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On October 4th, 2011, the image was reposted in a Reddit thread titled "It's for you, boy", reaching the front page of the /r/funny subreddit with over 20,000 up votes. On October 30th, Redditor shivs4kids submitted an image of Duane "Dog" Chapman, the star of the reality series Bounty Hunter, with the caption "Hello? Yes, This is Dog" that received over 6,000 up votes within 6 weeks.

HELLO? YES, THIS JS DO Labrador Retriever

In early November 2011, another variation based on the same image was posted by Canvas user idontlikewords in a #Funny thread, which spawned several dozens of derivatives.

DOG YOU GOT A PHONE CALI! HELLO YES, THIS IS DOG Labrador Retriever dog dog like mammal dog breed photo caption snoutDOG YOU GOT A PHONE CALL! HELLO YES, THIS IS DO S YOUR REIGERATORRUNNING2 Labrador Retriever mammal photo caption dog dog like mammal dog breed catDOG YOU GOT A PHONE CALL! HELLO YES, THIS IS DO SORRY WRONG NUMBER Labrador Retriever mammal dog dog like mammal photo captionDOG YOU GOT A PHONE CALL! HELLO NO, THIS IS NOT BAXTER Dog dog mammal dog like mammal photo caption
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  1. The office memes template
  2. Purple patio chair
  3. Ink for printer cartridge

Hello This Is Dog Meme

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Adele Hello Dog

In his gaze. Let him have an old nine, but inside there is such a beauty, and even completely naked - envy me, as he would say. With all his behavior.

Meme hello dog

Amuse me. - W-amuse. Harry's voice sounded unfamiliar to him. - Well, isn't it funny. Hermione was now looking into his eyes again, right into his eyes.

HELLO. YES, THIS IS DOG [Origin of the meme]

In contrast to the pace of movements of the palm behind her back. Its owner, it seems, decided for himself that Katya's remark referred directly to him. Katya felt the tip of either the index or the middle finger tickling the folds of her clitoris, while the thumb.

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