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The Reality Check personality quiz is going viral on TikTok

16 March 2021, 15:59

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Raise your hands if you have been personality victimised by this quiz.

Everyone loves a good viral quiz, right? Well, it's great news for those of you who said yes because the good people of TikTok have brought another one to our attention.

The "let me f*cking destroy you by giving you a reality check" quiz on – or the Reality Check Personality Quiz for short – is going viral because of the absolutely savage results it's giving users after they answer all the questions.

The quiz was made by uquiz user 'tiredluvs' and the results, as it says on the quiz description, are not to be taken seriously at all. Despite the hilarious harsh truths it dishes out at the end, people are sharing their answers with their followers.


TikTok: The Reality Check personality quiz is going viral

The quiz features 11 random questions and the results include answers like "You're a whiny little bitch and you just need to shut the f*ck up" alongside a lengthy description. For what it's worth, I also took the quiz and got "ur head is way too far up your ass" which is... so amazing. Thank you x

Users are sharing their results on TikTok alongside the "Let's see what I got guys! Period!" sound – and someone of them are just absolutely savage.

There's also another brutally honest quiz making its way around social media too, although it's a bit less harsh than the Reality Check quiz. Play the "let me psychoanalyze you but also be nice" quiz here.

If you're in the mood to take a viral TikTok quiz, but don't wanna be roasted by the Reality Check, then there's plenty more *nice* quizzes to play.

Earlier this month, this detailed colour personality test went viral on the platform, and it tells you exactly what colour you are. There's also a personality quiz that tells you which TV characters you're most like according to your answers.

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The viral colour personality test that's taken over TikTok

If you've ever wondered what exact colour your personality is (nope, us either), then guess what – there's a perfect quiz for you. Yep, the frenzied response to a new colour personality quiz doing the rounds online shows knowing your hue is essential information in 2021. And just like everyone else, we're hooked. (This author is dandelion, by the way.)

All over TikTok at the moment, the delightfully minimal website will ask you 12 questions, before revealing the specific hue of your personality – along with a detailed (and in our case, scarily accurate) description. Check out our best web design tools if you're inspired to design a test of your own.

Head over to South Korean company Withsome's Personality Colour Test, and you'll be greeted by a series of (often quite delightfully worded) multiple-choice questions, including "How do you behave with your friends?", "What do you enjoy doing on the weekend?" and, everyone's favourite brain teaser, "You were going to go home and study, but your friend wants to study together. How do you react?"

According to HashtagHyena, these aren't simply random questions – they originate from Don Lowry's 'True Colours' personality profiling system from the 1970s. According to Lowry's theory, "everyone’s personality is a combination of all four colours – blue, orange, green, and gold."

But what makes this version of the test all the more enjoyable is the website's delightfully retro, Microsoft Paint-inspired aesthetic. Much like these retro redesigns of contemporary websites, the design is a throwback to simpler times – just what we need during the rollercoaster of the last year-and-a-half. (Then again, this writer would say that – apparently us dandelions "don't like drama".)

Users have been taking to TikTok and Twitter in their droves to share their own personality colours with their followers:

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Indeed, while the internet has become an indispensable aspect of modern life, it will also always be a place for fun, time-killing distractions (like this super-fun video game depiction of 2020). If you're looking for some more colour content that's a little less, er, psychoanalytical, our guide to colour theory has you covered. 

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Quiz: What Kind of Colour Are You?

What Colour Are You?

A curious yellow, a fiery red or a calm and collected blue? Maybe you’re a bit of everything! 

Take this quiz to find out what your colour says about you! 

Yay! You are a yummy yellow

You are playful and kind, a real ray of sunshine. Your friends like you because you can always find the silver lining to every cloud!

This is a print called Yellow Ring by Singaporean-British artist Kim Lim. It is simple but expressive. Can you see how the artist has paid close attention to the minute detail of curve and line? Paying attention to the small details is something minimalist artists are known for.

Bingo! You are a bold blue

You are laid-back and easy-going. Your friends say you are the coolest cat in the playground!

This painting is called Composition in Blue Module by Lebanese artist Saloua Raouda Choucair. It is an example of abstract art. Choucair was a pioneer of this kind of painting in the Middle East in the 1940s.

Abstract art is open and lets the person looking at the painting decide what it might be about. What kinds of things can you see in the shapes and colours?

You are marvellously multi-coloured!

Like a rainbow, you are made of many wonderful colours!

This work is by British artist Lubaina Himid. It is called Carpet. When you hear the title, does it make you see the painting differently? 

Himid is an activist artist who is very interested in stories about Black women. An activist is someone who wants to change the world. An activist artist does this through art!

Well, you are a blank canvas!

And like a blank canvas, you can take on any colour you like!

This sculpture is called Towards the Corner by Spanish artist Juan Muñoz. He calls himself a storyteller. What story do you think this sculpture is trying to tell?

Muñoz made sculptures and he also made work for the radio. What do you think these characters would say if they could speak?

When you grow up

Your style is

Pick a snack

Your favourite kind of music is

If you could go anywhere in the world


Your best friend says you are

If you were an animal, you’d be

Your personality and your brain - Scott Schwefel - TEDxBrookings

What's Your Color Personality?



If your personality was like a color, what would it be? We've developed a quick quiz to determine which Sherwin-Williams color aligns most with your personality, as well as coordinating shades you'll love!

Pick Your Favorite Name From this List of Colors:

Welcome to Your New Fixer-Upper. What's the First Room You Tackle?

Which Word Best Describes Your Typical Food Tastes?

Welcome to Art Class. What are You Going to Paint?

Your Fruit Smoothie is Almost Done. What's the Final Ingredient?

What's One Word Your Friends Would Probably Use to Describe You?

What Type of Music is on Your Playlist?

Which Type of Vacation Activity Sounds Most Appealing?

What's Your Color Personality?

  • Kitchen

    You're cool. You're calm. You're able to keep on an even keel. You're like the ocean – serene, and able to find peace and tranquility in places where others don't. Reliable and trustworthy, you have a deep need for peace and harmony in everyday life.

    Coordinating Colors

  • Kitchen

    You're bold. You're rebellious. You want to make an impression. You attract people with your passion. You're extroverted, and confident. You project courage and fearlessness as you march toward new experiences. You are an achiever.

    Coordinating Colors

  • Living Room

    You are conservative and conventional, you're a realist who exudes stability and strength. You create an aura of mystery and intrigue that keeps the rest of the world guessing – a quality that you absolutely love.

    Coordinating Colors

  • Living Room

    You are well-balanced, sensible, discreet and wise. You’re simple, neat and immaculate in your decorating choices.

    Coordinating Colors

  • Bedroom

    You're an idealist. Optimism is your strength, and you're fun to be with. Your spontaneous and whimsical nature sets you apart; people often gravitate toward your resourceful and creative energy, and they admire your positive outlook on life.

    Coordinating Colors

  • Living Room

    You're creative with a vivid imagination. You've got your own style and you're a free spirit. You like to be noticed for your individuality. You've got ideals. You're mystical, and tend to question reality whenever you can.

    Coordinating Colors

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Uquiz test color personality

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