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Concerns are:

I never had any success cutting with anything other than my power miter saw(with an 80 tooth blade and slow speeds) or a hand coping saw. Used fine files for final shaping.

Stuff breaks very easily. Mandatory to have two installers minimum. Means two people to cut/carry/hold in place/nail. Three is even better.

Cutting to get good fits on corners. Cope cutting inside corners and miter cutting outside corners is the (IMHO) best method. Cutting foam is different from wood/MDF and requires a lot of attention.

Installing with nails. Hand nailing can create dents. Each nail should be started by hand and finished with a nail set. Very labor intensive. Nailing with an air nailer using too much pressure means a divot for each nail and the porbability the nail goes completely through the molding. But, any nail site will require putty. Smaller holes mean less/faster puttying.

Depending on the width of the crown, you might need a backer installed. Wood strip sized to be installed in the angle between wall and ceiling to support the crown and for nailing.

Foam crown is my third favorite, after painted wood and stained wood. Much better than MDF crown.


Foam Crown Molding is Easy to Install & Costs Less

Making home improvements can feel overwhelming. A single bathroom remodel can cost thousands of dollars and take months to complete. There’s an affordable, easy way to give your home a luxury upgrade for a fraction of the cost and without all the construction teams. Crown molding can transform any room in your house. Above the cabinets in your kitchen? A flair of elegance. Added to a bedroom, it creates a homey “finished” environment. But what about the nails, and isn’t crown molding heavy and hard to install? Traditionally, perhaps. At Crown Molding Solutions, we’ve designed foam crown molding that is EASIER to install, will never warp (so it’s perfect for a bathroom!) and is less expensive. No one will ever know it’s foam crown molding instead of wood! Our styles range from slim and discrete, to large and ornate. Choose one that fits your personality and let us know how we can help. We provide step-by-step installation guides and if you get stuck, just give our helpful team a call. Family owned and operated out of Cleburne, Texas with nationwide shipping.

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M-23 Crown Molding Styrofoam

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Decorative Styrofoam Crown Moldings create a Great Do It Yourself Project or a new addition to an existing home or business. Made of extruded polystyrene (high density Styrofoam), crown molding can be applied with glue for foam over any secure surface  as ceiling or wall surface. Easily cut with a mitre saw, same as wood or polyurethane crown molding, to trim to size.  Available in a length of 4.27 feet and a variety of widths.  Inside and Outside corners are also available to complement each crown molding. Paint to match any décor using only water based Metallic or plain paint in any color with roller, brush, sponge or cloth to create Faux Design. Change an ordinary and boring room into a stunning work of art!








Styrofoam Crown Moldings are a Great Idea for Remodeling, Renovating or Building a New home or Office or preparing your Home or Office for sale, for a beautiful upgrade and as an addition or enhancement to our Styrofoam Ceiling tiles.

Easily applied to your wall and ceiling surface.  Available in a wide variety of sizes and designs from simple to intricate and elegant to perfectly complement your décor as well as our Styrofoam/polystyrene decorative ceiling tiles.

Use your imagination and mix and match styles of crown molding with our decorative ceiling tiles for your own customized, unique look. Perfect for Bathroom, Kitchen Bedroom or any room as long as the surface is basically level, secure free of dirt or dust, etc.

Install in standard factory white color or paint in any color with a water based paint. Easily cut to size with a mitre saw, same as wood or polyurethane crown molding, to trim length or allow for fixtures.  Crown moldings are available in a length of 4.27 feet and a variety of widths. Inside and Outside corner pieces available for purchase compliment the Styrofoam crown molding.


The STYROFOAM crown moldings are the most popular type of moldings available, ideal if you want to change your decor substantially without straining your budget. Available in a wide range of designs, the Styrofoam crown molding will satisfy even the choosiest customer. You can always renew them with water based paints and have a beautiful room for many years.


  • Waterproof and Moisture proof.
  • Light weight.
  • Easy to Install.
  • Easily Cleaned & Washable with Multiple purpose Cleaner using a soft wet sponge.
  • Paintable with any water based paint.
  • Paint with Metallic Paint to look like Antique Copper, Copper, Antique Silver, etc.
  • Just glue the Styrofoam crown molding up using Ceramic Tile Adhesive A/K/A     Mastic, Liquid Nail for foam or Loctite All Purpose Adhesive for foam.
  • Just have a secure flat clean surface and with no real preparation of the surface, glue the crown molding up.
  • An Elegant and affordable Solution to a plain, ordinary looking room, simply glue the Styrofoam crown molding up.
  • Virtually Maintenance Free
  • No special tools or skills needed.

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Foam crown molding with LED indirect lighting

Close up of crown moulding
Still on the fence about installing crown moulding?  There are a number of reasons why adding a crown moulding feature can improve the look of your home.  Choosing plaster coated foam crown moulding is the smart choice over other types moulding for a number of reasons.  Here are a few:

1. Save Money

By far the biggest advantage of plaster coated foam crown moulding is that it is the least expensive form of crown moulding available.  Trimroc’s plaster coated foam crown moulding products are a better low-cost form of crown moulding while improving on durability and quality.  Additional savings can be achieved by installing it yourself.

