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"The Restless Ghost" redirects here. For the non-player character featured in the quest, see Restless ghost.

The Restless Ghost


Official difficulty




Getting started

Talk to Chat head image of Father Aereck, File:Father Aereck chathead.pngFather Aereck located in the Lumbridge chapel just east of Link to Bob's Brilliant AxesBob's Brilliant Axes, and he will tell you that a Chat head image of Restless ghost, File:Restless ghost chathead.pngghost is haunting the graveyard in Link to LumbridgeLumbridge. He needs you to help him. He wants you to talk to Chat head image of Father Urhney, File:Father Urhney chathead.pngFather Urhney, located in a house west of Link to Lumbridge SwampLumbridge Swamp, and get some information from him on ghosts.

Finding Father Urhney

Father Urhney location.png

Go south of the castle, and then keep going west in the swamps. You'll soon come upon a small house. Go inside, and talk to Chat head image of Father Urhney, File:Father Urhney chathead.pngFather Urhney about Chat head image of Father Aereck, File:Father Aereck chathead.pngFather Aereck needing help with the Chat head image of Restless ghost, File:Restless ghost chathead.pngghost haunting the graveyard. He will give you an Item image of %7B%7B%3AGhostspeak+amulet%7D%7D, File:Ghostspeak amulet.pngamulet of ghostspeak so that you're able to talk to the ghost. (Note: You will need the amulet of ghostspeak for 8 later quests, so keep it in your bank after the quest. If you ever lose it, Chat head image of Father Urhney, File:Father Urhney chathead.pngFather Urhney will give you another for free. It's advised to obtain multiple amulets via the Link to drop trickdrop trick just in case.) Now, go back to the graveyard in Link to LumbridgeLumbridge, and go to the marble coffin that is located in a small house by the graveyard.

Freeing the ghosts

Wear your Item image of %7B%7B%3AGhostspeak+amulet%7D%7D, File:Ghostspeak amulet.pngamulet of ghostspeak and search the coffin. Talk to the Chat head image of Restless ghost, File:Restless ghost chathead.pngghost who comes out. He will tell you he is missing his skull and wants you to get it for him. He will say he was near the Link to Wizards' TowerWizards' Tower on an island south of Link to Draynor VillageDraynor Village.

Head to the Wizards' Tower, and climb down the ladder in the room directly next to the entrance. Down the ladder you will find an altar. Search the altar. The Item image of %7B%7B%3Aghost%27s+skull%7D%7D, File:ghost's skull.pngghost's skull shall be there, but when you grab it, a Skeleton.pngskeleton will appear and attack you. Kill it or run, and make sure you have the skull in your inventory. Then, go back to the graveyard.

Talk to the ghost. He'll want you to put it in his coffin. Use the skull with the coffin and he will rest in peace. You will see his spirit disappear into the river. When you have done this, you will have finished the quest.

  • Note: Players who complete this quest with a Skill icon of Prayer, File:Prayer icon.pngPrayer
Sours: https://oldschoolrunescape.fandom.com/wiki/The_Restless_Ghost

- 1 Quest Point.
- 1,125 Prayer XP.
- Ghostspeak Amulet.

Start PointStart Point

Lumbridge Church, Father Aereck.

Available to Free Players

Difficulty Rating: 1/5
Length Rating: 1/5


Other: Ability to defeat a Skeleton (Level-13).


Skill: 10+ Combat.
Item: Iron or Steel Weapon, Food.

A ghost is haunting Lumbridge graveyard. The priest of the Lumbridge church of Saradomin wants you to find out how to get rid of it.

Part 1:
A Haunted Graveyard

Step 1
Talk to Father Aereck, Lumbridge Church.
Talk to Father Urhney, Lumbridge Swamp.

Speak to Father Aereck in Lumbridge Church (just east of the castle) and tell him that you want a quest (Picture). Father Aereck will inform you of a ghost in the Church's graveyard (south of the church) that doesn't want to leave; he will ask for your help. If you agree, he will say that you should visit his uncle, Father Urhney, in Lumbridge Swamp.

Leave the Church and enter its graveyard. Exit the graveyard through the gap in the southern section of the fence. Travel west until you reach Father Urhney's hut, which is located on the far west side of Lumbridge Swamps.

