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Transform your backyard into a tropical paradise with bamboo fencing. Our rolled bamboo fencing comes in flexible 8' long panels (in either 6'H or 8'H) that you can easily unroll and install yourself. Screen off areas for privacy, install in a frame to replace traditional fencing, or lay on top of chain link fence - the possibilities are endless. One of the most popular applications is to use these bamboo fence panels as chain link privacy screens or slats. Made from only the highest quality cane harvested in the mountains of China, bamboo fencing is expected to last 10 years even in Canadian climates. Buy bamboo fencing panels at our Toronto location at the lowest prices! 

Dimensions: 1''D x 6'H x 8'L or 1''D x 8'H x 8'L

Visit our FAQ for more information! 

Buy bamboo fence rolls for easy backyard fencing and chain link privacy screens from our Toronto location. We are GTA's leading supplier of bamboo fencing and cheap fencing panels. 


2"bamboo poles rolled fence w/twine           Threaded Black bamboo rolled fence

Bamboo is considered a green sustainable building material because it will grow to maturity in 5 years or less. Bamboo fencing is becoming extremely popular today as they are in fact, easy to work with and certified to be one of the most rapidly renewable material known to conserve our natural environment. Bamboo rolled fences are great for those "Do it Yourself" fencing projects, and at the same time, allowing you to achieve a more green lifestyle in your home and garden.

Bamboo rolled fences are flexible fences that come in a roll. To install, just unroll them, and tie them to posts or any existing support structure with galvanized wire. Bamboo rolled fences can be flexed to bend around sharp corners even into circular form. We are the first company to use rust proof black nylon coated wire to weave our bamboo fence, eliminating the unsightly rusting wires seen in other bamboo fences sold in the market. We offer bmaobo rolled fences with different types of bamboo poles for your choice of usage and look.

If you prefer a pre-fabricated fence panel, we have a full range of Bamboo Fence Panels for you to choose from. If you need information on installing your garden fences, click installing rolled fences or the installing fence panels section.We also offer a full line of cedar posts and accessory for your bamboo fencing projects.


Woven Bamboo Rolled Fences                                               Threading Bamboo Rolled Fences
Good for privacy or border fence                                                   Premium solid 1"  poles bamboo fence

 Big Poles Black Bamboo Fences                                               Woven Bamboo Slat Fence
 3/4" thread black bamboo poles fence                                       Bamboo Woven Fence

XL Large Black Timber Bamboo Fence                                                 Bamboo Ornamental Fence
2" speckled bamboo poles fence                                                     Gapped bamboo flex fence

Bamboo Twig Fence                                                                               Split bamboo slat fence
Rolled Rustic bamboo branches fence

Tonkin Bamboo Rolled Fence


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How to Install a Framed Bamboo Friendly Fence

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Fencing bamboo roll

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How To Install Bamboo Screening - DIY At Bunnings

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