2. Add Architectural Appeal

crown mouldingThe reason many homeowners install crown moulding is to add some architectural details to enhance the design of a room by adding a touch of elegance.  Sometimes thought of as an old fashioned design element, new manufacturing techniques have made more modern and contemporary styles become available.  The selection for crown moulding styles are so varied that there is likely a profile that will match any decor.

3. Increase Property Value

The home is often the biggest investment in any person’s entire life.  For the homeowner, keeping or increasing the property value of the home is of the utmost importance.  Incorporating a simple upgrade such as crown moulding can add as much as $10,000 to value of a home with a $2000 investment.  It is seen as a much desired upgrade and gives the home a feeling of increased value.

4. Easy to install and covers up messy DIY work

image of moulding installation

Plaster coated crown moulding is a great way to finish off a home renovation project.  It’s so lightweight and easy to install that any do-it-yourselfer can get it done in one weekend.  All it takes is some know-how with a miter saw and drywall compound.  It can be used to cover up a messy paint job where the ceiling and wall meet or cover up wavy or uneven existing drywall work due to its flexibility. Trimroc’s crown moulding comes with a smooth paintable plaster finish making it easy to customize further with whatever colour of paint would match the decor.

5. Hide speaker or electrical wires

Opening up a wall to run some speaker wires or electrical wires can be messy work.  Why not kill two birds with one stone and run the wiring behind the crown moulding and adding a nice architectural detail at the same time?

These are just some of the reasons to install plaster coated foam crown moulding.  Canamould has a huge selection of styles to choose from.  Get in touch with one of our specialists and we’ll help you find the perfect profile.

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Crown molding styrofoam

NovaCrown moldings are so durable that when installed they will withstand the normal settling process as well as the transportation process of factory built homes from factory to site. This eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming touch-ups and repairs. Unlike MDF crown moludings, NovaCrown isn't affixed to the underlying framework of the structure so it isn't pulled and pushed as the structure is subjected to these various forms of movement. 

Moreover, NovaCrown mouldings are unaffected by changing temperatures and different climates so they never twist, warp, crack or rot even when installed in stable, factory environments then transported into extreme climates. 

When considering these benefits as well as its simplicity of installation and ability to streamline production lines, NovaCrown mouldings represent extraordinary cost savings that no other crown moulding can offer. 

If you are a home builder contact NovaCrown today to add incomparable efficiency to your business. 

Install foam crown molding with Ron Hazelton of House Calls. A beginner or pro can do it in hours!

Foam Crown Molding

The Project

Our customer needed to create large, “built-up” crown molding that could be installed on the wall to be used as shelves. They did not want the weight of wood molding and had a limited budget. They contacted Universal to see about using expanded polystyrene (EPS) for the crown molding. EPS molding is sometimes mistakenly referred to as Styrofoam molding.

The Problem

EPS has texture, and even when coated with various hard coat products, the surface textures remain, although not quite as defined as the unfinished material. Other concerns the customer had were the strength of the material and how they would be able to install it on the wall.

The Solution

Universal Foam Products worked with the customer to finalize the design of the crown molding. The molding was wire cut from .9 lb Virgin EPS. The molding was then coated with ready mix drywall compound that was slightly watered down to create a consistency just thin enough that it could be brushed onto the EPS instead of needing to be troweled on. The compound was allowed to dry overnight and then sanded with both 150 and 220 grit fine sand paper to a perfectly smooth finish. The trim was then painted with one coat of latex semi-gloss paint. After the paint dried the crown molding was ready for installation.

A single strip of Incrediseal ¾” x 1/32” double stick foam construction tape placed across the center of the back of the trim. Two lines of “foam compatible” construction adhesive were applied above and below the tape to the back of the molding also. The trim was then pressed firmly to the wall. The purpose of the tape, in this application, is to hold the molding in place until the construction adhesive has time to set-up.

The finished product looks exactly like wood crown molding at a small fraction of the weight of wood.

Additional Benefits of EPS Architectural Moldings by Universal Foam

EPS is used for a variety of architectural moldings including crown molding, columns, capitals and bases, dental molding, balustrades, brackets and parapet caps. It can be finished smooth to look like painted wood or coated with a cementitious coating to look like concrete. Lightweight and easy to install, it is an excellent alternative to wood, plaster and concrete architectural shapes offering substantial cost savings as well.


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 Austin foam crown moldings are the easiest crown moldings you will ever install!

They do not contract, expand or warp like wood crown moldings.
Our polystyrene crown moldings are made of a smooth, high density, white material. 
Installs with simple inexpensive painters caulk. No sanding, priming or nail holes to fill.
No fasteners are needed. You only need one coat of a water-based paint.
 Foam crown moldings cost about 80% less than wood crown moldings installations.
Save time, money and labor. Install an average room in an  about hour.
Our foam crown molding are the best for LED lighting installations.
Austin Crown moldings are proudly made in America!  
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Install foam crown molding with  Ron Hazelton

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