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Franco is a fictional character from General Hospital, an American soap opera on the ABC network. James Franco originated the character in November 2009, after seeking out a soap opera role. He continued to portray the character in intermittent guest stints through January 2012. The character of Franco is a multi-media artist and serial killer who becomes fixated on Jason Morgan (Steve Burton), a known hitman. Franco terrorizes Jason, along with his friends and family. Jason supposedly kills Franco in January 2012, after Franco allegedly rapes Jason's wife Sam (Kelly Monaco). The character is mentioned often after his alleged death, and for a time it was believed that he was Jason's twin brother. In May 2013, Roger Howarth assumed the role when the character was revealed to be alive. Franco's return brought about the revelation that his biological parents are Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner) and Heather Webber (Robin Mattson). In March 2021, the character was written off after being fatally shot by Peter August (Wes Ramsey).

James Franco's casting on General Hospital was met by surprise and mixed reviews. Franco also used his time on the series to create a documentary that was shown at the Tribeca Film Festival, and turned a scene filming at MOCA into a live performance piece. The attention Franco garnered boosted publicity for General Hospital and the soap opera genre.

Casting and creation[edit]

In 2009, James Franco sought out a soap opera role.[3] Sharing the same agent as Steve Burton, who played Jason Morgan on General Hospital, he went to that series for his request.[3] Franco signed on for a series of 20 episodes[4] that he filmed in three days.[5] He was credited as a special guest star,[6] and first appeared on November 19, 2009.[7] His scenes aired through February 2010.[8] He returned on June 30, 2010 for a summer-long storyline.[9] He next appeared on February 25 and February 28, 2011, bookending his co-hosting job of the 83rd Academy Awards.[10] Franco returned for a longterm stint on September 20, 2011[11] that aired until January 13, 2012.

“Franco is an artist who works with death. He works in a lot of different ways. He does graffiti, performances, photographs. He creates installations based on murder scenes featuring murders he possibly was involved with. He's interested in pushing the boundaries of art – both aesthetically and ethically – and he will go way too far."

—Franco in 2010, on his character[12]

James Franco recalled first approaching General Hospital in an interview with The New Yorker: "I wanted their full treatment, so all I said was that I wanted to be an artist and I wanted my character to be crazy."[3] Franco's friend and colleague Carter, a conceptual artist who Franco was collaborating with on the film Maladies,[5] had suggested that Franco take a soap opera role and play an artist.[13] They would use the material in the film, where Franco plays a former soap opera star.[5] The General Hospital writing staff created the rest of the character,[13] who they named "Franco, just Franco."[4][14]Executive producer at the time Jill Farren Phelps stated, "He’s an unusual character and he has an unusual goal", promising his primary story arc would involve character Jason Morgan.[6] The series promoted the character as "an artist whose canvas is murder". Ken Tucker of Entertainment Weekly compared the characters art installations to a rip off of Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring.[15] Franco is revealed to be a serial killer[11] and a sociopath,[12] whose vendetta against Jason that becomes an obsession.[8] Michael Logan of TV Guide called Franco's fascination of Jason an "ongoing man-crush."[9] James Franco explained to TV Guide: "Jason is a master assassin who's murdered a lot of people and gotten away with it, which is very attractive to Franco. He likes that danger. (Long thoughtful pause) There's an underlying sexiness to that....if that's what you're getting at. Yes, there's a underlying sexiness to that connection."[12]

In May 2013, Roger Howarth—who previously appeared as his One Life to Live alter ego Todd Manning—was cast as Franco. With Howarth's casting, several scenes were re-shot; his casting also marked the first time the character would appear in a regular capacity. On March 9, 2021, it was announced Howarth had temporarily departed General Hospital, however, would return at a later date.[16] He made his last appearance as Franco on March 11.[17]


In November 2009, Franco witnesses the cover up of Michael Corinthos (then Drew Garrett)'s accidental murder of his stepmother,[18] and sends reenactment photos to Michael's uncle Jason Morgan (Steve Burton). Disguised as a homeless vagrant, he spray paints the phrase CO77X around Port Charles.[7] He witnesses a shootout involving Jason[18] and Joey Limbo (Sal Landi), afterwards killing Limbo and repositioning the body in an odd figure.[15] He goes to the opening of his art exhibit, consisting of numerous crime scene reenactments. He asks to meet Jason, who refuses. Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) accompanies Franco to his apartment, where he blindfolds her, photographs her in a chalk outline, and they sleep together. Franco invites Jason to his apartment and says he idolizes Jason's work in organized crime, calling it "art". He tells Jason that they are the same, and is upset when Jason does not agree. Franco hits police officer Ronnie Dimestico (Ronnie Marmo) with a car and tells him to give Jason the message "you choose". Franco kidnaps Jason's girlfriend Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) and his best friend Carly Corinthos Jacks (Laura Wright). Jason saves Carly, but Franco escapes before Jason can follow him. Franco goes to find Maxie, and kidnaps Lulu Spencer (Julie Marie Berman) instead. He holds Lulu and Sam captive above bomb timers on opposite sides of town. Jason races to Sam while Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) goes to Lulu. Sam's bomb turns out to be fake, while Dante reaches Lulu just in time to save her before her bomb explodes. Franco leaves town, later sending a DVD to Carly's daughter Josslyn Jacks as a christening present. The video explains his past motivations and reminds Jason he plans to kill someone for every person Jason kills.

