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  • No Ordinary Light Bulb Store

    Our power of choice is From LED and fluorescent to vintage and groundbreakingly new, visit us at one of our light bulb store locations and chances are, we‘ll have that weird or hard-to-find light bulb in stock for you.

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  • Our power of choice is Whether it’s hanging up Christmas lights, decking out your patio with bistro lighting or something as simple as changing a light bulb, our mobile installation team is ready to go.

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    Don’t let your broken desk lamp waste away! Take it to one of our light bulb store locations and we’ll keep its light shining bright for you.

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Display and Under Cabinet Lighting

Display and Under Cabinet Lighting When planning to remodel your new kitchen, don’t neglect what style of lighting to install. ...

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Holiday and Christmas Lights

We Install Holiday and Christmas Lights Though Santa Clause hasn’t come to town yet, the sound of sleigh bells is ...

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Landscape and Patio Lights

We Install Landscape and Patio Lights Simple logic would suggest that the most active time of the year for a ...

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Light Bulb Replacement Service

Light Bulb Replacement Service We get it—light bulb replacement is quite the hassle. No one wants to climb up a ...

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About the Company

Turn On The Lights With Light Bulbs Unlimited

Since 1985, Light Bulbs Unlimited has maintained its reputation as a unique light bulb store. Though our foundation is selling special lighting and hard-to-find light bulbs, we have evolved into a full-fledged mobile service installing residential and yes, even holiday lighting. Having now offered A-Z lighting products & services to Los Angeles homes & businesses for over three decades, no hardware store can fulfill your lighting needs quite like Light Bulbs Unlimited.


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Monday - Friday: 8:30 am - 5:30 pm

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Sundays: 12 pm- 5 pm

All major credit cards are available!


Fox E., Yelp

They basically have all the hard-to-find bulbs and similar products, and many which you wouldn't be able to get anywhere else.  Anything non-standard or rare that you can't find, stop by here and there is a great chance they might have it hiding away in here.

Scott O., Yelp

Great selection, great service. Hats off to David and Grant for being friendly and helpful.

Tony S., Yelp

Easy exchange on some lights bulbs that went out. Owner took care of it . LOVE that!! I will be coming back!!


Click on the coupon above, print, and show at the store to receive 10% off your next purchase at Light Bulbs Unlimited.

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Light Bulbs Unlimited

Looking for LED replacement lamps, bulbs and fixtures for commercial interior and outdoor lighting? Welcome to Light Bulbs your online source for LED commercial lighting products

Facility managers, convenience store owners, property managers, wholesale electrical supply houses, electricians are welcome to browse Light Bulbs for the latest and best energy efficient LED replacement lamps.

Whether you need an LED interior lamp or fixture or an outdoor area light, our partners will have a ready solution for your application. Here you will find the LED A-Lamp replacement for the 60 watt incandescent light bulb, the hugely popular SimpleTube LED refrigerated display lighting, the LED PAR30 Floods  and the LED MR16.

Call sales toll free 1-844-LED PROS (1-844-533-7767)

Energy saving light bulbs and hard to find light bulbs are now available online for home, office and commercial uses. Whether you are a household or business trying to save on energy and GO GREEN, you can now buy quality light bulbs and lighting fixtures at the best price and shop from the largest inventory. Energy efficient lighting has several advantages over traditional light sources.

Bulbs like LED lamps when compared to general service incandescent lamps give the same amount of visible light but use about a tenth of the power. Using less power your new energy efficient lighting system is cooler and gives off much less radiant heat, resulting in sustainable energy savings. Important features of energy saving lamps like LED circline retrofit lamps are the color rendering index or CRI and the color temperature.

Light Bulbs Unlimited


















Lighting systems using LED, T5 or T8 tubes give excellent color rendering and should be used for tasks requiring the most accurate color discrimination. A lamp with a 5000K color temperature and a CRI of 98 produces light that is perceived as bluish white (similar to daylight) and it does an excellent job of rendering colors across the spectrum.

Another area of expertise for Light Bulbs is lighting retrofits and replacement of fluorescent tubes with energy efficient LED sign lighting. No matter where your business is located, our representatives are available to assist you in becoming energy efficient and qualify for any utility rebates.

If you operate distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, packer and shipper facilities looking for energy solutions, Light Bulbs, LED PROS WorldWide and partners isyour source for energy saving devices, LED lighting and lighting fixtures.

Call Toll Free 1-844-LED PROS (1-844-533-7767)

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Vintage Light Bulbs * Call (818) 501-3492 - Light Bulbs Unlimited


The first Light Bulbs Unlimited store in Florida opened in Fort Lauderdale in 1987 and immediately became a bright point on the South Florida landscape. Many of the first visitors were motivated more by curiosity than need, and most were amused by the concept that anyone could make a living by just selling light bulbs. It did not take long however for people to appreciate what a valuable resource the store was to the community and just how seriously the staff at LBU took their logo if we ain't got it we'll get it!

Over the years we have remained responsive to our customers' needs and this has led to Light Bulbs Unlimited becoming more involved in the lighting fixture business. Our showrooms house an eclectic collection of modern and contemporary lighting fixtures and fans, elegantly displayed on custom-built ceiling clouds and wall panels. We have retained our unique identity as the light bulb store by installing library ladders for access to a prominent floor-to-ceiling wall of binned light bulbs. And we will still do whatever it takes to find the light bulb you need!

Today the Light Bulbs Unlimited Lighting Showroom Group consists of nine established locations across South Florida, Orlando, Naples and the Treasure Coast. We gratefully acknowledge that our steady growth would not have been possible without the ongoing support of our loyal customer base in Florida and it is for this reason that we are committed to maintaining and improving the level of customer service throughout our organization. Our sales staff members are enrolled in our training program LBU University and attend lighting shows and seminars to ensure that they stay on the cutting edge of new lighting technologies.

We actively promote energy efficient and Green products and we are proud to be the first to offer the new TRIO LED track light made by MSI SSL. For more information please visit

Have a lighting or light bulb question? We invite you to visit or contact any of our stores today. No matter the question, large or small, we would be delighted to serve you.

Light Bulbs Unlimited Lighting Showrooms is a member of the american lighting association.


Unlimited light bulbs

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Vintage Light Bulbs * Call (818) 501-3492 - Light Bulbs Unlimited

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