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Shapewright: Random Starship Creator in 3d

Shapewright is a webpage that produces random starship models in 3d. By typing the name of the vessel at the top and hitting Generate, a new ship is assembled with various ready-made modules. The models are low-poly but has a nice tessellated graphic style against a black backdrop. And if you know how to use a 3d program (SketchUp or Modo for example), you can export the model and continue work on it. I have, among other things, removed specific parts that felt unnecessary and added a few details. Or by slicing the model, outlines for a deckplan is easy to export.

The Traveller Deckplan Page

For ready-made deckplans in the style of the Third Imperium, The Traveller Deckplan Page is a goldmine. Many of the classic starship types are covered. Detailed deckplans, created with Campaign Cartographer, are presented along with stats. To view them, ProFantasy (the maker of Campaign Cartographer) provides a free viewer that can be downloaded from their webpage (

Random Starship Deckplans

Random dungeon generators are quite common these days, but finding the equivalent for deckplans is not as easy. The Random Ship Generator, however, will give you a head start. The plans don't have much in the way of details and no interior objects, but for general layouts of large ships or space stations this is a very handy tool.

1Kale Galactic SR-1212Black Jupiter3Ebon Hawk4Thunder Eta X-25Argonaut6Mercury Isonoe X-97Sigma Green Space Superiority Fighter8Andromeda Ascendant9SDF-1 Macross10Amalthea Mark11Jupiter Blue SR-10112Hermippe Kappa13Star Omega14Inertia Gamma15Theta Harpalyke XI16Raider Fighter17Orbit Metis Explorer18Planetary Ophelia X-4019SA-4320Rocket Hyperion21Thunder Infinity22Nike Betelgeuse23Nirvana24Portia Beta25SA-23J Thunderbolt26Earth Helium VI27Aoede Atlas X-628Nu Atlas29Dwarf Betelgeuse30Atom Inertia31Sun Horizon32Ark33Infinity Starforce34Phoebe Callirrhoe One35Iapetus Calypso IV36Hunter Tau SCS-137Zeta Zeus One38SDF-3 Pioneer39Red Dwarf40Searcher41Dwarf Mark X42Mark Himalia X-3943Eagle 544Upsilon Pasiphae SR-11145Sinope Sky X-2446Icarus I47Callirrhoe Aoede48UNSC C-709 Longsword Interceptor49Raza50Lysithea Amalthea Carrier51Mu Dwarf52Hyperion Atlas53Axiom54Ebon Hawk55Pleiades56Alpha Silver57Skathi Horizon X-2658Aurora59Aoede Horizon60Nike Dwarf SR-10961Orbit Nu62Janus Starforce63Rocket64Searcher65Carme Dwarf66Mu Nu67Pi Kappa68Ophelia Beta Oathkeeper69Gamma Absolute70Leda Erg Five71Pluto Atlas72Gamma Phoebe One73Lewis & Clark74Carme Sky X-2775Warp Pluto76Basroil77Venus Jupiter X-1178Leda Nova V79Ion Europa80Mark Adrastea81Oberon Galactic X-3482Calypso Oberon X-30283Gaspra Omega84Horizon Planetary XII85X-7186Gamma Metis Four87Sanctuary II88Adrastea Wave89Inertia Eros90Zeta Lysithea91Elara Alpha92Messiah93Rocket94Lewis & Clark95Elara Ion96Asteroid Mathilde97Valkyrie98Titan Leda99Telesto Corona Fighter100Axiom101Thunder Green SR-105102Millenium Pluto103Excalibur104Chaldene Star SR-113105Himalia Elara SR-103106Amalthea Kalliope SR-105107Dwarf Condenser108Black Tarvos SR-109109Isonoe Metis SA-43110Avalon111Beta Thunder X-32112Andromeda Ascendant113Omega Aoede114Thebe Mathilde X-5115Callisto Tarvos Space Superiority Fighter116Venus Leda X-2117Ananke Titan118Mark IX Hawk119Red Dwarf120Eros Gamma SR-127121Sinope Helike X-8122Pluto Ida X-7123NSEA Protector124Serenity125Comet Wave X-42126Messiah127Mathilde Oberon SR-105128Zeus Eta129Pi Mars130Kappa Kalliope SR-121131Churchill132Rama133SA-23J Thunderbolt134Nike Hunter SR-139135The Resisty's Ship136Silver Mark X-27137Comet Pluto138Metis Green I139Nike Venus Transport140Mayflower One141Alpha Kale142Horizon Hunter143Titan Telesto144Wave Erg145Iota Lysithea SR-151146Hunter-Gratzner147Galactic Phoebe148Corona Taygete149Phoebe Planetary150UNSC C-709 Longsword Interceptor151Endeavour152Metis Black X-3153Oberon Nike154Daedalus155Mayflower One156R.L.S. Legacy157Terra V158Phoebe Light159Mars Callisto160Valkyrie161Zeta Himalia X-8162Andromeda Ascendant163Terra V164Gaspra Quantum165Sky Dark XIII166Valkyrie167Sinope Pi Destroyer of Worlds168Leda Pluto E-X-1169SDF-1 Macross170Blue Pi171Alpha Hunter SR-147172Mark Pasiphae Two173Nu Gamma X-22174Gamma Calypso