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Incorrect Quotes Templates

A: I hate birthdays… What do I even say? Congrats on your survival? Good job on not sying?

B: Happy birthday?

A: Oh yeah, that works.

A: B, can I talk to you for a moment? In private.

B: Ooh, someone’s in trouble! It’s me, I don’t know why I sad that.

A: If you think you’re unattractive, just look into the mirror. Now you know you’re unattractive. Education.

A: I did a thing.

B: A thing?

A: Let’s not talk about the thing.

B: We’ll talk about the thing later.

A: I honestly don’t think you could even tie your own shoes without me.

B: I’d make it a week.

A: Really? What’s your social security number?

B: …

B: Five.

A: I have the highest kill count in this family.

B: You don’t have the highest kill count.

*Playing two truths and a lie*

A: Okay my turn! Um… okay. My eyes are brown. I’m basically sample sized. And one time I escaped from a Thai drug lord’s car trunk by bribing him with sex.

B: Right idea, honey, but it’s got to be more challenging for everybody…

C: Their eyes are blue.


B: You did what?!

A: Why are you smiling?

B: What? Can’t I just be happy?

C: D tripped and fell in the parking lot.

A: But what about C?! They were my soulmate!

B: You said that about a ball of yarn once!

A: We need a distraction! Is anyone here good at making annoying noises?

B: My time has come.


Incorrect Templates

  • A: Bonjour, [B]. Voulez–vous coucher avec moi?
  • B: No, I don't want to sleep with you.
  • A: Is that what that means? Oh, man, I had a really gross tennis instructor.
  • A: [B], we tried things your way.
  • B: No, we didn't.
  • A: I did it in my head and it didn't work.
  • A: That's not funny.
  • B: I thought it was funny.
  • A: You don't count. You started laughing in the middle of a funeral because you started thinking of a meme you saw on Facebook.
  • A: Which movie are you and [C] going to see tonight?
  • B: Oh, I always go to whichever movie [C] wants.
  • A: Which one do they want to see?
  • B: I haven't decided yet.
  • A: It'll be fun.
  • A: We'll make it a boys day.
  • A: Come on you punk bitch.
  • B: I can't believe I have to say this.
  • B: I don't have time to get tested for sti's with you tomorrow.
  • A: Oh and for your information, I don't have an ego.
  • A: My facebook photo is a landscape.
  • A: Are you sure [B]'s even gay? They barely even looked at me.
  • A: Can you keep a secret?
  • B: Well, I'm good until I meet the next person.
  • A: You think you're smarter than everyone else.
  • B: I don't think I'm smarter than everyone else. I know I am.
  • A: I got grounded for a whole week just because I came home late.
  • B: Well, you deserved it. I mean, getting everyone's hopes up like that and then showing up again.
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  3. Space camp newton ma

Incorrect Quotes

Person A: I’m dating Person B.

Person C: I always knew your standards were low, but not that low.

Person A, after winning a fight: It’s like we just clear a video game on easy.

Person B: Real combat is NOT like a video game.

Person C, in the background: Hey! Coins!

Person A, whose first language isn’t English: Hello! I’m sorry if my English isn’t very good.

Person B, whose first language is English: hte fuckign

Person A, frustrated: There’s only a certain amount of dumb I can be! Surely!

Person A, using a knife to unscrew a screw: You know, they say use a Philips head screwdriver, but they also say you should pay attention in your social studies class. But that didn’t happen! Now I don’t know where New Mexico is.

Person A, to Person C: This is my friend, B.

Person B: Nice to meet you, Person C.

Person C: You too, sweetheart, you’re so pretty!

Person C, whispering to Person A: She’s your girlfriend?

Person A: No.

Person C: Good. You can do better.

PersonA: Those guys are definitely plotting something.

PersonB: Maybe they’re scheming.

PersonA: No, scheming looks different. They’re definitely plotting.

Person A: Don’t be wholesome,  it makes me feel like a prick.

Person B: Feel like?

Person A: Only 2 things I know about Albuquerque: Bugs Bunny shoulda taken a left turn there, and gimme 100 tries, I’ll never be able to spell it.

Person A, way overreacting: Here I am! Walking around big city! All alone! I sure hope no monster comes out and attacks me! That would be the last thing I want!

Person B, popping out of their hiding spot: What are you doing?

Person A:You wanted me to be bait. I’m bait!

Person B: That’s not how bait talks.

Person A:How do you know how bait talks?

Person B: I know bait doesn’t talk back.

Person C, E, and D, popping out of their hiding spots: OOOOoooooooo!

Person C: Oh no you didn’t!

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Incorrect Quote Templates

Person A, looking into a mirror melodramatically: What am I?

Person B, who is grapes: I’m grapes!

Person A: Okay Person B, first: empty your mind!

Person B: Done!

Person A: That was easy!

Person A: I ate a cat.

Person B: You make me want to cry. That’s -in my opinion- kind of cruel, but even so I do respect your opinion.

Person A: I will eat another.

Person A: Is anime over yet?

Person B: …clarify please?

Person A: Has it ended?

Person B: Anime is a Japanese animation style that has been used for a very long time; and I doubt it will end any time soon.

Person A: Damn.

Person A: When you’re happy, you enjoy the music. When you’re sad, you understand the lyrics.

Person A: (sobbing uncontrollably while listening to Two Trucks)

(Person A and B at someone’s door)

Person A: Person A and Person B Babysitters, at your service!

Person B: We sit on babies!

Person A: (snickers) …not literally!

Person B: Yeah, not in Italy!

Person A: There’s a new kid in our class.

