloodier and Gorier and Darker and Edgier: Than the main Sonic series. An Eldritch Abomination brutally and bloodily murders the characters before going after people in the real world.
  • Broken Heel: Tails slips when running from X in 'HIDE AND SEEK'.
  • Check-Point Starvation: An Ordinary Sonic 1 ROM Hack. At first it's averted in the normal world, where all of the checkpoints keep their original spots. It is then played very straight in the Dark World, where both the checkpoint lampposts and the goal turnstile are gone. This means that you could be closing in on one of them, only for the game to warp you to the Dark World, causing it to vanish, and instead have you risk starting the whole act over again should you die from anything there.
  • Cosmic Horror Story: A bizarre attempt at one, given X's nature and what it does to people, not to mention the theft of souls.
  • Continuity Nod: Tom and Kyle are mentioned in the sequel. Apparently, they weren't the first to play it...
  • Dead Person Impersonation: Kyle's fate in this spinoff. The note, supposedly from Kyle, was actually from X, and intentional Schmuck Bait to sucker Tom into playing the game out of curiosity.

    X:No one will ever notice what happened to him, not even his family. Why? Because I took his place.

  • Don't Touch It, You Idiot!: Kyle's letter tells Tom not to play the Sonic game. No guesses as to what Tom does right after reading that...
  • Eldritch Abomination: X himself is this. According to his official backstory, he was created in the gap between dimensions and had originally did not have an appearance resembling Sonic himself. He's omnipotent within his home world, to the point where he can make his world seem a lot like Sonic's at first glance just to give his victims a sense of false security. And the Sonic characters that X kills? Those are actually his previous victims, trapped in the bodies of Sonic characters and forced to be his "slaves" (all the while they're being killed in-"game" in very gruesome manners just to play with future victims before he steals their souls).
  • Evil Laugh: X does it regularly. Tom comments that it sounds like that of Kefka. The playable version uses Kefka's laugh, naturally.
  • Evil Twin: X to the real Sonic. According to backstory information, however, he didn't start out that way. He only adapted an appearance resembling Sonic because he's a huge fan of him.
  • For the Evulz: All the things X does like trapping Sonic's best friend into hellish dimension for torture'em and/or kill'em are simply to satiate his sadist and depraved instinct.
  • The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You: Several hints of this are seen in the text screens, such as it asking "READY FOR ROUND 2, TOM?"
  • Full-Name Ultimatum: In the sequel, when X cuts off his contact with Cole, Derek exclaims, "Goddamn you Sonic.exe!!!"
  • Gory Discretion Shot: The game cuts to black when X lunges at Tails and Knuckles, followed by a high-pitched scream and a laugh.
  • Guilt-Induced Nightmare: Tom is shown to be distraught after X kills Tails and Knuckles. After Knuckles's death, Tom decides to take a nap, and has a nightmare that he's in a dark room with only a light bulb above his head as he hears Tails and Knuckles calling out, "Help us..." and "Why did you give us to him?" He hears X laughing evilly and telling him that he's next, too.
  • The Hero Dies: Both Tom (as revealed in the sequel) and Derek meet their fate by X.
  • Hopeless Boss Fight: You get into one of these when playing as Knuckles. You can try to punch X, but he teleports away every time, and eventually Knuckles will just break down crying.
  • Hope Spot: "There is a way to release ourselves. A spell to obtain our souls once more. But we must speak it - but when we speak - no sound. We are all deaf. So failure is inevitable."
  • Immediate Self-Contradiction: In Sonic.exe 2, on October 24, Derek says that he was assigned a case on Halloween. No, we're not kidding.

    11:22 am October 24th, 2011

    Wow, pretty interesting way to start off a case on Halloween.

    I started to think Sonic was actually trying to talk to me through the game... But I was too scared to think that.