In June, Jason kills Carter (Josh Wingate), who had abused Michael (now Chad Duell) in prison, and his last words are "Franco says hi." In July, Franco dresses as a homeless person[9] and follows Jason home. Dante and Jason continue to investigate Franco, finding his real name to be Robert Frank. They track down his mother, played by James Franco's real-life mother Betsy Franco.[9][19] The character has changed her name from Betsy Frank to Karen Anderson, and denies that she has a son. Franco leaves clues that lead Jason and Dante to Franco's exhibit in Los Angeles, held at MOCA. Based on his exploits in Port Charles,[3] the exhibit is entitled "Francophrenia: Dissolving the Boundary Between Illusion and Reality".[9] Jason and Dante meanwhile discover a DVD that reveals Franco had paid Carter to attack Michael in prison. In an ensuing battle with Jason, Franco apparently jumps off the roof of the building,[3] although the crowd brushes it off as live entertainment. Meanwhile, Franco is suspected of kidnapping Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst)'s newborn son Aiden, and is seen giving Aiden to Franco's mother to raise. Lucky Spencer (Jonathan Jackson) is able to reclaim the child without incident. As he leaves town, Franco is seen requesting his agent to book international model Brenda Barrett (Vanessa Marcil), who later turns down the offer. In February 2011, Franco calls Jason and takes credit for the bombing of Brenda and Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard)'s wedding limo.[20] In March, Carly receives a video where Franco says he will keep a close eye on Josslyn.

In September, Franco is seen taking photos and telling his toy monkey that Jason and Sam forgot his invitation to their wedding. He sets up cameras around the church and replaces Sam's wedding dress. During the reception, Franco watches from his apartment and dances with the dress. He sets up cameras in their honeymoon cabin in Hawaii. Carly finds a package to Josslyn from Hawaii with a note from Franco, and goes to warn Jason. She leaves after Jason hears that Franco is in Toronto, who is then seen at the cabin. Jason and Sam separately return and each find a note and bottle of beer laced by Franco that they drink. Jason wakes up in a locked room, with a TV screen that shows live footage of Franco carrying Sam, passed out, to the bedroom. He taunts Jason about privacy and covers the camera. When Jason is released, he goes to Sam, who faintly remembers being in bed with someone, leading them to believe Franco raped her. Franco sends Josslyn a wind-up baby toy and a video where he promises he will always be there for her. Sam sees Franco's signature NO2CCAH5 recently spray painted in an alley, and their friend Damian Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) believes the last character is symbol meaning 'creation', possibly referencing something Franco created during their honeymoon. Franco adds a zero, which they interpret to mean that there is no beginning and no end to Franco's game. Sam and Michael find a DVD where Franco taunts Jason, saying they are going to be a father. Sam finds out she is pregnant, and has a paternity test that shows Jason as the father. Jason shoots Franco, and as he dies, he says that Jason will never know. Sam finds another DVD from Franco that shows a home video of a baby boy. She goes to see Heather Webber (Robin Mattson), who reveals that her deceased cousin, Susan Moore (Gail Ramsey), was Franco's biological mother, making him Jason's fraternal twin brother. Susan had never known about the baby because Heather sold Franco to Susan's nurse, Betsy Frank. Sam has another test done that shows Franco as the father of her baby, which causes tension between her and Jason. It is later revealed that Heather switched the paternity test and Jason is the father.

In May 2013, Franco (Roger Howarth) gathers Jason's friends at the Haunted Star and reveals himself to be alive. He then admits that he only led Jason to believe he raped Sam, by showing a DVD of what really happened that night. He also reveals with another DVD that he only instructed Carter to protect Michael, not hurt him in any way. Carter's assault of Michael was completely separate from Franco's agenda. After being arrested, Franco gets out on a bail where he makes himself known to the Quartermaine family and connects with his presumed daughter Kiki Jerome (Kristen Alderson) and her mother Ava Jerome (Maura West). Sonny orders Shawn Butler (Sean Blakemore) to perform a hit, but calls it off for fear of innocent people being harmed. Carly lures Franco to the Metro Court and orders Shawn to perform the hit, making him believe it is with Sonny's approval. Shawn fails to kill Franco and Olivia Falconeri (Lisa LoCicero) is shot instead, though this is revealed to have been due to a shot fired by Ava who was also trying to kill Franco at the same time. When Sonny's son Morgan Corinthos (Bryan Craig) begins living with Kiki at the Quartermaine mansion, Sonny and Shawn beat up Franco to warn him away from Morgan. Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn), looking for Franco because he is a prospective bone marrow donor for Sam's son Danny, comes upon the scene and takes Franco to General Hospital. Having lost consciousness, Franco wakes up in a hospital bed believing himself to be Jason and abducts Danny to protect him from "Franco", later confronting Sam who he believes has been tricked by "Franco" to not recognize him as Jason. It is revealed Franco has a brain tumor that has been altering his personality for years. After having a duel with a delusion of himself, Franco is prepared to kill himself and Danny to save them from what he comes to believe are innately violent tendencies, but Carly convinces him to return Danny and go back to the hospital. His tumor is found to be benign and removed, but due to some cancerous cells he cannot donate bone marrow to Danny after his struggle with Epiphany Johnson (Sonya Eddy). While he is sleeping in recovery, it is found that Kiki is not his daughter. In November 2013, Heather reveals that she is Franco's biological mother and Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner) is his father. Not too long after, Franco begins a secret relationship with Carly Jacks.

In December, Franco stabbed his mother after he found her in his apartment about to kill Carly, who was in the shower after Jerry Jacks (Sebastian Roché) fled Port Charles with the help of Ava's brother Julian Jerome (William deVry). Franco then falls victim to his mother's scheme, who frames him for the kidnapping and believed murder of Carly.

Carly is eventually rescued, thanks to intervention from Franco and the police. Since then, Franco has been plagued by jealousy over the connection between Carly and Sonny. It turns out this jealousy, fueled by Franco's new friend and Silas Clay (Michael Easton)'s wife Nina Clay (Michelle Stafford) is "correct", as Kiki informs Franco that Carly slept with Sonny behind his back after he was employed as Art therapist at General Hospital by Chief of Staff and Nina's Aunt Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati). At his birthday party, Franco shocks everyone by proposing to Carly, and he suggests a Halloween 2014 date for the wedding, with it becoming plainly evident that he intends to exact revenge against Sonny and Carly. After exposing Sonny for killing A.J. at the wedding, he trapped Heather, Shawn, Carly, and Jordon in a warehouse and claimed that the door was rigged with a bomb. Although, it wasn't, he used the time to escape with Nina and the baby she had just kidnapped. After being on the run for a short time they were captured. While Nina was sent to Shadybrooke, Franco was sent to prison to await trial for his many crimes. In prison he participated in an escape with Ava, Sonny, and Julian. Franco made it to Shadybrooke in time to save Nina from Heather and injected himself with an overdose of LSD to stay at Shadybrooke with Nina. He survived the overdose, but continues to have trouble with hallucinations.

