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K-pop fashion is always ahead of the curve, none more so than when it comes to the way male idols accessorise. Whether it's multiple earrings, chains or a subtle lip ring, there's a lot to love when it comes to male idol jewellery fashion.

Here's some of our fave looks from idols who own the jewellery look.

G-Dragon (BIGBANG)

He has own high fashion brand and is hailed for his unique approach to style, so it's not surprising that GD can rock any kind of jewellery.


GOT7's leader JB had everyone's attention when he arrived at the Golden Disc Awards this year with not only a nose piercing but a surprising dermal piercing beneath his eye. And he looks stunning.

Kang Daniel

The Wanna One member is the face of Chanel's fine jewellery line, and given his penchant for dangly earrings and hand jewellery, we'd say it's a great choice.

Baekhyun (EXO)

His lip piercing/collar chain look from "Monster" is still a thing of beauty. Plus he has a high fashion brand called Privé now too.


V is another idol who experiments with his style, including accessories. Whether it's a lip piercing or several ear piercings, he's ready to rock the look.

Source: Big Hit

Taeyong (NCT)

Let's face it, Taeyong can make anything look good, including this combo of multiple earrings and a lip piercing.

Source: YouTube


MINO recently gave viewers a glimpse into his jewellery collection in an episode of It's Dangerous Outside The Blankets and there's no doubting he has eccentric and effortlessly cool style.

Hongseok (PENTAGON)

In PENTAGON's recent "Dr. Bebe" comeback, Hongseok has a strong look - from his cropped leather top through to his facial jewellery, which includes a lip to ear chain.


Who would you add to the list?

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Whether you're a guy or a girl, it's always nice to possess jewelry sometimes and give a little extra detail to your overall look.

While most fans may be busy looking at K-Pop idols' faces, others may sometimes be observing the type jewelry they have on. Many male idols themselves seem to be interested in earrings as we've seen some pretty interesting designs up until now.

Here are our picks of some of the coolest earrings worn by idols.


Kang Daniel

Wanna One member Kang Daniel seems to have a strong affection for earrings in general as we've seen him wear several different types of them including ones not shown on this list. And he really does have good taste in the designs he chooses. The K-Pop idol's favorites seem to ones from Chrome Hearts and Thomas Sabo.

Male K-Pop Idols With The Coolest Earrings

Puppy Daniel

Male K-Pop Idols With The Coolest Earrings

Jolly Daniel

Male K-Pop Idols With The Coolest Earrings


He was recently seen wearing a pair of Justin Davis Ached earrings at a fan concert.

Male K-Pop Idols With The Coolest Earrings

Peach Drop / Justin Davis



It's not surprising that NCT member TaeYong would have some of the coolest jewelry as he is known for his signature vampire rockstar look. Most of the earrings he usually wears are of course from K-Pop celeb favorite Chrome Hearts but he also has a few from TrencardisM, an upscale South Korean jewelry brand based in Gangnam.

Male K-Pop Idols With The Coolest Earrings

Show Champion

Male K-Pop Idols With The Coolest Earrings

2017 MAMA / TrencardisM



The cool thing about BTS member V is that even though he is rich, young, and famous, he wears jewelry that you can find in any ordinary piercing shop in Japan. But, of course, he does sometimes resort to jewelry with a brand name such as Thomas Sabo.

Male K-Pop Idols With The Coolest Earrings

Ilgan Sports

Male K-Pop Idols With The Coolest Earrings

Haru Haru

Male K-Pop Idols With The Coolest Earrings




EXO member XiuMin helped out South Korean jewelry and accessory brand ROWKY by wearing one of their earrings for his comeback photoshoot. While it's currently sold out at the moment, distributors are working in to bring more back in stock.

Male K-Pop Idols With The Coolest Earrings

SM Entertainment / rowky


Yoon JiSung

Like his fellow Wanna One member Kang Daniel, Yoon JiSung seems to have a particular fondness for earrings as well. While he wears Thomas Sabo like Daniel on a lot of occasions, he also has a lot of his earrings custom-made.

Male K-Pop Idols With The Coolest Earrings

And Spring

Male K-Pop Idols With The Coolest Earrings



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Kang Daniel
Yoon JiSung
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