  • Invincible Minor Minion: When Sonic's world goes abnormal, every single enemy is invincible. Sonic just bounces off of them if he connects.
  • Interface Screw: In Version 5, before the next Japanese text appears, the UI starts glitching out with "SCORE" and "RING" being mirrored and eventually the UI slowly disappears altogether.
  • Jump Scare: The high-pitched scream that emits from X's victims. Also, the static and some of the images appear as such.
    • In An Ordinary Sonic 1 ROM Hack, either getting a game over or even getting through all of the available zones will result in this as you're greeted with the "I am god" face from the games.
  • Last Stand: The protagonist, along with a few other people in Anti-Sonic.dll.
  • Luck-Based Mission: An Ordinary Sonic 1 ROM Hack as a whole. When a level begins, it takes 12 seconds and a half for the level to warp to X's world. After you escape once, the timing of subsequent warps is random. This can lead to unwinnable situations as levels are only beatable in their normal version (the ending turnstile is not present in the Dark World, but the screen will still lock you in the end zone if you approach its position while in X's world, leaving you with no way out. On the other hand, entering the goal area in the real level will knock X out and allow you to finish).
  • MST:
  • The Most Dangerous Video Game: Quite literally made by a monster that doesn't belong in this world to steal men's souls and make them its slaves.
  • Nightmare Face: But of course. At the end of Eggman's level, a hyper-realistic representation of him appears on-screen.
  • Nigh-Invulnerability: X is impossible to kill or avoid, and Sonic will die instantly if X catches him. Your only means of survival against him is to smash open monitors to return Sonic back to the normal world.
  • No Name Given:
  • Nothing Is Scarier: Eggman's level takes place in a long, empty hallway that gradually dims as he descends each level. Considering what has already been seen by that point, Tom could only wonder what would happen to Eggman.
  • Omnicidal Maniac: After you finished playing, your soul is ripped from your body, you get a number scratched on your chest, and your computer's hard drive is wiped of everything except the Sonic.exe file.
  • One-Hit-Point Wonder: The Dark World is designed to turn you into this. Grabbing rings in it actually depletes your ring counter. This, combined with the invincible enemies, the checkpoints disappearing, and the ever looming threat of X trying to kill you, makes the gameplay a lot more challenging.
  • Perspective Flip: Through the Eyes of the Characters, played through, well, the game's characters, X himself, and one of his unfortunate victims.
  • Pop Culture Symbology: The entity manifesting itself as Sonic in-game is actually an Eldritch Abomination that has a dark cult of its own, specializing in distributing the game copies.
  • Primal Fear: In the text version of Sally.exe, half of Amy's face is left with holes, triggering the reader's trypophobia.
  • Puzzle Boss: The fights against Eggman's contraptions are turned into this. In the Dark World, Eggman is invincible, but hitting him four times in a row will make him drop a monitor, which will allow Sonic to return to the normal world and dish out damage on Eggman while he has time. Defeating Eggman also means X will not try to get you before you move on to the Egg Prison capsule.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning:
    • The first sign that something is horribly wrong with this version of Sonic.
    • This is also true of the Badniks/Eggman/Robotnik in An Ordinary Sonic ROM Hack. Whenever you enter X's world, all the enemies and Eggman have their eyes replaced with dark eyes and red pupils (think Robotnik's eyes in non-Japan 90's media), and they are invincible in this realm.
  • Schmuck Bait: Tom is advised by Kyle's letter not to play the hacked game.Guess what Tom does.
  • Screams Like a Little Girl: Tails and Knuckles after X catches up to them.
  • Sensory Abuse:
    • In Hill Act 1, when you first run into X there's a static noise that starts layering on itself, becoming louder and louder.
    • And don't forget that bloodcurdling scream.
  • Slasher Smile: You think?
  • Songs in the Key of Panic: Every time X shows up to close in on Sonic, the drowning music plays to warn you how much time is left to smash a monitor and evade him.
  • Skewed Priorities: Tom is more worried about fictional video game characters being murdered than the fact that Kyle may have died trying to save him.
  • Survival Horror: The romhack turns the original Sonic game into this. Sonic has no control over when he gets thrown into the Dark World. His only means of escape is smashing open certain monitors, but that's only a temporary fix. And in the Dark World, both enemies and Eggman are invincible and after just seconds of play, the timer starts counting down and X starts closing in on you, and it's absolutely impossible to avoid or fight him, and you die instantly if he catches you. The tone and art of the game also calls to mind a horror film.
  • Too Dumb to Live: Tom in a nutshell. He is told not to play the game, but he does so anyway.
  • Unwinnable by Design: The "games" X presents himself in are actually inescapable traps used to torture and mangle his victims. The control the player has over the characters is simply a façade X uses to torment the player along with the characters.
  • Would Hurt a Child: X kills Tails. Subverted if you know via X's official backstory that they're actually X's previous victims trapped in a body resembling Tails'.
  • Xtremely Kool Letterz: The demon known as "Sonic.exe" also goes simply by "X".
  • Yank the Dog's Chain: The ending to Version 5, considering the game ends before you even get to see Sonic and X start fighting.
  • You Bastard!:
    • As Tom plays the game, Tails, Knuckles, and even Eggman ultimately fall prey to X. Following Knuckles' demise, Tom receives a message that tells him "So Many Souls to Play With, So Little Time...Would You Agree?" Tom then comes to the conclusion that he has sent these characters to their doom, just as Kyle has when he played it. When you get down to it, the game is deliberately designed as such.
    • And in Sally.exe, Cream, Amy, and Sally also meet their end at his hands.
    • In the playable video game version where the player cannot keep them from dying either.
    • The narrator in the spinoff Anti-Sonic.dll blames Sonic fans (and to some extent the reader) for writing X into existence with their fanwork (e.g. fanart or fanfics).
    • Even worse, in the sequel, it's revealed that the Sonic characters who died are the representations of human souls who became X's slaves.


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I bent my knees, grabbed them around his body and rushed at him with force.

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