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Download 25+ Best Free Themes For Windows 10 Desktop In 2021

Want to get right to the point? The Akrapovic Theme & Aurora Borealis are our favourites from nature and car themes for the free Windows themes to pep up your desktop.

If you’re struggling to select a better desktop interface for your Windows PC, you may rejoice as there are some wonderful Windows 10 HD themes to download for your desktop. These are the best themes for Windows 10 which consist of some classic high-definition images, sound, and interface graphics that can entirely alter the way your desktop looks.

Expanded across various concepts and art, each of them have an added essence of nostalgia, peace, and wonder.

We have selected a few beautiful but unique Windows themes to download that can enhance the visual appeal of your Windows 10 desktop. You can install and uninstall them with one click and most importantly, they are safe and free. We are going to discuss some of the most popular themes like nature themes, car themes, movie themes, art themes, etc.

Download Free Microsoft Desktop HD Themes For Windows 10 In 2021

From the lot, download themes for Windows 10 easily from the links given below. Here is the list of best free Windows 10 themes-

Best HD Car Themes for Windows 10 Free Download:-

This section is for hard-core car lovers. Find stunning themes related to various cars and motorbikes in this section. Check them out!

1. The Akrapovic Theme

The Akrapovic Theme- desktop theme windows 10

In this section, our first theme is inspired by Akrapovic, the popular exhaust systems manufacturer. If you enjoy studying about vehicles, this theme will interest you. You can find 10 images in this theme.

2. Muscle Cars

Muscle Cars best car theme for Windows 10

‘Muscle Cars’ is another great theme, which will certainly attract the attention of muscle cars lovers out there. The theme offers 14 muscle cars images that you would love to drive one day.

To download the above-mentioned themes or more from Automotive section, click here.

Natural Wonders Themes For Windows 10:-

If natural wonders of the world amaze you, themes like these are perfect for your desktop screen:-

3. Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis- nature theme windows 10

Aurora Borealis is a great theme for Windows 10, which is provided by Microsoft. You can find 8 images in the theme that provide a persian greenish environment to your desktop environment.

4. Community Showcase :Rural Landscapes 2

Community Showcase Rural Landscapes 2

If you are in love with rural landscapes, the ‘Community Showcase :Rural Landscapes 2’ is the best theme for Windows 10.

5. Desert Panoramic

Desert Panoramic- download windows 10 theme

If you like the scenic beauty of deserts, Desert Panoramic is the theme for you. You can 13 images in the theme package.

To download the above-mentioned Natural Wonders or more, click here.

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Plants & Flowers Themes For Windows 10:-

If you love plants and flowers, these themes will attract you.

6. Beautiful Blossoms

Beautiful Blossoms theme for Windows 10 desktop

If you love flowers, you will fall in love with this theme. ‘Beautiful Blossoms’ offers 15 images in the package.

7. The Forest Floor

The Forest Floor downlaod desktop themes

The Forest Floor is a theme for those who admire scenic beauty of the forest. The theme contains 10 HD images, which you will fall for.

To download above-mentioned themes and more from the Plants & Flowers, click here.

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Branded Desktop Themes For Windows 10:-

Check out some branded themes in this section.

8. Captain America

Captain America best movie theme on Windows 10

Many people love Marvel universe and many of them admire Captain America. Thus, we’ve listed a Captain America theme for his fans. The theme consists of 8 high quality images.

9. Halo:Reach

Halo-Reach download free windows 10 themes

Here’s a theme for every Halo fan. The Halo: Reach theme includes 12 mind-blowing HD stills from the game “Halo:Reach”.

To download the above-mentioned themes and more like them, click here.

Art (Photographic) Themes For Windows 10

If you like photographic art, you are going to love these themes:-

10. Captured Moments

Captured Moments download desktop theme for Windows 10

This section consists of 12 great images that were captured at the right moment. These images are random but stunning.

11. Ice Castles

Ice Castles Windows 10 theme download

Have you ever dreamt of Ice Castles? Here are some images which will help you visualize those dreams on your computer screen.

To download more themes like this, click here.

