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Battery Pack Instructions

Charging Time:

Plug charger into the bottom of the battery pack to charge. The charging time for a full charge is hours.

Battery Life:

On a single charge the battery will last up to 30 hours on low intensity and 12 hours on high intensity. This translates to days clinically per charge.

Intensity Control:

You have complete control over the brightness of the light with the intensity knob. The brightness is linearly adjustable from 15% to %.

LED Indicatior:

On the Smart Charger:

Green Light = Battery is fully Charged
Red Light = Charging in progress 

On the Battery Pack:

Constant Orange Light = Low battery; 20 minutes of battery life left.

Smart Charger:

Input:  V
Output: V, A 


Lithium-ion batteries are amongst the most common batteries used today. Although li-ion batteries are generally safe to use, if used incorrectly, they can cause damage or injuries. To prevent this from occurring please take the following safety precautions when using the LumaDent Li-Ion Battery Pack:

• Do not charge the battery overnight/unattended. As a general guideline we recommend charging batteries during your lunch break. Charging the battery for only 1 hour will give you up to 5 hours of use. 

• Do not drop, immerse battery in liquids or store near a hot area as this may cause the battery to rupture.

• Please, only use a LumaDent specified charger when charging the battery, use of a non specified charger can affect battery longevity

• If the battery acts abnormally, contact us right away.

Sours: https://www.lumadent.co.uk/instructions

Q-Optics Loupes

Comfortable, Ergonomically adjusted

A good pair of Loupes can help correct the unnatural posture during dental procedures that may result in dental hunchback. Incorrect working distance or wearing an inappropriate head-mounted Loupe will cause excessive strain and fatigue to the eyes. Wearing a customized Loupe, enlarges the doctor&#;s spatial field of vision, that will improve the quality of surgury, suture, and any other procedures. Furthermore, a customized loupe can reduce the risk of scoliosis and keep your posture in the best working position to reduce unnecessary burdon, even in extended procedures.

Exceptional Customer Service

JPS provides 5 years warranty (except scratches). Please contact us for consultation, our professional Loupe technicians will come and take your measurements.

Sours: https://jpscientific.net/en/medical/q-optics-loupes/
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Prism Loupes


Multi-layer prism, high optic, high clarity

Higher light transmittance allows higher clarity, combined with various magnifications result in concentrated imagery and more precise treatment. Military grade scratchguard also extends product life.


Near Sighted, Presbyopia, Stigmatism, Far Sighted, can all be customized.

Regardless of your vision, JPS can help you see clearly without straining your eyes.


x / x / x

7 layers of prismatic lenses allows wider vision, higher clarity, and precision.

Utilize the most comfortable magnification to avoid improper position and reduce physical stress.










11 different colors

Multiple frame colors adds color to your practice.

Click on color swatches to see samples

Sours: https://jpscientific.net/en/portfolio-item/prism/
Q-Optics Prism Loupes - Cellerant Award Winner

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Best Dental / Surgical Light for Loupes (Lumadent Prolux / Airlux / Unilux vs BFW Daymark Headlight)

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