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Recap / Camp Camp S 3 E 5 Dial M For Jasper

David's acting weird. He's jumping at shadows and seeing things. But when Max and crew find a picture of his days as a Camp Campbell Camper, they notice that one of his friends looks just like that kid who's always on Spooky Island, Jasper.


  • Big Brother Is Watching You: Agents Miller apparently spy on people via their appliances for a living.
  • Brick Joke: When the trio confront him about Jasper's fate, the Quartermaster gives a brief "Not in front of the microwave", which could be interpreted simply as the Quartermaster being his usual self. At the end of the episode, it is revealed he's got a good reason for it - as he usually does.
  • The Cuckoolander Was Right: Quartermaster is seen stuffing silverware in a microwave, and is hesitant to discuss Jasper's fate in front of it. At the end of the episode, Agents Miller casually mention that their job involves spying on civilians via their microwaves.
  • Dynamite Candle: How Jasper died; in the dark cave full of Cameron's stolen goods, he lit what he thought was a candle. Turned out to be a stick of dynamite, and to make matters worse, he threw the stick into a whole pile of dynamite!
  • "Eureka!" Moment: Lil' Davey inspired Cameron's 'camp scam' by remarking on a "camp where you can do anything". In the present, Cameron is trying to use this to pin the blame on David.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: Jasper burns his LA Gear light-up shoes in a fit of spite for ruining his shot at the Order of the Sparrow. When he winds up trapped in a dark cave full of dynamite, he lives just long enough to regret it.
  • Internal Reveal: Max, Neil, and Nikki finally learn that Jasper is the ghost of a Camp Campbell camper.
  • Locked Out of the Loop: Turns out David has no idea Jasper died, and thinks he went home. Cameron covered the whole thing up. Not even Max has the heart to break this delusion.
  • Nervous Wreck: David starts to crack when Jasper's ghostly form haunts him.
  • Parting Words Regret: David is torn up about the fight he and Jasper had that ended their friendship, although he doesn't know that Jasper was blown up - he thinks Jasper's parents picked him up from camp and that Jasper has been too bitter to find him in the years since.
  • The Reveal: We finally learn how Jasper died.
  • Took a Level in Kindness: Max, who loves his Brutal Honesty, can't bear to tell David the truth that his childhood friend is dead.
  • Wham Shot: In-universe, the picture with David and Jasper is this for the Comic Trio.




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Jasper is a former Camp Campbell camper. He makes his unofficial debut in "Camp Campbell Wants YOU!" before his main series debut in "Journey to Spooky Island". He is hinted and later confirmed to be a ghost stranded on Spooky Island, unable to move on.


Jasper's appearance partially consists of apparel popular in the 90's: He wears a yellow Camp Campbell shirt over a purple flannel long-sleeved shirt, blue shorts with a sky-blue triangle pattern and lavender LA Gear light-up shoes with orchid colored laces. He also has olive colored hair, dark eyebrows, and light blue eyes.


When he is first shown in "Journey to Spooky Island", Jasper is soft-spoken, rather nervous and speaks in outdated lingo. He seems like a follower and when he met Max, Nikki, and Neil, tried to be part of their "gang". He is fearful of being out on the island due to some spooky groaning that later turned out to be something not quite etheral.

He appears to enjoy company from other campers, especially given that the other visitors to the island are Quartermaster and his friends wanting to do perverse acts. He even cites this as the exact reason for wanting to help Space Kid locate the laboratory in "NIGHT OF THE LIVING ILL".

Jasper has also been shown via flashbacks in the episodes "Jasper Dies at the End" and "Dial M For Jasper". In the former, he is shown to be quite calm and frequently speaking in outdated slang. After being let down time and time again by Cameron Campbell during the course of their adventure, he realizes how much the camp sucks by the end of the episode. In the latter, he is left sullen and bitter from this previous experience. He spends this episode repeatedly attempting to show David the truth of Campbell's ineptitude and greed, and his recklessness in doing so ultimately lead to his own death.


According to David's story in "Jasper Dies at the End", Jasper was popular with the camp at large due to his laid-back positive attitude - in direct contrast to David, who is seen as a troublemaker. He seemed to enjoy the camp to a great extent, to the point where he was chosen as a worthy camper for the Order of the Sparrow. As part of the ritual, Campbell and Jasper are meant to go on a hike together, with David forcibly joining in as it was considered to be a good experience for him. After Jasper falls off a cliff, Campbell presumes him dead and is instantly willing to kill David in order to leave no witnesses. Despite the episode's title however, Jasper was still alive, and was rescued thanks to David applying the skills he'd learned at camp. Upon returning to the camp, he is disqualified from the Order due to illegal use of light-up shoe technology, and stripped of his badge. This, and witnessing Campbell's ineptitude during their journey home, left Jasper feeling disenchanted about his time at the camp.

In the special "NIGHT OF THE LIVING ILL", it is revealed that Jasper's spirit is unable to leave Spooky Island and is cursed to haunt the realm of the living until his corporeal body is able to find peace.

