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We all want to do good. It's human nature to want to be able to help another person we see that may need a hand. Every Christmas, you put simple coins and bills in our red kettles across the county.  It may not seem like much but it means new life - a second chance - for millions of Americans.

This year, The Salvation Army is celebrating the many reasons that motivate you to give. We call them them Red Kettle Reasons and they represent all of the different thoughts and experiences that cause you to give so generously each year. Already, it has been overwhelming to read some of the beautiful reasons you give! Check out some examples:

"Because lives are changed for good."

"Everyone could use a hand."

"Everyone deserves be happy, especially on christmas"

"To help the millions of Americans who will battle addiction in 2015."

There are so many beautiful reasons to help our neighbors who need it most. Thank you for your spirit of generosity and your willingness to make a difference in the lives of people in your very own communities.

We want to share the reasons you give with the world! Here's how you can participate. Any time you tweet with the hashtag #RedKettleReason, you're message will be displayed at Let's fill that site up with positive messages and hopefully motivate others to be as generous as you have been!


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Red Kettle Reason back for second year

In 2014, campaign drew participation from 66,000 people.

By Laura Poff – 

The National Headquarters Community Relations Department launched the Red Kettle Reason campaign last fall in the lead up to the holiday season as a way to engage a younger audience in meaningful dialogue about the work of The Salvation Army. It is a simple ask: tweet the reason that you support The Salvation Army, using the hashtag #RedKettleReason.

“We reached out to some celebrities, some board members and national leaders who support The Salvation Army and it really caught on,” said Lt. Colonel Ron Busroe, national community relations secretary.

A number of well-known athletes participated as well.

“They talked about how The Salvation Army had helped them when they were children and helped their family,” Busroe said. “Their Red Kettle Reason was, ‘because I got help, now I help.’”

In all, 66,000 people participated in 2014, and engagement is expected to increase this year as the campaign returns with a new dimension—asking donors to not only share their Red Kettle Reasons but also why they support their local Salvation Army corps.

The most compelling stories will be posted on the national Salvation Army website where visitors can vote for the corps that they think is the most deserving.

Voting will end in early December when the winner will be invited to come to New York City and participate in a giving spree, buying supplies at a New York City Wal-Mart for a program at their local corps.

Nick Cannon will also be releasing a series of videos that tell the story of how The Salvation Army had an impact on him when he was a young boy. In one video, he reveals that when he was a kid, his family received help from The Salvation Army.

“Those are the kinds of things that really touch you,” Busroe said.

Ultimately, the goal of the campaign is to introduce young people, who are more engaged on social media, to the ways that they can make an impact by volunteering for and donating to their local Salvation Army.

“It’s certainly important for a younger demographic who may not know what The Salvation Army is or does,” Busroe said. “When they see their friends helping through the Angel Tree or having received help from The Salvation Army, they realize this is something they can help with as well.”

Last year, online giving increased by 16 percent, more than for any other organization, according to Busroe. Though not directly attributable to the campaign, it certainly helped, with many people donating directly through the Red Kettle Reason website.

“We were blown away last year by the number of people who participated and I think this year it’s going to be more popular,” he said. “We feel like we are on the right track and this is part of the reason that people are giving.”

#RedKettleReasonChristmas 2015Vol 32 No 12

Red Kettle Reason

Stop. Listen.

Notice something missing as you walk into the mall or a grocery store?

There’s a good chance you won’t hear bells ringing.

That’s because the coronavirus pandemic forced the Salvation Army to drastically reduce its number of bell ringers across the metro area, and now the charity finds itself falling fall short of its Christmas budget goals as Dec. 25 approaches.

“Silver bells… it’s not just a song,” said Maj. Richard Pease of the Salvation Army in metro Denver. “It’s part of the Christmas tradition.”

On an average day in a normal Christmas season, the Salvation Army deploys about 160 bell ringers across the Denver area as part of its annual Red Kettle Campaign, he said. This year, an average of 75 are ringing each day, although that number can drop if volunteers are sick or decide they don’t want to risk illness.

Already, the Red Kettle campaign is falling short of its $850,000 goal — one that already was lower than in previous years due to the pandemic. As of Monday, $540,000 has been raised, said Rachael Fowler, a Salvation Army spokeswoman.

Along with fewer volunteers, there are fewer stores available to set up outside and fewer shoppers to drop change into the kettles, Fowler said. And people are carrying less cash during the pandemic.

The shortfall comes at a terrible time. Along with providing Christmas presents to needy families, the Salvation Army also helps people who are struggling to pay for or find housing. And this year the Salvation Army is preparing for a deluge of requests for housing assistance in January because a new stimulus package that will bring more help to the unemployed won’t kick in for several more weeks.

