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Loud clicking noise in the dash

  • 84,000 MILES
When I start the car there is a rapid clicking noise coming from under the dash. This occurs with the heat and airconditioning controls in the off position. I changed the actuater and the blend door motor and its still happening.
have the same problem?
Saturday, March 24th, 2012 AT 10:39 PM
This all started with a loud rapid clocking noise and no heat in the center to drivers side under dash.
Saturday, March 24th, 2012 AT 11:03 PM
Any other coincident events take place when/prior to this started happening? For instance like battery change
Sunday, March 25th, 2012 AT 12:11 AM
Thank for replying, it turns out I was given the wrong actuator motor. TWICE! I tore the dash apart three time and can now change an actuator motor in 45 minutes. Note: always ask counter person to verify of the moter is for an automatic or a manual heating and cooling system. If they tell you the motor looks different because it's aftermarket, make them check again. After putting in this last motor everything is fine. The blend door wasn't in need of changing. I don't know what price to put on aggravation but to have the local mechanic do the jub would have been $950.00 that I just didn't have. Thanks again for your reply!
Sunday, March 25th, 2012 AT 3:37 PM
And thanks for your solution reply!
Monday, March 26th, 2012 AT 6:48 PM
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2004 Ford Explorer Instrument Cluster

About our 2004 Ford Explorer Instrument Cluster locating service:

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Available Parts


  • A Pillar (-)
  • Back Window (103)
  • Bed Rail (-)
  • Bumper Assembly, Front (9)
  • Bumper Assembly, Rear (3)
  • Bumper Bar, Front (111)
  • Bumper Bar, Rear (208)
  • Bumper Cover, Front (-)
  • Bumper Cover, Rear (-)
  • Cab Corner (-)
  • Door Assembly, Back (-)
  • Door Assembly, Front (33)
  • Door Assembly, Rear (33)
  • Door Handle, Rear (-)
  • Door Latch, Rear (-)
  • Door Mirror, Side (531)
  • Door Trim Panel, Front (2)
  • Door Vent Glass, Front (-)
  • Door Window, Front (568)
  • Door Window, Rear (575)
  • Fender (155)
  • Front Clip (-)
  • Fuel Tank (-)
  • Grille (131)
  • Ground Effects (-)
  • Header Panel (24)
  • Headlight/Headlamp Door (-)
  • Hood (119)
  • Pillar (654)
  • Quarter Panel (238)
  • Quarter Window (1281)
  • Quarter Window Regulator, Rear (-)
  • Radiator Support (182)
  • Rear Clip Assembly (-)
  • Rear Fender Assembly (-)
  • Rear Trim Panel (2)
  • Rear Vent Window (606)
  • Roof (83)
  • Roof Glass (-)
  • Running Board (2)
  • Tail Finish Panel (-)
  • Tail Panel (-)
  • Tailgate Assembly (46)
  • Tires (-)
  • Tires, Set (-)
  • Tonneau Cover (-)
  • Truck Bed (10)
  • Truck Cab (2)
  • Trunk Lid Pull Down (-)
  • Valance, Front (-)
  • Wheel Cover (-)
  • Wheel Rim (316)
  • Windshield Glass (4)


  • ABS Control Module/Pump (171)
  • Air Injection Pump (-)
  • Air Spring (-)
  • Axle Carrier, Rear (557)
  • Axle Housing (2)
  • Axle Shaft (803)
  • Axle, Front (-)
  • Axle, Rear (19)
  • Back Axle (-)
  • Brake Master Cylinder (723)
  • Bumper Shock (-)
  • Cab Clip (4)
  • Camshaft (-)
  • Cylinder Head (-)
  • Differential Assembly, Rear (-)
  • Drive Shaft, Front (290)
  • Drive Shaft, Rear (833)
  • Engine Oil Cooler (-)
  • Engine Pullout (-)
  • Exhaust Manifold (106)
  • Flywheel (92)
  • Frame (46)
  • Fuel Pump (-)
  • Harmonic Balancer (-)
  • Hub Bearing (33)
  • I Beam (-)
  • Intake Manifold (5)
  • Leaf Spring, Front (-)
  • Leaf Spring, Rear (49)
  • Lower Control Arm, Front (238)
  • Lower Control Arm, Rear (117)
  • Muffler (-)
  • Oil Pan (-)
  • Power Brake Booster (444)
  • Power Steering Pump (152)
  • Radiator Overflow Bottle (412)
  • Ring Gear And Pinion (-)
  • Shock Absorber (-)
  • Shock, Front (359)
  • Shock, Rear (290)
  • Spindle (152)
  • Spoiler, Rear (-)
  • Steering Column (131)
  • Steering Gear (95)
  • Strut (214)
  • Stub Axle, Rear (45)
  • Suspension Compressor (-)
  • Suspension Cross Member (-)
  • Throttle Body (513)
  • Timing Cover (-)
  • Torque Converter (-)
  • Torsion Bar (44)
  • Transfer Case Assembly (277)
  • Transfer Case Motor (28)
  • Transmission Cooler (-)
  • Turbo (-)
  • Upper Control Arm, Front (261)
  • Upper Control Arm, Rear (116)
  • Vacuum Pump (-)
  • Valve Cover (-)
  • Water Pump (-)
  • Window Regulator, Front (698)
  • Window Regulator, Rear (480)
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Ford Explorer Sport Trac Instrument Cluster Repair


