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How many keys are provided for 1 WinGuard?


There are 2 keys provided for 1 WinGuard. 

What happens if I lose my keys?


The keys for all WinGuard locks are key-alike system (meaning one key can open all the locks). If you have more than one WinGuard, the keys can be used inter-changeably. 

If you happen to lose all the keys, replacement keys are available at $2 per key without mailing cost. 


What's the length of the cable and how wide can my window open?


The standard length of the cable is 19cm and when installed, the window can open from 10cm - 15cm depending on installation.


Is WinGuard durable and safe?


WinGuard is extremely durable and has been tested according to European and Australian safety standards. It has been tested to withstand minimum 100kg of weight force before it breaks. 

What are the available colours?


We have 3 colours available - white, black and grey. 

How is WinGuard installed?


The fixed plate is attached to the window frame while the plate that can be locked or unlocked is fixed on the window door. Kindly see above picture illustrations. 


Do I have to maintain WinGuard?


Like all mechanical fittings, you can check for any loose screws where WinGuard is attached to the window frames to ensure that it is working properly.


How long is the warranty period?


The warranty period is 1 year on-site against workmanship defect and 5 years for product defect.


Smart Door Solutions

Smart Home Solutions

Connected Home


Peace of Mind

yale assure lock
yale logo

A Key Free Entry Lock offering Security, Convenience and Control. 


The Yale Assure Lock for Andersen patio and entry doors features a sleek design and allows you to monitor, lock and unlock your door from anywhere so you never have to worry about carrying or losing keys again.


  • One-Touch Locking.  Lock up without the hassle of keys by simply tapping the keypad
  • Key Free.  No cylinder means no lost keys and no pick and bump break-ins
  • Battery Back-Up.  Never lose power, the lock can be energized with a 9V battery
  • Three Connectivity Options: Compare
    1. Touchscreen
    2. Touchscreen + Bluetooth® + WiFi™ Kit
    3. Touchscreen + Z-Wave®
  • Remote Access.  Monitor, lock and unlock from anywhere with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth via the Yale Access App or with Smart Home Integration using Z-Wave.


Finish Options

Yale Assure Lock is available with Anvers® hardware in White, Black or Satin Nickel finishes.

  • Andersen Windows Hardware Finishes White


  • Black swatch


  • Andersen Windows Hardware Finishes Satin Nickel

    Satin Nickel

Yale Assure Lock can be ordered with these new Andersen products or retro-fitted to those already in your home:

Purchase Yale Assure Locks from our Online Parts Store.

Finish Options

Yale Assure Lock is available with Anvers® hardware in White, Black or Satin Nickel finishes.

  • Andersen Windows Hardware Finishes White


  • Black swatch


  • Andersen Windows Hardware Finishes Satin Nickel

    Satin Nickel

MultiGlide™ Doors with Automation

Architectural Collection

Convenience at your fingertips.

With the touch of a button, the MultiGlide™ door can now be opened or closed, creating wide open spaces in the most convenient way. Automation is available on both stacking and pocketing door configurations and is operated using an interior touchpad and weatherproof exterior secure keypad. It also can be connected with a home automation system.



  • Available on door sizes up to 25’ wide* and between 4' - 10' tall
  • Operate using an interior touchpad and weatherproof exterior secure keypad
  • Includes safety features such as overhead motion sensors and obstruction detection
  • Battery backup included to keep the system secure
  • Backed by a five-year limited warranty*
  • Automation system is UL325 certified
  • System has a magnetic clutch that disengages to allow manual operation of door panels
  • Built-in encoder that counts shaft revolutions so the control box always knows current panel positions
  • Automation system can be installed on existing MultiGlide door systems or can be added anytime after door installation
  • Intuitive, automated learn-in process for system programming to easily match your specific door configuration

Door Configurations

Automation system works with one- and two-directional stacking and pocketing configurations, up to 10 panels.*

*Automation is not available for doors with panels that are less than 36" in width and insect screens are not automated with this feature

Door Configurations

Door Configurations

Installation & Support

To learn more and purchase, shop our Online Parts Store or contact your local dealer.

*As of July 2021, VeriLock® Security sensors, Wireless Open/ Closed Sensors, Nexia Bridge and Andersen Translator are discontinued. Please review the FAQ document below for any questions.

Warranty Information

Installation Guides










Security Sensors Video

Installation Videos


VERILOCK® SENSOR INSTALLATION - Discontinued 7/12/2021




Andersen Smart Home Solutions - FAQ

Misc. Documents











Verilock Help



For help with VeriLock sensors, Wireless Open/Closed sensors, Andersen Translator and Yale Assure Lock, please call Andersen Customer Service at 1-855-337-8806.

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Kubu Smart Lock

We’ve had installed new windows and doors

"The best service you can get ! I am so happy with the service provided by Global Windows company (Sheffield) and especially with the work done by Andy and Shaun. Honestly don't look anywhere else. Professional, good communication, on time and great result."

- Checkatrade Review, Sept 2021

Windows to lounge and kitchen.

"Brilliant team from all staff at Global, from quotation to completion. Excellent service!"