SR-111175Friede176Starforce Hermippe Explorer177Bellerophon178Dia Ida179Ida Nebula SR-101180Red Carme X-25181Phoebe Dark182Intrepid183EAS Agamemnon184Iapetus Dwarf SR-117185Zeta Eta X186Silver Mercury187Conquistador188Gaspra Infinity X-301189Ion Sinope190Thunderbird IV191Europa Infinity Defender of Worlds192Alpha Himalia193Jupiter Ironman Pi194Thunderbird III195Harpalyke Callisto196Callisto Kale SR-105197Prospero Skathi198Callirrhoe Elara199Kale Thebe200Gamma Telesto201Thunderbird II202Thebe Hawk X-29203Ophelia Sigma204NSEA Protector205Mercury Ironman I206Icarus II207Starforce Alpha X-32208Nike Janus E-X-1209Serenity210Iota Dia E-X-3211Atlas Starforce XIII212Mark Upsilon213Retribution214Horizon Starforce SR-143215Skathi Themisto216Hermippe Dwarf217Iapetus Iapetus218Iota Pluto219Bilkis220Thunderbird III221Odyssey222Tarvos Ida223Gaspra Eros SR-133224Ananke Portia225Himalia Inertia X-24226Portia Green X-301227Comet Thunder228Elara Ironman229Condenser Oberon230Dark Sinope Argon231Starforce Ida232Ophelia Alpha X-17233Atlas Betelgeuse SR-109234Jupiter Ida SR-139235Atom Zeus236Green Telesto X-15237Atlas Nike238Calypso Mu239Icarus240Helike Comet241Mathilde Eta242Red Dwarf243Galactic Leda XI244Hunter Janus X-37245Themisto Orbit X246Gamma Janus247Upsilon Telesto248Calypso Dia X-302249Silver Light250Wave Falcon X-13251Taygete Amalthea X-26252Corona Eugenia253Eagle Transporter254Megaclite Nova SR-117255Orion256USSC Amalthea257Dark Kappa258Taygete Delta Space Superiority Fighter259Sigma Skathi XIII260Quantum Mercury SCS-1261Mercury Nova Lightbringer262Galactic Omega263Kale Venus264Infinity Kale265Delta Mercury266Helium Xi X-22267Elara Iota268Hunter Dawn269Dark Aster270Planetary Tau E-X-3271Eros Beta Holo272Atlas Tau SR-145273Betelgeuse Inertia X-37274Dawn Mars275Leda Elara276Black Dawn III277Adrastea Sinope278Metis Blue X-35279Kappa Blue280Alpha Mathilde SR-143281Athena282Thunderbird IV283Corona Earth III284Silver Dwarf Oathkeeper285Sun Lysithea286Retribution287Titan Zeus288Eagle Transporter289Nike Starforce290Benatar291Mars Atlas IV292Ananke Kalliope SR-101293Libertad294Ion Infinity295Titan296Mathilde Leda297Delta Mu298Nebula Tarvos299Bilkis300Isonoe Atom SCS-5301Mark Lysithea302Terra V303Millenium Pasiphae304Eros Ironman X-24305Explorer306Dawn Dark307Ion Kappa X-7308Callirrhoe Eagle309Old Bessie310Infinity Red E-X-3311Hyperion Eagle312NSEA Protector313Dwarf Blue314Oberon Kappa X-13315Hispania316Harpalyke Elara317Atlas Starforce318R.L.S. Legacy319Corona Gaspra X-24320Sigma Isonoe321Light Eugenia SR-103322Omega Mark SR-127323Corona Ida324Amalthea Mars Four325Falcon Prospero X-25326Hunter Iapetus327Carme Taygete Holo328Nostromo329Ebon Hawk330Red Tau X-31331USS Jovian SR-133332Odyssey333ISA Excalibur334Atom Pasiphae X-11335Skathi Phoebe X-30336Aurora337Green Thunder338Ananke Portia I339Oberon Alpha340Mars Alpha341Dwarf Gaspra VII342Rocket Black343Sanctuary II344Absolute Orbit345Milano346Jovian Light347Mathilde Betelgeuse348Skathi Mark Explorer349Hermes350USSC Wave351Mark IX Hawk352Black Elara SR-123353Sun Alpha354Millenium Adrastea X-38355USSC Discovery One356Daedalus357Pi Zeta X-21358Themisto Nu X-6359Kappa Mars360Mercury Nu XII361Kale Eta362USS Amalthea Swordbreaker363Helium Taygete X-18364Callisto Eagle Peacekeeper365Betelgeuse Eagle Peacekeeper366Silver Eros X-39367Elara Green X-8368Adrastea Metis369Sinope Condenser VIII370Silver Mathilde371Comet Galactic X-1372Messiah373Venus Lysithea374Heart of Gold375USS Saratoga376Europa Asteroid X-12377Axiom378Eagle Hunter SR-101379Millenium Comet X-9380Galactic Lysithea X-43381Starforce Warp SR-119382Sigma Carme Five383Megaclite Mercury384Black Eugenia385Jovian Himalia SCS-5386Themisto Jovian387Galactic Gaspra388Andromeda Ascendant389Ion Comet390Calypso Planetary391Horizon Ironman Gunner392Nebula Sinope393Eagle Galactic394Pluto Skathi395Xi Betelgeuse X-29396Ida Ida397Eagle Zeta XII398Gaspra Earth399Gamma Inertia400Ebon Hawk401UNSC F-41 Broadsword Exo-atmospheric Multirole Strike Fighter402Corona Adrastea403Telesto Theta404Titania Callisto405Serenity406Erg Europa407Atlas Kappa SR-131408Warp Omega409Hermes410Megaclite Helike X-42411Jupiter Black
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Science Fiction Random Generators Guide [Updated]

