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Consistently pushing the boundaries of traditional bridal. Chosen designer, KYHA, with her instinctive style and eye for detail, creates unforgettable pieces with stunning silhouettes, which come together in a beautifully curated bridal line for modern women who want that little bit extra. Building somewhat of a cult following, our South Melbourne based label, Chosen, has set the bar sky high in the independent bridal scene.


£900 - £4800

Melbourne, Australia

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St. Martin

Kyha, founder and creative director of One Day Bridal, has done it again with her sultry new collection St. Martin. Established in 2011, One Day Bridal has cemented itself within the fashion industry as a leader of uniquely designed wedding gowns. You can find the brand’s head office and flagship store nestled in the heart of South Melbourne, but the brand’s notoriety far exceeds Australia. The One Day Bridal brand expanded on a global scale in 2016 when they launched their made to order Chosen by One Day range. The range is now stocked in 30 global stockists across Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the USA.


An ode to a dear friend, a sailor and most of all, a father. St. Martin tells a tale of adventure and discovery. 


This fifteen piece collection navigates the uncharted waters of modern bridal, exploring a new range of beaded fabrics and silhouettes. 


The use of subtle draping, knotted fabric and corsetry creates a dynamic collection that is timeless and compelling. We see a nostalgic reference to some of our favorite pieces from previous collections. 


A fresh approach to design through the use of new fabrics pays homage to these classic designs. Take a journey through St. Martin as you embark on this new and exciting adventure.

CHOSEN by One Day Bridal

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Chosen by One Day Bridal 2018 Wedding Dress

If you want to be modern and up to date with the highest fashion, then this Chosen by One Day Bridal 2018 “New Reign” collection is for you.

Chosen inspired by the extremes and love working with both intricate beading and simplistic minimal designs.

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Floral lace, chiffon, bonded georgette, sequin, heavy tulle, satin, Mikado, pearl embellishment and beautiful embroidery, these details are for the confident, high-fashion bride that is looking for a serious statement piece to wear on her big day.

Chosen embodies the fashion conscious bride and collection of gowns and accessories effortlessly blend fashion forward concepts and edgy bridal looks.

Each gown offers something different than the next and finding a gown to fulfill all of your bridal fantasies should be a breeze.

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    Chosen by One Day Bridal 2018 Wedding Dress
    Chosen by One Day Bridal 2018 Wedding Dress
    Chosen by One Day Bridal 2018 Wedding Dress
    Chosen by One Day Bridal 2018 Wedding Dress
    Chosen by One Day Bridal 2018 Wedding Dress
    Chosen by One Day Bridal 2018 Wedding Dress
    Chosen by One Day Bridal 2018 Wedding Dress
    Chosen by One Day Bridal 2018 Wedding Dress
    Chosen by One Day Bridal 2018 Wedding Dress
    Chosen by One Day Bridal 2018 Wedding Dress
    Chosen by One Day Bridal 2018 Wedding Dress
    Chosen by One Day Bridal 2018 Wedding Dress
    Chosen by One Day Bridal 2018 Wedding Dress
    Chosen by One Day Bridal 2018 Wedding Dress
    Chosen by One Day Bridal 2018 Wedding Dress
    Chosen by One Day Bridal 2018 Wedding Dress
    Chosen by One Day Bridal 2018 Wedding Dress

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    Chosen by One Day Wedding Dresses

    For the woman who is full of fire and wrath and will not hold back on what she wants, Chosen by One Day dress is unique, fashion-forward, and comes with an edge that is enough to announce that it is unlike any other wedding gown out there!

    Love is one of the most exciting feelings ever! After meeting your partner-in-crime, followed by a dreamy courtship, and getting to know each other more every day, there comes a day when you and your lover finally decide to get married and vow for a lifetime of togetherness! A wedding day is one of those notable days which stand out among all your other life experiences like a star in the velvety sky. It is a day to celebrate your eternal love with a promise to seek a lifetime of adventures together. There is not a single life event that matches up quite as well to this magical day. It is a day you and your partner are probably daydreaming about for a while now! So, of course, when the proposal happens and the wedding planning starts, you will want to get everything just right! From the font in the menu to the sweets table layout, from your “something blue” to the song you will walk down the aisle to, everything is painstakingly chosen so that the wedding day turns out to be just perfect! All of these elements come together to make your dream wedding vision come together perfectly, just as you envisioned. One of the very important things on the list has to be the wedding dress! The wedding dress is not just a dress to clothe the bride, in its webbed lace hangs pearls of hopes and in its silky fabric glides the delicate hopes and dreams of the bride. The wedding dress is her pride and joy, her dreams etched in a drawing paper as an 8-year-old which was finally realized. This dress is built of more than just fabrics, and embellishments, dreamy tulles, and sultry silks! The dress takes the center stage as the bride walks up the aisle, it glitters and shimmers under the gleaming chandeliers as the couple waltz to the music, so it is an important part of the wedding planning decision! So of course the search for the perfect dress is a significant journey, and it is expected of brides to search high and low for that perfect dress, the one which matches her vision perfectly and stands out among the rest. No matter what the wedding theme is and what the bride's personal style is like, there is an abundance of options laid out for you to explore, and we are sure you will find the dress you are meant to wear! Whether you are a bride with a rustic style or have a sweet spot for a vintage Bronte sister-inspired wedding, whether you like things to be minimal and natural-looking or are all for the opulence and ornate details, there is a dress with her name etched on it. While the search might be winding and can consist of trials and errors, it will all be set right when you slip into a dress that is truly yours is unmatched.

