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Dave Rodgers

Musical artist

Dave Rodgers (born Giancarlo Pasquini; 21 February 1963) is an Italian songwriter, composer, and producer known for his contributions to the Eurobeat genre of dance music. Born in Mantua, Italy, he formed the band Aleph before contributing to the long-running Super Eurobeat series. He owns Rodgers Studio and A-Beat C Productions alongside Alberto Contini.

In 2006, he released Blow Your Mind under the Rodgers alias, incorporating rock components in the album. In 2011, he left everything in the hands of Evelin Malferrari. During this time, Evelin established a new Eurobeat label called Sun Fire Records, where Dave helped Evelin to write a few songs.

In 2019, after a long legal battle with futura prince, he founded his own label Dave Rodgers Music and started producing a new catalogue, new videos and started collaborating and producing again with many artists like Kaioh, Annerley, Nuage, Domino, Powerful T, Norma Sheffield, Ace Warriors, Mickey B, Go Go Girls, Lou Grant, Susan Bell.

Some of his songs, most notably "Déjà Vu", are featured in the anime Initial D, which contributed significantly to the popularity of Eurobeat music.

He is also known by the aliases Derek Simon, Robert Stone, Patrick Hoolley, Mario Ross, Red Skins, RCS, Aleph, the Big Brother, and Thomas & Schubert.[1]



1992Wild Heaven TMN Song Meets Disco Style
Come On Let's Dance
Self Control
Don't Let Me Cry
Get Wild
Come On Everybody
Dive Into Your Body
Time To Count Down
Love Train
1994Sun City (feat. Jennifer Batten)Maharaja Night HI-NRG Revolution 12
1995Nothing Changed Super Eurobeat 52
Crimson Kiss The Alfee Meets Dance
Sweat and Tears
Fly (feat. Jennifer Batten) Super Eurobeat 61
1996Milan Milan Milan Take Me Higher
Music For The People (with Jennifer Batten)
Woman From Tokyo
I Was Made For Lovin' You Super Eurobeat 71
Boom Boom Japan Super Eurobeat 72
All I Want For Christmas Is You Super Euro Christmas
1997Take Me Higher Take Me Higher
Smoke On The Water
Soul Gasoline
I'll Be Your Hero
Made In Japan
Let It Be
We Are The Champions (with A-Beat Friends) Super Eurobeat 81
1998Golden 70's Years Super Eurobeat 84
Space Boy Super Eurobeat 87
Kingdom of Rock Super Eurobeat 89
Go To The Top Super Eurobeat 90 Anniversary Non-Stop Request Count Down 90!!
Saturday Night Fever Super Eurobeat 92
Night Fever (with Mega NRG Man) Super Eurobeat presents Initial D D Selection 2
1999Beat of The Rising Sun Super Eurobeat presents Initial D D Selection 3
100 Super Eurobeat 99
Merry Christmas Baby Super Euro X'mas 2
Deja Vu Super Eurobeat presents Euromach 2


