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2. Activate your Xfinity devices using the Xfinity xFi App

Activating Xfinity Internet with the xFi Gateway is extremely simple: just download the Xfinity xFi App and sign in using your Xfinity account information.1 You should instantly see something pop up on the screen asking if you want to activate Xfinity.

If there isn’t a pop up, select Overview on the top left-hand side of the app and choose Account. Then go to look under the devices tab and choose Activate xFi Gateway or Modem. Once you’ve completed this, the internet portion of the set-up is complete.

Using your own router

First, set up your modem in the center of your home. You want your devices to be able to connect easily no matter where you go. Then, plug your modem into a power outlet and turn it on. Let it sit for a while to warm up. If you don’t let it set for at least a few minutes, you might not be able to activate it.

Next, you’ll need to set up an internet connection so you can activate your modem. Look for the name of the network and a password (somewhere on the modem itself). Then, go to any of your devices and use this password to connect to Wi-Fi. Once you’ve connected, you can activate your modem online


Xfinity Activate

How do I activate my Xfinity?

We will guide you through the installation and activation of your Xfinity gateway or a third-party modem / router that is approved for the Xfinity activate service.

If you are replacing a device that is already installed in your home, make sure to disconnect it before performing the following activation steps.

How do I activate my new Comcast Xfinity modem?

  • I have an Xfinity xFi gateway.
  • I have a different gateway or modem / router from a third party.

If you have an xFi gateway

The easiest way to activate an xFi gateway (Arris TG1682G, Cisco DPC3941T, Cisco DCP3939, Arris TG3482G, Technicolor CGM4140COM) is to use the Xfinity xFi app (download from the App Store or Google Play). To see which model you have, look at your gateway below.

If you are not prompted to activate after logging in to the app, go to MoreXfinity devicexFi gateway and follow the instructions.

If you don’t want to use the app for activation, go to the next section.

If you have another gateway or modem / router from a third party

To activate an Xfinity gateway or a third-party modem / router that is approved for the Xfinity service:

Note: These steps apply to both Xfinity devices and approved third-party devices. We suggest you to also look into installation guide for easy and best instructions.

  1. Place your gateway or modem
  2. Find the cable socket most centrally in your house.
  3. Place your gateway or modem in an open location away from exterior walls, metal surfaces, microwaves, and windows (do not place it on the floor). Avoid confined spaces and anything that can block the device signal.
  • Connect your gateway
  • Plug the power cord into the back of your gateway and then into an electrical outlet.
  • Screw one end of the coaxial cable into the Cable In / RF In connector of your gateway or modem and the other end into the cable wall socket. Make sure that this connection is hand-tight.
  • If you subscribe to the Xfinity Voice service, connect your phone to the Tel 1 connection of your gateway or modem using a telephone cable.

Wait for your gateway or modem to be ready- Comcast Xfinity activate new modem

It may take up to 10 minutes for your gateway or modem to be activated. Make sure that the lights appear as described below before proceeding to the next step. Do not pull out the plug of your gateway or modem during this process.

  1. If you have an Xfinity Gateway with multiple displays on the front, the Power, US / DS and Online displays should light up continuously for at least one minute and the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz displays should start to flash.
  2. If you have an Xfinity gateway with only one light on top, it should stay white for at least a minute.
  3. If you have a third-party model, see the manufacturer’s instructions when your modem is ready to activate.

Xfinity internet activation – Establish a temporary internet connection

Next, you need to connect to the Internet using either WiFi or an Ethernet cable.

Establish connection via WLAN (if your gateway / modem supports a wireless connection)

  • Find the network name (SSID) and password printed on the side, back, or bottom of your gateway or modem. The name can look like HomeXXXX or XFSETUPXXXX.
  • Go to the WiFi settings of your WiFi enabled device and select the network name from the list of available networks. Enter the password when prompted. If you are prompted to enter a PIN instead of a password, click the Connect to security key link to enter the password in the Security key field.

Connect using an ethernet cable

  • Plug the internet cable into one of the open ports on your gateway or modem until it sounds click. Plug the other end into your computer’s Ethernet port. The Ethernet connector lights up when the connection has been successfully established.

Comcast Xfinity activate cable box

Activate your Xfinity gateway or modem

If you’ve made a temporary internet connection and don’t automatically see a welcome message to start the setup, open a web browser and go to Follow the on-screen instructions to check your Xfinity account and complete the activation process.

