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Mercedes Sprinter Start Error Repair Service



Mercedes Sprinter Start Error Repair Service

If you own a Mercedes Sprinter with start error showing on the screen then taking this to the dealers can be very expensive. A new WSP (immo box) and possibly and new ECU would be required to repair the Mercedes Sprinter Start Error Repair Service and would need coding to repair your start error problem.
Mercedes Start error on your Sprinter  can happen whilst trying to jump start you van.

We can repair this Mercedes Sprinter start error and get your vehicle working again.

As we are repairing your original components you will not need to code the components back to the vehicle and your Mercedes Sprinter Start Error Repair Service problem will be rectified.

All your vehicle data will remain the same like the Vin, mileage and other factors.

You will need to send in :

  • Your existing key
  • ECU (normally mounted behind/underneath the glove compartment) Must be CR1 or CR2
  • WSP (clamped to the back of the instrument cluster)


Whilst you are sending in your components you might consider having your vehicle remapped and get a spare key

It is important that you  remove the key before attempting to remove any components ! It is advisable to disconnect the battery when removing or re-fitting the components. It is important that you have two +12V supplies to yor WSP please check as in the diagram below before sending. Contact us if you do not have the supplied there.

Pin 3 is battery +12V , Red/Yellow Wire

Pin 7 is ignition +12V, Black /Yellow Wire


Mercedes Sprinter Start Error Repair Service / Mercedes Sprinter Start Error Component Location

The ECU is mounted behind/underneath the glove box. (Silver box)

The WSP is attatched to the rear of the instrument cluster. (Black Plastic Box)

Your Mercedes Sprinter Start Error Repair ECU , WSP and Key will be sent back ready to start your vehicle.  

Mercedes Sprinter Start Error Repair Service

Carefuly remove your unit from your vehicle, if you are not sure then please call the office and maybe we can help you , or take it to your local workshop. Once we receive your unit we will inspect and repair your unit and after thorough testing we will call you for payment. (We always try our best to turnround repairs within working days

Please note : We only support CR1 and CR2 ecu&#;s.
If you have a Dodge or CR3 ecu this is not supported.

Please see how to identify CR1/CR2 below :


Engine Won&#;t start Display shows "start error"

jacobkoski said:

Alternator- Where is the alternator on a L? ( I know lame question) Where is the appropriate place to test the alternator? Is there a certain point on it which would work better?


Click to expand

I cannot visualize the alternator's location at the moment, and it's too cold (and late) to go outside and check. Sorry. :rolleyes:

But, I'll add this: a volt meter connected directly to your battery's terminals as appropriate, should show you volts with the engine running. A lead acid chemistry battery needs a good constant + volts to overcome it's normal internal resistance, or it won't charge properly. But more than 15 volts is just as bad, as it "boils" out the acid, leaving you a dry cell or three-- that would be bad. :frown:

This is as good as test as any, for your alternator's output voltage, with a load.

Directly connecting to the alternator's terminals won't really tell you anything more electrically, with respect to charging.

Some alternators do not like having no-battery/no-load, and you cannot "bench" test these, nor should you run the engine without the battery in place. I cannot say if the sprinter is like this or not, sorry.

With the engine off, again, test the battery directly by touching positive & negative posts with your voltmeter. It should read v immediately after the engine is shut off, and no significant loads. 12v is okay, but anything less is not good.

I've read on other threads here, that the SKREEM module (having to do with the security key) does not like low voltage conditions, and can give you problems if you've a weak battery.

If you've a helper, you can even check the battery's voltage drop during a crank-- again, placing the voltmeter across the battery's terminals, while your helper cranks the engine will show you the voltage-drop during a crank. Different engines tolerate different drops, but if my memory serves, a good rough rule of thumb is, anything much below 9v during cranking is worrisome. I'd check that with Doctor A or one of the other experts, though-- it may be a diesel pulls it lower without issue, as there are no spark plugs to worry about. :tongue:

I have discovered that the SCREEM module does not check security during cranking, if the initial crank-enable conditions are met-- likely because it is unhappy with low voltages. After the engine starts, within a minute, the SCREEM module kicks back in, and if it fails to see the RF, it shuts off the engine. I've confirmed this "feature" personally. :D: :yell:



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Sprinter vans that wont start exhibit a wide variety of symptoms. The dash might dim, it might produce the &#;start error&#; on the dashboard instrument panel, or it might make a single click noise when turning the key.

Frequent causes of a Sprinter not starting can be the ignition module, wiring issues, the wireless control module or a failing starter.

Having the right diagnostic tools to check the the individual components and pinpoint the cause of the problem is important. The cost of replacing the wrong part can leave you with a non-start issue on the side of the road a second or third time and tow bills and lost work hours really add up.

Precision Auto Service in Langley,  is the only shop in the Fraser Valley to have both the Dodge and Mercedes factory diagnostic tools to accurately diagnose the Check Engine Light or limp mode concerns.

We see these issues all the time and we&#;re able to help get you back on the road.

If you&#;re sprinter is acting strange, give us a ring at 

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Error dodge sprinter start

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Mercedes Sprinter Series: Fixed Started Error Code 2.7L 5 Cylinder Diesel! How To: Part 44

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