2 layer sheer curtains

2 layer sheer curtains DEFAULT

Extra Wide Double Layered Off White Sheer Curtain

Extra Wide Double Layered Off White Sheer CurtainExtra Wide Double Layered Off White Sheer CurtainExtra Wide Double Layered Off White Sheer CurtainExtra Wide Double Layered Off White Sheer CurtainExtra Wide Double Layered Off White Sheer CurtainExtra Wide Double Layered Off White Sheer Curtain
  • 3” Pole Pocket with Hook Belt
  • % Polyester | Double Layered
  • Imported
  • Hand Wash Cold Water, Drip Dry
  • Curtain Hooks are NOT included (available for purchase)
Light Control Level 1
Selected Color:

Off White

Off White
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W x 84L

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6 Steps to Layering Draperies Like a Pro

Layering multiple curtains is a decorating tactic that goes back for centuries. In opulent European drawing rooms, the amount of fabric on your windows was a status symbol, but it also had a practical purpose. The more layers of curtains, the better your windows would be insulated against outside temperatures.

Even today, you can use layering to make your space look a little fancier and save engery.


The modern layered look we're showing you today is a single sheer panel with decorative blackout curtains on top. This combo gives your windows lots of added versatility. Sheers give privacy while letting in filtered light and decorative panels frame the window.

Open blue curtains in a living room

Or, you can close the blackout drapes to block light.

Closed blue curtains in a living room

The curtains featured here are Easy Classic Pleat Draperies in Athena Oceanus and Rod Pocket Top Draperies in Fairfield Dove.


All you need to get this look is a Blinds.com Adjustable Drapery Rod with the Double Rod option and your curtains.

1. Install the curtain rod brackets into studs with the 2 included screws.

2. Feed the sheer panel onto the smaller drapery rod. The rod pocket is designed to be tight which allows the fabric to ruche correctly.

We used a solid sheer panel here because we just wanted to let light in and didn't need to ever completely uncover the window. If you want to be able to open the sheers for a clear view out, choose a pair of sheer panels instead.

3. Place rod and sheers onto the back notch of the brackets. Magnets will keep both rods secure to prevent them from sliding around when you adjust the panels.

4. Unscrew the finial (decorative end piece) from one end of the rod. Slide on the drapery rings. Replace finial and place rod on the front notch in the brackets.

5. Hang decorative panels by inserting the drapery hooks into the rings. Repeat for both panels.

6. Enjoy your new voluminous, versatile drapery look!


Check out our shopping guide, How to Choose Between Drapery Styles to find out which drapery top options is right for your style and the way you use your windows.

Learn more about How to Measure for Curtains

Sours: https://www.blinds.com/blog/how-to-layer-draperies
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If you're not satisfied with the quality of double layered sheer curtains you've received - please contact our support. We'll review the issue and make a decision about a partial or a full refund.

All products from double layered sheer curtains category are shipped worldwide with no additional fees.

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How to Layer a Curtain With a Sheer Curtain : Curtains \u0026 Window Decor

How to Layer Curtains Like a Pro

Layering curtains has numerous benefits. It’s an easy decorating hack that adds color and depth to your windows and enhances and beautifies the space.

It’s also a great way to double-down on privacy. Plus, layered curtains provide extra insulation that can increase energy efficiency and lower utility costs for your home.

But the process of selecting, coordinating and hanging double-layered curtains can get tricky (not to mention frustrating).

In this post, we’ll break down how to select the right layers for curtains and set them up, hassle-free.

How to Layer Curtains and Drapes in 3 Steps

Learn how to hang two layers of curtains in three easy steps, and even add extra finishing touches to complete the look.

Step 1: Install Hardware

Make sure to select a double curtain rod bracket and the right length rods based on the style you’ve chosen and the length of your window. If your window extends more than 30 inches across, you’ll want to install a center support bracket to reinforce the rods.

See Kwik-Hang’s easy-install curtain rod brackets.

Step 2: Layer Curtains

Next, assemble your base layer. As mentioned above, the base could be a sheer or opaque curtain, shade or blind. Feed the curtain rod through your curtain panels.

Then, assemble your second outer layer (typically an opaque or blackout curtain). It’ll look something like this:

Step 3: Add Finishing Touches

Attach decorative finials to the ends of your curtain rods. Finials aren’t just for looks – they prevent the curtains from sliding off the end of the rod. Choose a finial that complements the curtain rods and the style of the room.

You can also add tiebacks or holdbacks for both decoration and functionality. Secure the tiebacks in the middle of the outer curtain layers. Tiebacks bring the look together and invite even more light into the room.

