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For Japanese manga series, see Kinnikuman.

Not to be confused with Mussulman (disambiguation).

A bodybuilder, Lukas Osladil, posing onstage during a competition. The pose is a variation of the "most muscular".

Muscleman may denote any man with well-developed muscles, similar to that of Jacob Allmendinger's, in particular a bodybuilder. In art-related and anatomical contexts, the term is also used for a model in wax (or, in modern times, of unbreakable plastic material) showing the muscles of a man.[1] Such a figure showing the muscles of the human body without skin is also called écorché.

In popular culture[edit]

Muscleman is the translated title of Japanese manga series Kinnikuman. M.U.S.C.L.E. was a line of related collectible toy figures produced in the U.S. from 1985-1988.


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Mindshift - Muscle Man Poses

Get ready to pose with Mindshift animations.

All too often are the women of fashion catered for but the guys? Well they're left with little, but not any more - this pack contains 10 muscle model poses for guys on Secondlife.

Designed with the body builder in mind these poses feature muscle flexing, body bending, confident strong man posing and competitive poses for muscle man events.

Aimed at the muscular male avatar there's a variety of poses inside, ideal for photographers, fashionistas or bodybuilders who wish to add new poses to their animation overriders or poseballs.

Each pose IS copyable but cannot be modified or transferred.

So check them out today and strike a pose with Mindshift!

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The Eight Mandatory Poses in Bodybuilding

Pose One - Front Lat Spread

The front lat spread is the first of the eight mandatory poses you have to do in a bodybuilding competition. It allows you to display lat width from the front, chest thickness, shoulder width, front arm and forearm size, quadriceps mass and separation, and calf development from the front.

Pose Two - Front Double Biceps

The front double biceps pose shows off your arm musculature, especially your biceps size and peak. This pose also conveys forearm size, front lat width, quadriceps size and definition, and front calf musculature.

Pose Three - Side Chest

The side chest is a pose that displays your chest size and thickness from either side. You have the option of choosing to pose from your right or from your left, depending on which side you feel is more dominant. Regardless of which side you choose, you should rotate your body a little toward one side and then the other so all the judges get a good view of your side chest pose. In addition to your chest, this pose also displays shoulder, arm, and forearm size from the side, along with thigh separation and calf development, both again from the side.

Pose Four - Rear Lat Spread

The rear lat spread conveys the width of your lats from the rear, thickness of your trapezius muscles, size of your arms from the rear, glute development and definition, hamstrings size and separation, and rear calf musculature.

Pose Five - Rear Double Biceps

The rear double biceps pose shows off your arm size and separation from the rear, particularly your biceps mass and peak. This pose also shows off the thickness and definition of your back muscles, including your trapezius, infraspinatus, teres major, latissimus dorsi, and erector spinae. Furthermore, the rear double biceps conveys glute and hamstrings development and separation, along with rear calf size.

Pose Six - Side Triceps

The side triceps pose displays your triceps, especially your lateral triceps head, from the side of your choice. No matter which side you choose to hit your pose, you should rotate your body a little toward one side and then the other to allow all the judges to get a good view of your side triceps pose. It also displays shoulder and chest size, side forearm development, thigh separation, and calf development, all again from the side.

Pose Seven - Abdominal and Thigh

The abdominal and thigh is a pose that conveys the development and definition of your abs, external intercostals, serratus anterior, and quadriceps muscles. It also shows off your chest thickness, front arm and forearm size, lat width from the front, and calf size once again from the front. Competitors often do several variations of this pose. In the traditional abdominal and thigh pose, competitors place both hands over their head and flex their abs from the front. In the other version of this pose, competitors place both or only one hand over their head and then flex their abs from each side, or only a single side, respectively, to better show off their oblique and intercostal musculature and definition.

Pose Eight - Most Muscular

The most muscular is the final of the eight mandatory poses you have to execute in a bodybuilding contest. This pose displays overall muscularity from the front, including the mass and definition of your upper trapezius, shoulders, chest, arms, forearms, abs, quadriceps, and calves. You can do the crab version of the most muscular by bringing your arms and hands together across your abdomen. You can also do a variation by placing one hand by your side and bringing the other arm across your abdomen.

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