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“Fundraising is down and the need is up and that puts us in a position where we are struggling a bit,” Pease said.

The Salvation Army established a virtual Red Kettle Campaign, and as of Dec. 21, it has raised a little more than half of its $20,000 goal. When someone donates, a bell rings online in an attempt to replace the in-person ringers who are such a holiday icon.

Some bell-ringing traditions continued, though.

On Tuesday, the Salvation Army announced that mystery donors once again dropped gold South African Krugerrands into kettles in Fort Collins and Highlands Ranch. The mystery donations have been happening in both towns for years. This year, the gold coins were wrapped in encouraging notes. A gold Krugerrand is worth almost $2,000, according to Monex, an online site that tracks the value of precious metals.

Another tradition moved online.

For 65 years, Merrill Fie and his family have rung bells for the Salvation Army at Christmas. This year, though, the 92-year-old Fie and his extended family missed their annual date on Denver’s 16th Street Mall, where he and his wife, Dorie Fie, are joined by their daughters, grandchildren, their spouses and longtime friends to raise money.

“Frankly it isn’t Christmas until you’re ringing bells,” Fie said. “We have fun on the Fie bell-ringing day. It’s been rewarding for 65 years.”

This year, the Fie family is attempting to raise $100,000 through an online campaign. They’re emailing friends asking them to donate and on Tuesday had surpassed their goal. And while raising money online is still rewarding, it’s just not as fun as being on the mall, he said.

“We were disappointed we couldn’t do it,” Fie said. “But we’ll be back in force in the coming year.”

Salvation Army volunteer Kevin Demsky, left, ...

Kettle reason org red

In celebration of the third annual Giving Tuesday, a movement to create a national day of giving during the holiday season, The Salvation Army is encouraging supporters not only to find a way to give back but also to share their motivations for giving with #RedKettleReason.

“Giving Tuesday is about helping people realize the good that we can all do when we share our time, our talents or our treasures to help others,” said Lieutenant Colonel Ron Busroe, community relations and development secretary for The Salvation Army. “We’re inviting people to share their #RedKettleReasons and take a moment to think about the countless reasons there are to give and the impact contributions have on those less fortunate.”

During the holidays, nearly 4.2 million people rely on The Salvation Army to provide their families with a warm meal or toys for children on Christmas Day. The Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program also provides more than 1 million children with toys and necessary items. In addition to the help provided during the holiday season, donations to the Red Kettles help provide more than 10 million nights of shelter; roughly 58 million meals; and programming such as substance abuse recovery, after-school programs, and emergency shelter for children and families in need year-round. In all, The Salvation Army is able to help nearly 30 million people each year, thanks in large part to people’s generous donations. “The services we provide and the people we help represent millions of reasons to give. That’s what we want people to think about this Giving Tuesday,” Busroe added.

For part of its own Giving Tuesday celebrations, The Salvation Army will appear on a variety of national television programs to encourage people to donate to the Red Kettle Campaign and share their #RedKettleReasons. The #RedKettleReasons shared on Giving Tuesday and throughout the season can be seen on, a new website featuring a mosaic of #RedKettleReason photos, videos, tweets and posts collected from the web as well as an interactive map to illustrate the #RedKettleReason conversations happening around the country.

So far, diverse luminaries like the Dallas Cowboy’s Jason Witten and recording artist Shawn Mendes have contributed #RedKettleReasons to the 40,000 and growing gallery of inspirational reasons for giving.

In support of Giving Tuesday, Papa John’s is offering a Red Kettle Cookie, a unique holiday twist to its popular treat, the Chocolate Chip Cookie. A portion of the proceeds from the cookie will be used to support The Salvation Army’s funding. In addition, Papa John’s will offer 25 percent off every order for those who donate to The Salvation Army through and shares a reason of their own with their following. John Schnatter, founder of Papa John’s, will share his own #RedKettleReason for supporting The Salvation Army on Thanksgiving and will challenge his followers to do the same.

To give back on this impactful day, make a donation to the Red Kettle campaign at one of the more than 25,000 Red Kettles set up at storefronts nationwide, online at or through the Army’s text-to-give program; by texting the word “KETTLE” to 80888, donors can send $10 to the Red Kettle Campaign.

Those looking to donate their time have a number of opportunities from ringing a bell to sorting toys and serving food. Information about these opportunities is available at or at local Salvation Army community centers.

From its humble beginnings as a program started by a Salvation Army captain in San Francisco in 1891, the Red Kettle Campaign has grown into one of the most recognizable and important charitable campaigns in the United States. It provides toys for kids, coats for the homeless, food for the hungry, and countless social service programs year-round. More than 25,000 Salvation Army volunteers throughout the country ring bells and solicit donations to the Red Kettles.

Red Kettle Reason: Hunger - The Salvation Army

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