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25+ Best Webinar PowerPoint Templates (Remote Presentation PPT Slides)

25+ Best Webinar PowerPoint Templates (Remote Presentation PPT Slides)

With more people switching to remote work and office meetings taking place online, you now have to do presentations remotely. These remote presentations also require special slideshow designs as well.

When designing a presentation for an online audience, whether it’s a remote office meeting or a webinar, it needs to be accompanied by slides that feature more details and a clear design. So that you can educate your audience with more information that you don’t have the time to explain in your speech.

Designing a remote presentation is not that difficult. It can be simple, especially when using a webinar PowerPoint template. We’ve rounded up some great remote presentation templates to help you get a quick start.

These templates are great for doing all kinds of webinars, online meetings, and online class presentations. Have a look.

2 Million+ PowerPoint Templates, Themes, Graphics + More

Download thousands of PowerPoint templates, and many other design elements, with a monthly Envato Elements membership. It starts at $16 per month, and gives you unlimited access to a growing library of over 2,, presentation templates, fonts, photos, graphics, and more.

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Conference &#; PowerPoint Presentation Template

Conference PowerPoint Presentation Template

Webinars are just like hosting a conference (or seminar) online. So this PowerPoint template will fit in perfectly with all your online conferencing and presentation needs. It features a very professional design that’s most suitable for business presentations. The template comes with 50 unique slide designs that you can also customize to change colors, text, and images however you like.

Education & Training &#; PowerPoint PPT Template

Education & Training PowerPoint Template

If you’re hosting an educational webinar or a presentation, this template will come in handy. Whether you’re making a presentation to teach a class or educating your team on a project or product, the PowerPoint template has all the slides you need to deliver an effective presentation. It includes a total of slide designs featuring 7 different pre-made color schemes.

Weekly Meetings &#; PowerPoint Template

Weekly Meeting PowerPoint Template

This PowerPoint template is designed just for hosting weekly meetings of your company, agency, and project teams. It features a very colorful design that will help engage with your team more efficiently. And has lots of space to include details about your projects and plans. The template also has 20 master slides for you to duplicate more slides when need them.

Archer &#; Webinar PowerPoint Template

webinar powerpoint template

This webinar PowerPoint template has a modern, and trendy design that will suit a wide range of corporate applications. Each slide is crafted with attention to detail, and can be fully customized to suit your requirements.

Metropolis &#; Business PowerPoint Template

Metropolis - Business Powerpoint Template

Metropolis is a multipurpose PowerPoint template made for business presentations. And it has lots of fully customizable slide designs you can use to make all kinds of presentations for webinars and online meetings. The template includes 50 unique slides in both animated and static versions. As well as in dark and light color themes.

Bomero &#; Webinar Event PowerPoint Template

Bomero - Webinar Event Powerpoint

Featuring a total of 60 slide layouts, Bomero is a minimal PowerPoint template that comes with a set of slides made just for webinars and online event presentations. It also includes each slide in light and dark color themes. The shapes, text, and colors can be customized to your preference. And you can replace the images quite easily using the image placeholders as well.

Free Office Remote Meeting PowerPoint Template

Free Office Meeting PowerPoint Template

Take your office meetings online using this beautiful and free PowerPoint template. It features a creative design filled with lovely illustrations and it’s perfect for delivering remote meeting presentations. The template includes 23 slides.

Creative Webinar PowerPoint Template

webinar powerpoint template

This PowerPoint template will create sensation in a webinar for professionals looking to expand their skill set in the creative field. Featuring 30 custom slides, and plus vector icons, this template can be used for any ingenious projects.

Weekly Meeting &#; Free PowerPoint Template

Weekly Meeting - Free PowerPoint Template

This PowerPoint template comes with a very professional design that’s perfect for creating slideshows for your weekly team meetings and webinars. The template lets you choose from 14 unique slides to create all kinds of business presentations.

Discussions Meetings &#; PowerPoint Template

Discussions Meeting - Powerpoint Template

Sometimes, webinars can be about discussions about ideas and concepts. And mainly share your approach with the team to get their feedback. This PowerPoint template is made just for those presentations. It features a very creative design with a multipurpose layout. There are 30 unique slides you can customize using 5 premade color schemes as well.