Speak to Father Urhney and he will abruptly tell you to go away - he's meditating (Picture). Tell him Father Aereck, his nephew, sent you, and he will listen to what you have to say. Talk to him about Aereck's problem: the ghost haunting the graveyard. Unfortunately, Father Urhney cannot return to the Lumbridge Church for another two years, so he will ask you to go for him; he will give you a Ghostspeak amulet. This amulet will enable you to speak to the ghost haunting the graveyard, to find out what his unfinished business is, and finish it.

Step 2
Equip Ghostspeak amulet.
Go back to Church's graveyard.
Open coffin, talk to the Restless Ghost.
Go to Draynor Village.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Restless Ghost
Now you can speak to ghosts when this amulet is equipped. Return to Lumbridge Church's graveyard, by retracing your steps and upon arrival, open the ghost's coffin. Ensure you're wearing the ghostspeak amulet, and talk to the ghost.

He will tell you that he cannot move on because he thinks a warlock has stolen his skull. He then more or less tells you that the warlock is in the Draynor Wizard Tower.

So head west through Lumbridge Swamp to Draynor Village's Wizards' Tower (Picture). If necessary, bank at Draynor and withdraw weapons or food to defeat the level 13 skeleton.

Step 3
Go to Wizards' Tower.
First room on right, climb down.
Southern part of dungeon, search altar for skull.
Kill skeleton, go back to Church's graveyard.
Put skull in coffin.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Altar RoomItems needed: Weapon, Food to defeat Skeleton (Level-13).

Walk inside, go into the first room to the right and climb down the ladder. Now go to the southern end of the dungeon and open the door. Head into the next room, and search the altar. You will receive the skull after searching the altar, however, a Skeleton (Level-13) will attack and try to stop you; ignore it, or kill it. After you've done this, retrace your steps to return to the graveyard.

Now that you have the skull, you can complete the ghost's unfinished business. Simply place the skull into the coffin, and the ghost will disappear in a small cut-scene.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Quest Scroll

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does the Ghostspeak Amulet do?

The Amulet of Ghostspeak allows you to talk to Ghosts, and understand them.

Q: Is the Ghostspeak Amulet useful after this Quest?

Yes. It is used in the Nature Spirit, Creature of Fenkenstrain, Ghosts Ahoy and Animal Magnetism Quests; all four of these are Members only. If you lose it, speak to Father Urhney in Lumbridge Swamps.

Sours: https://2007rshelp.com/quests.php?id=57
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To begin the Restless Ghost quest, visit the Lumbridge chapel and meet with Father Dereck. You will be inspired to speak with Father Urhney, who is able to be found in a very house on the west of Lumbridge Swamp. Head south on the castle before you reach the swamps, then head west. You will find Father Urhney. You are going to be given an amulet of Ghostspeak, useful to talk to your ghost involved, even though it is also a handy OSRS item to possess in general for other Old School Runescape quests. Head back to Lumbridge and visit the graveyard, the place you will find a small house nearby, using a marble coffin inside which you need to travel to.

Before checking the coffin, make sure you have equipped the Ghostspeak amulet. A ghost will reveal that his skull is missing and ask you to simply retrieve it. The skull is in the mansion south of Draynor Village. Go there and lower the ladder you found near the entrance. You will find an altar, so even if you are attacked by bones, try to find it to get the ghost skull. You can kill it or run for it, so no matter which one you choose, you can return to Lembridge Cemetery after this.

Speak to your ghost just as before, and the man will request that you simply put the skull from the coffin, so utilize the skull about it to grant the ghost rest. His spirit will vanish in the river, therefore completing your adventure. The task is relatively simple, so the rewards are relatively small. If you need more rewards, I still recommend you Buy Old School Runescape Gold, which will be faster.

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[Quick guide] The Restless Ghost Quest

Restless Ghost OSRS Quest


Restless Ghost [OSRS Quest]-20%
  • Restless Ghost [OSRS Quest]

P, Q, R, S, TNoviceF2pQuest

Members Only

Skills/other requirements:

  • Capable of killing or running away from a combat level 13 skeleton



  • 1 Quest point
  • 1,125 Prayer experience
  • Ghostspeak amulet

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  • Starts with P, Q, R, S, T
  • Quest Difficulty Novice
  • F2p/P2p F2p
  • Quest Type Quest
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Ghost osrs restless

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[OSRS] Restless ghost quest guide

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