2000The Final Countdown Super Eurobeat 101
Black Fire Super Eurobeat 102
Stay The Night Super Eurobeat 103
We Wanna Rock Super Eurobeat 106
You'll Be In My HeartEurobeat Disney
Ale' Japan Super Eurobeat 111
2001Let's Go To The Show K2 The Auto Messe Super Eurobeat 114
Two WorldsEurobeat Disney 2
Wheels of Fire Super Eurobeat 115
My Dream Team Is Verdy Super Eurobeat 119
Watch Me Dancing Super Eurobeat 122
Livin' La Vida MickeyEurobeat Disney 3
True To Your Heart
2002The Race Is Over Super Eurobeat 124
Fevernova (with Kiko Loureiro) Super Eurobeat 129
Dancing In The Starlight Super Eurobeat 132
2003Shake Super Eurobeat 139
2004Car of Your Dreams (with Nuage) Super Eurobeat 144
Not Gonna Get Us Super Eurobeat 147
Are We Gonna Be Together (with Meri) Super Eurobeat 152
2005Wild Reputation 2005 Super Eurobeat 156
Don't Make Me Cry (with Nuage) Super Eurobeat 159
Space Invader Super Eurobeat 161
Eldorado Super Eurobeat 162
2006Make A Movement!! Super Eurobeat 164
Lucky Man Super Eurobeat presents Super GT 2006
Ring of Fire (feat. Kiko Loureiro) Super Eurobeat 166
Love Me or Leave Me (with Nuage) Super Eurobeat 167
I Wanna Give You My Heart (with Meri) Super Eurobeat 172
Another Miracle (with Nuage) Super Eurobeat 173
2007Make Up Your Mind Super Eurobeat 174
Red Core (feat. Stef Burns) Super Eurobeat 175
Like A Video (with Nuage) Super Eurobeat 176
Watch Out Super Eurobeat 177
California Dreaming Super Eurobeat 178
The V.I.P. Is JP
Disco Fire Super Eurobeat presents Initial D Battle Stage 2
The Final Game (with Kiko Loureiro) Super Eurobeat 182
Tell Me (with Nuage) Super Eurobeat 183
2008Sun City 2008 Super Eurobeat 187
2009Burning Like A Fire (feat. Alex de Rosso) Super Eurobeat 195 ~Speedy~
Love In The Elevator Super Eurobeat 196 ~Vitamin Pop~
Fire Dragon (feat. Patrick Rondat) Super Eurobeat 197 ~King of Eurobeat~
Dance In My Town (with Futura) Super Eurobeat 199 ~Collaboration of Eurobeat~


2010Super Eurobeat (feat. Futura) Super Eurobeat 201
All Around The World (feat. M. Landau) Super Eurobeat 202
The Race Is The Game Super Eurobeat 205
The Race of The Night Super Eurobeat 207
Just Another Day with You (with Futura) Super Eurobeat 209
2011The House of Fire Super Eurobeat 211
Skylight Super Eurobeat 215
Sun Fire (with Futura) Super Eurobeat 217
20131 Fire Super Eurobeat 221
I Want To Feel Super Eurobeat presents Initial D Fifth Stage D Selection Volume 1
Into The Moon (with Futura) Super Eurobeat 222
Into The Sunrise Super Eurobeat 223
Magic Sunday (feat. Futura) Super Eurobeat 225
2014Money Money Money Super Eurobeat 227
New Race Game Super Eurobeat 229
2015Tell Me Super Eurobeat 236
2016Restarted Tonight Super Eurobeat 239
2017Break Into The Music Super Eurobeat 242
2018 Waiting for Love
You Can Do Magic
Try to Fall in Love
Space Boy (2018)
Deja Vu (1:04 Mix)
2019Gold Night (feat. Eurobeat Union)
Misty Blue (feat. Eurobeat Union)
Don't Stop the Music (2019)
Kingdom Come (The Kingdom Mix)
Running in the 90's (Max Coveri Cover)
Space Rocket
Spitfire Official YouTube Lyrics Video
Deja Vu (2019) Official YouTube Music Video
In the Eye of the Tiger (with Kaioh)
Seventies (2020)
Music For the People (2020)
Gas Gas Gas (2020)
Space Boy (2020) Official YouTube Music Video
Beat of the Rising Sun (2020)
Soul Gasoline (2020)

Featured singles[edit]

1997Surrender (with Karen)
1999Could It Be Magic (with Karen)
Anniversary (with Domino and Virginelle)
2001Living In Peace (with Karen)
2002Contact (with Karen)
2003Get In Love (with Susy)
2008Unbelievable (with Annalise) Super Eurobeat 192 ~Let's Party~
2020Initial D hell

Songs by Giancarlo Pasquini under the alias The Big Brother[edit]

  • "Soul Gasoline"
  • "Oh Oh Girls Are Dancing"
  • "Wild Reputation"
  • "Don't Go Breaking My Heart"
  • "Rock And Roll"
  • "Dancing In The Fire"
  • "Big Time"
  • "Ai No Corrida"
  • "September"
  • "Tears On My Eyes"
  • "Red Fire"
  • "L.A. Time"
  • "Knock On Wood"

Songs by Giancarlo Pasquini under other aliases[edit]