Online Education &#; PowerPoint Presentation Template

Online Education Presentation Template

Many entrepreneurs and speakers are now also hosting webinars to introduce different concepts and training programs to their audiences. Bloggers are doing this quite often to generate leads. This template is made for those folks who are looking to gather an audience and generate leads. It includes 30 unique slides with 15 different color schemes to choose from.

Serenity &#; Webinar PowerPoint Template

webinar powerpoint template

Here we have a contemporary, multipurpose PowerPoint template that you can make your own in an instant. It&#;s super easy to edit, saving you ample amount of time, and effort. Try it out for your next webinar presentation, and blow your audience away.

Free Online Conference Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

webinar powerpoint template

If you are wanting to get you hands on a great looking PowerPoint template that provides you endless customization possibilities, look no further than this presentation format. The best part is that it&#;s free, and up for grabs!

MEETIX &#; Monthly Meeting PowerPoint Template

MEETIX - Monthly Meeting Powerpoint Template

Even though it’s titled monthly meetings, you can use this PowerPoint template to host weekly or even daily meetings as well. The template is designed with a modern and creative way to make each slide more interesting than the other. The template includes 30 unique slides with editable shapes, colors, and image placeholders.

Business Meeting &#; PowerPoint Template

Business Meeting - Powerpoint Template

Looking for the perfect PowerPoint template to host an official and professional business meeting? Then look no further. This template has all the elements you need to craft the perfect online presentation for a business meeting. It includes 36 unique slide designs in HD resolution. And there are lots of editable charts and graphics for you to showcase statistics as well.

Maravile &#; Multipurpose Business PowerPoint Template

Maravile - Multipurpose Business Powerpoint

Another multipurpose PowerPoint template for hosting webinars and meetings for various business teams. This template includes 30 beautifully designed slides. Each slide features a professional design, which you can edit to change colors, fonts, and place images. It also includes master slide layouts for adding more slides to your presentation with ease.

Online Webinar PowerPoint Template

Online Webinar PowerPoint Template

This is a simple PowerPoint template made just for hosting webinars. This template is different from others as it features elements that are useful for hosting online presentations. For example, it has a small placeholder for you to include your video stream within the slideshow. In addition, it includes 30 unique slides in 5 pre-made color schemes.

Camille &#; Free Webinar PowerPoint Template

webinar powerpoint template

Camille is a minimal, professional PowerPoint template featuring a colorful design that gives it a fresh look. For the number of customization options available at your fingertips, it being a freebie is the greatest thing that could ever happen to someone looking to ace an important presentation.

Company Meeting &#; Free PowerPoint Template

Company Meeting Free PowerPoint Template

Another free PowerPoint template you can use to create slideshows for your online company meetings and presentations. This template comes with 10 unique slides featuring very professional designs. Each slide is easily customizable as well.

Monthly Meeting &#; Free PowerPoint Template

Monthly Meeting Free PowerPoint Template

This free PowerPoint template is most suitable for your monthly project and team meetings and conferences. It also includes 10 unique slides with editable colors, fonts, and image placeholders to let you easily customize the design.

Conference &#; Clean PowerPoint Template

Conference - Clean Powerpoint Template

This modern and stylish PowerPoint template is also great for hosting online conferences and webinars. The template features a very clean and simple design that allows you to give more attention to your content. It includes 30 unique slides in 5 different color schemes. You can also customize them to your preference.

Ogiro &#; Webinar & Seminar PowerPoint Template

Ogiro - Webinar & Seminar PowerPoint Template

Ogiro is a PowerPoint template designed for creating presentations for webinars and seminars. The template comes with a total of slides featuring 50 unique slides in 2 different color themes. It also includes image placeholders and device mockup templates as well. You can create an engaging webinar presentation using this template.

Speech &#; Minimal PowerPoint Template

Speech - Minimal Powerpoint Template

This is a simple and minimal PowerPoint template you can use to create slideshows for different types of presentations. It includes a total of slides with 5 pre-made color schemes to choose from. There’s also an editable infographic template and lots of pretty illustrations in the slides as well. They will help you create many different types of presentations.

Project Presentation &#; PowerPoint Template

The Project Presentation - Powerpoint Template

Hosting team meetings online to talk about your projects doesn’t have to be one-sided. With this template, you can design an effective slideshow to talk about your projects with the team without any confusion. The template comes with unique slides featuring 15 different color schemes. It has a total of slides. You’ll be able to create a lot of slideshows with this template.