Tips to Choose the Right Curtain Layers

When it comes to choosing your curtain layers, start by selecting a base layer and an outer layer.

Here are the most popular combinations for window treatments:

  • Sheers and drapes: The most common and practical method for layering curtains. Use double brackets and double curtain rods to layer a sheer curtain under an opaque or blackout drape or curtain. This technique allows sunlight to shine through while still maintaining privacy.
  • Shades and curtains: This is a good option if you prefer window blinds or shades, or already have blinds or shades installed. Only a single bracket and rod is needed for the outer curtain layer.
  • Curtains and valances or cornices: Decorative valances and cornices cover the upper portion of a window, and are typically used to mask curtain hardware. This combination is best if you’re going for something more formal and traditional.

From L to R: sheers and drapes, shades and curtains, curtains and valances.
Source 1 | Source 2 | Source 3

Tips to Choose the Right Size and Color Curtains

In addition to choosing the best curtain layers for your home, you’ll need to accurately measure your windows and pick the right-size window treatments.

Curtain length varies depending on the style you prefer. There are three rule-of-thumb curtain lengths:

  • Float: Have your curtains “float” right above the floor, less than one inch from the ground.
  • Kiss: Position your curtains so they graze or “kiss” the floor. This technique requires precise measuring.
  • Puddle: Use this method for longer, heavier curtains that can flare out, or “puddle” on the floor. This style is suited for more formal rooms using high-quality fabrics and drapery.

See our guide to the perfect curtain length for every window.

Curtain colors can either complement or contrast the look and feel of your space. If you want the curtains to blend in with the room, pick a color compatible with the furniture. If you want the curtains to be a focal point, choose a color that contrasts the walls. More importantly, make sure you select a color and pattern you genuinely love.

Layer Curtains Quickly and Easily with Kwik-Hang

Layering curtains doesn’t have to be complicated. Yet homeowners and renters often avoid hanging curtains altogether. Standard curtain hardware takes too long to install, requires multiple tools and causes wall damage.

Kwik-Hang’s double curtain rod brackets eliminate all your curtain-hanging problems. With these no-drill, no-screw brackets, you can install layered curtains in seconds without damaging the walls. Simply align the brackets to the trim of the window, tap them in and hang your curtains.

Double center support brackets are also available for windows wider than 30 inches. Plus, Kwik-Hang brackets hold up to 20 lbs. so you can hang heavier drapes with ease. Kwik-Hang is the perfect solution for hanging and layering your curtains in damage-free and hassle-free fashion.

Kwik-Hang Double Curtain Rod Brackets

Sours: https://blog.kwikhang.com/how-to-layer-curtains-like-a-pro/

Curtains 2 layer sheer

Do you want to layer curtains with the set of sheers and drapes? The sheer curtains are very light and hence can be layered up with any heavy curtains to add depth and enhance your space.

Choose the Right Layers

For choosing the curtain layers, start with selecting the base layer and outer layer.  The sheer curtains are common layering with the heavier opaque curtains or blackout curtains. The sheer curtains will add privacy meanwhile let the sunlight in during day time. They can be layered with a double curtain rod or double brackets.


Select the Size of Curtains

  1. For selecting the size, you can choose from five lengths which are:

  2. Sill Length curtains finish cm (½") above the window sill

  3. Below sill length curtains finish 2cm (1") above a radiator if one is located below the window

  4. Floor length curtains finish cm (½") above the floor

  5. Break Length the curtains just “kiss” the floor which requires accurate measuring

  6. Puddle length the curtains can puddle up on the floor to add a luxury and formal look.

Soft Breeze Brilliant White Voile Curtain (left)

Smell Roses Premium Lace Voile Curtain (right)

Select the colour of Curtains

For a colour coordinated look, make sure the curtain colour is matching your interior colour scheme.

Perfect Blend Ombre Pink Sheer Curtain >>

For a complementary colour scheme, choose a curtain color that contrasts the wall colour. You can create a dynamic composition through the use of contrast.

Fine Gold Velvet Curtain >>

Layer the Curtains

  1. Install the curtain fitting such as double brackets or double curtain rods which should extend at least cm (6"") to either side of the window, and 15cm (6") above the top of the window.

  2. Now assemble the base and outer layer in the order. Make the sheer curtain as the base layer. Then make the blackout curtain or the thicker curtain as the outer layer.

  3. Attach some decorative finials and tiebacks.

Premium Green Velvet Curtain >>

More: Dress your windows with matching pattern layer curtains

Sours: https://www.voilavoile.com/docs/how-to-layer-curtains-with-sheers%3F.htm
How To Install and Layer Curtains - vaguelycontemporary.com

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