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Van Seating: Cabin

VEHICLE TYPESEAT TYPENOTESHyundai i-Max 02/2008 to currentFRONT CENTRE(Head restraint not available)Mercedes-Benz Sprinter


(Cannot be fitted if OEM seats have height or lumbar adjustment systems)Mercedes-Benz Vito 04/2004 to current


Mercedes-Benz Vito CrewCab/ Vito Wagon/Viano/Valente


(Low backrest due to floor mounted air-conditioning ducts)Volkswagen Crafter / LT 35


Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series Single/Double Cab, Troop Carrier & Wagon


Toyota Hiace LWB


(Standard with Head restraint and Folding Backrest)

(This seat is designed for LWB Narrow Body Vans. It can be fitted to Hiace SLWB however IMPORTANT NOTE the seat width is designed for Narrow Body only. There is not a separate seat type for the SLWB model due to the low volumes sold.)

Sours: https://www.techsafeseating.com.au/van-seating/cabin-seating

Mobile office with well thought-out details.

The multifunction box offers the opportunity to carry out everyday formalities and written work in the vehicle in an orderly, practical workplace taking up minimal space. The box has a spacious tray for DIN A4 documents, which is accessible from both sides. The cap of the office module transforms into a writing area with a non-slip surface when folded open. On the upper edge of the area there is a vertical stowage shaft for smartphones or clipboards. At the top in the middle there is another rectangular stowage compartment for pens and office equipment. While at a standstill, this allows the driver to carry out various writing tasks in an ergonomic position before stowing the papers directly in the drawer compartment beneath it. There is also a stowage compartment for a lunch box and the pre-installation for a tablet holder1. The multifunction box can, if required, be stored in the seat base underneath the folding sitting surface of the co-driver bench seat, if it is not needed on a journey or a second passenger is on board.

Sours: https://www.mercedes-benz-mena.com/vans/en/sprinter/panel-van/equipment/optional-equipment-highlights/teaser-group-2/multifunction-box
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Adding a Third Front Seat to 2017 Sprinter

I did it the other way round and have a spare double seat which I'm trying to get rid of.

No use to you as it's in the UK so it would be on the wrong side of the van even if shipping it wasn't prohibitively expensive.

However, I can tell you that the seat base in that advert looks like it's a genuine one and the seat shape looks right.

Middle seat should have (at least all the one's I've seen have them) a fold down table in them a bit like this:

The lower part of the seat folds forwards and reveals a surprising amount of usable storage in the seat base.

I don't see any real issue with having a child seat there from a safety point of view.

No idea what the law has to say on the matter where you are. These things seem to vary quite a bit.

If you do get one and come to fit it you will probably find that there appear not to be any mounting holes where the seat base bolts through.

However, if you look more closely it's probably just a paper patch which has often been painted over and there should be OEM threaded holes which you can bolt directly into.


Sours: https://sprinter-source.com/forums/index.php?threads/94721/
Mercedes Sprinter Rear Seats Install

Adding seat to front

I'm looking at adding a third seat too. We need it for a baby seat now, but later on it will serve as infant/child seating and occasional use for an adult seat. My plan is to add a seat somewhere behind the front cab area (but I'll also add side windows of some kind). I removed my vans bulkhead to allow the stock front seats to recline but also to give direct access to the cargo area. A seat in the middle would be in my way.

In your case, you might look at getting a jump seat from a pickup truck. There are a lot of jump seats offered at low cost on eBay and Craigslist that might be bolted in place between your vans stock front seats, many with integral lap/shoulder belts. Downside with a seat in the front middle is it interferes with the parking brake handle, and lacks enough leg room for adults on anything but a short trip. Also, I haven't seen many jump seats that have the hook eyes for a child seat.
2005 T1N 2500 HC OM647 2.7L 5-cyl Turbo Cargo Platinum Silver 118" Wheelbase Moto Hauler
Sours: https://sprinter-source.com/forums/index.php?threads/42834/

Seat middle sprinter van

Installing A Foldaway Bench Seat In A 2019 Mercedes Sprinter Camper Van

Mounting the seat

DISCLAIMER** We highly recommend you consult with a professional before attempting to mount your own bench seat.

Mounting a seat in a Sprinter Van can be tricky. If you are mounting a seat that requires multiple mounting brackets, you will most likely need to drop the vehicle’s gas tank in order to properly mount the brackets. This is a complicated and tedious project that I would recommend hiring a professional for.

The foldaway bench seat we installed DID NOT require us to drop the gas tank. The single plate mount fit perfectly to a section of the van which was easy to access and made for a fairly quick install.

Supporting the seat

It’s important to think about how the seat will react in an accident. The floor of a Sprinter, Ford Transit or Promaster is made of Sheet metal which will easily sheer or bend with the force of an accident. Because of this it’s important to use additional metal to brace the seat under the floor and if possible, to the frame of the van.

We had an Engineer design and weld custom supports using 3/16” Angle Iron and Flat Iron. We then used 1/2” Grade 8 (Professional Grade) Bolts to mount the seat base and to attach the support brackets to the frame. Before Install we did sand and paint the brackets with multiple coats of spray paint to prevent rust damage.

Sours: https://saraandalexjames.com/vanlife-blog/installing-a-foldaway-bench-seat-in-a-2019-mercedes-sprinter-camper-van

2019 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Seating Space

When you really need to take a lot of people on the road, and a regular minivan just isn’t big enough, one of the best places to look is the Mercedes-Benz commercial lineup of large vans. Mercedes-Benz makes two different models of large vans, the Metris and the Sprinter. The Sprinter is the larger of the two, and it is sold in passenger, cargo, crew van, and cab chassis formats. If it isn’t already obvious, the passenger van is equipped with multiple rows of seats behind the driver’s seat row and has windows for passengers to see out. All other versions have either just one back row of seats or none at all.

144” Wheelbase

Subdividing the Sprinter even further, the passenger version of the Sprinter can have two different wheelbases. The smallest of them is 144 inches, which allows for a total of 12 passengers. The driver and passenger seats are bucket seats, and two rows behind the front row are 3-seat rows. All the way in the back, a final row seats 4 people. If 12 seats aren’t enough for you, there is the 170-inch wheelbase, described below.

2019 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cargo Van Specs & Features

170” Wheelbase

This wheelbase of the Sprinter is the most passenger-friendly version of the large van. Making use of one more row of seats, the 170-inch wheelbase can fit up to 15 passengers. There could technically be room for more seats, but the three middle rows are made up of three seats each, so there is a little bit of room for people to move down to the very back of the vehicle.

2019 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Passenger Van interior seating rows
2019 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Passenger Van Black parked on city street

Where Can I Buy a 2019 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Passenger Van?

If you live near Salem, Oregon, you should come to visit the lot of Mercedes-Benz of Salem. We have Sprinter Passenger and Sprinter Cargo vans as well as the Metris Cargo van. To test drive or just take a detailed look at any of these big vehicles, contact the dealership online, over the phone, or in-person. Our sales staff is ready to help you find the right Mercedes-Benz for you today!

Sours: https://www.mercedesofsalem.com/blog/2019-mercedes-benz-sprinter-seating-space/

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