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Modern vehicles are built with an impressive quantity of options, and now you can even play Deezer on your motor vehicle. On the other hand, some simple options are still quite functional. In fact, knowing the range of your Mercedes Benz Sprinter is part of the simple knowledge in order not to run out of gas. Many of us often do similar thing, wanting to reset the odometer of our Mercedes Benz Sprinter to zero after filling it up to know how many kilometers we’re going to drive . In this article, we will show you how to reset the odometer on Mercedes Benz Sprinter . In a first time, we will be enthusiastic about how this day counter functions and, in a second time, how to reset this trip odometer and in a last part, if it is possible to decrease the mileage of its Mercedes Benz Sprinter.


How does the trip odometer function on Mercedes Benz Sprinter?

Let’s begin our article with how your meter functions. While it’s not required to understand how your motor vehicle works, it’s still wise and practical to know the basics. If you’re wondering about resetting your odometer to Mercedes Benz Sprinter , then this component will absolutely interest you.

The odometer or odometer totalizer of your motor vehicle used to be mechanical, and has now been changed to electronic. The aim of this change is principally to fight against mileage fraud , in truth, some individuals knew how to manipulate mechanical odometers to reduce or reset the mileage of a Mercedes Benz Sprinter to be able to sell it for more than its real value.

In the mechanical version, it functions with a system of drums connected to a cable that is driven by the gearbox output shaft or the differential . Finally for the electronic version, the most basic on the Mercedes Benz Sprinter, it is a sensor that can be positioned in different locations based on the year of your Mercedes Benz Sprinter and that transmits the mileage data to the onboard computer.

Reset the daily mileage counter to zero on Mercedes Benz Sprinter

Now let’s proceed to the most important step, how to reset the daily odometer of your Mercedes Benz Sprinter? Nevertheless this step is generally easy to perform, some of you, new buyers of Mercedes Benz Sprinter for example, may not be familiar with the procedure to accomplish this process.

We will now look at the different techniques to reset the trip odometer to zero on Mercedes Benz Sprinter:

  • Hold the right button on your dashboard for some seconds until zero is shown on the trip odometer
  • If this button does not function, you can use the right-hand counter comodo by pressing the button at its end for a few seconds until the odometer of your Mercedes Benz Sprinter is reset to zero.
  • Finally, on some of the newer models, you may need to proceed through your car’s centre console and display, going through your car’s settings to reset it to zero

If you want to reset the service counter of your Mercedes Benz Sprinter, please browse our article on this topic.

Rollback or lower the mileage of his Mercedes Benz Sprinter odometer

Last component, which may interest some of you, how to lower the mileage of his Mercedes Benz Sprinter . Know already that this act is totally not allowed by the law , and that if you perform this act, you risk up to 2 years in prison and 300, 000 euros fine. Nevertheless, if you have doubts about the mileage of a Mercedes Benz Sprinter before you buy it, it might be interesting to know how fraudsters work.

  • Resetting a mechanical odometer to zero on Mercedes Benz Sprinter:

    Even though they are becoming progressively rare, mechanical odometers are the easiest to tamper with, in reality, it was enough to just find the cable of the meter, disconnect it, and plug a drill on it to produce it turn upside down and raise or lower the mileage of its Mercedes Benz Sprinter.
  • .

  • Reset electronic odometer to zero on Mercedes Benz Sprinter;

    At last, the now basic electronic odometers that were supposed to fight fraud efficiently are no more invulnerable than the mechanical versions. In fact, using the diagnostic socket of your Mercedes Benz Sprinter, it is possible to reset the odometer of your Mercedes Benz Sprinter , with the help of a computer and software it is possible to change the mileage data displayed on your dashboard.

If you need more guides on the Mercedes Benz Sprinter, go to our Mercedes Benz Sprinter category.