  • Raymond Barry - "Get Back"
  • Chester - "Right Time"
  • Dr. Money - "Give Up"
  • Patrick Hooley - "Catching Your Time"
  • Patrick Hooley - "Listen to Your Heart"
  • Tommy J - "Desire"
  • Manzi-Bellini - "In Your Eyes"
  • Billy Mappy - "Get It On"
  • Paul Murray - "Comedia"
  • Red Skins - "Dance Around the Totem"
  • Mario Ross - "More Illusions"
  • Mario Ross - "Push Push Ballerina"
  • RCS - "Rocking The City"
  • Robert Stone - "Black Cars"
  • Robert Stone - "Burning Heart"
  • Robert Stone - "Dance Girl"
  • Robert Stone - "Don't Give Up"
  • Robert Stone - "Pocket Time"
  • Robert Stone - "Welcome To The Jungle"
  • Roby Benvenuto - "Gringo"


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  2. Equipment trader michigan
  3. Kenmore connect washer

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initial d all eurobeat

NSFW. Listen to Initial D and Eurobeat now. Forever Young / Symbol 05. Go Beat Crazy - Fastway - LYRICS - DOWNLOAD . Released on several Super Eurobeat compilation albums, this song is mostly known for its usage in the anime Initial D. Initial D - Be my babe by gijsieboy published on 2017-06-24T11:15:24Z. Delivering Tofu. This page contains a list of every Initial D Album. Remember Me is a song by Clara Moroni, under the name Leslie Parrish. Join. Initial D eurobeat by gijsieboy published on 2017-06-24T11:28:57Z. Fly Away / Digital Planet 04. Super Eurobeat / Initial D. by Onecton. Shop Vinyl and CDs and complete your collection. Initial D Battle Stage (special) will summarize the major street races from the two TV series. Super Eurobeat Presents: Initial D Fourth Stage D Selection + avex mode AVCA-22088 release date: 17 November 2004. Log In Sign Up. … Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, Stage 4, Stage 5, Final Stage, Extra Stage, Extra Stage 2, Battle Stage, and Battle Stage 2. top keks that will give an over 90% increase to your driving abilities. Initial D … Super Eurobeat Presents Initial D Second Stage D Selection 1 Super Eurobeat Presents Initial D Super Euro-Best Super Eurobeat Presents Initial D ~D Non-Stop Mega Mix~ User account menu. The New Initial D the Movie trilogy uses a J-Rock soundtrack, also provided by Avex Trax. 189. Super Eurobeat Presents Initial D ~D Non-Stop Mega Mix~ Super Eurobeat Presents Initial D ~D Selection 2~ Super Eurobeat Presents Initial D ~D Selection 3~ Super Eurobeat Presents Initial D ~D Selection~ Supersonic Fire; Supertonic Lady; Switch! 2, Initial D Fourth Stage D Non-Stop Selection, Initial D Fourth Stage Music Complete Box, Initial D Fourth Stage Non-Stop Mega Mix with Battle Digest, Initial D Special Stage Original Soundtracks, Initial D The Movie Original Sound Tracks, Initial D Vocal Battle Special feat. card classic compact. Posts: 12. - Take My Soul28:31 Queen Of Times - Ever And Ever34:51 Marko Polo - Speedy Speed Boy40:49 Sophie - Don't You (Forget About My Love)47:01 Wain L - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road51:35 Derreck Simons - Station To Station55:50 Robert Patton - Big In Japan1:01:05 Dave McLoud - Gimme The Night1:06:03 Wain L - Make Up Your Mind1:11:59 Mega NRG Man - Grand Prix1:15:53 Dave Rodgers - Deja Vu It has been running for over thirty years and the current list consists of 250 volumes (not counting the … Like most musicians in the Eurobeat genre, De Jorio has performed under a number of pseudonyms for various labels (including A-Beat-C, Delta, and SinclaireStyle). Posted by 4 hours ago. A remake of the massively successful Initial D Manga comic, the drift sequences are filmed live without the use of CGI and Blue-Screen and it shows. directly related clubs. Album. Initial D (頭文字D, Inisharu Dī) is a Japanese street racing manga by Shuichi Shigeno that ran from 1995 to 2013. Play on Spotify SoundCloud. Eurobeat from Initial D by Kelpy G published on 2017-10-05T00:50:54Z. Shop Vinyl and CDs and complete your collection. For all Initial D Fans out there, my favorite Songs from the Series. Find similar artists to Initial D and discover new music. Durch seine täglichen Fahrten wird Takumi zu einem ausgesprochen guten Fahrer, doch für … Burning Desire (New Original Generation Mix) 08. Initial D Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Initial D - Speedy Speed Boy by gijsieboy published on 2017-06-24T11:10:23Z. 6" is … Play on Spotify Discussion and sharing of Eurobeat music! 