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Some Random Windows 10 Desktop Themes:-

12. Butterflies

Butterflies best desktop theme

You can choose the Butterflies theme, if you like nature’s beautiful creation ‘Butterflies’. By installing this theme, you will get 13 magnificent high-quality images of Butterflies relaxing on flowers. A pitch-perfect theme for any entomologist!

Click here to apply Butterflies theme onto your desktop.

13. Jellyfish Theme

Jellyfish Theme download free windows 10 theme

Have you ever seen Jellyfish underwater? You would have admired this mystical creature for its spectacularity and serenity. We have included this jellyfish inspired theme in our list of best free Windows 10 themes a we are certain that you’ll like it. Click here to download the Jellyfish theme.

14. Snowflakes and Frost Theme

Snowflakes and Frost Theme

If you love winters, you would surely love snowflakes and frost. The Snowflakes and Frost theme is one of the best Windows 10 themes. Though the theme does not contain any winter sceneries, it offers stunning close-ups of frost and snowflakes. It’s worth a try. Download the Snowflake and Frost theme by clicking here.

15. Cat Theme

Cat Theme animal theme for windows 10

Here’s a theme for cat lovers who want to see cute and pretty cats on their computer screen. The cat theme will awe you because of its 19 amazing HD pictures of cats. Click here to download the Cat theme.

Black Themes for Windows 10 Desktop:

16. Windows 10 Official Dark Theme

Windows 10 Official Dark Theme

To begin with, if you need a decent black background and interface on your Windows 10 desktop, you must check the official Windows 10 official dark theme. You can easily activate the Windows 10 dark theme through Personalization settings. Just follow these three simple steps:

Step 1: Press Windows key and I together

Step 2: Head to Personalization>>Colors

Step 3: Scroll Down and under Change Default App Mode, select Dark.

This would change the background theme color for Windows apps, Taskbar, Search bar, and Microsoft Store’s app to black. However, for third-party apps, the theme may work depending on whether the app supports it or not.

17. Hover Dark Aero

Hover Dark Aero

This is the first of the third-party dark themes compatible with Windows 10. Since Windows 10 doesn’t have other black themes, you need external downloads to have more. Hover Dark Aero is a grey-shaded black theme, wherein the icons turn grey while the folder Windows turn dark once the theme is applied. The theme can be patched with Windows personalizations using UxThemePatcher, a tool without which you can’t apply external themes on Windows desktops.

Step 1: Once you’ve installed UxThemePatcher, download the theme here.

Step 2: Paste downloaded files over location – C:\Windows\Resources\Themes.

Step 3: Now select Hover Dark Aero from Personalization settings as your Windows 10 theme.

18. Ades Dark Theme

Ades Dark Theme

Ades is not exactly a Windows 10 black theme but contains a color combination of dark grey, green, and a little bit of blue. But for those who work mostly over computers and are constantly in front of the skin, Ades is quite soothing to the eyes. It gives a fresh look to your old-school white-background in File Explorer and tweaks up the icons as well.

For applying Ades, you can download the theme here and proceed to apply it. Of course, you will need UxThemePatcher to patch the themes with default Windows themes in a folder – C:\Windows\Resources\Themes.

Classic Themes for Windows 10 PC:

19. Classic Windows XP Themes

Classic Windows XP Themes

The nostalgic original Windows XP theme can now be installed over Windows 10 PC. Users are still in love with that blue-shaded desktop theme despite the fact that it has been more than a decade since people moved on from Windows XP. If you’re one of those people, then you can have it on your PC by just fulfilling a couple of conditions.

You need to download two add-ons on your PC:

Classic Shell allows customization of Windows 10 tools to alter the look of icons, desktop, explorer menus, etc. With the XP Suite, you’ll be able to get Windows XP classic theme on your system, which would be imposed on all app icons, user interface, and font style.

20. Windows Classic High Contrast Themes

Windows Classic High Contrast Themes

In Windows 10, you can activate the classic Windows themes, which resembles the desktop settings of the older Windows operating system versions. Though these themes make minimal changes to desktop appearances, they do change colors and the contrast everywhere on the screen.

These themes don’t have to be downloaded from any external source. All these apps are pre-installed in Windows 10 in the folder – C:\Windows\Resources\Ease of Access Themes. Here, all you need to do is double-click on any of the themes and those particular colors would take over on your system desktop appearance.

