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Super Mario Bros. Everything You Didn't Know About The Mushroom Kingdom's Coin Economy

Throughout Mario series history, coins have served as the Mushroom Kingdom's primary currency. Debuting in Mario Bros., coins have served every purpose from building score to gaining an extra life. In the RPG titles, they also act as currency to purchase gear from shops.

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However, the Mario series' main source of currency holds its fair share of secrets. Besides the widely known purposes of coins in the familiar platformer titles, coins have come in various colors and were found in all manner of locations. These only tell but a few secrets of the coin economy of the Mushroom Kingdom and its borders beyond.

10 Coins of All Colors

The Coins of the Mushroom Kingdom, and realms beyond, come in many colors. Among these include Golden Coins, Red Coins, Blue Coins, Green Coins, and Purple Coins. Each one serves a different purpose.

Red Coins were used for world completion in Yoshi's Island, Super Mario 64, and Super Mario Sunshine while granting Mario bonuses for collecting them in New Super Mario Bros. Blue Coins appeared via P-Switch in Super Mario Bros. 3, would count towards 5 Coins in Super Mario 64, and aided completion in Sunshine. Green Coins came from green hoop rings and earned Mario a bonus for collecting them all. Purple Coins were collected for some of the most challenging stages in the Galaxy titles as well as currency in Odyssey.

9 Frog Coins

Super Mario RPG introduced a new form of currency: Frog Coins. These green-colored coins featured frog faces on them. Furthermore, they played a unique sound when collecting them. They should not be confused with the Green Coins from New Super Mario Bros. U and Super Mario 3D World.

Frog Coins were far rarer than your standard golden coins. As such, these often hidden coins were sought out by but a few vendors throughout the game. Frog Coins could be used to purchase various rare goods, such as KeroKeroCola and Scrooge Ring.

8 Hidden Throughout Mushroom Kingdom

Coins can be found literally anywhere. Super Mario Galaxy was among the first games to introduce hidden coins not placed in hidden blocks. With just a bit of exploration, reaching heights above the common ground would reward players with a few extra coins. This tradition continued in Super Mario 3D Land, 3D World, and Odyssey.

Invisible coins also appeared in the 2D games when activated via a P-Switch. Plus hitting the blue switch in Super Mario 64 activated Blue Coins which were worth 5 coins apiece. Perhaps the many citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom are well off in anywhere not named Rogueport.

7 Not Equivalent To Beanbean Currency

In Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, the Mario Bros. take flight and enter a border beyond the Mushroom Kingdom. Upon arriving in the Beanbean Kingdom, Bowser gets trapped in a cannon. They're offered "help" by a hostile creature named Tolstar who demands 100 coins. However, he's referring to Beanbean Coins as Mushroom Kingdom coins lack their worth.

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As such, Mario & Luigi's journey includes collecting the new currency which otherwise functions the exact same as it does back home. Beanbean Coins are used to purchase items and various equips. Plus, their currency extends to the Mushroom Kingdom immigration colony, Little Fungitown.

6 Come In Bags

Nearly every Mario game features loose coins out in the open. However, Mario Party adds a new item: Coin Bags. These are worth 5 Coins apiece.

The Coin Bags are coveted prizes which are featured as bonuses as well as in mini-game prizes alike. However, they do not appear in other Mario titles with the exception of the Goodie Bag in Super Mario RPG. Perhaps it's worth noting that the star-branded bags bear a striking resemblance to the Bells featured in Nintendo's Animal Crossing series.

5 Held By Enemies

In the original NES Mario titles, Coins were found in blocks and out in the open. It's easy to remember that, in Super Mario 64, jumping on Goombas' heads resulted in a coin appearing from them. However, this tradition began in Super Mario World.

As Fire Mario, or with Yoshi spitting out fireballs, Mario could nab a coin from a defeated enemy. Furthermore, for every Berry or enemy Yoshi swallows, that counts as one coin. Why Yoshi's ability to digest enemies converts into currency remains a mystery to this day.

4 Negotiable Prices With Stache Points

In all the Mario & Luigi titles, Stache points could be upgraded to collect discounts off shopkeepers. Well-groomed mustaches resulted in slashed prices when players needed rare or expensive accessories. Yet again, this showcases how well-off the Mushroom Kingdom economy is.

3 Used To Power Karts

Mario Kart players note that coins can be used to boost speed. Collect 10 coins and the Kart can reach its maximum speed. This tradition began in Super Mario Kart for SNES.

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Mario Kart 64, Double Dash, DS, and Wii – half of the series – did not use this system. While Coin Runners appeared as a Battle Mode game, Mario Kart 7 would bring back the coin system in order to boost speed in races. Unlike in Super Mario Kart, however, the more recent titles did not cost players coins just by bumping into one another. Also, Rupees and Bells, which appear in two tracks in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, serve a similar purpose.

2 Unlocks Special Worlds

Big Coins have historically served a purpose for completion. Even Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2 revamped the Dragon Coins to give completionists a new purpose to the game. Plus, collecting all of the Big Coins in New Super Mario Bros. would count towards completion.

Beginning in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, special coins could be used to unlock World 9. Comparatively, the Comet Medals in Super Mario Galaxy 2 were used to unlock Prankster Comets which, in turn, would lead to unlocking the Grandmaster Galaxy. The Star Medals of Super Mario 3D Land also serve to unlock new worlds.

1 New Super Mario Bros. 2

Coins became the focal point of Mario's 2D entry on the 3DS. In New Super Mario Bros. 2, coins littered the stages like never before. It also introduced a new transformation: Gold Mario.

As Gold Mario, players could launch golden fireballs. These would, in turn, create more coins when destroying enemies. As a bonus, players could also unlock a new title screen upon collecting 9,999,999 coins. Furthermore, Golden Plains became a stage in Super Smash Bros. and even featured a Golden form power-up for players who collected 100 coins!