This is a repair service to your instrument cluster.

This service will repair the following issues:

  • Drain to the battery, faulty headlights, radio, and power windows
  • Intermittent power loss to the digital display
  • Sporadic power loss to the gauges

This can also cause intermittent power to the radio, power windows, and lights

You will need to remove the cluster from your vehicle and ship it to our location.  Upon receipt, we will repair the cluster and ship it out the following day. 

We offer a 5-year warranty on our service!

No programming required.  Simply plug it back in after the repair and you are ready to go!

View our instructions for shipping and payment options

Warranty exceptions:  If prior repair has been attempted, warranty may not be applied to the repair
Recalibration Fee:  If the cluster requires recalibration, we offer this service for $20
Additional Parts:  Occasionally clusters will need replacement gauges.  We have these available for $35 each.

Additional information

Instrument cluster repair options

Normal Repair, Repair with calibration, Repair with one gauge, Repair with one gauge and calibration

Sours: https://www.autotechrescue.com/product/ford-explorer-sport-trac-instrument-cluster-repair/
How to Replace Instrument Cluster Bulbs 93-03 Ford Ranger

Refurbished Ford Explorer Sport Trac Instrument Cluster


This 2004-2005 Ford Explorer Sport Trac instrument cluster has been refurbished to good working condition to prevent and correct the below-stated issues that commonly occur with this cluster.  It is in cosmetically good condition and comes with a 5-year warranty.

Mileage:  The mileage is currently unknown on these clusters.


  • Power loss
  • Intermittent power loss to the digital display
  • Sporadic power loss to the gauges
  • Intermittent power to the radio, power windows, and lights

CORE DEPOSIT:  A $125 core deposit is built into the price of the cluster.  This will be refunded upon receipt of your old instrument cluster “core.”  We will provide a return shipping label for this as well.  Please note that partial refunds will be issued on cores returned with damage beyond repair due to water/flood, prior repair attempts, or extensive physical damage or missing parts to the cluster itself.

 If you prefer to have your instrument cluster fixed and keep your current mileage, please see our repair service for this item:  Sport Trac cluster repair


Sours: https://www.autotechrescue.com/product/ford-explorer-sport-trac-instrument-cluster-refurbished/

Dashboard 2004 ford explorer

Automotive Forums .com Car Chat > Ford > Explorer | Explorer Sport Trac > 2004 Ford Explorer Dash Light????

2004 Ford Explorer Dash Light????


11-10-2007, 09:55 AM

I just bought a 04 Ford Explorer and I did not receive a service manual. So I was wondering if anyone knows about a light on the cluster panel that looks like a horseshoe with an exclamation mark in the middle of it. I am waiting to receive the owners manual but am concerned about this odd looking light that stays on after I start my truck....it stays on for about five minutes and then goes out....


11-10-2007, 12:53 PM

Click here and you can download an owners manual. (https://www.fleet.ford.com/maintenance/owners_manuals/default.asp) Just enter the information for your vehicle.


11-10-2007, 05:05 PM

Sounds like the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) warning light. Use the link that way2old posted to check the owners manual and verify the light and what you can do about it.

If you find that none of your tires are low enough to warrant the light coming on, you may want to try over-inflating the tire slightly (maybe 5 psi over), drive the car 5 miles or so, then drop the pressure back down to the manufacturer specified pressure.



11-27-2007, 07:08 PM

Low tire warning.

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Easiest way!!! Removal Ford dash \u0026 instrument cluster 2002 -2005

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