Yellowbiz &#; Business PowerPoint Template

Yellowbiz - Business Powerpoint Template

A simple and multipurpose PowerPoint template you can use to create slideshows for various business-related online presentations. The template includes a total of different slides in 5 different color themes. Each template includes 30 unique slide layouts that can be customized to your preference.

Honeycomb &#; Free Online Meeting Presentation

Honeycomb - Free Online Meeting Presentation

This free PowerPoint template features a very unique design that will surely attract the attention of your team. It’s designed for hosting meetings online as well as discussing ideas. The template is available in both PowerPoint and Google Slides versions.

Free Business Meeting PowerPoint Template

Free Business Meeting PowerPoint Template

Another free PowerPoint template featuring a visual design. This template uses lots of images to create more attractive slide designs. It includes 14 unique slide layouts. And you can customize them to your preference quite easily as well.

Looking for more templates? Check out our best PowerPoint templates collection for more inspiration.

PowerPoint Templates

Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT) is the go-to choice for creating presentations. This series shares tips and ideas for working with PowerPoint, as well as beautiful PowerPoint templates and themes to make your presentations look stunning.

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Most Popular Training PowerPoint Templates & Google Slides Themes

Download Training PowerPoint Backgrounds for Your Presentations

You may be in need of enhancing your business presentation and have no Microsoft PowerPoint knowledge. This should no longer give you sleepless nights as it is now possible and easy to download training PowerPoint backgrounds. You can use them to give your presentations a touch of professionalism and greatly enhance the presentations you make for your business.

Professionally created training presentation templates are available and ready to be downloaded from the internet. It is easy to use these as you will only need to fill in your text and have things rolling for you in a clear artistic and professional manner. So whether you are just busy or have no skills for creating your own presentations, you have no cause to worry.

Training themes and backgrounds have been designed by professionals to make your work to be absolutely easy. If you need to teach presentation creation that is a need that has been put into consideration to give you easy time for preparing your lessons or even for learning on your own. Learning how to work with these presentations has never been so easy!

You can use the presentations with learning and education themes to give your presentations some life. These presentation shells make work so easy and even if you are not really a presentation guru; you will be able to come up with a very stunning work. Make your presentations to be a notch above the rest and absolutely eye catching by taking the presented opportunity of getting done with a professional touch.

Sours: https://www.smiletemplates.com/training/powerpoint-templates/0.html
  1. Funny birthday meme
  2. Baby x ballora
  3. Electric car jetsons sound

PowerPoint Templates & Graphics

Look Like a Rockstar Giving Your Next Presentation!

With our PowerPoint Template Library, there’s no need to stress about your next presentation.

These professionally-designed PowerPoint templates will make you look good whether you’re standing in front of a giant auditorium, your board of directors, or your team. It’s easy to add your content, customize colors, and wow your audience.

Our data-driven PowerPoint templates help you communicate lots of information with fewer words. Integrate data into stylized tables, charts, and graphs that make your content stand out in a sea of boring presentations. And the pre-built animations are the final touch that will earn you a standing ovation!

Sours: https://www.elearningbrothers.com/create-learning/asset-library/powerpoint-templates
PowerPoint Template Mastery Training Course

PowerPoint Training Presentation : Design Makeover Example

Design makeover of a training presentation of a communication basics module.  The section from which each template is mentioned above the made over slides.

All charts, themes & background Templates for resigned slides are taken from All Inclusive PowerPoint Templates Bundle.

Click on the slides below to view them in detail

Usual Training Slides on Communication

Redesigned Training Presentation

Here is an overview of the before and after slides used in this design makeover:

Before and After Training Slides Makeovera

You too can create or redesign your presentation in minutes with the + charts and background templates available in at All PPT Templates.

  • Templates are fully editable in PowerPoint. You can add or remove elements.
  • The templates adapts to the colortheme of your presentation
  • Add any background you like & customize to your corporate requirements. All templates are created in a white background.
All Inclusive PowerPoint Templates Bundle

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66 Free PowerPoint Templates to Make Your Life Easier

Are you looking for the best free PowerPoint templates?

After a quick Google search, you may have been overwhelmed with all your choices -- and too short on time to check them all out.