    While every wedding dress is special in its own account, a designer wedding dress bears a bit more weight to it than a normal wedding dress. A designer dress instantly translates to a dress being brought bearing the highest techniques and materials available. With a string of expert minds and hands at work, the result is bound to be as perfect as one you would expect. For a bride who is well versed in the world of fashion, a designer wedding dress is sure to make her excited and make all her dreams come true! It is a well-kept secret dream of many girls to say their vows in a beautiful dress by their most loved designer, and while there are many great wedding gown designers, different designers purvey to different clients. If you are a modern bride who loves to break the fashion rules, without compromising on sporting an effortless bridal, Chosen by One Day might be just it! Elegant dresses with bold and edgy cuts and contemporary silhouettes, each and every piece from the designer is a dream. Let us take a closer look at the stunning dresses from the Chosen by One Day bridal collections, and all that there is to know about them.

    Chosen by One Day - The Beginning!

    Chosen by KYHA, also known as Chosen by One Day, was launched in 2016 based on demand for fashion house KYHA Studios' bold and modern pieces and was specifically created for fashion-forward women who are not hesitant to push the boundaries of tradition, and want to reflect on their wedding dress! The label's collection consists of gorgeous made-to-order wedding gowns, apparel, and accessories that perfectly embody the style of KYHA, taking its specific bold and fearless spirit to women across the globe, especially on her wedding day, when she can use it the most! Crafted with love for rule-breakers and trend-makers, Chosen by KYHA or Chosen by One Day celebrates the beauty of modern silhouettes, bespoke beading which is bold and makes a statement, and most importantly, ground-breaking twists on the traditional cuts and techniques! Chosen by One Day is built to help you feel like the diva you are on the "one day" which is probably your happiest one! Presently, the brand's highly sought-after designs are readily available in over 20 countries across the world, while its flagship boutiques in Melbourne and Sydney still sit pretty waiting for a bride with a bold design sensitivity to walk in.

    Chosen by One Day - Inspiration and Approach

    The striking presence of the Chosen by One Day dress is quite unique and memorable and can be felt in each and every dress that they design. The brand prides itself on its individual design aesthetic, innovation, and relentless and undying ability to push boundaries within the bridal fashion industry. CHOSEN embodies the fashion-conscious bride, and the pieces from the brand collection effortlessly blend fashion-forward concepts with edgy bridal looks. The inspiration for this brand lies in pieces that exist boldly and unapologetically, for a woman who is fearless and is not hesitant to push through any societal norms so that she can be the truest version on her special day. Every element of the wedding dress "chosen" carefully to help the bride shine and sparkle on her special "one day"!

    Chosen by One Day - Popular Styles, Collections & Collaborations

    Created for the bride who likes to push the envelopes and challenge the traditions, Chosen by One day has a variety of collections at disposal to choose from. We can talk about the Desert Rose collection, a collection with stunning pieces inspired by the Australian desert and its minimal landscape and beauty in simplicity. The collection celebrates the natural beauty of the desert with minimal chic gowns in crushed satin fabric and Chosen’s signature bonded georgette, resulting in show-stopping embellished gowns that are perfect for the bride looking to make a statement. We can also focus on the Clair de Lune collection, a stunning collection that explores lace, and is an ode to the edgy, fashion-forward bride who is secretly a hopeless romantic. Lovingly curated with buttery soft lace in hues of cream and blush, this collection is made to mold to one's body beautifully. On the other hand, we can also gush on about the Curve La Bella Donna, a size-inclusive wedding gown collection each piece specifically designed with extensive research and featuring added bust support and enhanced support. All in all, every collection is a peek into a different dreamy world, but the soul of the collections speak the same language. A language that speaks to a woman who knows what she wants!