Sours: https://victoriamgclub.com/how-to-reset-the-odometer-on-mercedes-benz-sprinter/

You just realized regular maintenance of your Mercedes Sprinter and you would like reset the maintenance counter. Indeed it can be useful for know when to perform the future oil change. However, you don't know the method to do it? This is the reason why in this tutorial we will first explain to you by what means reset the counter of your Mercedes Sprinter after each oil change. Then we will detail you the difference between an odometer and a trip meter. And finally if you wish, we will indicate the bespoke reset the counter on Mercedes Sprinter.


The method to reset the trip odometer on Mercedes Sprinter:

  1. Start the procedure by contacting your vehicle but without starting the engine. That is to say that it only takes a quarter of a turn with the key.
  2. Find it button the maintenance counter which will be located at the bottom right of the screen which displays the number of kilometers.
  3. Press this button, you should see a count from ten to zero appear in the display.
  4. Stay press the button for the countdown time.
  5. After that remove the key contact and put it back so to start the engine.
  6. If all went well, the daily counter should normally be reset to zero.

If the drain indicator light is still on, perform the procedure below:

  1. Switch on the contact of your Mercedes Sprinter but without starting the engine in the same way as before.
  2. Press the maximum the accelerator pedal.
  3. Then press 3 times the brake.
  4. Remove the ignition.
  5. Re-insert the contact for turn your vehicle back on.
  6. Generally the indicator light should go out with the others.

The difference between an odometer and an odometer on Mercedes Sprinter:

Be careful not to confuse the odometer and daily counter. The purpose of your car's odometer to record the number of kilometers traveled by the car since its construction.

Conversely the daily counter or also named maintenance counter, just helps you know when to do your future drain. Or know the range of your vehicle if the fuel gauge is faulty.

So therefore the odometer unlike the maintenance counter is not doomed to be reset. Be aware that if you are trying to change the odometer number so selling your car would be a fraud and you incur a big ticket up to 37 500 €. Therefore we strongly recommend that you do not perform this type of manipulation.

The usefulness of resetting the maintenance counter to zero on Mercedes Sprinter?

Some Mercedes Sprinter are equipped with a light maintenance that reminds you to drain. Which is enough practice because we can quickly end up forget to do it and over time this can damage your car prematurely if maintenance is not done regularly. However this warning light goes off when you have driven a certain number of kilometers because generally it is advisable to maintain your car every 15 to 20 kilometers. Therefore if after maintenance, the counter is not reset, you will still have the indicator light activated on your dashboard. But this can be revealed a little embarrassing, and especially it won't remind you the future oil change to be done. Therefore it is a bit of a shame because it is quite useful. If you want more details about the oil change of your Mercedes Sprinter, do not hesitate to read the following article: price of an oil change for Mercedes Sprinter

Another reason to reset the odometer on your Mercedes Sprinter is when you have a gauge malfunction. Indeed when you can not know the amount of fuel that is inside the tank of your vehicle, it will be practical to be able to reset the counter to zero. As it is possible to calculate the average range of your Mercedes Sprinter depending on the number of kilometers made, resetting the odometer will be convenient. So if you have problems with the gauge on your Mercedes Sprinter do not hesitate to read the following article: Mercedes Sprinter gauge does not go up.

This action can also be useful when you want to rent your vehicle between individuals in order to check the number of kilometers traveled by the rental company.

Finally : resetting the counter to zero on your Mercedes Sprinter can be useful for follow the interview of your Mercedes Sprinter or also face a gauge concern. Therefore do not hesitate to do this task as soon as you need to it will allow you to avoid situations where you try to remember the initial number of the counter and perform calculations.

To go further in the maintenance of your Mercedes Sprinter, you can consult the other articles on the Mercedes Sprinter.

Sours: https://asacannes.com/en/comment-mettre-a-zero-le-compteur-de-la-mercedes-sprinter/
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Sprinter countdown reached zero. Fixed the problem but need to reset. Please help me.

avanti said:

... I would in any case get it fixed as soon as feasible, but doing it in good time is different from doing it NOW, especially when on vacation.


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That's why I carry my iCarsoft all the time, plus my RS232 computer and DAD when I travel. It gives me a chance to keep going on my own.

