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The Womack (Live)

One of the most underrated R&B concert albums of the '60s, The Womack Live can be considered a rejoinder to Live at the Harlem Square Club, the canonical 1964 LP by Sam Cooke, Bobby Womack’s mentor. The location was The California Club, located on Martin Luther King Boulevard in the L.A. neighborhood of Watts: a key stop on the chitlin’ circuit. The atmosphere is high-energy and sticky, driven by interplay between the performer and his people. The setlist is an ingenious mixture of Womack originals (“How I Miss You Baby,” “More Than I Can Stand,” “I’m a Midnight Mover”), recent songwriting masterworks (“Something,” “Everybody’s Talking”), and at least once instance of full-on gospel testimony (“The Preacher”). Utilizing a voice both gritty and supple, Womack had learned well from Cooke. Whereas many live albums from this era were fabricated with fake crowd noise, this set truly captures the room's vitality, epitomized by the medley of Cooke’s “Laughing and Clowning” and Percy Mayfield’s “To Live the Past,” during which local legend Mayfield is pulled onstage to contribute impromptu vocals.


The Womack Live (Live)

Intro/The Womack Live/Bobby Womack (Live In Hollywood / 1968) Bobby Womack00:04 How I Miss You Baby (Live In Hollywood / 1968) Bobby Womack04:15 California Dreamin' (Live In Hollywood / 1968) Bobby Womack06:06 Something (Live In Hollywood / 1968) Bobby Womack03:00 Everybody's Talkin' (Live In Hollywood / 1968) Bobby Womack03:11 Laughing And Clowning/To Live The Past (Live In Hollywood / 1968) Bobby Womack, Percy Mayfield03:43 I'm A Midnight Mover (Live In Hollywood / 1968) Bobby Womack05:18 The Preacher (Live In Hollywood / 1968) Bobby Womack05:57 More Than I Can Stand (Live In Hollywood / 1968) Bobby Womack04:41
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Bobboy Womack (RIP) was such an incredible personality in the history of music, having recorded and performed since the early ‘60s. His singing voice was so colourful and distinctive and his ear for a simple, sweet melody was comparable to the classic Motown artists such as Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder. Womack’s career was all but over until one Damon Albarn convinced him to sing on the Gorillaz single ‘Stylo’ in 2010, plus a couple of other tracks, and it was the start of something of a comeback. In fact, I was there at Glastonbury 2010 when Albarn brought out Womack during Gorillaz’ headline performance and it turned out to be the highlight of the whole show. Damon Albarn subsequently worked on Bobby Womack’s incredibly nuanced 2012 album The Bravest Man in the Universe, which featured sparse electronic music alongside Womack’s powerful vocals and open-letter lyrics. I feel blessed to have been able to see him live at Glastonbury 2013, where he headlined the West Holts Stage. The first part of the performance was based around his new recordings and featured Albarn playing keys – the title track and ‘Please Forgive Me’ were particularly stunning. Then, after a brief interval and a costume change, Womack returned to deliver all his funky soul classics, such as ‘Lookin' For A Love’, ‘If You Think You're Lonely Now’ and ‘Across 110th Street’. Truly special.

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Bobby Womack, LIVE 1974!

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