In March 2021, Franco is shot and killed by Peter August (Wes Ramsey).



James Franco's guest-starring role as Franco brought positive reception in the press.

“I disrupted the audience's suspension of disbelief, because no matter how far I got into the character, I was going to be perceived as something that doesn't belong to the incredibly stylized world of soap operas. Everyone watching would see an actor they recognized, a real person in a made-up world."

—Franco, in 2009[4]

The announcement of James Franco's casting on General Hospital was met by surprise. Some critics felt Franco's appearance was a satire on the soap opera genre.[13]Vulture writers Jada Yuan called it "bizarre but fascinating",[14] and Lane Brown stated "the answer was either a drinking problem or a maniacal desire to be written about on more blogs."[21] Michelle Kung of The Wall Street Journal wrote in 2009: "Fans were puzzled. Had he lost a bet? Was this an elaborate prank? Was he a closet Luke and Laura junkie?"[6] Some critics expressed the role would be detrimental to Franco's career.[1] Others felt it was a smart move that would benefit Franco with publicity; New York Magazine wrote: "Joining General Hospital, and acting like it's just another gig, displays a ballsy disregard for conventional Hollywood wisdom, and adds a line to his résumé that has already generated more discussion than all the Spider-Man movies combined. For any ridicule Franco may get, he's created twice as much intrigue."[22] Kung interviewed executive producer Phelps who explained: "We all had the same reaction of 'Really? Are you kidding?' (...) But we made the plane reservation and he showed up – and could not have been nicer or more humble; he was willing to do whatever we asked."[6]

The reception of Franco's guest stints was mixed. Ratings from young woman viewers increased only five percent, the category that had been expected to rise the most.[23] Roberta Smith of The New York Times stated: "[Franco's appearances] earned him something of a cult following, although I can’t be alone in feeling that their irony is outdone by their lameness."[24] Other viewers positively received Franco's character.[25]The New Yorker magazine called their July 2010 article "Francophenia" one of the top ten highlights of 2010.[26] Willa Paskin of Vulture stated Franco was snubbed to not have been nominated at the 2010 Daytime Emmy Awards.[27] Mickey O'Connor of TV Guide named Franco's 2010 return "Best Weirdness" in his Top Moments column.[28]

Popular culture[edit]

The character Franco's 2010 exhibit at MOCA coincided with James Franco's real life exhibit at MOCA scheduled that summer, presenting his video documentary on his time at General Hospital.[9] Before becoming the director at MOCA, Jeffrey Deitch had been approached by Franco to use his New York gallery Deitch Projects, but Deitch was closing the gallery to assume his role at MOCA. Deitch offered the use of MOCA, despite hesitation from some of his colleagues.[29] Randy Kennedy of The New York Times spoke of Deitch and the General Hospital filming at MOCA in tandem: "That the museum had become a soap opera set was pure Deitch, for better or worse: stuntlike, crazily experimental, scrambling high and low culture, risking ridicule and seeming not to care much when it rains down on his head."[29] Deitch made a small cameo appearance during the filming, as the director of Franco's exhibit.[29] In an interview with the Los Angeles Times Deitch compared Franco's appearances on the series to "the ultimate extension of Andy Warhol guest starring in The Love Boat."[30] The filming at MOCA was simultaneously called a performance piece for the museum, entitled: SOAP at MOCA: James Franco on General Hospital. Franco described: "Soap at MOCA is an attempt to both blur and define the lines between different disciplines, between life and art, between art and popular culture, and between representations of the self as both performative character and as non-performative self."[31] The series won Daytime Emmy Awards for the episode filmed at MOCA,[32] although it received mixed reactions from viewers.[33]

James Franco's real-life documentary/fiction feature Francophenia (or Don't Kill Me, I Know Where the Baby Is) was shown at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival, described as "an experimental psychological thriller set amid the spectacle of a celebrity’s escalating paranoia".[34] Genna Terranova, Tribeca's director of programming, commented: "He's kind of constructed this really interesting and well-crafted film about that experience that plays with the boundaries of documentary. It's a bit tongue in cheek, as James himself can be. He's a bit enigmatic and the film is as well.”[35]


“James Franco's guest stint – or metaphysical investigation into the hall-of-mirrors recursion of celebrity, take your pick – on General Hospital was one of the few times in recent history that daytime television broke out into mainstream discussion, and it's hard to argue that the spotlight wasn't a boo[n] for the genre."

—Keith Staskiewicz of Entertainment Weekly[36]

Franco joined General Hospital during a time of declining ratings for all soap operas.[37] Franco was published in The Wall Street Journal, where he explained his use of the experience as an experiment in performance art and stated: "My hope was for people to ask themselves if soap operas are really that far from entertainment that is considered critically legitimate. Whether they did was out of my hands."[4] Phelps also commented on Franco's appearance helping the genre, stating: "It's just such a kick that somebody who has never done this sort of material doesn't hold that sort of prejudice that we suffer from on a daily basis. It makes General Hospital – and hopefully all of daytime television – a cool place to be."[6]New York Magazine wrote on Franco's impact on soap operas:

Franco essentially is doing something no one has done before: voluntarily, and apparently by his own design, embracing daytime drama. Soaps tend to be treated (unfairly) like a training ground for actors who want to achieve 'real' stardom elsewhere, so an artist of James's talent, youth, and fame level choosing to act there, even for two weeks, is like eating lunch alone in the cafeteria for two years only to have the hottest dude in school ask if he can sit with you and share a plate of fries.[22]

Even in 2013, the character was still an intricate part of several major plots with the reveal of his connection to the Quartermaines, and the introductions of his former lover Ava Jerome, played by Emmy winner Maura West, and his daughter, Kiki Jerome (originated by Kristen Alderson in the spring of 2013).[38]


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Franco was a world-famous artist who had earned a vast fortune by photographing recreations of murder crime scenes. Crimson magazine arranged to host Franco's gallery opening in exchange for his agreement to be featured on Crimson's front page. Maxie Jones was put in charge of the project. She was also asked to persuade Franco to agree to do the photo shoot for the magazine's spread about his work.