I have no idea how many miles can safely be driven with a failed DEF system. DEF doesn't directly affect the engine operation, it is for emissions control. Emissions control failure isn't immediately critical in many of the other non-DEF related emissions systems.

As someone pointed out in another thread, it would be very frustrating to be stuck somewhere because the DEF countdown jumped to zero, and you know the engine would run if you could just get it to start.

Dennis has pointed out that the DEF systems have become more reliable. Were I an NCV3 Bluetec owner (I am not.), the 10 count would be in the back of mind as something I'd like to have some solution.

That may border on paranoid to some. Should anyone need any additional confirmation I also carry many spare parts. :hmmm:

avanti said:


I thought the dongle reset thing was supposed to completely clear the countdown, not just add 5 starts. Of course, it would probably come back, but most likely not for awhile.

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I don't know what the dongle actually does. It seems unlikely that its use would prevent another countdown initiation if the DEF system remains inoperable/in trouble.

If the dongle stops any further DEF countdowns then it would seem worthwhile to just use it before failure. Or maybe just before you list the Sprinter for sale.



Sours: https://sprinter-source.com/forums/index.php?threads/60992/
2015 Sprinter zero starts reset

How to reset Mercedes Sprinter Service Reminder

Below you will find instructions on how to reset the service reminder on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. You will need to perform this procedure after an oil change or if you had your Mercedes Sprinter serviced by an independent auto mechanic.  Note that the steering wheel designed changed over the year but the instructions on how to reset service indicator reminder are the same.

Instructions on how to reset Mercedes Sprinter Service Reminder

The instructions below apply to Sprinters that have steering wheel buttons. If your Sprinter doesn’t have steering wheel buttons follow the instructions as per this guide.

  1. Insert key in the ignition and turn to position II.
  2. Press the menu buttons reset mercedes sprinter service indicatoron the left side steering wheel until you see the mileage.
    how to reset mercedes sprinter service light reset
  3. Press up arrow until you see Service A in xxx miles or Service B in xxx miles.
  4. Press the 0 reset button on the side of the instrument cluster and hold until you hear a beep.reset button
  5. Once you hear the beep go back to the steering wheel and press the menu button.
  6. Press the up arrow and you should see “Confirm Complete Service”.
  7. Confirm by pressing the reset button on the instrument cluster by holding it down for three seconds.

We hope you found these instructions helpful. Here are a couple of videos that may help.


Sours: http://www.mercedesmedic.com/reset-mercedes-sprinter-service-reminder/

Reset sprinter counter

Here’s how to reset the service indicator on your Sprinter Van after you’ve done a routine maintenance service (oil change, fuel filter change, etc.)

For vehicles without Steering Wheel Buttons:

  1. Switch on ignition without starting engine.
  2. Hold down the 0 button until you hear a beep (can take about 20-30 seconds).
  3. Press the button with an ‘M’ on it until the display reads   “rESEt .51 / rESEt .31”.
    On older models, it will read  “rESEt 229.5 / rESEt 229.3”.
  4. Press the 0 button for three seconds, release it, and press it one more time.

For vehicles WITH Steering Wheel Buttons:

  1. Switch on ignition without starting engine.
  2. Press the up arrow until the words “service scope in xxx” appears.
  3. Press the 0 button until you hear a beep (this can take about 20-30 seconds).
  4. Press the lower steering wheel button, “Menu Back”, once.
  5. Select “Service scope in XXX” using up and down arrow buttons.
  6. Press the 0 button, the “To Be Done” menu should appear. Note, on other models this may also be called “Carry Out”.
  7. Select “Compl Serv” using + and – buttons on right side of steering wheel. Confirm using the upward arrow.
  8. The oil types menu should appear. Select the oil type using the + and – items. Hit the upward arrow to confirm.
  9. Hold down the 0 button on the cluster for 3 seconds until the display reads “Service Confirmed”.

You’re done!

Like this:


Sours: https://idpartsblog.com/2017/09/04/reset-sprinter-service-reminder/
2015 Sprinter zero starts reset

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