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No Puppy Mill Guarantee

Our #1 priority is to ensure our puppies come from an excellent, loving environment. To maintain our quality standards, we connect and work closely with a network of the top 1% USDA licensed and inspected breeders. Along with standard vet care, our breeders provide all puppies and their parents with the love, respect, and attention they deserve. We have a ZERO tolerance policy for puppy mills or any type of low-quality breeding practices. We want all of our puppies to be happy and healthy so that they can find the perfect homes and families.



We use a comprehensive screening and vetting process to evaluate various breeders across the nation that can uphold our standards and commitment to dog welfare.

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We consider each of our breeder partners as an extension of our PuppyBuddy family. For this reason, we ensure that every breeder we work with passes a comprehensive vetting and screening process. Through our screening practices, we examine the care and policies of each breeder. We typically search for individuals who provide the highest standards of care and treatment towards their puppies and their parents.

Our primary goal is to find and work with elite breeder partners who provide adequate housing, sanitation, nutrition, veterinary care, socialization, and affection that ensures the puppies live a high-quality life.

USDA Certified
Top 1% of Breeders

Our team works with a network of the USDA Certified Top 1% of Breeders to maintain the highest quality standards that go beyond federal and state regulations in the industry.

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Our attentiveness starts with the careful selection of our breeders. As dog lovers devoted to the welfare of our furry friends, we make sure to work with the top 1% USDA certified and licensed breeders. Through our collaborative efforts with our breeders, we set the highest animal welfare standards that go beyond regular state regulations.

Our care and love for our puppies does not stop when a breeder joins our extended family. We require every breeder partner to maintain a close relationship with a licensed veterinarian to provide the necessary care to our puppies and their parents. We ensure that each of our breeder partners evaluate their practices through our continuous screening evaluations and regular visits to their locations. This allows us to affirm that our breeders are committed to upholding our industry-leading standards in puppy care.

Sours: https://www.puppybuddy.com/

Bring Home a New Puppy | Quality-Sourced Puppies Available in a Variety of Breeds

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Central Park Puppies Free Delivery

At Central Park Puppies, we&#;re proud to go the distance to make sure every dog that comes through our doors is ready to find the perfect new home. That&#;s why we perform in-depth breeder background checks, have expert veterinarians examine each puppy to confirm that they have zero health issues, and provide vaccinations, free de-worming for the dog&#;s lifetime, and more. We&#;re dedicated to making sure each puppy is healthy from the start. After that, it&#;s all about compatibility. The fit between a puppy and its people has to be just right &#; and we take care to make sure the connection is there. The result? A loving home for every pup.

Established in

Central Park Puppies provides a high level of quality and transparency with puppies and breeders. After all, a puppy isn&#;t just a new pet &#; it&#;s a member of the family! Since November we have commenced an even more extensive breeder background check. Before puppies are selected, a 5-year background check is done on breeders, where USDA inspection reports, whelps.org and Google searches are carefully looked into. Puppies that are sold at Central Park Puppies are chosen only from the best breeders.

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Amazing service

Jean always takes care of my Prince. He comes home smelling amazing and makes me want to cuddle him again. He was very matted this time, and instead of balding him, Jean took the time to make sure he had hair for the winter. I have been coming here for just about a year and am never disappointed

Tae P
Date of Posting: 30 October
The best experience at a puppy shop

The staff Veronica and Araceli were so friendly and informative. The owner Julian managed to get me the specific breed I wanted within less than a week and kept in touch with me periodically to let me know what was happening. Thank you so much once again.

Kevin J
Date of Posting: 22 June
Amazing pet shop dont miss out !!

