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Maisonre is a boutique real estate agency created by a handful of agents bringing decades of combined experience in the Los Angeles housing market as well as varied artistic backgrounds connected by a common thread of creative expression. Fluent in market conditions, our precise skills not only find or sell the houses our clients are looking for, but take it one step farther to perfect the home they aim to buy or sell. As a team we employ “out of the box” solutions, creative strategies, and reliable methods to procure the sale and keep it on track in a challenging market. As individuals, we work off each other’s specific backgrounds to bring a holistic design to each and every transaction.

We began as and continue to function as a brokerage firm whose clients wanted us to continue helping them create the ideal home spaces following the purchase of their new homes, as we are art lovers, California natives, and artistic in training and practice. We have since become a home design and retail store that supplies lifestyle and home products as well as concierge and design services to homeowners and our homebuyers.

The store portion features products including refinished mid century and modern furniture, new furniture with an elegant and occasionally rustic aesthetic, original contemporary art (painting, photography, and drawings) as well as humorous works on paper. Also carried are luxury candles, accessories for the home, unique custom lighting, linens, and unusual hardware. +
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As co-founders, we have more than twenty collective years of experience working at big box corporations including Berkshire-Hathaway, Coldwell Banker, Deasy Penner, and Keller Williams. While the bigger companies were our bedrock, the advent of the World Wide Web has evened the playing field for both small and large companies, as buyers no longer need a well connected agent to find available listings—an internet connection is all it takes to cruise sites like Trulia and Redfin, finding information that once was privileged to in-house coworkers.

These days, small and large companies alike have the same resources for manifesting exposure, whether it is for listing a property or perusing those for sale. With no obvious advantage to sticking with the larger companies, we decided it was time to take creative control. We want to individualize Maisonre as an agency with a clear artistic vision and original strategies that maximize our buying and selling power.

Here, we can offer the skillset of a large company, but with a more intimate and inspired model. Here, we have the freedom to think and create ‘outside the box’ as opposed to the manufactured marketing often found at larger companies. Here, we are a small group of experienced and ambitious professionals with varied backgrounds in creative fields, from design to music to art to writing and education.

If the home you are looking for or selling isn’t “cookie-cutter,” then it makes sense you might choose an agency that isn’t either. Big businesses try to be all things to all people. We want to be specific to each client. Maisonre is our home.


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maison real estate boutique

Maison Real Estate Boutique is a boutique real estate firm bringing decades of combined real estate experience to the Richmond housing market. Experience matters during real estate transactions and under tight timelines you are faced with big decisions and a flurry of details. At Maison, we take pride in our ability to guide clients to successful, satisfying outcomes. With deep roots in Richmond we know the local landscape and we understand that in today's digital world clients still find value in a brick and mortar shop that offers face-to-face interaction and specialized, personal service and support with all the digital enhancements and upgrades that today's clients desire.

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The MAISON Difference

Maison Real Estate’s singular mission is to provide the highest level of personal service to clients in the Charleston area market. A women-owned and operated boutique real estate brokerage, Maison’s professionals bring unrivaled expertise and intimate knowledge of the Charleston region. We are proud to have successfully represented buyers and sellers in transactions worth hundreds of millions of dollars, including brokering many of Charleston’s largest residential sales.

The Charleston area is an extremely dynamic and competitive market, one that has seen unprecedented growth in the last decade, with continued growth on the horizon. That’s why buyers and sellers need savvy, strategic, and unstoppable brokers with a track record of success. That’s Maison. Well, that plus our top-notch negotiation abilities, world-class client service, and knowledge of what’s going on behind the scenes.

Our team understands the unique challenges and subtleties of the Charleston real estate market and leverages this insider knowledge to deliver the highest level of excellence and exceptional results for our clients. But beyond our expertise, Maison brings joie de vivre, powerful networks, exclusive listings, and innovative marketing strategies designed to exceed our clients’ expectations. We love what we do, and as our results prove, we’re good at it.

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Boutique maison real estate

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