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Toadstool or Mushroom Crown with Fairy

Toadstool or Mushroom Crown with Fairy

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DIY No-Sew Mushroom Toadstool Costume

Happy October! Something that I look forward to every year is making Elliot a homemade Halloween costume. Elliot was a squirrel his first year and a farmer the year after that. Last year he was an orange dinosaur with yellow spikes, per his request. I’m making a couple costumes this year, and since it’s almost mushroom season for us— I thought it’d be fun to make a mushroom costume! I’ll be showing you how to make a no-sew mushroom hat that you can pair with any white clothing that you already own. I included the measurements that I used to make a 21″ circumference hat along with instructions on how to customize the measurements to fit your child’s head. I used recycled materials to make the frame of the hat (old cardboard shipping boxes) and spent less than $20 for the rest of the materials (wool felt/ muslin fabric and glue). The design of this mushroom is inspired by the popular Fly Agaric/Amanita Muscaria mushroom, and you can design your spots in any shape and/or size.

DIY mushroom toadstool costume
DIY mushroom toadstool costume


– cardboard
– red felt (mushroom cap) — I used a 20″ square of medium weight wool felt for a hat with a 14.5″ diameter brim
– white felt (mushroom spots) — I used a medium weight wool felt
– white textured fabric (underside) — I used a 30″ square of cotton muslin for a hat with a 14.5″ diameter brim
– thick piece of ribbon or long strips of cotton fabric (chin tie)
– hot glue gun
– fabric glue (optional)
– cotton batting (optional but recommended)
– stuffing (optional but recommended)
– masking tape or gummed water-activated tape
– scissors and xacto knife
– all white clothing

Instructions for making the mushroom costume

Cut a strip of cardboard about 1.5” wide that is long enough to wrap around your child’s head. Using your child’s head as a guide, glue the ends together at the correct circumference, adding an inch or so to accommodate extra fabric that you’ll be attaching underneath the band. Next, cut and attach two additional 1.5” strips and cross them over the top of their head in an X shape. Secure the ends with glue. Make sure the top strips sit flush against their head (to form the inside of the hat).

DIY mushroom toadstool costume
DIY mushroom toadstool costume

Using a large piece of rigid cardboard, trace a round circle that is several inches larger than the diameter of your child’s head. Ours has a 4″ brim all the way around. Cut the circle out. Next, you’ll need to create a template for the center hole. The center hole will need to be shaped like an oval and you can use the frame that you made above as a guide. Our hat is made to fit a head circumference of about 21″, and the oval template I made for the center hole measures 6.5″ x 7″. Trace around the template and cut the hole out using an xacto knife.

DIY mushroom toadstool costume
DIY mushroom toadstool costume

Attach the brim to the hat frame using masking tape or gummed water activated tape (see photo for reference). Next, cut and attach four additional 1.5” strips across the entire top of the hat, filling in the open areas and forming the top dome. Secure all ends with glue.

DIY mushroom toadstool costume
DIY mushroom toadstool costume

Cut a circle that is 12″ larger across than the diameter of your hat’s round brim (our hat is 14.5″, so our circle was 26.5″). Create a larger oval template that is 8″ larger than your original and use this template to cut a hole out of the center of the fabric (our original template was 6.5″ x 7″, so our template for this one was 14.5″ x 15″). You should end up with a piece of fabric that looks like a large version of your brim. It is larger because we will be scrunching it inwards to mimic the look of mushroom gills. With the brim upside down, start attaching the fabric around the inside hole using your hot glue gun, overlapping the fabric as you go.

DIY mushroom toadstool costume
DIY mushroom toadstool costume

After you’ve attached all of the fabric around the inside of the crown, attach the fabric along the outside of the brim using the same overlap method. Flip the hat over. Cut a circle out of your red felt that is roughly 4″ larger than the diameter of your hat’s brim. (You may need to adjust depending on how high your dome is- cut a larger circle than you think you’ll need because we’ll be cutting the excess off anyways).
* optional step:  Cut a circle of batting out that is slightly smaller than your red felt. Place this between your cardboard frame and red felt for extra padding)
Center the circle over the top dome and start glueing it down along the edges, scrunching evenly as you go all the way around.
* optional step: With your hat upside down, insert stuffing through the open spaces along the outer edges for structure.

DIY mushroom toadstool costume
DIY mushroom toadstool costume

After you’ve attached all of the felt around the edges of the brim, cut any excess felt off. Using your white felt, cut out several spots that are any shape and/or size and attach them with hot glue or fabric glue. Cut two pieces of ribbon or strips of cotton fabric and attach them inside each side of the hat to use as ties.

DIY mushroom toadstool costume
DIY mushroom toadstool costume

You’re finished! Dress your child in all white clothing or clothing with texture or fringe.

DIY mushroom toadstool costume
DIY mushroom toadstool costume

DIY mushroom toadstool costume

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Mushroom Faerie Outfit by Caverna Obscura - Vintage Sale!

The first one of Caverna Obscura's Mushroom faeries, simply called Mushroom Faerie :) (as i have no idea how the original mushroom i used the texture of, is called). This will also make an excellent choice as a Halloween outfit!

The Outfit includes: undershirt, underpants, gloves, stockings, shoe base, sculpted mushroom skirt, sculpted garters and glove tops, sculpted necklace, upper R arm bracelet, lower L arm bracelet made of mushrooms, sculpted wedge shoes decorated with sculpted mushrooms, sculpted mushroom hat.

Clothing layers are NO MOD!

Check out all the pictures for more details!

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Fairy costume mushroom

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how i made my mushroom hat - art vlog 003 [CC]

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