Fortunately, today’s guide will help you find the right template to suit your every need.

We’ve rounded up a healthy mix of templates that can be used for both personal and professional presentations so there’s something for everyone.

Plus, since we’ve broken down our list of templates into smaller categories, you can quickly scan each section for only the ones you need right now and save even more time:

Can’t wait to view them one by one? We’ve put together a selection of the best free powerpoint templates in one easy-to-download file, just click on the link below.

Get your free PowerPoint templates

Templates perfect for business or personal use.

To start, let’s jump right into free PowerPoint templates for businesses.

Free PowerPoint templates for business

These are the best free PowerPoint templates for your business:

1. Business sales PowerPoint template

This business sales presentation template is sure to make an impact, featuring a stunning glass building on the title slide. This template includes slides for the benefits of your product or service, costs, and business opportunities to make it easy to plug in your own content and go.

Business sales PowerPoint template

2. Grant proposal PowerPoint template

This grant proposal template has an eye-catching design and is laid out for you with slides on the project objectives, timeline, and an organizational chart, to help you wow at your next presentation.

Grant proposal PowerPoint template

3. Corporate PowerPoint template

If you are presenting to corporate clients or investors, you need a template as polished as your pitch. The big typography and image showcase slides in this Nowco corporate template by Kata Ragasits at Slideist will give your message a professional boost.

Corporate PowerPoint template

4. Finance PowerPoint template

This numbers-centric Balthasar template sets the scene for any finance related presentation, suitable for accounting, banking, economics or even if you’re just reporting on your department’s budget.

Finance PowerPoint template

5. Status report PowerPoint template

To keep your project on track and make sure everyone is in the loop, use this status report template. Use it to communicate the project status, progress, and deliverables with everyone involved.

Status report PowerPoint template

6. Company profile PowerPoint template

The beautifully designed Polaris company profile template by Jun Akizaki is ideal to showcase your company philosophy, team, and products and services to potential customers or investors.

Company profile PowerPoint template

7. Business plan PowerPoint template

Before you spend hours trying to create a business plan from scratch, use this done-for-you and super professional-looking template instead.

Business plan PowerPoint template

8. Sales report PowerPoint template

Need an update on where your sales team stands? This sales report template can be used to give you a quick snapshot and a better picture via the monthly overview.

Sales report PowerPoint template

9. Pitch deck PowerPoint template

Getting your startup off the ground is no easy feat -- and there’s certainly already enough on your plate. So use this pitch deck template to start your business off on the right foot.

Pitch deck PowerPoint template

Teamwork PowerPoint template

This teamwork PowerPoint template can help organize your team’s projects so they’re always easy to follow.

Plus, it also gives you step-by-step instructions on the template itself so you’ll know exactly what needs to go where.

This saves you time and potential headaches from trying to figure out where everything goes on your own.

Teamwork template

Resume PowerPoint template

When it comes to job applications, it’s a must to stand out from the crowd. This resume PowerPoint template by Slideist will help you do just that. If your resume needs to be in document format, simply export as a PDF once you’ve customized it.

Resume PowerPoint template

Need to create a chart? Use these PowerPoint templates

Sometimes a visual representation is stronger than words and numbers combined. So when you need a chart, these templates are all go-to's:

Flowchart PowerPoint template

Need to make a flowchart that looks professional and isn’t too hard to use?

Try this free template and you’ll have just that.

Flowchart PowerPoint template

Pie chart PowerPoint template

And if a flow chart won’t work for your needs, but a pie chart might, this PowerPoint template has you covered.

Within a few minutes, you’ll have a customized pie chart sure to impress any audience -- and you won’t have to spend too much time to do so.

Pie chart PowerPoint template

Gantt chart PowerPoint template

This Gantt chart template makes it easy to add your project milestones and tasks to give everyone an overview of your project’s timeline.  Gantt chart PowerPoint template The next batch of templates is laser-focused for certain industries specifically.

Industry-specific PowerPoint templates

While the first set of templates can work for any business, this next set has been fine-tuned to deliver exactly what its respective industry demands:

Real estate PowerPoint template

Use this real estate PowerPoint template to explain to potential clients why they should go with you and your agency.

You can highlight your biggest achievements and share how your team goes the extra mile for their clients.