Science Fiction Random Generators Guide [Updated]

Generators for spaceships and aliens, star-systems and planets, plots and tech. For your game in the future or a galaxy far, far away...

Non-Fantasy Gen Guides - Science Fiction | Horror | Post-Apocalypse | Cyberpunk | Star Wars

[First Published Jan 2019] Disclaimer: I'm an affiliate for DriveThru RPG

Sci-fi Roleplaying Games

Science fiction games range from old school of Traveller to the more recent Mothership RPG or an option in flexible systems such as Savage Worlds. Then there are quirky universes such as Warhammer 40K and science-fantasy such as Starfinder and Star Wars. If you're here you might like guides for Cyberpunk or Star Wars.

For many the magic of sci-fi is in the spaceships they fly and aliens they meet or fight. For others it is travelling among the stars and discovering strange planets.

Every rpg needs characters and the plots that entangle them

Lastly you may prefer pdfs, tools for specific RPGs or assorted bits and pieces

Space Characters

characters | spaceships | aliens | the stars | planets | plots | sci-fi pdfs | specific RPGs | bits and pieces

Cotterr-499: Exploration Robot. Cotterr-499 has a tracked chassis and a pair of heavy arms, and is equipped with various sensors and survey tools. It is programmed to be courteous and inquisitive.

...from Space NPC generator at Donjon.

Every game starts with characters, and a name can make or break a character. The Sci-Fi Character Name Generator from Sci-Fi Ideas is a place to start.