21. Windows Grey Theme

Windows Grey Theme

On Deviant Art, an online social network for sharing artwork and videography, there is a Windows original theme available. Though it is not exactly the same as original Windows, one can’t seem to ignore the resemblances.

Step 1: You can visit the download link here and download the file.

Step 2: Paste the file in folder path – C:\Windows\Resources\Ease of Access Themes.

Step 3: Add the theme from Personalization settings.

Ensure that you have the c installed in advance on your PC. And then you can enjoy a new interface on your PC, taking you back to the original Windows days.

macOS Themes for Windows 10 Desktop

Believe it or not but Apple’s interface has that vibe that upgrades your experience on the PC. The vibrant colors, high-def wallpapers, and stylized icons and file explorer areas are worth having on your PC. Now, Windows users can also have that experience enabled on their systems. Checkout these HD macOS themes for Windows:

22. Sierra macOS Theme

Sierra macOS Theme

This is the theme that transforms your Windows 10 PC into Macintosh’s thirteenth operating system. The best part is that this theme doesn’t only apply to desktop, but also to the internal folders, interface, and icons. This means that you can enjoy a complete Mac interface on a Windows PC.

There is just one small issue. There are many folders that are renamed in Apple’s Mac. For example, there’ll be Apple’s icon on the top-left corner of the screen. The system information folder says “About This Mac”. There is a folder that says Apple Software Update which is redirected to the Windows update page. All these things remind you that it’s a fake experience. And this may lead you to get over this very quickly.

Download on Deviant Art

23. macOS Transformation Pack

macOS Transformation Pack

If you feel a bit awry of the drawbacks mentioned above of Sierra macOS theme for Windows, you may go for this amazing transformation pack. This pack only works on icons, login page, themes, file menus, and wallpapers. It would transform the style and font of your This PC menu as that of MacBook’s file explorer. The names of system folders would remain the same as in Windows, and only the icons and interface would be affected. Most of the transformations in this macOS transformation pack for Windows has been adopted from the Yosemite OS X of Mac.

Download Transformation Pack Here

24. macOS Catalina

macOS Catalina

For getting the latest interface experience from Mac to Windows, this is the best theme for you. It works just like the transformation pack, but the features, themes, and styles are heavily adapted from the latest macOS Catalina. And this includes the dark mode feature as well. But the design is still under regular updates as the users are reporting any flaws. So if you decide to go through this, you must regularly check for updates.

Also, ensure that you have UxThemePatcher installed on your PC. Once you’ve downloaded this theme, just copy the files in folder path – C:\Windows\Resources\Themes. Once it’s done, change the theme through personalization settings.

Download on Deviant Art

HD Windows 10 Themes with Sound

Many Windows 10 themes with sounds are available on Microsoft’s own support site. You can access them all here. These thees play custom sounds when you start-up your system. You can also set this sound as default for different operations such as minimize/maximize the window, double-click, etc.

We have selected the top three, but again, this is just a personal opinion based on personal preferences. If you have got some other favorites, that’s completely your call:

25. Angry Birds

Angry Birds

Inspired by the video game of the same name, this Windows 10 custom sound theme features sounds of birds chirping, screaming, and shouting. These sounds are same as those of the characters portrayed in the game and the Angry Bords movie. The theme is, of course, embedded with six images of the characters from the game.

Download Here

26. Glowing Beaches

Glowing Beaches

If you’re looking for some soothing beach sounds with graceful images of natural sea-shore environments, then this is the theme you should go for. It comes with fourteen different images and associated sounds. With these high-definition images, you can personalize your desktop with some of the most peaceful and picturesque attractions.

Download Here

27. Halo: Reach

Halo Reach

Once again, a theme for gamers, who wish to venture into deep space and outer galaxies. This theme is inspired by characters and landscapes from the video game Halo. Containing thirteen images, the pictures comprise high-def. Images of asteroid fields, spaceships, and galactic colonies; thus compiling a vibrant artwork of mesmerizing color combinations.

Download Here

Latest Windows 10 Themes

1. Official Windows 10 2021 Light Theme

Official Windows 10 2020 Light Theme

The new 2021 Windows 10 Update has brought a few changes to the interface of your Windows 10 desktop. While the Dark Mode of Windows 10 2021 update looks all the same, you will notice a few changes when you enable the Light Mode.