Real estate PowerPoint template

Cryptocurrency PowerPoint template

Even more time-consuming (and way less interesting) than explaining cryptocurrency, if you’re in need of a presentation to describe why you’re the best candidate to manage cryptocurrency for your clients, this free Bitcoin template is right up your alley.

You can also use this template to educate potential investors who may be new to this sort of currency and teach them how to get started.

Cryptocurrency PowerPoint template

Coffee-centric PowerPoint template

Whether you’re reaching out to potential coffee bean growers or you’re going directly to the coffee houses themselves, this template helps your brand show off their professional and trustworthy side.

Not only that, because it’s so coffee-specific, it will come across as a custom-design instead of a free template you got off the internet.Coffee-centric PowerPoint template

Eco-friendly PowerPoint template

You’ll give the same brand-specific appearance with this eco-friendly PowerPoint template.

Thanks to its clean, simple design, any business geared toward a natural lifestyle can benefit from using it.

So, for example, whether you’re a spa owner or you’ve created your own all-natural and organic skincare line, this template gives off eco-friendly vibes people will want to invest in.

Eco-friendly PowerPoint template

The next batch of PowerPoint templates does the heavy lifting for many in the construction industry.

PowerPoint templates for construction and architecture

Use these templates in your business and you’ll save both time and money:

Building wireframe PowerPoint template

If you’re an architect, engineer, or project planner, this blue and white building wireframe template might be just the ticket for presentations about your projects being planned or in development.

Building wireframe PowerPoint template

Construction PowerPoint template

Any good construction company knows that before you break ground, you need to come up with a solid building plan first. This construction template by Prezentr can be used to show potential investors what your renovation timeline looks like, or help your team understand what needs to be done and who’s responsible for those tasks.

Construction PowerPoint template

Roadwork PowerPoint template

If your business is responsible for surveying or road construction, this PowerPoint template is better suited for your needs.

Roadwork PowerPoint template

City sketch PowerPoint template

The design of this city sketch template may appeal to architects, graphic designers or illustrators. The slide deck includes ready-made charts and tables for you to easily insert your data.

City sketch PowerPoint templateThe next set of PowerPoint templates is perfect for anyone in the health and wellness space.

Free health and nutrition PowerPoint templates

Use these templates to give off a healthy first impression.

Vital signs PowerPoint template

Whether you’re in the medical field, pharmaceuticals, or the fitness industry, this Slidehunter animated vital signs template can breathe life into your presentation. The neon heart rate is animated to pulse across the slides just like on a real monitor.

Vital signs PowerPoint template

Fresh fruit PowerPoint template

If you’re in the nutrition space, that medical template gives the opposite impression of your more holistic approach. That’s why this fresh watermelon template is a better option for you.

Use it to share your client’s meal plan or to explain how your practice is different. Either way, the juicy colors will make your information stand out.

Fresh fruit PowerPoint template

Fitness PowerPoint template

This fitness template is perfect for a personal trainer, fitness instructor or gym owner. You can outline your clients' workout plan and schedule, or use it to document their progress towards their fitness goals.

Fitness PowerPoint templateNow let’s move on to free professional PowerPoint templates for the science and technology sector.

Science and technology PowerPoint templates

If you’re in one of these industries, time spent on templates means time wasted on other important tasks -- such as discovering or creating the next big breakthrough.

So don’t even experiment with others; use these free templates and save yourself tons of time.

Space-specific PowerPoint template

This 3D space-themed PowerPoint template is perfect for readers entering the space technology realm. With a bold image of the Hubble telescope, your presentation will leave a lasting impression of all your potential.

Space-specific PowerPoint template

Science project PowerPoint template

This science project template is structured with everything laid out for you. You can simply fill in the details of your hypothesis, materials, and observations and you’re good to go. It features a sleek, dark theme and widescreen format.

Science project PowerPoint template

Virtual reality PowerPoint template

Just like cryptocurrency, virtual reality is on the rise. And if that’s the industry you’re in, this free PowerPoint template by Prezentr can help you make a bold statement in that space.

Virtual reality PowerPoint template

Artificial intelligence PowerPoint template

Artificial intelligence is a booming industry. Use this futuristic template by Prezentr for your next AI related presentation.

Artificial intelligence PowerPoint template

Let’s go back to school with our next set of PowerPoint templates.

Education-based PowerPoint templates

These templates work well for both administrative teams at schools, teachers, PTA staff, and students.

