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Thal Fox — Obey Me Theories Discord

The Obey Me Theories discord is once again open for new members!

[this server invite is valid for 7 days, posted 28/06]


If you love chatting Obey Me theories and headcanons, analysing characters and lyrics, drawing monster forms, and/or writing OM fic… the Obey Me Theories discord server might be a great space for you 😁

The Rules are pretty straight forward - confirm by hitting the react emoji beneath them and you’re in. Primarily we do not allow bigotry, bullying, or anti-char/fan talk.

NSFW/🔞 categories require additional confirmation to access. The other categories are kept suitable for minors ❤️

  • Pick your favourite character and what you’re studying at RAD along with your username colour & (if wanted) your pronouns 🌈
  • Introduce yourself to say hello and tell us about yourself ^^
  • OM! Theories houses all the theory, headcanon, event, and spoiler channels 🤓
  • MC’s Room houses all OC/MC content, including games and daily quizzes for all OC/MCs.
  • Levi’s Chill Zone is where you’ll find all memes, and random chat channels, including pet pics and Beel’s Kitchen.
  • Fanworks houses all fic, fanart, and blog discussion and link channels, along with channels for live fic writing, art WIP sharing, and creator resources 🙌
  • Creation Station is the place for all non-OM creative works and fandom squeeing.
  • Simeon’s Corner houses our writer bot, tarot bot, and our handy Little D Number 2!
  • Senior Library houses all NSFW/🔞 versions of all channels including live fic writing, art WIP sharing, and OC interactions 🤫
  • Asmo’s Boudoir houses all explicit/🔞 versions of all channels, including live fic writing and OC interactions 👀

Whether a lurker or a chatterbox, all are welcome, and we’re a pretty busy little server with dedicated spaces for slower talk, and regular server events.

Any issues, please contact myself (admin) or the mods, listed separately in the online list.

This is a space free from bullying, bigotry, harassment, abuse, fan/char policing, and toxicity. It is a positive fan space for everyone who enjoys sharing and reading theories and headcanons.

A lot of us are writers, many of us are artists, plenty of us are in different fandoms we also talk about, and it is a welcoming space for anyone who isn’t a troll 🥳

I hope you enjoy! 🥰💖😊



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introduce a little anarchy

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Tabby and Mammon, agents of chaos~


The devil works fast but I work faster ( ಠ▿▿ಠ)و ̑̑

Haven’t changed my in game pfp since Mammon’s picnic card but I really like this one 🥰


50 pulls for him to come home! Gotta save up for the next one again now…

It’s that time again, the doors of my Obey Me Theories discord have been opened!

This invite is valid for seven days: https://discord.gg/43GbnbgC


Accepting the invite will show you the rules page, and if you accept the rules, the rest of the server will become visible 🥳

Main rules include no anti-character or anti-fan stuff, always credit artists, keep the SFW channels completely SFW for minors and all who choose not to see the NSFW channels 👍

Other than that, it’s a very chill group of folk who like talking everything from OM theories and headcanons to fic writing to art WIPs to music and more. If you are 18+ and wish to see the NSFW channels, we have a place for pretty much everything and a whole lot of creating going on!

We also have many channels for non-OM content, including other games like Tears of Themis and FF XIV, horror content (all year round, not just for 🎃 season), and original creations.

Currently we have a server event celebrating our creators in the server, from the awesome @2many-art and wonderful @elvishdork (both 🔞 blogs) to myself and many others 🥺👉👈

There is also a dedicated channel for my own fics (primarily Wolf At Your Door related content) including MANY exclusive snippets that are not published anywhere else. From sneak peaks of Howl to short fics of how Tabby’s kids “appeared”, it’s all in that channel 💕

The server is lurker friendly, and full of many people who were shy at first! The folk there are who keep me inspired with my writing and art, I wuv them 😭

Come join if you fancy it!


OM Theory - Purgatory & Royal Sins

[contains mild s3 spoilers]

This subject came up on the OM Theories discord over the weekend, and my reply was long enough to tidy up and present as a full theory here 😊

Each of the five former Undateables got assigned the sins in numerical order, which means it is likely these are not quite as accurate as with the demon brothers (whose sins are all assigned in historical demonology).

(It also means two slots are not yet taken - Gluttony and Sloth 👀)

Having said that, they do all match rather well, and much like the demon brothers themselves, they also match to both the sin and the opposing virtue

Diavolo - Pride


The de facto king of the Devildom projects a humble aura. he seeks to unite the three realms, and it is no empty promise. After all, he has already brought an end to the ceaseless wars between the celestial and infernal realms, and with the exchange programme has even invited a (non-magical) human, a human sorcerer, and two angels into his realm.

He thinks nothing of being amongst his subjects, and it is only those around him that insist on protocol being followed - something he himself takes some umbrage with.