The theme offers a grey-ish taskbar and notification bar, along with a newly designed Start menu. The similar color changes apply to the folders and drives as well, but you can choose to keep the folders in the dark separately while only bringing the change to the taskbar and notification bar. The theme is a part of Windows 10 latest update rollout and therefore doesn’t require any theme patcher.

Step 1: Head to Right-click ? Personalization.

Step 2: Head to Colors.

Step 3: Change color to Dark else change to Custom.

Step 4: If you choose Custom Colors, set default Windows Mode to Light.

Your Settings will be placed in effect.

The Windows 10 2020 Update will be currently being rolled out to all Windows 10 licensed users and can be downloaded by visiting your system’s Update Settings.

2. Flattastic


Falsttastic is one of the most minimalistic Windows 10 themes for Windows 10 desktop or laptop. The theme somehow resembles the latest update; however, the theme has got sixteen different variants to apply. While there is little change in the icons, the theme adds up a second taskbar on the top-centre of the Windows 10 Desktop.

The theme has both dark and light mode with eight variants in each mode, and you can download either of them. It also offers different color gradients to light your folders and drives and give it a more contrasting look above basic light (white) and dark (black) themes. You’ll, of course, require the UX ThemePatcher to make this theme work. Once downloaded copy and paste the theme files on location – C:\Windows\Resources\Themes 

Download Light Version

Download Dark Version

These are some best free themes to download for Windows 10 that we believe you would love. These themes are safe and most of them are sourced by Microsoft. We hope that the article helps you to find out the best themes for your Windows 10 desktop. Share your experience with us in the comments below. Also, let us know if we have missed out some outstanding but safe Windows 10 themes for the PC.

Frequently Asked Questions –

Q1. What are the best themes for Windows 10?

Any HD theme for Windows 10 would be great for your system. Choose from the list above and download themes for Windows 10. 

Q2. Which is the best desktop wallpaper for Windows 10?

You can select any of the best desktop wallpaper from the above mentioned themes for you Windows 10.

Q3. How to change the theme in Windows 10?

Follow these steps to change the themes in Windows 10 – Go to the Start menu > Settings> Personalization>Themes. Click on the available themes and apply. To get more themes, go to the Microsoft Store and search for the best Windows 10 themes for free download.

Q4. Are there any 4K themes for Windows 10?

Yes, recently Microsoft has released 4K themes for Windows 10. You can get them from the Microsoft Store by searching for a 4K Windows theme download.


Bored of the regular Windows 10 images on the computer? Well, in this post, we have compiled some of the best Windows 10 Natural Themes that you can apply over your computer. 

These all have recently appeared on the Microsoft Store with a few exceptions. Each one of the below themes is applicable only to Windows 10 version 14951.0 or higher. So, before proceeding any further, make sure to check the current Build version at . 

Top ten Windows 10 Natural Themes for PC

Here is the collection of best 10 Natural Themes for Windows 10 device –

1. Japanese Islands

Release Date – 6/10/2020, Approximate Size – 15.64 MB.

Japanese Islands PREMIUM Windows 10 Theme

2. Take a Hike

Do you love traverse timeworn trails across Sandstones, over Mountains, through forests, or by lakes? If yes, then you will truly love “Take a Hike” Theme and its 16 sets of high-quality and premium wallpapers. 

Release Date – 4/23/2018, Approximate Size – 15.98 MB.

Take a hike

3. Beauty of China

You must have come across the word “Great Wall of China”. Well, downloading and applying this theme, you may also get a glimpse of breathtaking views of China from pavilions to bridges to canyons to islands. “Beauty of China” Theme includes 16 premium high-quality pictures free to apply on the Desktop Screen.

Release Date – 4/30/2020, Approximate Size – 17.84 MB.

 Beauty of China

4. Bridges in Autumn

Love decorating the Desktop Screen with the serene beauty of Nature? Download Bridges in Autumn Theme to your computer and enjoy the scenic route home across bridges bathed in the reds, corals, golds, and greens of the fall season. This includes a collection of 13 high-quality wallpapers meant to beautify the Monitor Screen only.