Many sci-fi characters are in need of a gadget to use or a weapon to wield.

Gadget Namer at 7th Sanctum


characters | spaceships | aliens | the stars | planets | plots | sci-fi pdfs | specific RPGs | bits and pieces

Name: UFS Summertime. Type: Mid-sized dreadnought. Weapons: kiloproton canons, Defence: V2 Photon anti-attack fighters. Condition: Leaking plasma gas from a damaged hull section

...from Starship Generator at

Spaceships will be used for transport, space battles, daring escapes and to define some characters. Adding to the tool above you can get a general description or a little more depth. And then there is a <a href=" target="_blank">Spaceship Generator with descriptions like "This moderate-sized ship is shaped vaguely like a frog with spoilers"

The spaceship model creator can help visualize some spacecraft.

If bits fall off your ship then the Futuristic Spare Parts Generator might help you out.

Or spaceship becomes space dungeon with maps of a sci-fi ship, add space traps and use some creatures from the next section.

Spaceship Dungeon

Aliens and Space Monsters

characters | spaceships | aliens | the stars | planets | plots | sci-fi pdfs | specific RPGs | bits and pieces

Teyincer. Appearance - A familiar quadruped with a peacock head covered with bony ridges. It has the body of a dragon, dragon wings, a dolphin tail, four medium-length ostrich legs and broad, round feet. The Teyincer's body is covered in delicate feathers, while its front is covered in snake scales. It is completely blue.

...first part of a detailed Species Generator from Contains more information on stats, family life and general information.

Aliens and space monsters fill space games, sharing societies, providing trading partners, galactic enemies and cosmic hazards.

You can get a basic alien description or lots of lots of alien ideas at once. Or choose a broader lifeform generator

Flesh it out with a graphical model or some alternative alien names.

The Rand Roller alien

Stars and Systems

characters | spaceships | aliens | the stars | planets | plots | sci-fi pdfs | specific RPGs | bits and pieces

"A monolithic ship, nearly as black as the space around it, suddenly appears out of warp and hails the party in a strange language. The design is unlike anything the party has ever seen. They don’t seem hostile…"

...from 75 sci-fi encounters at DnD Speak

Stars and the systems they inhabit are the cities and nations of the space world, providing place of interest to explore.

For a quick map here is a Sector Generator which also gives basics of worlds, npcs, corporations and more using a system from Stars Without Number.

You can use more generators to detail the stars or expand on a solar system

Crossing the galaxy you might need a sci-fi encounter or encounter a space phenomena. Or try a Scifi Encounter Concept

Stars Without Number sector map


characters | spaceships | aliens | the stars | planets | plots | sci-fi pdfs | specific RPGs | bits and pieces

"The planet Mondas, which is a name which is still disputed, is an ice planet in a fairly large solar system with twelve other planets. Mondas is about 1.5 times bigger than Earth and its gravity is about 0.63 times that of Earth. A single day lasts 48.23 hours and a year lasts 129 days. The planet is made up of 13 continents, which make up 35% of the planet's landmass. 3 moon(s) orbit the planet and Mondas itself orbits a white sun in anarrow, elliptic orbit. Obviously this planet cannot sustain life, the conditions on this planet are far too violent and..."

...from planet descriptions at Fantasy Name Generators

Planets in science fiction act as home worlds for characters and civilisations, mysterious places to explore and points of reference throughout the galaxy.

To get a map and more information try the SciFi World Generator and you might want multiple planets with short descriptions.

Last is my favourite planet Generator with choices including Earth Like, Water World, Frozen Planet and No Atmosphere.

Frozen World

Plots and Quests

characters | spaceships | aliens | the stars | planets | plots | sci-fi pdfs | specific RPGs | bits and pieces

"After doing battle with an enemy spaceship in a remote star system, the ESS Lone Star crash-lands on a planet with no atmosphere. When the surviving crew scout the area around the crash site, they are surprised to discover that the enemy vessel has also crashed. The two crews will have to work together if they are to survive."

From the sci-fi story idea generator at SciFi Ideas

Sci-Fi plots span from a couple of characters to intergalactic conspiracies. They might include robots, time-travel, aliens or new branches of science.