However, for all his good intentions, he is also becoming increasingly aware of his own selfishness. A large part of his personality borne of circumstance and upbringing. In many ways, he personifies the classical notion of pride far better than Lucifer does. the Morningstar obeys Diavolo’s word and sees Barbatos as an equal, while Diavolo’s word remains law, and it takes him a long time to realise that his actions have consequences for other people. That other peoples’ feelings, y'know, matter.


(Were it not for Barbatos having some measure of control over him, it’s implied things would be greatly worse!)

It is ignorance perhaps, but there are few among us with no pride, and fewer still of the rich and famous who could claim to be humble. Diavolo would not claim this, and yet he remains a contradictory result of both pride and humility in one.


Barbatos - Greed


At first glance, Barbatos would seem to exemplify his opposing virtue, that of charity and generosity. He has devoted his every waking hour to serving his lord, and clearly sees it as far more than a matter of employment - it is he who keeps Diavolo healthy, who ensures the work of running the realm is done, and who keeps tabs on the errant prince whenever he runs rampant.

And yet, his personality could not be more different from the Avatar of Greed. Mammon, who also exemplifies both charity and generosity, also extends these virtues to his time and care for more than one person. He is dedicated not only to MC, but to his entire family.

Mammon is the demon first assigned to MC, the friendly face of the Devildom with his silly tsundere nature not really hiding the fact that he is, above all, safe.

Which is… not the vibe Barbatos gives. For a long time he is a shadowy almost sinister presence, content to see MC die and have them resurrected (replaced in fact) so that Diavolo’s plans may continue unimpeded. It is only later that we see a more caring side of the demon, and even so, he is the character we know least about.


What greed then does he have? He is greedy with his information, with his privacy, with his secrets. He uses deception to steal information from MC regarding their feelings towards Diavolo, yet rankles at the idea his own privacy might be invaded.

For him, all of time and possibilities are at his feet, the ability to walk through time, to change the past and present, to alter the outcome of realities. A god like power… that he does not have access to. Diavolo forbids it. Why? Why must the prince, who defers to Barbatos in almost all other regards, keep Barbatos’s own powers from the demon?

What terrible acts might the unleashed greed of Barbatos wreak…


Luke - Envy


Out of them all, this is by far the most straightforward. From almost his very first appearance, Luke exudes jealousy.

He is angered that Simeon has been spending time with the demons and getting a long with them. He is envious of the demon brothers who spend more time with MC. And he is driven not by any measure of piety, but of a desire to look better in front of his hero - Michael.

Luke is not shy about these things, which points either to a Celestial Realm that does not see Envy as a sin, or that Luke is young and thus it is expected that Simeon’s teachings will eventually change the younger angels behaviour. In the meantime however, his envy leads him to fly into a rage, to disappear in the huff, and to run away.

Fortunately, Luke also shows signs of the opposing virtues of kindness and gratitude. He has no shortage of either for MC and Solomon, two humans, and he gradually learns to show the same for the demon brothers as they (well, Beel) show him kindness and generosity.


- sidebar -

In many respects, Luke’s worship of Michael is idolatry, the veneration of a being above and beyond that of ~~god~~ the Father. And that same worship is reflected in the Avatar of Envy, albeit directed towards a different shrine, that of Ruri-chan. But the underlying sin is the same, and not just any sin, but the so called greatest sin of all.

Idolatry itself is a product of jealousy - the big geezy himself says as much, “for I the Lord your G, am a jealous G.” Righteous jealousy versus unrighteous jealousy, the usual trump card that condemns behaviour in anyone but the big goofy (see righteous anger vs wrath).


Simeon - Wrath


“Aren’t you tired of being nice? Don’t you just wanna go ape shit?”

It’s easy to forget that back in season one and for a good portion of season two, Simeon was one shady guy. Effortlessly calm and cheerful. he was the polar opposite of the fiery tempered Luke. And where Luke was a veritable font of knowledge so willingly shared, Simeon was a closed book - his smile was carried through all his emotions, and one got the impression that no matter how sad, angry, frustrated Simeon might be, he would simply smile and say nothing at all.

Except, of course, for the times he deliberately stirred shit up. Letting it slip that Lucifer was once known as Luci, arranging a stayover at the Castle to “focus on friendship” in which he does no such thing, only overworks everyone as tempers snap even further*, and of course, reporting information back to Michael without revealing to Diavolo that he is a spy.

(*note - instead it is Luke who helps MC mend the brothers’ relationships)

We know so little about Simeon - why he didn’t fight alongside Lucifer and his brothers, why he is writing a series of books that are not only (obviously) based on said brothers but predict (tragic) events before they happen, why an angel is a famous author in the first place… not least of a franchise that has killed many humans (see the cursed soundtrack)?

What we can see clearly is that he exudes the opposing virtue to wrath - Patience. Or at least, he appears to.

But some light is perhaps shone upon his character when we finally see him explode with rage during rehearsals, an act that might be surprising to MC but clearly isn’t to Luke. We have seen bursts of wrath from many characters, primarily demons, yet from the all too calm Simeon, it is perhaps the most shocking of them all.

