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When we talk about Roblox, we talk about Adopt Me. The game has reached a humungous amount of players and sits at the top of all Roblox titles. In this article, we are going to take a look at the Adopt Me UltraCars Gamepass, including the list of new cars coming to game.  Here is everything you need to know about the same:

Adopt Me!

Adopt Me

Adopt Me is a massively multiplayer online game, which is the most played game on Roblox right now. Adopt Me has held this title for quite some time, seeing an increase in the number of players on the game. Much of its success is credited to the developers, that diligently work to provide players with new content updates regularly.

The game involves trading and caring for pets, that hatch from eggs. These pets are divided according to their rarities, and the in-game items have a huge market. The main audience for the game is believed to be kids, making the game a prime place for scams and such. However, the game garners the attention of 64 million players monthly, a huge feat.

Adopt Me UltraCars Gamepass : List of new cars coming to game

A new update is here, and we couldn’t be more excited! Adopt Me released the all-new Transport update, which comes with a lot for us to unfold. The latest update brings the following new additions to the game:

  • A brand new Speedboat. You can find it near the hot air balloon at the center of the town.
  • Exciting new Ultra Cars. These have replaced the Super Cars stand
    • The SuperCars game pass is still active in case you haven’t gotten all those cars yet
  • A new UltraCars gamepass! Buying this pass will give you the following cars:
    • Bubble Car
    • Wing Truck Car
    • Magic Girl Car
  • The following have been removed from display, but will be available in the item shop:

Read more about Adopt Me here:


‘Adopt Me’ Adds 19 New Gifts In New Update

In a brand new update the team at Adopt Me have fully refreshed all of the gifts that are available from the gift store. Santa is still there in his summer garb but what he has to offer has changed massively.

In total there are nineteen new gifts available including four new legendary vehicles. The gifts range from new grapples and balloons, toys for your pets, new strollers and of course the new legendary vehicles.

Check out the gift refresh update video below:

The new legendary vehicles are the all-new skelly rex car, the dog car, the cardboard box car and the mighty hovercar. I’ve been lucky and already managed to bag a hovercar amongst other items and have been bombarded with trades. Although it’s pretty cool my personal favourite has to be the cardboard box car!

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If you want to see some of the other new gifts check out our video below where we open loads of gift boxes hoping to get our hands on some of the legendary items.

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Updated August 5, 2021: Drumroll! The new Ultra cars are now available in Adopt Me! with the Transport update. You can find the timings below in the tweet.

Original Post Follows Below from August 3

Adopt Me! is prepping for a major update this month which is supposed to bring in many new changes to the existing game. The developers were always active when it comes to updates and patches to the wonderful and fun game. This preserved the game’s experience for its fans. With the release of Test Lab, the developers can now test features more actively before releasing them. More upcoming fun for the Adopt Me! community is about to come.

Fans are excited and eagerly waiting for all the features of Adopt Me!’s August update to release. Read this article to know what is upcoming in the game.

Adopt Me! August 2021 Update: Boats and Cars

Along with announcing a new mythical pet, Kirin, Adopt Me! has announced the introduction of a speed boat in the game. The Mythical Egg still hasn’t got a countdown. But the game will include the speed boat pretty soon!

Additionally, the developers released a video on Twitter announcing new cars. Adopt Me! has many vehicle types that can be purchased from the car showroom or obtained through trading, gifts, and other ways. Six vehicles were available at the game’s launch: the Bike, the Motorcycle, the Car, the Offroader, the Convertible, and the GoKart. According to the video, the new gamepass will bring in those new cars. But, old cars will still be available for purchase from the showroom even after the new cars arrive.

The first car of the series of new cars from the UltraCar gamepass, Magic Girl Car was announced on August 1.

We can see Jesse (part of Adopt Me! team) “showing off” the new car in the video. The Magic Girl Car looks pretty colorful with shades of purple, yellow, and a blue rear. Owning a Magic Girl Car would be very fun indeed!

The August update of Adopt Me! is massive and will slowly unveil a lot of new features. Fans, get ready for a great month ahead!


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