Franco easily convinced Maxie to pose for one of his pictures. Afterwards, Franco and Maxie made love. Maxie immediately regretted her tryst with Franco because she was in love with Damian Spinelli. Maxie was unaware that Franco had plans for Maxie and her friends, especially Jason Morgan.

Franco's story began years earlier when he had been a teen in New York City. Franco was a graffiti tagger, whose friend, Ronnie Dimestico, had robbed a liquor store. Franco had taken the fall for Ronnie. Franco went to jail at the age of 18, and while he was there, Ronnie joined the police force. In jail, Franco met numerous men who had bragged about the people that they had killed.

Franco became intrigued with the idea of killing, so shortly after he was released from jail, Franco killed someone. He wanted to see what it was like. As the man lay dying, Franco realized that he didn't feel a thing. Franco decided to turn the murder into art. He picked up a can of spray paint and sprayed "CO77X" near the crime scene. CO77X was the file number of Franco's arrest for the crime that his friend Ronnie had committed.

A young rookie cop by the name of Dante Falconeri caught Franco tagging near the murder crime scene. When Ronnie caught wind of Franco's arrest, he quickly took steps to eliminate Franco as a suspect for the murder. The unsolved case went cold and eventually Ronnie and Dante were reassigned to undercover work in the crime syndicate. Ronnie and Dante's assignment led them to Port Charles, where Dante went by the name of Dominic, a mid-level mobster. Dominic spotted "CO77X" tags all over Port Charles. They were familiar to him, but he couldn't pinpoint where he had seen the tag before.

One night, Jason Morgan and Sonny Corinthos arranged to meet another mobster by the name of Joey Limbo, who had been hired by Anthony Zacchara to kill Sonny. Joey's plans to ambush Sonny and Jason went awry. After a brief exchange of gunfire, Sonny and Jason managed to escape unscathed. However, as they fled the scene, Jason noticed a vagrant standing on the sidewalk and waving to Jason. It was Franco. He had been awed as he watched Jason eliminate Joey's men, one by one. After Jason and Sonny were out of sight, Franco walked over to Joey, who clung to life after multiple gunshot wounds. As Joey begged for help, Franco slowly rested his foot on Joey's windpipe and then crushed it.

Worried about the witness to the shooting, Jason decided to search for the vagrant. He realized that it was Franco when he spotted Franco leaving the gallery opening with Maxie. Jason realized that it would be difficult to kill such a public figure as a famous artist. Things changed when Jason received a disturbing picture in the mail. It was of Maxie posing for one of Franco's photographs.

Jason received another picture from Franco; this one was of Jason standing over Claudia Zacchara's hidden grave in the woods. Weeks earlier, Michael had killed his stepmother as she had attempted to kidnap his newborn sister. Sonny and Jason had quickly covered up the incident. As Jason looked at the incriminating picture, he realized that Franco had to be dealt with.

Jason would soon discover that it was easier said than done. Franco had been watching Jason Morgan for some time. Franco viewed the mob hit man as a kindred spirit. It was soon revealed that Franco had been planning his encounter with Jason for months. Franco wanted to know what Jason would do if he were forced to choose between those he loved. With that in mind, Franco set out to kidnap Sam and then Carly. Franco snatched Sam and then locked her away in a soundproof prison. Next, Franco grabbed Carly, but his plans changed when word reached Franco that Jason had been arrested for Claudia's murder. However, it was a ruse; Jason had enlisted Lucky's help in the hopes of catching Franco off-guard.

The ploy worked. Jason managed to rescue Carly from Franco's studio. Franco was not discouraged though; he quickly nabbed Lulu and then locked her away in a warehouse with a bomb strapped to her chair. Franco lured Jason to his studio. He informed Jason that Sam and Lulu were exactly two miles from the studio, in opposite directions. Franco then revealed that Jason had eight minutes until the bombs that Franco had planted in each warehouse went off. Dominic aided Jason and both women were rescued.

To Jason and Sam's surprise, it turned out to be a fake bomb. However, the bomb under Lulu's chair was not. That bomb exploded. Everyone believed that Lulu and Dominic had perished in the blast, but as the dust settled, they stumbled out of the rubble, unharmed. Meanwhile, Franco slipped out of town.

Franco's obsession with Jason continued when Michael was sentenced to prison after he confessed to the murder of Claudia Zacchara. Claudia's father Anthony agreed to look after Michael in prison in exchange for Jason keeping Anthony's son Johnny alive. Jason did not trust Anthony to protect Michael so he made an arrangement with Claire Walsh, the federal prosecutor that had handled Claudia's murder. Jason pled guilty to some charges in exchange for receiving the exact sentence Michael had. The other condition was that Jason would be Michael's cell mate.

By the time Jason arrived in Pentonville, Michael had already been attacked by a man named Carter. Michael initially refused to share any details of the attack with Jason, but he later told Jason that Carter had raped him. Jason killed Carter and as Carter died, he told Jason that "Franco says hi." When the judge that had sentenced Michael learned he had been attacked in prison, he agreed to release Michael into Dante's custody. Although Michael went free, Jason remained in prison.