Person B: Well! What’s their name?

Person A: WHO KNOWS?

Person B: Are they nice?


Person B: (grinning) Do you like them??

Person A:


Person A: Okay Person B, you can go home.

(Person B silently enters a car and drives away)

Person C: …was that their car?

Person A: No.

Person A: Person B, can I set fire to my mattress?

Person B: No, Person A.

Person A: Can I ride my tricycle on the roof?

Person B: No, Person A.

Person A: …then can I have a cookie?

Person B: No, Person A.

Person A: They’re on to me.

Person A: Can you think of anything better than cutting into a warm loaf of bread?

Person B: Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big, 𝐘𝐄𝐀𝐒𝐓𝐘 boy. I love me some bread, but I would fuckin’ love to find Atlantis. I tell you what… I think that’d be a little bit better.


Quote templates incorrect

incorrect templates

Person 1: wizards are better at magic than me, but im better than wizards at rap. so i guess it breaks even

Person 1: or it would if i was a pretend jackass in silly robes and a dumb beard

Person 1: so point goes to me 

Person 1: what should I get person 2 for their birthday?

Person 3: medication

Person 1: can you imagine not being human and just living out your days as a weeping willow, though? beautiful? by the water? unburdened? ideal.

Person 2: i wanna be the one from harry potter that beats the shit out of everyone and everything.

Person 1: we need a distraction. Is anyone here good at jumping up and down and making weird noises?

Person 2, whispering: my time has come

Person 1: do you like tall girls or short girls?

Person 2: Men.

Person 1: If you had to choose between Person 2 and all the money I have in my wallet, which would you choose?

Person 3: That depends, how much money are we taking about?

Person 2: Person 3!

Person 1: 63 cents.

Person 3: …I’ll take the money.

Person 2: PERSON 3!!!

Person 1: I’m kind of crushing on someone, but I’m worried about telling you who it is, because you’re not going to like it

Person 2: Just rip the bandage off.

Person 1: It’s Person 3.

Person 2: I’m not dealing with this. Put the bandage back on.

Person 1: name a way to be nice to others.

Person 2: don’t kill them.

Person 1: setting the bar a little low, but i’ll allow it.

Person 1: they’re the person of my dreams!

Person 2: you say everyone is the person of your dreams.

Person 1: I have a lot of dreams

Person 1: I was taught to think before i act.

Person 1: … if i smack the shit out of you, rest assured i thought about it and i’m confident in my decision.

Incorrect Series Quotes [Binge Compilation]

Incorrect OC Quotes


hello! i’m sorry to say that i will be… uh… abandoning this blog, i guess, although i will be leaving it up for archival purposes.

i just don’t really have the energy to run it anymore, and i kind of always knew that it wouldn’t be a forever sort of thing. it was fun to run while it lasted, but i think it is time for me to move on to other things.

i won’t be handing this blog over to anyone else, but i encourage any of you to start your own blogs <3

unfortunately, i also will not be posting the rest of the submissions, so if you submitted something, i’m sorry.

i’ve had some anons come into the inbox to check on me, and i’m totally okay! just tired, haha… but nah, i ain’t got got by the virus or anything yet, so. ;)

thank you so much for all the support on this blog, and i wish you guys the best of luck in your oc creation and story writing! keep being really super cool 💕

No one has the permission to smack my ass.

One of your OCs

(submitted by thegayomelette)

  • Character A: Do you even know what an amulet is?
  • Character B: Of course I do! I eat amulets sometimes. I like the ones with cheese and onions!
  • Character A: [Character B], those are omelettes.
  • Character B: Oh. Then I’ve got nothing.
  • (submitted by monokuro-adventures)
  • Character A: Avenge my death.
  • Character B: You’re not dying, [Character A].
  • Character A: AVENGE ME!
  • (submitted by anonymous)
  • Character A: Alright, which one of us is gonna check outside?
  • Character B: Not it!
  • Character C: Not it!
  • Character A: ...Neither one of you are as dumb as you lead on to be.
  • (submitted by anonymous)
  • Character A: Well, aren’t you all a rag-tag group of adventurers with unclear goals and good hearts! Oh, let me guess: you’re out to save the world!
  • Character B: Well, actually, that sounds like a pretty fair assessment.
  • Character C: More or less, I guess...
  • Character D: That sounds awesome! Let’s do that!
  • Character E: I’m new here, but I am open to the concept.
  • Character F: I thought that’s what we were doing, guys, come on!
  • (submitted by anonymous)
  • Character A: God damnit, [Character B]! I don’t know what you did, but you go down and you fucking apologize for whatever it was!
  • Character B: What?! I’m not apologizing! Those assholes left me for dead!
  • Character A: Did you fuck up?
  • Character B: ...What even is fucking up really?
  • Character A: AAAH! You fucked up!
  • (submitted by anonymous)
  • Character A: I don’t need you micromanaging me! Okay?
  • Character B: Oh Really?! Because after the events of today, I would have to respectfully disagree! Now, set the timer-
  • Character A: I know what I’m doing!
  • Character B: That is an opinion you are having!
  • (submitted by anonymous)
  • Character A: Hey ya’ll. So, I know I’m the new guy here, but I think I can speak for everyone when I say... I don’t know what the fuck is going on.
  • Everyone: Agreed.
  • (submitted by anonymous)
  • Character A: What is the one thing I told you not to do?
  • Character B: Burn the house down.
  • Character A: And what did you do?
  • Character B: I made dinner.
  • Character A:
  • Character B:
  • Character A:
  • Character B: And burnt the house down.
  • (submitted by atubofbetraskansoftserve)

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