Release Date – 10/20/2017, Approximate Size – 18.6 MB.

Bridges in Autumn

5. Czech Winter

Czech Winter is a great theme depicting the beauty of Snowy Season all over the country. Its 5-set of free wallpapers portrays rooftops of Prague to tracks in the country snow.

Release Date – 3/27/2017, Approximate Size – 3.85 MB.

Windows 10 Natural Themes

6. Monsoons

Being a super-lightweight theme, this fills the PC screen with the colorful images of several cute animals bathing in the Rain. Monsoons Theme comprises 16 beautiful images following the rains around the world. 

Release Date – 3/5/2020, Approximate Size – 3.82 MB.

Monsoons Windows 10 Theme

7. Panoramic Train Views

Release Date – 11/28/2019, Approximate Size – 31.54 MB.

Windows 10 Natural Themes - Panoramic Train Views

8. Swimming Holes

Swimming Holes is another interesting theme by Microsoft that captures the Natural formation of a “Swimming Pool”. This year, you must have missed ways to cool off. So, if such pictures soothe your mind, download and rotate through the 18-image set of best spots by Nature.

Release Date – 6/15/2018, Approximate Size – 18.02 MB.

Windows 10 Natural Themes - Swimming Holes

9. Winding Roads

Roaming on the hairpin curves at height with Greenish sight always thrills our mind with excitement. If you love traveling through such Roadways (way up, down, and around), you will admire the 18 thrilling premium 4k images that Winding Roads Theme provides. 

Release Date – 11/18/2019, Approximate Size – 29.9 MB.

Windows 10 Natural Themes - Windings Roads

10. Wish You Were Here

We would like to finish our Best Theme Collection with a lovely yet memorable personalizing theme. As its name suggests, Wish You Were Here theme consists of 9 images portraying more than one meaning. Download & apply this theme and try connecting with the hidden meanings on the wallpapers it provides. 

Release Date – 12/21/2019, Approximate Size – 29.32 MB.

Wish You were Here

How to download & apply any of the Above Themes

To download and install any of the above mentioned Windows 10 Themes, use the below steps –

  • First of all, open the Microsoft Store app and type the “relevant theme-name” at its address bar.
  • Press Enter and the Store looks for any matching theme at its database.
  • When the “typed-in” Theme comes into view, click to open it.
  • Click the “Get” button.
  • The system checks for any compatibility issues and if none found, starts downloading the theme.
  • Once over, click Apply to open the Theme section under Settings Personalization. 
  • Switch to the right pane and click the “lately installed theme-app”.
  • That’s it, you may now enjoy the premium collection of wallpapers on the Desktop Screen.

If you have any queries or suggestions related to this post, let us know via the Comment section.

# Windows 10 Themes

  1. Z390 a
  2. Atlas filtri filter cartridges
  3. Sleeping in jeep

160+ best free Windows 10 themes to download [2021 List]

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Have a look at this huge list with the best free Windows 10 themes for you to customize your user experience. We compiled a massive list of 160 Windows 10 themes that you can choose from. Enjoy!

So you’ve installed your Windows 10 on your device or you have bought a tablet, hybrids, laptop, ultrabook or all-in-one that came with it built-in.

After playing around with such basic apps as Wikipedia, Microsoft Minesweeper or Fresh Paint, you might want to change the theme of your  Windows 10 system.

And this time, with the latest OS from Microsoft, changing themes has never been so beautiful and easy to do.

We will showcase a lot of Windows 10 themes for you to choose. Some of them will also be optimized for Windows RT. You will install these awesome themes and truly personalize your Windows 10 machine.

Bookmark this page and whenever you feel you are bored with the Windows 10 or Windows RT theme that you have installed, check this page again and download another one that seems appealing enough to you.

Quick tip:

If you’re looking to enhance the look of your desktop with either a new theme, live wallpaper, screensaver, or anything of the sort, then you need to give Stardock’s Object Desktop a try.

It is a complete software suite that lets you customize the PC down to every detail, allowing you to turn it into a reflection of your personality, so give its 30-day trial a go!

Stardock Object Desktop

Stardock Object Desktop

Give your PC a complete makeover with the help of this amazing desktop customization tool!

Check priceVisit website

What are the best free Windows 10 themes to download?