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What do people do when they have nothing better to do in their free time. If you are a company named Giff Gaff, you count the number of coins in Mario Games. Thanks to their efforts, we now know how many coins are there in Mario Games.

True that they had to employ a variety of other methods than a number counter. They surfed the web’s FAQs, guides and just about any material they can get their hands on to bring you the amazing stats below.

Super Mario Bros. – 1,089 coins
Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels – 1,876 coins
Super Mario Bros. 2 – 297 coins
Super Mario Bros. 3 – 4,425 coins
Super Mario Land – 2,003 coins
Super Mario World – 4,930 coins
Super Mario Land 2 – 3,237 coins
Super Mario 64 – 2,672 coins
Super Mario Sunshine – 1,830 coins
New Super Mario Bros. – 7,360 coins
Super Mario Galaxy – 3,163 coins
New Super Mario Bros. Wii – 9,388 coins
Super Mario Galaxy 2 – 3,931 coins
Super Mario 3D Land – 5,321 coins
New Super Mario Bros. 2 – 9, 999, 999 coins
New Super Mario Bros. U – 9,421 coins
Super Mario 3D World – 10.531 coins
Series Total Before Odyssey – 10,071,473

I would have thought there would be more coins in the older Mario games but hey they definitely made the low count up with New Super Mario Bros. 2. You can take a look at the game’s infographic at Giff Gaff’s site here.


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How Much Mario's Coins Are Worth In Real Money

Mario's gold coins are one of the most iconic currencies in gaming, and it finally been estimated how much they're actually worth in real money.

Super Mario Bros. has been a household name for quite some time, with fans recently celebrating the 25th anniversary of Super Mario 64. A known staple of the Mario series is the coins scattered throughout each game, which Mario and his friends can collect by defeating enemies or traversing the environment. There has been speculation about how much these coins could actually be worth, and a recent article may have answered the question.

Currency in video games is common, helping to provide a monetary system that allows players to purchase and sell items within economic frameworks. Having a form of currency can provide a sense of normalcy in games with wilder themes, or can simply act as a form of regulated progression through the experience. It can be used as a form of scoring as well, leading some (like some GTA Online players) to aggressively acquire as much money as possible.

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Gold coins are the most common form of currency found across all of the Super Mario games. Other types of coins with differing worth have found their way into the series over time, like the redy coins in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island and the purple coins in Super Mario Galaxy. The gold coins remain the most popular variation, even recently appearing as an Easter egg in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart.

Mario's Coins Are Incredibly Valuable

A recent article written by Barbara Davidson at NetCredit analyzed a wide variety of fictional video game currencies to determine the wealth of 12 specific characters. The study also focused on the determination of how valuable each game currency is by using the comparison of in-game items to the value of the real-world counterpart. It was determined that the coins from the Super Mario Bros. series have the most real-world value, with one coin at an estimated worth of $80,000.

The exchange rate for Mario's coins was explained by determining the value of Mario's life through coins in relation to a real person's value. When Mario collects 100 gold coins throughout the Mushroom Kingdom, he is awarded an extra life. Looking at the value of a human life, the insurance industry claims that the worth is around $8 million for a single person. Using simple division, it is calculated the worth of one gold coin being $80,000, which is more than any of the other video game currencies that were included in the study.

Using the real-world value of Mario's coins and considering the large number of coins collected throughout the Super Mario series, NetCreditalso estimated Mario's net worth at $805,676,122,480. The study even goes one step further by determining New Super Mario Bros. 2 to be the game where Mario accrued the most coins, with an estimated haul of almost 10 million gold coins, which equates to $799,999,920,000 collected. It seems that the Super Mario Bros. have done really well for themselves (assuming Luigi has done a significant amount of collecting himself), which might explain how Mario gets to do so many fun things like taking his friends golfing in the new Mario Golf: Super Rush.

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Source: NetCredit


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What do coins do in Super Mario Bros. 35?

Super Mario Bros. 35 throws 35 players into the original 8-bit Nintendo classic and runs until only one Mario is left standing. There's a lot that players need to know if they want to increase their odds of success. One thing they need to know is what exactly coins do.

What do coins do in Super Mario Bros. 35?

Outside of the actual Super Mario Bros. 35 game, coins are primarily used for leaderboard purposes. If you highlight the standard 35-player battle or the Special Battle and hit the (+) button, you'll be taken to a leaderboard screen. Those with the most coins sit at the top.

In the game, coins serve a more critical purpose. They allow players to access the Roulette Block. If you spin the Roulette Block, you'll receive a random power-up. The power-ups include the Super Mushroom, Fire Flower, Invincibility Star, and the POW Block. Accessing the Roulette Block will cost 20 coins, so make sure to gather up coins as you run through each stage. They're hard to avoid, so you shouldn't have too much trouble there.

If you need coins quickly, the easiest way to grab them is to collect a 1-Up Mushroom. 1-Up Mushrooms are most often contained in hidden blocks through most levels. If you can find and collect one, you'll receive an automatic 20 coins, good enough for one spin of the Roulette Block.

Lastly, your cumulative coin total will do more than count towards your leaderboard. Before starting any standard 35-player game, you have the option to start with a power-up already equipped. This will cost you coins. Don't worry about dipping into your coin bank for this one, because you should easily be able to make back whatever you spend on that Super Mushroom or Fire Flower.

That's what coins do in Super Mario Bros. 35. While they aren't as precious a commoditiy as time, they're something you'll still want to collect during your games. We'll have more on Super Mario Bros. 35 in the coming days, so stay tuned to Shacknews for all of the latest news and guides.

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