Franco wanted Jason released from prison so he sent Dante pictures of a murder victim. The pictures were taken before the police arrived. Claire Walsh was interested in bringing Franco to justice and she realized she needed Jason to make that happen. While Franco waited for Jason's release from prison, he posed as a homeless man and lurked around Harbor View Towers. He also sent Maxie several dozen roses anonymously and hand delivered the final flowers to her. She had received a total of sixty-six flowers. Franco asked Maxie to say "hi" to Jason and then he disappeared.

Claire secured Jason's release into Dante's custody until Franco was apprehended. Then Jason would return to prison to complete his sentence. Jason and Dante tracked down Franco's mother in Woodstock, New York and questioned her about her son, although she denied having one. Franco visited his mother after Jason and Dante left and apologized for their intrusion. His mother worried Franco had gotten into some sort of trouble, but he assured his mother that everything was fine.

When Franco returned to Port Charles after visiting his mother, he observed Jax playing with Josslyn in the park. Franco made his presence known and he presented Josslyn with a small toy monkey. He left when Jax called the police but he promised Josslyn he would see her again soon.

Franco used the number sixty-six as a hint to Jason. Sixty-six was the number of roses sent to Maxie and Franco rented a house off of highway sixty-six. Franco expected Jason to find the mansion and he left him another clue. It was a flyer promoting a singer named Kalup Ishmael. Franco paid Coleman ten thousand dollars in exchange for Kalup to perform for one night at Coleman's bar Jake's. Kalup only sang one song. He performed "Route 66" which Jason interpreted to be another hint from Franco. He left similar hints with Sam and Lulu.

Franco's hints led Jason to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. Dante accompanied Jason. They were met at the gallery by a man named Willhelm. He represented Franco and commented that Franco had described Jason as a true artist. Willhelm showed Jason and Dante a special collection of Franco's work which included replica furniture from Jason's life such as Josslyn's crib. All the furniture was tagged with Franco's signature "CO77X." Franco also left Jason a television and a dvd which showed a conversation between Carter and Franco. On the DVD, Franco instructed Carter to handle Michael any way he wanted to in prison as long as Jason received the message "Franco says hi."

Franco returned to the art gallery and prepared for his new exhibit to open. He explained to Willhelm that there would be two players in the show. Franco named his exhibit "Francophrenia" and it was several large screens which played his encounters with Jason. There was a special introduction that personally welcomed Jason and warned that only one would survive the evening.

The audience believed they were witnessing performance art when Franco grabbed a woman and held a gun to her head. Franco pushed the woman into Jason and he escaped into a stairwell. A videographer followed Franco into the stairwell and Franco strangled him to death.

As Jason hurried after Franco, Dante received a call that Elizabeth Webber's newborn son Aiden had been kidnapped from the hospital. Lucky was working on the case and suspected Franco was involved in the kidnapping since all of the hospital television monitors were wired to run a speech by Franco. In his speech, he mentioned that Aiden was a big part of the next stage of his plan. Aiden's hospital identification bracelet also ended in the number 66. Jason found Franco on a catwalk above the gallery and Franco admitted he started to understand Jason's connection to Michael since he met Josslyn. As Franco stood on the catwalk, he yelled that he knew where the baby was and then he fell from the catwalk onto a "Route 66" road sign on stage. Jason and Dante believed Franco was dead.

Franco was very much alive and he paid a surprise visit to his mother. He did not arrive alone. He had Elizabeth's son Aiden with him. Franco explained to his mother that he had privately adopted the child for his mother to raise and he arranged for his mother to start a new life in a new location. His mother questioned why he gave her an infant and Franco told his mother she deserved a chance to raise a child that was not as difficult as he had been. Franco was pleased when his mother named the baby Pablo and agreed to be the child's mother. Lucky tracked down Aiden and he was returned to Elizabeth.

Franco took off on a private jet. While Franco was on the jet he made a call to book a specific model for his next project. The model was Brenda Barrett. She refused to work with him.

Franco was gone but he wanted to make sure Jason still thought about him. He accomplished this by arranging for Carly to find a picture of him in with Josslyn's christening photographs. Carly relayed the information to Jason and they decided that Franco remained a threat. Franco was not heard from for a few months until Josslyn was recovering from a kidney transplant. Carly received a message from Franco promising that he would be keeping a closer eye on Josslyn.

Although Franco did not appear to the residents of Port Charles, he continued to monitor Jason's relationship with Sam and he watched their wedding reception through a hidden camera. When the couple honeymooned in Hawaii, he made contact with Carly inquiring about Josslyn.

As Sam and Jason continued their honeymoon, Franco watched them on hidden cameras that he had planted in their villa. He drugged both Sam and Jason and locked Jason in a room with a video monitor which showed Sam and Franco in the bedroom of the villa. While Sam was drugged, Franco took her out of the shower and placed her on the bed. He covered up the camera so Jason was unable to see what happened next.

By the time Jason escaped, Franco had disappeared and Jason informed Sam that Franco had been there. Sam was unable to determine if Franco had raped her or not and the couple returned home. Franco sent a message to Josslyn again and left graffiti tags around Port Charles that referenced creation. He also sent Jason a video in which he announced that he and Jason were going to be a father. His taunt proved to be correct after Sam realized that she had conceived a child while in Hawaii and was unsure who the father was. Jason eventually tracked Franco down and Franco was presumed deceased. It was later revealed that Jason was the child's father.

However, Franco secretly survived Jason's ambush while Jason was killed by Cesar Faison. Shortly before Jason's death, it had been revealed that he and Franco were fraternal twins. A few months after Jason's death, Franco arranged for Jason's loved ones to gather together and he revealed that he was alive. Everyone was shocked and Franco announced that he wanted to make amends for the pain he had caused. Franco shared video footage which showed that he had never raped Sam, nor had he instructed Carter to rape Michael while he was in prison.