Note: When you have completed the Xfinity activation, your gateway or modem may restart. It may take up to 10 minutes before you can connect to your network.

Connect to your home network

After activation, connect your devices with your WiFi name and password for your home network if your gateway or modem supports a wireless connection. If you replaced your Xfinity Gateway and kept the same settings during activation, your previously connected devices should automatically reconnect.

  • Go to the WiFi settings of your WiFi enabled devices. Once your WiFi name appears in a list of available networks, you can connect your devices to your home network.
  • Select the WiFi name of your home network and connect with the password. If you changed this during activation, make sure you’re using the new one you set up.

Xfinity activation phone number

Note: Xfinity Gateways have an integrated Xfinity WiFi hotspot (xfinitywifi), the transmission of which can take up to 24 hours. For information about the hotspot, please call on the Xfinity activation phone number.( Source – Xfinity official)


To activate a new service line or replacement device, please go to the AT&T activation page or call Xfinity activate phone number. Important notice: The telephone service must be activated within 14 days after dispatch.

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Time needed: 20 minutes.

The instructions on this page explain the easiest way to activate a new Comcast XFINITY cable modem or modem router combo.

  • Locate Comcast Account Number

    Find your Comcast account number and phone number associated with your account. This is located on your bill. You may need this information.
    Example Comcast XFINITY Bill

  • Unplug and Remove Old Equipment and Hook Up New Modem

    Disconnect any old equipment. Connect a new modem or gateway to the coax, wall outlet, and PC only. If you have a router leave it out of the configuration for now. After the modem itself is activated, the router can be connected. Coax connections should be finger-tight to avoid signal loss.Activate XFINITY Modems Setup Diagram

  • Get The Green Light

    Wait up to 10 minutes for the online light to be green on the modem. 
    Cable Modem Lights Reference

  • To Activate XFINITY Modems, Enter XFINITY Set-Up Page

    Open a web browser from a computer. To activate XFINITY modems, go to the Comcast web page  only if it does not automatically open.Welcome To XFINITY Cable Modem Set Up

  • Follow Screen Prompts To Activate XFINITY Modems

    Follow the onscreen prompts to begin activation. You will need your account info if you have not yet set up
    a username & password. 
    Activate XFINITY Modems

  • Modem May Now Reboot

    The rest of the installation is pretty straightforward, following the on-screen instructions. After the modem has been set up, it may reboot. Once this occurs and the modem is back up and running, you can then connect a router. If you require further assistance, you can contact XFINITY support. Additionally, if you purchased your new modem from Amazon, it may have come with 90-days of free tech support. View your ordered items and select contact support if available. You may also call the manufacturer of the modem for support as well. 

  • After Activating Your New Comcast Modem, Return Old Equipment

    Sign in to your XFINITY account and select the Equipment Return page. Here, you can initiate the return process. Alternatively, you can simply just go to any UPS Store, XFINITY Customer Center, or XFINITY store. Make sure the serial numbers on your equipment match that in your Comcast account. Another option – if you kept the return label from when you received your self-install kit, you can use that to return your equipment. Either way, you can track your return status online here.
    Return XFINITY Equipment At UPS Store

  • Sours:
    Modem Setup (Save Money on Xfinity internet) STOP REANTING

    Before you start the self-activation process, make sure to collect your account number, account phone number, and login information (your email address or user name and password).

    To activate your Internet connection with Comcast XFINITY’s self-activation process:

    1. Close all web browsers.
    2. Launch a web browser.
      You are redirected to the XFINITY self-activation page. If you are not redirected to the XFINITY self-activation page, visit
    3. Provide your XFINITY credentials and complete the self-activation page.
      This might take up to 15 minutes, during which your cable modem or modem router reboots a few times.
    4. If you are unable to activate your cable modem or modem router using the self-activation process, call Comcast XFINITY customer service at 1-800-XFINITY (1-800-934-6484) and do the following:
      1. When asked, provide your account information and provide your cable modem or modem router’s model number and MAC address, which are on the product label on your cable modem or modem router.
      2. Wait for Comcast XFINITY to confirm that your cable modem or modem router is active.
      3. If you do not get an Internet connection with your cable modem or modem router, ask Comcast XFINITY to look for your cable modem or modem router online, and do one of the following depending on what Comcast XFINITY tells you about your cable modem or modem router:
    • If your cable modem or modem router isn’t visible, Comcast XFINITY can give you instructions to verify why your cable modem or modem router does not connect with your high-speed Internet service.
    • If your cable modem or modem router is visible to Comcast XFINITY, reboot your cable modem or modem router and check your online status again.