For plots and stories you can try a book and film title creator or see if a Space Quest can give you some creative direction.

space quests from Donjon

PDFs of Random Tables

characters | spaceships | aliens | the stars | planets | plots | sci-fi pdfs | specific RPGs | bits and pieces

If you like pdfs and random tables then...

The Book of Random Tables: Science FictionThe Book of Random Tables: Science Fiction 2Sci-Fi Facility GeneratorSci-Fi Bundle Collection Vol 1.Space & Sci-Fi Encounter Concepts pdf on drivethruQuick Generator - SciFi ObjectsQuick Generator -Space Vehicles

Star Wars, Starfinder and Stars Without Number

characters | spaceships | aliens | the stars | planets | plots | sci-fi pdfs | specific RPGs | bits and pieces

Star Wars has it's own Generators Guide. and Starfinder has Starfinder Tools for all things Starfinder providing a broad range of generators for helping your space fantasy.

Stars Without Numbers has a collection of tables at Chartopia. Generate characters and starships for SWN at Iron Arachne.

Starfinder starship

Space Cities, 7th Sanctum Tech & Scifi Ideas

characters | spaceships | aliens | the stars | planets | plots | sci-fi pdfs | specific RPGs | bits and pieces

Welcome to Zinki's Spacefood Restaurant. All the food on our menu is randomly generated. Starters - Klorgian Vegetable Soup…..5.60c, Jawadan Fruit Soup…..6.50c, Creamed Altusian Pinefruit…..6.50c. Main Courses - Smoked Arethusan Snorkelfish with Cardeveran Pulse-Beans…..6.99c...

... from an alien restaurant menu at Obscure Hub

Finishing off our space gens journey is tech generators at Seventh Sanctum. ideal for ideas, including the robot maker, and med tool. Round that off with weird particles and arcane technomancy

Robots could do with their own section, but here is decent robot generator from

Finally I've mentioned a couple of their generators already but SciFi is full of more generators, inspiration and ideas for everything Science Fiction related...

Your Generator Recommendations

If you like the Generators Guide then send me a space coffee.

I'll keep this guide updated so please suggest Sci-fi generators in the comments or on my Discord server

Non-Fantasy Gen Guides - Science Fiction | Horror | Post-Apocalypse | Cyberpunk | Star Wars

Spaceship Generator -- Free Procedural Spaceship Addon For Blender

Space is big..REALY fact so big, some belive it has no end. But to travel it, you probably need a starship of some kind and that ship needs details.

Ship NameH.M.V. Electrolyte
RegistrationG3 2 -6 2 H
Ship ClassUltra Heavy Mobile Laboratory
Other Details
Age1d4 years
ConditionParts missing
Weapon Systems
PrimaryMark XII Unstable Anti-Matter Rocket
SecondaryMark X Pulsing Psionic Bolt
ArmorMark XV Weak against Singularity Layer
ShieldMark X Weak against Gravametric Limiter

Made using results found in “Starship Kit 1 – Name and registration“, “Starship Kit 3 – Class/Type“,  Starship Kit – Weapon Generator and “Starship Kit 5 – Armor & Shield“


Like this:



Generator sci fi ship

Randomly generate spaceship maps

Geek Native liked Michael Raston’s random and dangerous sci-fi sectors. Blogging at The Lizard Man Diaries he put together a nice solution for quickly putting together maps that your player characters could explore in a sci-fi RPG.

Good news, Raston’s done it again with a system to produce randomly designed spacecraft.

Spaceship leaving Earth orbit by IstakenN

There are a few buttons to press in the generator and different options for human or alien spacecraft. Raston suggests rolling 1d4 to work out how many times to go on the table and combine the results or, for aliens, rolling twice.

Spaceship generator

Next move on to his button powered generators. Here’s a sample below.

Nicely, The Lizard Man Diaries includes the raw tables so you can see the options and links to the origins of the code so you can adapt your own. That’s something Geek Native might try.

Random spaceship battle map links

Creative Commons credit: Spaceship leaving Earth orbit by IstakenN.

Can you make this article better? If you have inside knowledge or a unique perspective please share in the comments below.

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