After the party, Franco hired Diane Miller to represent him and he was released on bail. Franco planned to take control of his shares of the Quartermaine family business ELQ while he searched for the daughter he had never gotten to know. Franco knew that his daughter Kiki was in Port Charles because her mother Ava had paid him a visit and warned him to stay away. When Franco arrived at the Quartermaine mansion, he was not welcomed by the family but he did meet his daughter.

Kiki wanted nothing to do with her father and Franco blamed Ava for keeping them apart. Ava refused to accept Franco's blame and revealed that she knew he was responsible for tampering with ELQ brand condiments which brought company stock prices down. Ava agreed to keep Franco's secret and help him develop a relationship with Kiki in exchange for her share of the wealth Franco planned to gain from ELQ. Ava and Franco pretended to be in a relationship together to show Kiki that Franco was not dangerous.

Kiki remained wary of Franco until he was hospitalized after an altercation with Sonny Corinthos and his enforcer. Sam's mother, Alexis Davis, found him and brought him to the hospital. She explained that Sam's son Danny had leukemia and was in need of a bone marrow transplant and that Franco was a potential donor. He agreed to be tested and as he was treated for his injuries sustained from the assault, he suffered a seizure. After the seizure, Franco believed that he was Jason and set out to protect Sam and Danny from Franco. He took Danny out of the hospital. Sam confronted him and demanded that her son be returned. An altercation occurred between the two and Franco left Sam unconscious and fled with Danny.

Meanwhile, test results showed that Franco suffered from a brain tumor. It was the same type of tumor and located in the same region as the tumor Jason had previously experienced. While Franco had Danny, he grew more confused and Carly reached out to him. She convinced him to return Danny and he returned to the hospital to undergo surgery to remove his tumor. Franco's attorney convinced a judge that his prior crimes were a result of the tumor and the charges against him were dropped.

As Franco recovered from surgery, he learned that although he was a free man, Kiki was not his daughter and that he was not eligible to be a bone marrow donor for Danny. He was disappointed by the news about Kiki and Franco hoped that Carly would be there for him. Carly was reluctant to trust him but they spent his birthday together. However, Franco's progress with Carly was halted after Heather Webber paid Franco a surprise visit and he was forced to allow Carly to believe that he had slept with someone. Carly confronted Franco and they shared a kiss.

Franco continued to pursue Carly romantically but she refused to forgive his past transgressions against her family until the night of Franco's art show. Heather made a scene at the gallery and announced that Franco was her son with the newly appointed district attorney Scott Baldwin. Heather went on to explain that Franco was the product of a tryst she and Scott and shared in the past and she supplied proof. As Franco tried to process the news, he rescued Carly's son Michael from the harbor and Carly chose to believe that Franco had changed. She reached out to Franco and they became lovers.

Although Franco was overjoyed to have Carly in his life, he feared for her safety after Heather threatened to harm her. Franco caught his mother in an attempt on Carly's life but he turned the tables on her and stabbed her in the stomach with her own knife. He believed that he had killed her and buried her body, unaware that Heather was still alive. Heather's "death" at his hands caused Franco to wonder if he had truly changed since the tumor and he sought out professional help from Dr. Kevin Collins. He was relieved when Kevin agreed that his attack on Heather did not fit the pattern of the crimes he had committed in the past.

Carly and Franco made their relationship public although Carly's friends and family did not approve. When Carly suddenly disappeared, her family immediately suspected that Franco was involved even though he was adamant in his claim of innocence. Eventually the evidence started to amount against Franco and his father Scott Baldwin, was forced to arrest him. Franco found an ally in Kiki and she stated that Heather was safely locked away in a psychiatric care facility. He explained that Kiki's report was impossible and she helped him escape from police custody. Franco was shocked to discover that Heather's grave was empty but a note was left in the place where her body had been. He believed that his mother was responsible for Carly's disappearance and that she had framed him. Franco turned to his father for help and was surprised when Scott agreed.

Franco's theory regarding his mother was correct and he rescued Carly. He continued to protect her even after Heather shot him in the chest. Heather was taken into police custody and Franco was transported to the hospital for surgery. He survived and was grateful to have Carly by his side as he recovered. They declared their love for one another and Franco helped Carly keep secret that Sonny had killed Michael's biological father A.J. Even though Carly had confided in Franco, he was bothered by the closeness she shared with Sonny. Franco moved in with Carly but he doubted her reassurances that he was her priority over her ex-husband.

Although Franco and Carly resided together, he continued to question her relationship with Sonny. He shared his concerns with his art therapy patient and friend Nina Clay. Courtesy of Nina, Franco learned that Carly and Sonny had slept together and he responded to the news with a marriage proposal for Carly and presented her with a necklace that doubled as a camera. Carly accepted the offer of matrimony and the gift, which Franco used to secure proof of Carly's infidelity. His secret camera also caught Sonny's murder confession and Carly's knowledge of the crime. With the video in his possession, Franco moved forward with the wedding and planned to surprise Carly with it at the ceremony.

On Halloween, the date of the wedding, Franco announced that he would not marry Carly and publically revealed her infidelity. His bombshells continued as he showed Michael the video of Sonny and Carly's confession of what had happened to A.J. Afterwards, Carly stormed away and encountered Franco's final surprise, his mother Heather Webber. Franco prevented Heather from shooting Carly but did lock both women in a warehouse where Heather was holding Shawn Butler and Jordan Ashford.

As Franco made plans to leave town he learned that his good friend Nina had kidnapped Ava's baby. He took Nina and the baby with him away from Port Charles to his home in Canada. While hiding out from the authorities, both Nina and Franco bonded with the baby and they decided to raise Ava's daughter as their own child. However, the police tracked them down and Franco was arrested. He was transferred to Pentonville to await his trial while Nina joined his mother at Shadybrook. When Franco learned that his mother had targeted Nina, he feared for Nina's safety and he joined in on the prison break that Sonny, Ava, and Julian had planned.