24 tracks. Listen to Eurobeat (from Initial D) in full in the Spotify app. D E F I N I C I O N ╚══ :beginner: ══ :beginner: ══ :beginner: ══ :beginner: ══╝ Eurobeat, fue un término "paraguas" utilizado inicialmente en el Reino Unido para referirse a la música de la Europa continental producida partir de la evolución del Italo disco a mediados de los 1980s . Super Eurobeat (Japanese: スーパー ユーロビート, Hepburn: Sūpā Yūrobīto, abbreviated SEB; officially stylized as SUPER EUROBEAT) is a CD compilation series of Eurobeat music in Japan.The series itself is the longest running music compilation in the entire world. Fly To Me To The Moon & Back / The Spiders From Mars 03. In 2005 a Hong … Discover releases, reviews, songs, credits, and more about Super Eurobeat Presents Initial D Super Euro Best at Discogs. CINDY Damon JEAN CORRAINE osomatsu-san osomatsu san eurobeat. The subreddit for the discussion and sharing of eurobeat and adjacent genres such as italo disco and hyper … Press J to jump to the feed. Maurizio De Jorio was born in Trento, Italy.De Jorio became involved in mainstream musical production in the mid-1980s. Speed Lover / Speedman 07. 237 42 20 tracks. 40.8k. We'll See Heaven - Digital Planet - LYRICS - DOWNLOAD . Hot. Initial D - King Of Eurobeat (traducción letra en español) - I'm gonna move you / I'm gonna shake you / While you're living the night / Lights in the city / Girls are so pretty / Everybody is all right / So come on Eurobeat refers to two styles of dance music that originated in Europe: one is a British variant of Italian Eurodisco-influenced dance-pop (this type is only sold in Japan), and the other is a hi-NRG-driven form of Italo disco.Both forms were developed in the 1980s. Initial D. Members: 30. Stream Eurobeat from Initial D, a playlist by Kelpy G from desktop or your mobile device. Eurobeat has an offical dance called Para Para, in which you you use your hands and arms mostly. Filled with references to cars and racing techniques, it's a wild ride for auto aficionados. Some may not be from the show, but they sure sound like it. Genre eurobeat Contains tracks. Shop Vinyl and CDs and complete your collection. As for all the skeptics out there who don't think that a series filled with car races sounds too promising, well, you'll have to decide for yourself. BURNING UP FOR YOU - SARA by Lucky Dabearss published on 2013-08-09T07:27:48Z. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 2002 CD release of "Super Eurobeat Presents Initial D Battle Stage" on Discogs. The series also spawned several video games, including a series of arcade games by SEGA. Discover releases, reviews, songs, credits, and more about Super Eurobeat Presents Initial D ~D Selection 2~ at Discogs. Initial D spielt in den späten 1990ern und erzählt die Geschichte von Takumi Fujiwara, einem 18 Jahre alten Jugendlichen, der im Tofugeschäft seines Vaters hilft, indem er jeden Morgen das Hotel auf dem Berg Akina im Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 – kurz AE86 – beliefert. People often mistake it for techno music but it is NOT techno. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Ink! Official Name: ja SUPER EUROBEAT presents INITIAL D BATTLE STAGE: This compilation for summary OVA Initial D Battle Stage contains brand new Eurobeat tracks which weren't in previous two series and movie. 01. Mix. 11. This page contains the entire Initial D Soundtrack.

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