- Checkatrade Review, Sept 2021

Supply and fit new windows and doors

"Competitive price, no pressure at all unlike other companies. Kept fully up to date with courtesy calls and emails. Customer service is excellent. Window fitters Sean and Andy were fabulous. Clean, tidy and friendly but also worked their socks off. Had a little issue with the patio door but sorted this straight away and is now perfect. Would highly recommend. Very satisfied with all aspects from quote to finish."

- Checkatrade Review, Sept 2021

Windows at the front of our property and door

"Very pleased with the Global product once again and the fitting was excellent."

- Checkatrade Review, August 2021

Replacement of 4 windows

"An excellent job from beginning to end. Salesman, surveyor and installation team were all reliable and friendly. Global Windows kept us fully informed throughout each process."

- Checkatrade Review, August 2021

Replace polycarbonate roof with a Guardian warm roof

"So pleased with our new roof from start to finish everything was carried out in a professional manner. Would definitely recommend these guys."

- Checkatrade Review, August 2021

New attic windows

"Superb service, We've used 'Global' before and would highly recommend them. Courteous, hard working fitters, top quality windows, efficient and punctual, faultless 'clean up' afterwards."

- Checkatrade Review, August 2021

All upstairs windows

"Faultless experience, everything was perfect from start (quote) to finish. Will certainly use Global Windows again and will highly recommend to friends and family. Massive thank you to the Global Windows team :)"

- Checkatrade Review, August 2021

DeJgS1880-EL-SL Sliding Window Lock

SmartTouch® Innovation

Responding to the need for easy-to-operate, easy-to-maintain products, Milgard developed the innovative SmartTouch® window lock and door handle. SmartTouch hardware is in the forefront of an important new trend in home design known as "aging in place." With so many baby boomers approaching their senior years, this technology and others are enabling people to live independently in their own homes longer and more comfortably. Milgard is committed to developing innovative products and solutions for this fast-growing market.

SmartTouch® Window Lock

Streamlined and Intuitive - The SmartTouch window lock mechanism is incorporated into the window sash for a sleek, low-profile design. It operates effortlessly. One smooth, single motion opens or closes the window, and locks it. No pinching, squeezing or twisting.

Security at a Glance -  SmartTouch offers peace of mind you can see. When the handle is down, the window is locked. When the handle is up, the window is unlocked. It’s easy to use for all ages and physical abilities. 

Stronger and 25% Better - The lock assembly is made from die-cast zinc so it's not only tough, it's built to last. Using AAMA certification testing guidelines, independent lab engineers demonstrated that the SmartTouch lock exceeds rigorous California forced-entry codes by 25%. 

The SmartTouch® window lock is available on Tuscany® Series and Trinsic™ Series product lines. See your Milgard Certified dealer to review which operating styles is best for your needs. Not all operating styles offer a pull rail.

SmartTouch® Door Handle

Sleek and Ergonomic - The SmartTouch handle has a sleek, ergonomic design and hidden lock mechanism. A simple one-touch motion unlocks, opens and closes the door, making it accessible and usable for all ages. 

Exceeds Forced-Entry Codes - The SmartTouch handle's lock and grip combination exceeds all California forced-entry requirements, which are among the most rigorous in the nation.

The SmartTouch® door handle is available on Tuscany® Series sliding patio doors.


Lock smart window

Smart Lock

security simplified

Google Smart Lock lets you to get right down to work (or play) without needing to remember passwords and security codes. Works with your Android devices, Chromebooks, Chrome browser and select apps.

How to turn it on

For Android

With Smart Lock, your Android Wear watch is the key to your phone. No need to enter your pin when you're nearby. Learn More

For Chrome and apps

Skip the password guessing game. Smart Lock remembers your passwords within your Chrome browser and select mobile apps. Learn More

For Chromebooks

Signing into your Chromebook is a snap when it’s paired with your Android device over Bluetooth. Just lift the lid, click your icon and you’re on your way. Learn More

Turning on Smart Lock

Smart Lock for Android

Security that just works: with Smart Lock turned on, your Android phone stays unlocked when it’s connected to a trusted device — like your smartwatch — or when it’s in a familiar spot — like your pocket. So it’s ready to use when you need it.

How to turn it on

How to turn on Smart Lock for Android:

On your Android phone, go to Settings > Search and type in “Smart Lock.” Then tap “Smart Lock” to customize how your device knows when it’s safe to stay unlocked. Learn more

Smart Lock for Chrome and apps

Let Smart Lock keep track of all your passwords. Smart Lock safeguards usernames and passwords in Chrome and in certain mobile apps.

How to turn it on

How to turn on Smart Lock for Chrome and apps:

Streamline your logins and save time with Smart Lock. Just click “Save” when Smart Lock asks if you’d like to save your login info. You can view and manage your saved usernames and passwords at Learn more

Smart Lock for Chromebooks

All it takes is a single tap to log in. Smart Lock for Chromebooks keeps your Chromebook at-the-ready whenever your unlocked Android device is nearby.

How to turn it on

How to turn on Smart Lock for Chromebooks:

Breeze past Chromebook’s sign-in screen with just one click. On your Chromebook, go to Settings > Show advanced settings... > Smart Lock for Chromebook > Set up to connect your computer and Android device. Just make sure your Android device is unlocked and nearby. Learn more

Drutex Smart Window

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