    For more information, see How can I troubleshoot my cable modem?. 

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    Modem xfinity activate

    This is a how-to guide to activate your retail purchased modem with  Comcast XFINITY account.

    Before you begin:

    • Make sure your have your Comcast XFINITY account number, Account holders name, phone number used on the XFINITY account.
    • If don’t have account number, it is on your monthly billing statement in your email.
    • If you have username/Password, then you wont need account number and phone number.
    • Ideally connect directly to your Cable Modem or Wi-Fi Cable Modem Router instead of connecting via 3rd party router.
    • Make sure your have not configured your laptop to use other DNS servers (such as Google, OpenDNS, etc). It will fail self-activation if it is not Comcast DNS servers.

    Purchasing a retail modem:

    Choose one of the Comcast XFINITY approved modems from the list and purchase it. Modems not on approved will fail self-activation.


    • Connect the modem to existing cable outlet in your home. This ideally should be same outlet where you have connected leased modem or have connected Comcast Cable to the TV. If your have only 1 outlet coming into your home, you will need a splitter and RG6 coax cables to split the line
    • Connect the modem to the Coax cable and then power on the modem
    • Wait for “ONLINE” LED on the Cable modem to be solid green or solid White (depending on the model of your device) . If you attempt to install before this step, it will fail.

    Self-Activation Steps:

    Note: Since Xfinity/Comcast has updated their portal, screenshots do not match but process and steps are very similar. Newer portal is completely black in color and much faster.

    Step-1: Once the modem is online, open the web browser on your laptop and enter following address:

    Step-2: Enter Comcast XFINITY account Number  and Phone number associated. If you have username/password, you can just simply login with your credentials(skip step-3).

    Step-3: you will be asked to create a new username, passwords and service address info.

    Step-4: Click continue/next and it will run some remote tests on modem and present with connection established screen

    Step-5: Click Continue and it may again reboot your modem and modem will come online again. Wait for “online” LED to be solid Green. you will get a final screen showing activation is complete.

    After this, modem is activated and you browse internet through your new purchased modem. In case, it fails, try it once more. We have seen it failing in some instances. If it fails multiple times, you will have to call Comcast.

    If you do get a screen saying “this device cannot be activated, call 1-800-XFINITY”, you will have to call them since your account is not capable of self-activation. This is rare but happens to users who have multiple modems on one account or have multiple addresses (vacation homes? on single account).

    Setting Up Your Xfinity Prepaid Internet Service Using the Self-Install Kit

    If you are looking for comcast customer service to activate modem, simply check out our links below :

    1. Connect & Power Up Activate Set Up XFINITY® INTERNET
    Connect & Power Up Activate Set Up XFINITY® INTERNET

    2. How to Activate Your Xfinity Internet Service

    Activating Your Modem or Gateway … Launch the Xfinity app and sign in using your Xfinity ID and password. (You must be the primary user or a manger to access.)

    3. Activating Your Own Modem Using the Xfinity App

    Activating Your Modem or Gateway … Launch the Xfinity app and sign in using your Xfinity ID and password. (You must be the primary user or a manger to access.)

    4. How do I activate my Internet service with Comcast XFINITY?

    If you are unable to activate your cable modem or modem router using the self-activation process, call Comcast XFINITY customer service at …

    7. Setup and activation for Comcast XFINITY – Motorola Mentor

    If you need to get cable modem service, please speak with Comcast … and the phone number associated with your account for activation.

    8. General FAQs: Xfinity Cable Modem Activation

    Locate the required information to activate XFINITY Internet service online: Xfinity Account Number; Phone Number (associated with Xfinity account)

    9. Support And Help – Prepaid Internet Service

    How do I activate my account? Watch Activation Video … How do I refill my service? … What if I’m already a Comcast customer? Xfinity Prepaid Service …

    10. Comcast Activate Modem Phone Number –

    How do I activate my Internet service with Comcast … … Before you start the self-activation process, make sure to collect your account number, account phone …

    11. Activating Your Comcast Cable Modem – Small Business …

    The process of activating a modem to authorize it on a network is called provisioning. Whether you’re replacing an existing modem or establishing new service, …

    12. Get Help – Internet Essentials

    … easily install and activate your Internet service yourself. Your Getting Started Kit will include: An Xfinity envelope containing the Comcast Customer …


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