The below themes are some of the best for Windows 10 and I can promise you that you will not be disappointed by any of them. And guess what – the are absolutely awesome and they are totally free!

UPDATE: The themes that you will find below are still gorgeous and we invite you to check out all of them. But since publishing this article, we’ve added more theme-related content on our website, so we invite you to explore the following articles, as well:

On the other hand, if you want to bring back the Windows 95 look, use this step-by-step guide to install the Windows 95 theme on Windows 10.

If you want a simple and easy to use Windows 10 theme, you can download the Dynamic Theme from the Store. This theme features dynamic background and/or lock screen picture with daily Bing or Windows Spotlight pictures or personal pictures.

Which are the best free Windows 10 themes?

  1. Nature:Plants and flowers Windows 10 themes
  2. Automotive Windows 10 themes
  3. Movies Windows 10 themes
  4. Animals Windows 10 themes
  5. Panoramic Windows 10 themes
  6. Natural Wonders Windows 10 themes
  7. Photographic art Windows 10 themes

Just like before, a theme comprises of the following elements: desktop background pictures, window colors and sounds. So, each new theme will come with different elements.

If you’re interested in how to change the sound scheme on your Windows 10 device, take a look at this step-by-step guide that will help you do it in just a couple of simple steps.

We will provide two links for each theme – the Details theme will allow you to get a deeper look at the theme and the Download link. Use them to see a bigger image of the theme and to know more about it.

We will also mention the themes that are compatible with Windows RT.

Nature: Plants and flowers Windows 10 themes

Autumn Color in Japan [Details] [Download]

Bing Photo Contest [Details] [Download]

Cherry Blossoms of Japan [Details] [Download]

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Czech Spring [Details] [Download]

Dreamgarden [Details] [Download]

Flora Dynamic [Details] [Download]

Flowers and Foliage [Details] [Download]

Forests [Details] [Download]

Fresh Fruit [Details] [Download]

Frost Macros [Details] [Download]

Garden Life [Details] [Download]

Garden Macros [Details] [Download]

Garden Seasons [Details] [Download]

Green World [Details] [Download]

Harvest Time [Details] [Download]

Latvian Nature [Details] [Download]

Light and Dark [Details] [Download]

Nature Macros [Details] [Download]

Polish Nature [Details] [Download]

Roses [Details] [Download]

Saplings [Details] [Download]

Small World [Details] [Download]

Editor’s Note: This article continues on the next page. If you want to read more about optimizing your desktop, check out our wide collection of guides.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cool Themes for Windows 10 (Free)

Best Windows 10 Themes in 2021

Windows 10 Themes provide a quick way to customize your PC with color-coordinated menus, unique system sounds, and an extensive gallery of desktop background pictures. We cherry-picked the best Windows 10 themes that are available to you.

On its site, Microsoft offers hundreds of gorgeous desktop themes, filled with attractive wallpaper images of global landmarks, nature scenes and snazzy sports cars. You can also find beautiful backgrounds by saving Windows 10's spotlight lock screen images. We've picked out our favorites below with direct download links for each, but it's also easy to create your own theme. 

To install a new theme, just go to the folder you downloaded the theme to and click on the file. You can also download the best Windows 10 themes from the Microsoft Store.

Here are the best Windows 10 Themes

Hawaiian Vacation

Hawaii is one of the most gorgeous places on this planet, and while it may be far away, you can also be close to it with this beautiful 15-image set. It's easily one of the best Windows 10 themes. Download Hawaiian Vacation.

Mountain Dwellings

Take in a breath of fresh air from the top of remote mountains with this nature-centric theme. Download Mountain Dwellings Theme

Hitting the Road

Itching for the open road? The scenic route never looked so good with this 18-image set. Download Hitting the Road Theme

Cosmic Beauty

Why work with your head in the clouds when it could be all the way out in space? It's hard not to put this at the top of our best Windows 10 themes page. Download Cosmic Beauty Theme

Bending Light

Bask in the beauty of science with this colorful theme. Download Bending Light Theme

Classic Cars

Unleash your inner gearhead with these fantastic shots of the classics. Download Classic Cars