Franco arrived at Shadybrook in time to stop Heather's attack on Nina. Heather had planned to inject Nina with LSD. The attack prompted Franco to inject himself with LSD to ensure that he would be declared mentally unstable and able to remain at Shadybrook with Nina.

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The Character Everyone Forgets That James Franco Played On General Hospital

Believe it or not, Franco's character's name ... was Franco (pictured above). Initially introduced as a single-named artist with a death fixation, the character wreaked havoc across the canvas from November 2009 to September 2010.

"I wanted their full treatment, so all I said was that I wanted to be an artist and I wanted my character to be crazy," Franco said in his New Yorkerinterview. And so it was that Franco threatened lives, kidnapped children, killed multiple people and seemingly raped popular heroine Samantha "Sam" McCall (Kelly Monaco), Jason's lady love. This was a moral point of no return for the soap's audience, who delighted when Franco was shot to death by Jason in 2010.

But after James Franco's stint on the soap opera, the character was revived in 2013. Now played by soap vet Roger Howarth — who had experience making unpopular characters popular after his One Life to Live character Todd Manning went from gang rapist to popular hero — it was revealed that Franco's sociopathy was all due to a brain tumor — and that he hadn't actually raped Sam at all.

The character's redemption was surprisingly successful. By the time Franco was killed one more time in March of 2021 — this time apparently for good — he had settled into a popular romance with nurse Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst), was co-parenting her three teenage boys, and had won himself a pair of legacy parents, Heather Webber (Robin Mattson) and Scotty Baldwin (Kin Shriner). Which just goes to prove that there really is somebody for everyone.


In August 2017, after returning from New York, Franco moved in with Elizabeth and her boys after Hayden Barnes left Port Charles.

In November 2017, Franco was questioned by the PCPD if he had anything to do with holding everybody at Metro Court Hotel restaurant hostage. He denied any involvement holding everybody hostage and he was at General Hospital when that happened and he was therefore unharmed and eliminated as a suspect after Nathan was left unharmed. It was revealed that two men Frank Andersonand Greg Barnesdid it in revenge for their boss Cesar Faisonand it also left Mayor Janice Lomaxoutraged.

On August 7, Franco found out that Cameron is missing and soon found out that he had been abducted by Hank Archer aka Shiloh who bores a striking resemblance to Nathan West. Franco goes to find Cameron and found him at DeWitt Street with Shiloh and his new accomplice Arthur Cabot who had been released from prison one week earlier.

On August 12, when Franco woke up, he told Elizabeth he needed to see his superior officer, meaning he is no longer Franco Baldwin; he is Chief Andrew Cain without his sister-in-law Hayden Barnes knowing.

In January 2020, Franco gains a new enemy Cyrus Renault who is currently serving at Pentonville Penitentiary when the shooting occurred leaving Franco unharmed when he heard the news about them after Hayden Barnes left Port Charles again and was nowhere to be found.

On February 11, Franco comes back and attempts to get reinstated as Art Therapist at General Hospital nearly two weeks after the three shootouts and nearly a week after Sonny visited Cyrus Renault in prison as Franco attempts to fill his sister-in-law Hayden's shoes.

On February 28, Franco became worried when Cameron was abducted along with Trina and told his wife Elizabeth to call the police. He figured out that Cameron and Trina's driver was Franco Walker working with Cyrus Renault in revenge for Faison, Shiloh, and Cassandra Pierce. After Cameron and Trina were rescued and became scared and traumatized, Franco and Elizabeth became scared and traumatized along with them in the aftermath as they spoke to the police after Cameron and Trina were interviewed and debriefed with a statement.

One month later after his death, Yuri Tamashevichcomes into Port Charles.

General hospital franco

Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) was graced with the presence of an angel from up above- or so it seemed. Dr. Austin (Roger Howarth) showed up miraculously, brining the phrase, “the right place at the right time,” to reality.

Maxie was in dire need of saving when Austin strolled by in the forest where she was giving birth to her baby girl. After fighting off fake nurse, Chloe Jennings, Maxie saw a silver lining when Austin approached and she didn’t have to go about having her baby alone.

Previously, General Hospital news reports claimed that Roger Howarth’s new role on GH would be much lighter than his previous role as the redeemed, yet dark and disturbed, Franco. According to a source, the writers at GH wanted to steer in a different direction, as they tried to get away from the evil things Franco has done. Particularly, letting Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) believe she was raped by Franco.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Austin has a connection to Port Charles, and it’s been rumored that he is actually a Quartermaine. Being a Quartermaine is all fine and dandy, however, there’s much more to it than that.

General Hospital previews show Austin showing another side of him as he is shown pushing Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) from behind. Dante and Sam are trying to get to the bottom of what happened at that cabin where Peter’s fake nurse took Maxie. Austin claims he has zero involvement even though he owns the cabin.

Sam is onto Maxie, and she and Dante know that she’s lying about something. They need answers and it seems that Austin has too much to hide and is standing in their way of the truth.

Micki Brown

Micki is an avid General Hospital fan. Her passion for writing and the compelling nature of the storylines is a perfect equation for writing a GH blog. Micki has a Bachelor of Science degree from Oakland University and spends time writing poetry and song lyrics.

GH - James Franco - 11.20.09

What Happened to Franco on GENERAL HOSPITAL

Franco has had quite a crazy history on GENERAL HOSPITAL, and there have been plenty of times fans have worried that Franco was leaving GH.  But if you take a look back at what this character has been through, he’s survived everything from falling off a roof to a brain tumor, so he’s pretty resilient! The character of Franco was originated by actor James Franco in 2009, and he made occasional guest appearances in 2012. However, in 2013, Roger Howarth took over the role and Franco became a series regular.