So I had been debating if I wanted to buy another dog. Buying a dog hasn&#;t been such an easy ride until I came here !! First of all, the puppies are extremely friendly, adorable and HEALTHY that is a major plus. I&#;ve had bad experiences in other pet shops because the dogs were not well kept or healthy when I purchased them. The owner is so helpful and tells you all you need to know when purchasing a puppy and all of the necessary precautions when you have a new puppy in your home. I&#;m not sure if it&#;s the food he feeds them or what but my puppy is so healthy and his hair is so silky and soft! Not only do I recommend this place for the puppies but I also recommend this place for the dog food. I&#;ve had my dog Otis for about 7 months now and he is a breath of fresh air and extremely healthy and has some beautiful silky white hair and when you have a Schnauzer that is a big deal because his beard and eye brows always have to be on point

Kierre M
Date of Posting: 22 May
Very professional and nice

It was a good experience here. We traveled far since we wanted to make sure we got a puppy that was healthy and not from a mill. I really didn&#;t want to buy a puppy from a pet store, but, Central Park Puppies seem trustworthy. They let you play with the puppies in a pen. We got to spend a nice amount of time just playing with the puppies we wanted. The place smelled like pups, but, was clean and small. We mostly interacted with the woman in front who seemed to know most of the things.

Julia X
Date of Posting: 01 February (Yelp)
The rest of the staff there was very pleasant, easy to talk and very polite.

Today was my first time to bring my dog to this place and I was very scare. My dog is like my son to me and if I don&#;t feel comfortable with the place and the people I&#;ll simply take my dog back home. However, I want to say that so far this is the best place I have taken my dog. Jean is the best, she send me pictures and videos of my dog when she was working on him and that made me feel more comfortable.

Edna A
Date of Posting: 28 November 7(Yelp)
They are amazing

I have purchased 3 pups from this location & let me tell you, they are amazing. Not only do they have a vast knowledge on all the pups they carry, you can tell they have a deep care for them. I recommend anyone wanting to get a beautiful new edition to their family should swing by Central Park Puppies.

Joel W
Date of Posting: 12 March 7(Yelp)
Quality of the pet was first class

I bought my dog Rhaegar from Central Park Puppies about two years ago, and it was aming the best purchasing experiences I&#;ve had in my life. Everything from the hands-on nature of the customer service to the quality of the pet was first class. I will definitely be returning for my next pet! Thanks so much CPP for giving us such an important member of our family.

Spencer Parsons
Date of Posting: 16 May 7(Facebook)
Place is always clean, and the staff is super friendly !

Completely in love with this place. I got my first puppy here (January ) and I have no complains to give. I bring Hunter here for grooming all the time and Jean is great. Hunter loves her !

Sandy K. Victorio
Date of Posting: 05 July 6(Facebook)
Thank you for bringing me to the puppy we love her

Great place to find a variety of puppies of all kinds. Staff is very knowledgeable about the puppies and purchasing process. They gave a bag of dog food, puppy pads for the ride home and a cleaning of the puppy before you take them home. They also gave shot records, breeder information and even the parents name. Free Vet check, and a ton of other free goodies to ensure your new puppy stays healthy.

Date of Posting: May 9(Google Reviews)
Sours: https://centralparkpuppies.com/
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CBC Kids | Play Games, Watch Video, Explore


Photo via Pixabay

They’re floofy, they’re floppy and they’re oh-so sweet! It would be hard to find a person who would say that puppies are not super adorable, but in addition to cuteness, they’re also fascinating.

Take a look at these interesting puppy facts:

1. Puppies are born blind and deaf

Tiny pink puppies with white fur sleep together.
Photo by Ard Hesselink licensed CC BY-NC

They actually can’t see or hear until they’re almost two weeks old — they don’t even open their eyes before then! Until they are able to see and hear, puppies rely on their sense of smell to find their mom.

2. They spend 15–20 hours a day sleeping

A bunch of blonde puppies asleep together.
Photo via Pixabay

That’s not too unusual — human babies also spend about 16 hours a day sleeping.

3. Puppies become ‘adults’ when they turn one

A Weimaraner puppy about stares at the camera.
Photo via Pixabay

That’s about the same as 15 human years. Teen dogs are still pretty cute.

4. They like when you sing-talk to them

Young boy holds puppy.
Photo via Pixabay

It seems natural that you 'baby talk' to a puppy, but researchers have found that they actually respond to it! However, adult dogs could care less.

5. Puppies are born without teeth

Puppy chewing on a tennis ball.
Photo by Stephanie Wallace licensed CC BY-NC-ND  

You might think of puppies chewing up everything around the house, but they are actually toothless until they’re about four weeks old.