Cherry Blossoms

Spring has officially sprung, so get into the mood with these gorgeous cherry blossoms that are spread throughout all of Japan. You won't regret downloading this as one of the best Windows 10 themes. Download Cherry Blossoms Theme

Warm Winter

Snuggle up to that fire, or radiator, and enjoy a cup of hot coco while you're scrolling through these 18 images of cozy cabins in the middle of the winter night. Download Warm Winter Nights Theme

The Adventures of Ninja Cat Beyond

Do you want 11 pictures of a martial artist kitty performing awesome stunts and feats across the globe and outer space? Because I do. Download The Adventures of Ninja Cat Beyond Theme

Botanical Garden

Take a trip to the Botanical Garden with these 7 beautiful images of flowers and surrounding wildlife. Download Botanical Garden Theme

Dogs in Summer

This theme gives you 10 adorable puppies (yes, they will always be puppies) in colorful summer settings. You cannot deny puppies as one of the best Windows 10 themes. Download Dogs in Summer Theme

Wild Beauty

With this theme, embrace 15 vivid images of wildlife around the globe, from frozen tundras to clear blue oceans. Download Wild Beauty Theme

Spring Blooms

Does it feel too much like summer already? You won’t miss out on spring with these 18 blooming flowers. Download Spring Blooms Theme

NASA Spacescapes

Dive into the cosmos with these 14 beautifully intense images featured in the NASA Spacescapes theme. Download NASA Spacescapes Theme


Trippy, disturbing and downright cool. These 19 images showcase creative illusions that will mess with your mind. Download Illusions Theme


This theme contains 11 closeup images of water drops in vibrant natural environments. Download Waterdrops Theme

Forza Motorsport 4

Your jaw will drop for these 17 photorealistic images of sports cars in Forza Motorsport 4. Download Forza Motorsport 4 Theme

Year of the Dragon

Get one step closer to that trip to China you’re always planning with these 12 images of historic dragon statues. Download Year of the Dragon Theme

Caribbean Shores

Can’t buy your own island? Easy, just put it on your desktop with 12 rich images of the Caribbean Shores. Download Caribbean Shores Theme

Germany: Mountains to Sea

This theme takes you on a tour of the country life with 12 images of Germany’s most natural settings. Download Germany: Mountains to Sea Theme

Salt Lakes and Dead Sea

With these 15 scenic photos of Salt Lakes and the Dead Sea, you can take in all the salt you need without the risk of high blood pressure. Download Salt Lakes and Dead Sea Theme

Animal Panoramics

Push your external displays to their maximum potential with these 13 breathtaking panoramic images of penguins, bears, cheetahs and more. Download Animal Panoramics Theme

African Wildlife

This theme features 14 photos that take you on a safari, observing Africa’s majestic wildlife like baby rhinos, elephants, and lions. Download African Wildlife Theme


Looking for something more in the creative realm? Tag along with this pair of cute imaginary figures throughout 6 unique artworks. Sometimes creative art makes one of the best Windows 10 themes. Download Imagination Theme


Soak in these 18 closeup images of nature’s most colorful details in the Dreamgarden theme. Download Dreamgarden Theme


The Diffusion theme has 13 crisp-looking images of ink diffusing in water. Download Diffusion Theme

Monochromatic Moods

Want something a little darker? This theme provides 20 beautifully creepy monochromatic photos of natural and artificial environments. Download Monochromatic Moods Theme

Milky Way

Explore our own galaxy with 9 fascinating shots taken directly from different landscapes on Earth. Download Milky Way Theme

Rock Formations Panoramic

Embrace mysterious rock formations around the globe with these 13 panoramic images you can spread across two displays. Download Rock Formations Panoramic Theme

Rami Tabari is a Senior Writer for Laptop Mag. He reviews every shape and form of a laptop as well as all sorts of cool tech. You can find him sitting at his desk surrounded by a hoarder's dream of laptops, and when he navigates his way out to civilization, you can catch him watching really bad anime or playing some kind of painfully difficult game. He’s the best at every game and he just doesn’t lose. That’s why you’ll occasionally catch his byline attached to the latest Souls-like challenge.


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There we chat, we play, we are naughty. I really hope that soon everyone will have at least a couple of free days, and we will meet. These are unusual women. I have always treated women older than me with respect and reverence.

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