Franco was introduced as an artist and serial killer who was intent on torturing Jason Morgan. Working on an art exhibit of crime scene reenactments, he seduced Maxie Jones and kidnapped Sam McCall and Carly Corinthos in order to get Jason’s attention. He felt that Jason’s work in organized crime was art and threatened to kill someone every time Jason took a life. Jason rescued Carly but Franco abducted Lulu Spencer and trapped her and Maxie with bombs on opposite sides of town. Jason saved Sam while Dante Falconeri got Lulu out just before the explosion. Franco also killed Carter, who had abused Michael in prison. During a fight with Jason, Franco apparently jumped off the roof of the building but the crowd assumed it was part of a show.

General Hospital Franco Jason

Dante and Jason learned that Franco’s real name was Robert Frank and tracked down his mother, Besty Frank. The psycho kidnapped Liz’s son, Aiden, and gave him to Betsy to raise, but Lucky was able to get the boy back. Franco also took credit for the bomb that blew up Sonny and Brenda’s wedding limousine. After Sam and Jason got married, Franco followed them on their honeymoon, drugging them and leading Sam to believe he had raped her! After a paternity test showed that Sam’s baby was Franco’s, Jason shot and killed the psycho. Later, Heather Webber claimed that her cousin, Susan Moore, was Franco’s biological mother, making him Jason’s fraternal twin brother. A subsequent paternity test again indicated Franco was the father of Sam’s baby, but thankfully Heather later confessed she’d tampered with the results.

In 2013, Franco revealed that he was still alive and that he had not actually raped Sam, but only tortured Jason by making him think he had. After being released on bail, Franco took advantage of his connection to the Quartermaine family and connected with Kiki Jerome, who Ava Jerome was claiming to be his daughter. After Sonny and Shawn Butler beat up Franco, he awoke believing himself to be Jason and abducted Danny to protect him. Eventually, it was revealed that Franco was suffering from a brain tumor that had caused his psychotic behavior and it was removed. This also helped him avoid legal repercussions for his many crimes.

General Hospital Carly Franco

Heather finally revealed that she was really Franco’s biological mother and that Scott Baldwin was his father. He also learned that Kiki wasn’t his daughter. Franco began to develop feelings for Carly, so Heather kidnapped and attempted to kill her. Nobody really approved of Carly and Franco’s relationship, especially when they became engaged. However, at the wedding, Franco revealed proof of Carly’s infidelity with Sonny and their cover-up of Sonny’s murder of A.J. Quartermaine!

Franco then got mixed up with Nina Reeves, who had kidnapped Ava’s baby, and took them to Canada. They planned to raise the baby as their own, but the authorities caught up with them. Nina went to Shadybrook, while Franco was locked up in Pentonville. But he participated in a jailbreak that got him to the mental hospital in time to save Nina from Heather, who was also a patient there. He injected himself with LSD in order to remain at Shadybrook with Nina.

When there was a series of killings at the hospital, Franco became a suspect, but Liz helped clear his name. And when Liz’s rapist, Tom Baker, was stabbed to death, Franco was also arrested for that, but he was revealed to be innocent. Liz continued to grow closer to Franco, although many warned her about the guy. He even bonded with her children, especially Jake, helping the tormented boy through a rough patch where he was being brainwashed by Helena Cassadine!

General Hospital Liz Franco

After the reveal that the man they thought to be Jason was really Drew Cain, Franco learned from Betsy that she had raised them both as children but sent Drew away after Franco pushed him down the stairs. Even as he and Liz got engaged and prepared to marry, Franco worried about his past and sought help from Dr. Kevin Collins. After recovering memories of the abuse he suffered from Jim Harvey as a child, he confronted the guy but ended up almost being killed himself before Drew saved his life.

After postponing their wedding, Franco and Liz continued to live in domestic bliss, and he became a father figure to her boys, especially young Aiden. Unfortunately, when Ryan Chamberlain switched places with his twin, the serial killer began murdering again and tried to pin the crimes on Franco! Jordan convinced Franco to go along with her plan to confess to the crimes himself in order to smoke out the real culprit, and Franco helped bring Kiki’s killer to justice.

Although Liz married Franco while he was temporarily behind bars, the couple finally had a proper wedding reception on The Haunted Star.  But the honeymoon was over as soon as Franco rescued Cameron from Shiloh‘s clutches by taking his place and being implanted with Drew’s memories! Believing himself to be Drew Cain, Franco abandoned his new family and slept with Kim Nero, who was more than happy to assuage her grief by pretending that she was back with Oscar’s father. Ultimately, the pressure of Franco’s friends and loved ones caused him to give up his plans to live as Drew and agreed to undergo a risky procedure to have his original memories restored.

GH Liz Franco

Franco got back to his “normal” life, but was shaken when Obrecht was arrested for arranging for attempting to kill him and Andre and didn’t believe her protests she’d been framed. Franco also began spending more time with Ava as he painted her portrait but at the unveiling, it was defaced and tagged with his old CO77X tag! He also became jealous of the time Liz and Nikolas were spending together, but it was later revealed that a cash-strapped Franco and Liz were working with Scotty to blackmail Nikolas and Ava! In the end, though, Liz felt too guilty, so Franco agreed to abandon their scheme. However, just as things were settling back down again, Franco suddenly collapsed during a karaoke night out!

Later diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, Franco swore Dr. Terry Randolph to secrecy, wanting to keep the truth from Liz for as long as possible. Naturally, Liz found out and immediately offered her husband support, but he worried he would return to his psycho behavior and asked Jason to kill him if that happened! Things got even more complicated as Franco began to hear voices as though Drew’s memories were coming through again. And though he was touched when Cameron shaved off his hair in solidarity, Franco worried he didn’t have much time left.

Sadly, when Franco’s memories of Drew led him to confront Peter about the long-ago kidnapping, it did not end well. He managed to record Peter’s confession to his multiple crimes, but when the guy broke out of his bonds and grabbed a gun, the struggle over the weapon ended with Franco shot point-blank in the chest! After Peter left him for dead, Jason found Franco and though Liz tried to administer emergency first aid, by the time they had loaded him into an ambulance, Franco was dead. And Liz blamed Jason for killing him!

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