At the beginning of "Dial M For Jasper", David is briefly visited by Jasper's spirit, and he is left severely distraught and wracked with guilt. Max, Nikki, and Neil are shown a photo of a young David with Jasper at his side, and are promptly left stunned. They recognize him from their meeting in "Journey to Spooky Island", and search him out to find the truth, as they believe he is purposely haunting David.

Jasper has been left bitter by the previous events of "Jasper Dies at the End", contrasting David's newly positive attitude, and the two are tasked to find an old box of notes stashed at Campbell's summer home. Jasper spends the bulk of the episode trying to convince David that Campbell is underhanded and the camp is shitty, insisting he would find physical evidence to expose him and have the camp shut down. This creates tension in their friendship, as David defends Campbell, blinded by his admiration. In search of evidence to prove his point, Jasper stumbles upon a cave filled with piles of gold and various illegal contraband, including a massive stock of dynamite. Unfortunately for him, he had accidentally lit up a stick of dynamite to use as a flashlight, and he is immediately killed by a combination of the explosion and the cave collapsing on top of him. Jasper again states that his spirit cannot leave the island until his body is at peace, and he regrets the fight they'd had that lead to his death. Thus, he had attempted to reach out to David, in an attempt to potentially resolve both their friendship and his wandering spirit, but it turns out that it is difficult for his spirit to venture too far away from the island. He asks the campers to relay the message to David, and Neil assures him they will.

Having now learned the truth, Max, Nikki, and Neil return to speak with David. As it turns out, David is completely unaware of Jasper's death, and had simply assumed that his friend had left camp early. Because he is so distraught over their last words being an argument, he wishes he could see Jasper one last time to express his remorse. Despite the fact that both sides have expressed a desire to see each other again, the trio ultimately decide not to disclose Jasper's fate to David, presumably because he would be left utterly inconsolable. Whether or not this plot point is eventually addressed remains completely unknown.


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  • Jasper has been dead for 14 years.
  • Jasper's name is a possible allusion to Casper the Friendly Ghost.
    • Jasper also appears in one of the photos shown at the end of "Camporee".
  • Jasper was confirmed to be specifically based of TAZ's Angus McDonald.
    • Another character that Griffin McElroy voices.
  • Jasper is the only character that uses such outdated lingo, even though a young Davey and Cameron Campbell are both present in the 90’s era. Davey and Campbell do not remark on Jasper’s choice of words.
    • His line, "Don't have a cow man," is possibly a reference to a catchphrase that Bart had in earlier seasons of The Simpsons.
  • There is subtle hint of Jasper's ghostly status in "Journey to Spooky Island": he lacks a shadow.[1] This seems to have been used as a way to differentiate the dead from the living. In episodes which feature him in the past, however, he has a shadow, further illustrating the point.
  • In "Journey to Spooky Island", Jasper's shoes are different from the infamous LA Gear light-up shoes that he wore in "Jasper Dies at the End".
    • It is revealed in "Dial M For Jasper" that he burned the LA Gear shoes after they cost him his bravery badge at the end of that previous episode.
      • His final words are a wish for his light-up shoes seconds before the cave explodes.
  • Jasper seems to only be able to touch things (be tangible) in certain cases. He is able to hold and put pressure on things, but things cannot put force onto him; they will fall through.
    • Neil attempts to place a hand on Jasper's shoulder and falls to the ground.
    • Jasper grabs Space Kid to make sure he listens, he later pushes him away.
    • Space Kid attempts to give Jasper his helmet by dropping it a few inches above his hands, it falls through to the ground.
  • Jasper is seen to have a Pog collection in the same episode, he first mentions about playing Pogs in "Journey to Spooky Island".
    • In "NIGHT OF THE LIVING ILL", Max and Nikki stumble across his Pog collection in the cellar of Campbell's abandoned summer home.
  • The two bears that captured Jasper in "Jasper Dies at the End" can be seen as taxidermied decor at the front door interior of Mr. Campbell's summer home.
    • Mr. Campbell had killed these bears in the same episode when him and David were saving Jasper.
      • The third bear in Campbell's summer home died from pudding poisoning.


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All The Subtitles In Camp Camp — David was lying in “Jasper Dies At The End”

So it’s general assumption that the story David told in “Jasper Dies At The End” was a complete lie and, not gonna lie? There is SO MUCH evidence for this.

Take note of how everything is oddly exaggerated and unnatural in the story


The way the counselors say “Oh no! Not Davey!” “He’s such a troublemaker!” sounds very. Exaggerated. Like they’re reacting to a Saturday Morning Cartoon villain. 


David’s “trouble making” actions are also the sort of things David would see as problems. Insulting nature, using words like “dang”, littering, etc. 
Plus the way one of the current counselors says ”Oh Davey! You have so much potential! If only you would apply yourself!”
It REALLY sounds like David is trying to make an impression on Max, or send him some sort of message.

Take David’s childhood actions versus Max’s.
David says dang, litters, and insults nature
Max swears like a sailor, literally starts a camp revolt, and tries to run away a lot.
These sort of things would fly over David’s head and just come off as a grumpy kid who hates nature,

But David’s behavior isn’t the only thing he lied about. I think he also lied about how Jasper died.