Ecology PowerPoint template

This versatile educational template can be used by teachers or students for geography, biology and other environmental related presentations.

Ecology PowerPoint template

Colored pencils PowerPoint template

It doesn’t matter if you’re an educator trying to reach your students or you’re conveying a message to parents, this school-themed PowerPoint template will capture your audience’s attention fast.

You can also use this template as a student. This template shows you did more than the minimum on your homework assignment and cared about your presentation’s appearance.

Colored pencils PowerPoint template

Theater PowerPoint template

For theaters and theater clubs, when it comes time to raise awareness and fundraising dollars, this Slidehunter theater template will give you everything you need to make an artful impression.

You can also use it to display your cast list, upcoming shows, and any other key pieces of information.

Theater PowerPoint template

Classroom timer PowerPoint template

Perfect for teachers, this animated hourglass timer template is a fun way to motivate your students to complete their activities within the time limit you set.

Classroom timer PowerPoint template

Notebook PowerPoint template

This notebook template can be used to present assignments and projects in a creative way.  

Notebook PowerPoint templateThe next set of templates is perfect for bringing out your inner photographer.

Imagery-based PowerPoint templates

These photographic templates combine simplicity with bold imagery to make your text shine.

Cherry blossom PowerPoint template

If you’re a florist, event planner, or just looking for something soft and dreamy, this cherry blossom template is just the ticket to help create a stunning presentation.  

Cherry blossom PowerPoint template

Sailboat PowerPoint template

Use this sailboat template to conjure up thoughts of sun-soaked beach vacations for your audience.

Sailboat PowerPoint template

Cactus design PowerPoint template

This cactus template is perfect for botany students and businesses making presentations about the desert or the American southwest. Its cool, pleasing colors also make an interesting backdrop

Cactus design PowerPoint template

Desert design PowerPoint template

And if you’re looking for that same desert-type feel but the blue of the previous template clashes with your brand’s logo, use this PowerPoint template instead.

The fiery reds and deep orange colors give off a completely different vibe than those cactus designs but deliver the same high impact.

Desert design PowerPoint template

Cloud PowerPoint template

This light and airy cloud background template is perfect for science presentations, nature conservation groups, and businesses related to sleep, weather, and so much more.

Cloud PowerPoint template

Cityscape views PowerPoint template

This modern template gives you a worm’s eye view of a beautiful downtown cityscape.

And with the blue and white color scheme, your presentation will look as crisp as the skyscrapers in the background

Cityscape views PowerPoint template

Sunflower PowerPoint template

If the blue and white colors in that cityscape template are a little bland for your liking, consider using this bright sunflower one instead.

The bold orange and yellow colors will keep your audience awake and energized, but since it’s also paired with a softer white background, your information won’t get lost in the brightness.

Sunflower PowerPoint template

The Fisherman PowerPoint template

This fisherman PowerPoint template uses the same strategy as the sunflower one: striking imagery against a white or muted background.

Though the imagery is softer in color this time, it’s still a bold and eye-catching sight to see. And thanks to the white balance, it doesn’t compete with your information.

Rather, each compliments the other.

The Fisherman PowerPoint template

Modern design PowerPoint templates

The next group of templates uses modern designs, many of which are illustrated, to give a polished and sophisticated feel to your presentations.

Thaliard PowerPoint template

For readers with data-heavy presentations, this Thaliard PowerPoint template is for you.

With several slide layouts to choose from, you can display your data and statistics in a way that’s engaging instead of overwhelming.

Thaliard PowerPoint template

Feminine flair PowerPoint template

This fun and feminine PowerPoint template balances a handwritten-style font with a light and airy color palette in millennial pink to create a classically beautiful design for the modern gal.

Feminine flair PowerPoint template

Brushstrokes PowerPoint template - pink

This brush strokes PowerPoint template features an abstract design in hues of pink, purple and blue.

Brush strokes PowerPoint template - pink

Brushstrokes PowerPoint template - green

Similar to the above but using a cool color palette of seafoam greens and blues, this brush strokes template is sure to make a statement.

Brush strokes PowerPoint template - green

Modern and simple PowerPoint template

The next free PowerPoint template is gender-neutral when it comes to the color palette, but that doesn’t mean it’s boring. With brightly colored pixels and squares, you’ll have a professional template with a bit of personality perfect for the boardroom.

