Diy seed packets template

Diy seed packets template DEFAULT

Rebecca created garden seed packets that doubled as place cards. She shares the template she made, so you can get started right away!

wedding confetti packets

What you&#;ll need:
&#; DIY seed packet template (click to download)
&#; Cardstock or text-weight paper
&#; Bone folder
&#; Ruler
&#; Exacto knife or paper cutter
&#; Permanent double-sided tape
&#; Self-healing mat
&#; Seeds

seed packet favor ideas
cute wedding seed packets

Step 1: Print out the DIY seed packet template onto cardstock or regular paper.
Step 2: Score along the dotted lines with bone folder.
Step 3: Cut out each seed packet along the solid outlines with exacto knife or paper cutter.
Step 4: Fold along scored flaps.
Step 5: Place double-sided tape on side flaps to secure.
Step 6: Fill with flower seeds, bird seeds, confetti, or whatever else your heart desires!
Step 7: Secure top flap with double-sided tape.
Step 8: Display them together in a basket or individually at individual place settings.

Seed Packet tips: to ensure that seeds remain dry, combine them with powdered milk before filling packets. Include a note about planting location and the recommended season/conditions for planting. These seed favor packets are perfect for a garden wedding or bridal shower. They can be used as favors, as seating place cards, or even as confetti or birdseed holders.

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How to make seed packet templates

We all love the process of collecting seed from plants in our gardens, and even better sharing them among friends, so we decided to create our own Gardens Illustrated DIY seed packet template which you can download to print out and then make at home.

Seed suppliers: where to buy seeds

In eight subtle colours featuring a polka-dot design, there is a generous space on the front of the template for you to write the plant’s name and any other notes on where harvested, flower colour, sowing instructions etc.

Download the PDF below and follow the simple instructions to make your seed packet template. You will need a printer (preferably colour), A4 paper, scissors and double-sided tape/glue. And some seeds, of course!

It’s a great way to recycle waste printer paper that’s already printed on one side, or you could even experiment with coloured paper.

Click the link below to download a PDF template for the seed packets.


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Printable Seed Packets Pin Graphic

Printable Seed Packets

Printable Seed Packets

By Erin Huffstetler | 03/21/ |

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Use these printable seed packets to save and share seeds from your garden. A packet of seeds makes a thoughtful party favor, teacher&#;s gift or thank you, while a collection of seeds makes the perfect gift for any gardener.

Fill these seed packets with your favorite seeds, so friends and neighbors can enjoy them, too, or fill them with heirloom seeds, so you can do your part to pass them on to other gardeners.

Cut Out Seed Packets

There are five seed packet designs for you to choose from. Just pick your favorite; print it out and cut along the edges.

Seed Packets

Then, fold the packets, and glue the edges shut with a glue stick. Easy!

Big Pile of Homemade Seed Packets

Printable Seed Packets

Each of these designs includes four seed packets, so there may be additional colors in the set, beyond what&#;s shown here.

Calico Printable Seed Packets

Print Calico Seed Packets

Floral Printable Seed Packets

Print Floral Seed Packets

Leaf Printable Seed Packet

Print Leaf Seed Packets

Thank You Printable Seed Packets

These packets say &#;Thank You,&#; so they work really well as party favors. My sister used them at her wedding.

Print Thank You Seed Packets

Blank Seed Packet Template

Need seed packets to match the color scheme of your party or wedding? Use this blank seed packet template to create them. Just print it on the back of any &#; x 11&#; paper.

Print Blank Seed Packet Template

Blank Seed Packet Labels

The template also includes labels that you can print and add to your seed packets. Attach them with a glue stick, or print them on a piece of full-sheet label stock, so you can use them like stickers.


Yellow and Brown Seed Packets

These yellow and brown seed packets are also available for you to use. They&#;re part of my collection of seed swap party printables.

More Seed Projects

How to Make Seed Tape

How to Make Seed Tape

Finished Seed Mat

How to Make Seed Mats

How to Organize Seeds

How to Organize Seeds

Make Your Own Seed Envelopes For Cheap

DIY Seed Packet Template

Make seed sharing even more fun by creating a custom seed packet design.

  • Seed Packet Template

    Design your own seed packets for sharing or selling treasured heirloom seeds.
    Photo by Lucy Maiolini Heft

  • Seed Packet Template

I enjoy saving seeds, and I can track some of my plants back 10 generations. My friends frequently ask for my seeds, so I used to share them in jars or envelopes. I decided, however, that I could do more to make this gift a unique reflection of me.

I grabbed an old seed packet and took it apart to create a template. (You can also download a seed packet template.) I had fun creating the seed packet design. If you tackle this project, you’ll really be able to allow your personality to shine.

I don’t have a scanner, so I went to a nearby store to scan and email the seed packet template to myself. Now I can print off as many packets as I want. People love to receive my seeds as gifts, and I also market the DIY seed packets at my vegetable stand, where they sell pretty well.

Lucy Maiolini Heft
Swanton, Vermont

Copyright , All Rights Reserved
Ogden Publications, Inc., SW 42nd St., Topeka, Kansas


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