    Chosen by One Day - The Takeaway

    A Chosen by One Day dress is not a dress you will forget, nor will you forget the bride who dons a dress by this bride! Bold design elements, non-traditional approaches, contemporary silhouettes with an edge, These are the dresses that say “yes” to all the adventures out there, all the while managing to look chic and effortlessly elegant. Full of elegance, romance, and allure of the extraordinary, every Chosen by One Day wedding dress is a spark of its own, with its own unique personality, and will go down in the books as simply amazing! With choosing Chosen by One Day for your special day, you choose the diva-esque femme fatale energy and designs which are unforgettable and linger on forever!

    Wedding dresses are the most enchanting and special dresses, whipped together with equal volumes of airy materials, sparkly dreams, and a whole lot of magic. And when you find the perfect one for you, stars collide to make it seem just right! Maybe it's the way the silk feels against your skin, or maybe it's the eager faces of your besties and bridesmaids looking at you in awe. Maybe it's the way the skirt twirls and swirls around you, or maybe it's the tell-tale tag of the famous wedding designer attached to the dress, everything about that dress will be special, just like your soon-to-be spouse! A designer dress is created meticulously with the finest of fabrics, the most cutting edge techniques, and with designs that are exclusive to the ones with taste. While there will be hundreds like it, one touch of a designer dress will tell you how it differs from all the others! From the moment you don your designer wedding dress for the first time to the time you walk down the aisle in it, and finally, till you zip it up and hang it in the closet, every moment in this gorgeous designer wedding dress will be an absolute dream. You will feel like the dress is designed to provide you a bit of fairytale magic in the midst of regular life, let you feel like those princesses in massive stone castles! However, that dream comes with a price tag! If you can afford to buy that dreamy designer dress fresh off the rack, there is nothing like it, but not everyone can afford to show up in a stunning new designer wedding gown on their special day! Having the choice to buy a sustainable wedding dress lets one dally in luxury without compromising financially, all the while offering a more sustainable lifestyle. Firstly, a bride with a distinct and expressive taste in fashion will be delighted that she scored a Chosen by One Day resale designer piece at such a deal, and secondly, she will walk into her bright and gleaming future looking like a dream, with a smile on her lips and contentment in the heart that the dress she purchased is sustainable and has fully subserved its purpose and will proceed to do so in the future. A dress that is already made with the choicest of materials and the most excellent skills at work surely deserves to be flaunted by more brides to serve its purpose well. While the real deal can cost anywhere between $3000 to $7000, you can get a second-hand Chosen by One Day dress for up to 40% (or more!) off the original price! Finding a Chosen by One Day wedding gown for sale is one of those enormous wins which is bound to make your special day even more memorable! 

    Most of us learn the hard way that dreams come with a price tag, and not all of the things on your wedding Pinterest board are attainable! While your wedding dress is something you must have spent ages daydreaming about and perfecting in your head, it still has a price, if it comes with the name of a big designer attached to it! Weddings don't come cheap and wedding dresses are expensive, and most brides don’t want to invest a huge amount of money in a dress which they will potentially wear once, even though it has her heart! This is why most brides tuck away the dreams of wearing their dream dress in the furthest corner of their minds. However, all of this changed after second-hand wedding dresses came into the picture, and how! Second-hand wedding dresses not only swept in, breaking all the financial limitations, making wedding dresses accessible to fashion-savvy brides, it also made a change bigger than us, a sustainable change for this entire planet! You can now have your cake and eat it too. You get to prance down the aisle in your Chosen by One Day designer dress, and you also get to claim it for the fraction of the retail price, and still save the planet while at it! Just the fact that wedding dresses are available second-hand challenges the idea of how your wedding dress is not a one-wear deal and can go on to spread more happiness and be a part of many love stories! Having the option to invest in a sustainable wedding dress lets one taste luxury and still go home with the moral reassurance that you are providing towards a more sustainable way of living. If everyone was to buy their wedding dresses second-hand, it will massively lessen the carbon footprint on our planet and will take away from the exclusivity and unattainability that designer wedding dresses tend to hold! Finding a Chosen by One Day wedding gown for sale is one of the most fashionable yet sustainable choices you can make as a bride. Buying a stunning preloved designer dress, especially coming from a name like Chosen by One Day, allows you to dodge the budgetary limitations, while still experiencing the charm of a designer wedding gown. While there are many platforms to choose from if you love a dress by this name, but if you are looking to buy second-hand, there are several relevant websites that might still make your dreams come true! A pre-owned Chosen by One Day wedding dress offers a taste of luxury without having to pay like it is, which is every budget bride's dream come true! Second-hand wedding gowns like Chosen by One Day's preowned wedding dress have not only sparked a revolution in the sustainable fashion industry, it has also affected the carbon footprint in the clothing industry as a whole. It has also revived the fragile hopes of a bride who wants to parade a beautiful designer dress on her wedding day. There is no doubt that it is sustainably better and financially wise, but you still get to look like a million bucks, something that all brides secretly want! And that beautiful designer dress can be passed down again for the next bride to enjoy and build a legacy of its own!


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