6. The number of puppies depends on the breed

Several puppies suckling on their mother.
Photo by Steven Lilley licensed CC BY-SA

Different breeds of dogs have different sizes of litters (that’s the number of puppies born at one time). Dogs that are older or smaller tend to have small litters, and dogs that are younger or larger tend to have bigger litters. The largest litter on record was 24 puppies, born to Tia — a Mastiff breed dog. Congratulations!

7. Puppies can be twins!

Four identical-looking cockerspaniel puppies.
Photo via Pixabay

A litter of puppies may look all look alike (especially if they’re the same breed), but mostly they are not identical. However, one scientist in South Africa tested DNA on a set of puppies and found out that two of them actually were twins! Double the cuteness!

8. Newborn puppies can’t poop

Two really young puppies lay on top of each other.
Photo by Bob Bibbings licensed CC BY-NC-ND

It’s true! Baby puppies need their mom to help them go to the bathroom. If you’ve had a puppy, you know this isn’t a problem for very long!

9. Looking at pictures of puppies is good for you!

Little puppy sticks its tongue out with its eyes closed.
Photo via Pixabay

Japanese researchers have discovered that looking at pictures of cute baby animals help people focus better. So just maybe reading this post will help you ace your next test at school! (Studying is probably a good idea too — just in case…)







Sours: https://www.cbc.ca/kidscbc2/the-feed/9-surprising-facts-about-puppies
The BIGGEST Mistake People Make With Puppy House Training

If you’re interested in attending Puppy Hour, please fill in the form below and the team will call you back to confirm the booking. (Please do not attend without hearing from the team).

Puppy Hour™ has been designed for you and your pup to enjoy a safe place to socialise with other puppies and new puppy owners alike. We have Academy trained staff on hand to give advice on puppy care & support for new owners.

Request a booking

Find your nearest Puppy Hour™

Safe & welcoming environment

At Pets Corner we aim to provide a safe space for all puppies and owners to take their first steps to socialising with other dogs. Whether you have a nervous or over-excited pup, we have a welcoming environment to support them during their first few months of training.

Support for new parents

Puppy Hour™ happens in every Saturday at your local store between and am, for puppies under 18 weeks of age and fully vaccinated. We also offer 10% off all purchases for your new puppy during the hour, plus lots of free treats!

Happy puppies in a play pen

Covid Safety at Puppy Hour™

Social distancing

We will be accepting one person per puppy and asking everyone to adhere to social distancing.


We are currently operating a booking system. Please contact your local store or request a booking below.


Please sanitise your hands on entry and wear your mask at all times whilst in store.

Pets Corner Puppy Hour


What is the aim of Puppy Hour?

To give your puppy a safe place to socialise with others. For us to provide practical support and advice for you the owners. For you and puppy to benefit with 10% any puppy related item.

Who is Puppy Hour for?

Puppy Hour is for puppies up to the age of 18 weeks, they must have completed their full vaccinations before attending.

Do I need to book in for Puppy Hour?

Places are not guaranteed at Puppy Hour, if the store is at full capacity then you may be turned away. Please use our request a booking form or contact the store directly to enquire about a place for your puppy.

Do I need to bring anything to Puppy Hour?

We have toys and activities in store but you may want to bring your puppy’s favourite treats to help with training. Please ensure that your puppy is wearing a collar and ID tag in store for safety.

What if my puppy isn't toilet trained?

Accidents happen, and we cleaning stations available in each area, any accidents should be cleaned up as soon as they are spotted.

Who is responsible for supervising my puppy?

All puppies must be supervised by their owner at all times. (Children to be supervised also).

It is important that all puppy parents, and Pets Corner staff are vigilant as to what puppies are up to and interrupt any behaviour that is inappropriate.

Socialisation for all puppies

Under 18 weeks of age and fully vaccinated


Quiet and Shy

For younger doggies and those who prefer to be out of the hustle and bustle.

On The Lead

A safe and controlled introduction of the puppies plus the perfect place for practicing heel and obedience training.

Free Play

Allowing the pups controlled freedom, enabling the practice of recall as well as play and reward.

Find Your Nearset Puppy Hour™

Sours: https://www.petscorner.co.uk/puppy-hour

Puppies hours puppies puppies

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