The scars on his chest from the bear attack are parallel to a few scratches from the photo in episode 11. Not to mention how as a ghost, whenever he’s scared Jasper tends to cover up his chest:


These wounds were left open for the entire night, there’s NO WAY Jasper would’ve survived that. Either Jasper had died in the bear cave, or on his way back to the camp.
Additionally, according to David’s story that picture in episode 11 would not be accurate. If David really WAS a grumpy troublesome kid, he wouldn’t be smiling in it. However if the picture was taken AFTER this event, Jasper wouldn’t be smiling because he said he thinks the camp sucks at the end of the episode.

I’m absolutely POSITIVE that David lied about this entire story. He was never a trouble maker and Jasper did NOT survive that bear attack. But why lie? Well, the kids asked why he got that medallion. 


He can’t say he doesn’t want to talk about it, that’d seem suspicious. So why not lie to protect these poor innocent children from the truth of your childhood friends gruesome death, while avoiding sounding suspicious? Maybe the truth is that medallion belong to his old friend Jasper, and he didn’t want to let it go as it serves as a reminder of their good times together.

Additional notes I didn’t have any idea where I should put this in:

-The episode title is a lie. “Jasper Dies At The End”. That doesn’t happen. Jasper in this story does not die. Just like David’s story, the title of this is a lie, and our storyteller is an unreliable narrator.
-Maybe it was just a joke but child David’s voice seriously sounds like an older man attempting to do an impression of a small boy. It could be a hint towards this just being a made up story, or I’m just over analyzing and this is just a joke for the episode. Who knows!

TL;DR: David’s story in Jasper Dies At The End was a HUGE lie and Jasper died because of the bear attack. There are multiple contradictions and oddly exaggerated points within the episode that support this.

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Totally tubular! Well, I think I speak for everyone when I say, we all saw this coming!


“Jasper Dies at the End”

Premiered on

Jul 7, 2017 (FIRST)

Jul 14, 2017 (RT & YouTube)

"Jasper Dies at the End" is the 5thepisode of the second season of Camp Campand is the 17thepisode overall.

Official Synopsis

David reminisces a tale from his younger days back when he was a Campbell camper. When his fellow camper Jasper gets lost on a trek, it's up to young Davey to rescue him. Can he get to him before he's lost forever?

—Episode description


David drives Space Kid to the hospital after Max, Nikki, and Neil glue him in a cardboard spaceship.


Main Characters

Minor Characters



  • The title of the episode is purposefully ironic, as Jasper does not die at the end of the episode, leaving how he did die to be revealed in Dial M for Jasper
    • It could be assumed that the title is referencing how Jasper's love for Camp Campbell dies at the end of the episode, not how he actually dies.
  • In this episode, David reveals that he used to attend Camp Campbell back when he was a child. He also reveals that he was a mischievous troublemaker, much like Max. This suggests that David might believe Max will turn out like him when he grows up.
  • Although Darla and Gregg, the camp counselors during David's camper days, share features that suggest that they could be Gwen's parents; however, Jordan Cwierz stated in a Reddit Q&A that they are canonically not her parents.

Cultural References

  • The title of this episode is a reference to the David Wong novel John Dies at the End.
  • The reason why Campbell asks Davey if he ever plans on having kids before he proceeds to use his phone may be a reference to how people believed that phones produced radioactivity that affected people's health.


  • This episode reveals that Jasper (first revealed in "Journey to Spooky Island") was a Camp Campbell camper and David knew him as a kid.
  • David is shown experiencing the ceremony of the Order of the Sparrow in this episode during his flashback story. He later mentions it as something he went through, and then carries on the tradition of executing the ceremony itself as a counselor in the episode "The Order of the Sparrow".
  • Another instance of the Quartermaster's immortality is hinted is in the episode "NIGHT OF THE LIVING ILL", when a test tube labeled "Elixir of Immortality" is shown in the Campbell Laboratory underneath Campbell's Mansion, which Quartermaster visits often.
  • The two bears killed by Cameron Campbell are the same two stuffed bears that are being kept in the Campbell Manor shown in "Journey to Spooky Island".
    • The cave where they found the bears is also the same cave that the Platypus was found in the episode Mascot.
  • At the very end of David's flashback story, Campbell makes the campers get to work on incubating platypus eggs. He later forces a new group of campers to do this for the entire duration of the episode "Eggs Benefits".


  • The tracks that Davey and Campbell followed don't match the tracks that Jasper and the bear made after it drags him away to its den.
  • The Camp Camp mobile was missing its steering wheel before David started his flashback, it only appeared near the end of the episode when it was already night time.
  • The rearview mirror on the Camp Camp mobile disappears after Nikki states that they've run out of gas.
  • David and Jasper were awarded badges despite Camp Campbell not being the type of camp to award their campers with badges.
  • David's badge wasn't seen as a decoration of the Camp Camp mobile in previous episodes.


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