Modern and simple PowerPoint template

Nature PowerPoint template

This eye-catching template features a modern, flat design of rolling hills and trees. Use it as the backdrop of your next environmentally friendly presentation.

Nature PowerPoint template

Dark nature PowerPoint template

A twist on the above template, this dark-themed nature template gives you a muted, classic option if you prefer something less bright.

Dark nature PowerPoint template

Color radial PowerPoint template

This template is not for the shy or timid since it will get your presentation noticed. With bright, vibrant pinks, oranges, and greens, your intel is sure to stand out.

Color radial PowerPoint template

Bright colored PowerPoint template

And if the bright colors in the previous template are too much for you, this template may be a better option.

With its soft yellow color and its use of retro shapes in vintage colors, you wind up with a light, fun presentation suitable for most applications.

Bright colored PowerPoint template

Flow PowerPoint template

Now if bright colors are not what you’re looking for, this cool and serene flow design has your name on it.

With pastel colors and a light gray background, this one won’t call too much attention to itself yet you’ll still be able to get your message across loud and clear.

flow template

Gold sparkle PowerPoint template

This gold sparkle PowerPoint template is great for creating a simple design that focuses on your information.

Since the “sparkles” in the background are blurred out, the attention is focused solely on your words, not the imagery.

gold sparkle template

Blue sparkle PowerPoint template

And the same thing happens with this blue alternative template -- all eyes get directed to the content, which doesn’t compete with the background.

If you’re making a presentation in a room with difficult lighting, this blue sparkle may be easier to read than the gold one before it. Since the background is a dark navy color, the white text will pop and be clearer to see.

blue sparkle template

Blue gradient PowerPoint template

This free template by Daniela Trony features a blue gradient theme throughout, with plenty of opportunities to display your Instagram worthy photos. This template is perfect for presentations where you want your images to speak more than words.

blue gradient template

Bubbler PowerPoint template

This free template by Showeet features a modern design and a custom color scheme. The template comes with 22 slides and a "set of ready-to-use examples". 

Bubbler PowerPoint template

Botanical PowerPoint template

A sight for sore eyes – this botanical-themed template from Slidescarnival is ideal for presentations on gardening, fashion, or decoration. The fully editable template deck comes with 25 different slides and 80 different icons.

Botanical PowerPoint template

Travel related PowerPoint templates

These next templates are ideal for anyone presenting on the topics of travel or globalization.

Travel PowerPoint template

Whether you’re promoting tourism locally or abroad or sharing your latest trip with your family and friends, this travel template has everything you need to make a standout presentation.

Travel PowerPoint template

Travel brochure PowerPoint template

If you’re a travel agent, use this red and blue brochure template to showcase your destinations and company contact information to customers.

Travel brochure PowerPoint template

Island destination PowerPoint template

This beautiful island destination template will help your audience imagine a relaxing time on a tropical island. Use it for presentations on your resort, destination weddings, and travel services.

Island destination PowerPoint template

Animal PowerPoint templates

The next three templates feature images of animals -- who doesn’t love those?

Hare PowerPoint template

This sweet hare background is great for both springtime presentations and animal or outdoor related ones

Hare PowerPoint template

Sea turtle PowerPoint template

For beach and underwater-themed presentations, or if you just prefer sea turtles over land animals, this free template featuring bright turquoise colors is sure to please any crowd

Sea turtle PowerPoint template

Horse PowerPoint template

You also can’t go wrong with this horse PowerPoint template.

Not only is the image of the horse striking, but so is the background. Both of these help to keep your audience’s attention.

Horse PowerPoint template

Christmas-themed PowerPoint templates

The mood is festive and fun during the Christmas and holiday season so your presentations should be too. So add these next two free PowerPoint templates to your wish list.

Christmas PowerPoint template

With this Christmas inspired template, you’ll add a burst of warm holiday cheer to your presentation.

Christmas PowerPoint template

Holiday photo card PowerPoint template

Spread some holiday cheer with this photo card template. Add your own image and customize the greeting, then send it to friends and family.

Holiday photo card PowerPoint template

Santa Claus PowerPoint template

Santa Claus is coming to town (and to a PowerPoint template near you!) Download this festive template here. 

santa claus powerpoint template

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