In the House of Lamentation, Luke’s bedroom is light and airy, with the same green colour scheme as the few peeks at the Celestial Realm we get. Simeon’s room is dark and red, an opposite to Luke once more.

Diavolo, another character who is often relentlessly jovial, states point blank to Simeon that he doesn’t like him. In the same conversation, it is revealed Simeon has used duplicitous means to bring a message from Michael - a message of threat. And yet, it is Simeon who risks Michael’s wrath by stealing a needed item to save MC, even if he might have given MC a little more warning…


Season three brought a large change to Simeon’s character arc, bringing him out of the shadows and reinforcing the better parts of his personality. We get to know an angel that also feels distant from the celestial realm, who misses the old days with his friends, and who perhaps is not on the best of terms with that realm after all.

His wrath however is also present in season three, and he uses it to intimidate the Avatar of Wrath himself. Which is, uh, quite the power move.


Solomon - Lust


He of 700 wives and 300 concubines, Master of Asmodeus the Avatar of Lust, and the one responsible for the erotic poem in the hebrew bible… him? Lusty? Well, yes. And no.

As a sin, Lust has been oversimplified via translation. In its original form, lust was Desire, any desire, whether that be for sex, money, power, knowledge, anything. It is not Greed nor Gluttony, as desire can be committed wholly in one’s thoughts alone rather than through the attainment of matter outside oneself.

And it is desire that Solomon is made of, an insatiable desire for knowledge beyond man’s ken, a burning desire for power beyond a crown, a thirsting desire for bedmates and demons and slaves/servants, an unquenchable desire for riches beyond mortal measure. Solomon the Wise, Solomon the Sorcerer, Solomon the Lover, Solomon the Wealthiest.

Everything in Solomon is desire without end, a pursuit that usually ends in death by foul means yet even here, Solomon triumphs with everlasting life. So much does he desire. So much he cannot have.

A pact with Lucifer, denied. A pact with Mammon, denied. A pact with Leviathan, denied. An end to life… denied.


The opposing virtue then is not merely chastity, but purity and innocence, terms that still feel a tad distant to the Solomon we know. But these virtues govern behaviour that places others before ones own desires, to act unselfishly, to give with no strings attached or motives of self gain.

And it is here that Solomon also shines - the human realm’s most powerful sorcerer dedicated to protecting his realm, to safe guarding MC, and to assisting Diavolo in his quest for peace.

He is still one shady dude, giving away less than little about himself, and perhaps the one who directly caused MC to being manifesting power but, he has proven himself an ally many times. A note of caution however, that this allyship does not extend equally to all, and if a demon needs to be sacrificed, well.

One simply can’t help one’s desires…


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Some gifs from episode 4 of the Obey Me anime, Lucifer the Beach Babe 🥰

Aka several absolutely bonkers out of context gifs!



It’s the second born’s birthday, which means it’s time to dig out the calculators and work out what we need to do to get his birthday UR.

The amount of event points needed to get the UR is 8000 - which is the same amount that Lucifer cost this year on his birthday.

It appears that second birthday URs will cost 8000, while first birthday URs (ie those of the former side characters) will cost 7500.

As appears to be standard for birthday events now, we have a split path on the second page, with one route requiring keys to be unlocked.

To spend the least amount on this event and get the UR, you should unlock all battles on the first day or as soon as you can.

Otherwise, it will cost you more to attain the required total of 8000.


The final battle on the top path is 2-19, with 9 battles in total on that path including 2-1. 8 of them (not the boss battle) give keys as rewards that unlock the story parts.

The key drop per battle is 1-2 keys. Because of this slight random change in the drop, the number of D-energy cans required to fully unlock the top path WILL VARY.

It takes 110 keys to fully unlock the top path.

It can take anything from 10 (if all drops are 2) to around 16 (randomised drops) D-energy drinks to fully unlock the top path.

Remember that you also use your 5 extra battles via watching ads on the key battles until that path is unlocked, and Mammon’s Birthday Completion Rewards in To Do awards a further 15 keys.

In the same Completion Rewards you can also earn 3 D-Energy drinks.

Cost so far: 10-16 D-Energy drinks


The number of event reward items you can collect every day - on a fully unlocked event - is based on there being 26 battle stages in total.

26 battle stages x 3 battles each = 78 battles

Add 5 extra battles from ads = 83 battles

(This is the standard number of battles per event)

With an award of 12 event reward items per battles: 12 x 83 = 996

Event is 7 days : 996 x 7 = 6972 points


Note: the following need only be done once, not every day!

Add the 200 event reward items from To Do: 6972 + 200 = 7172

UR requires 8000 so deficit is: 8000 - 7172 = 828

We need an extra 828 event items.

Divide this by 12 per battle: 828/12 = 69 extra battles

69 extra battles are required!

Each D-Energy drink gives 3 battles: 69/3 = 23 D-Energy drinks

Remember! You will complete some of these extra battles when replaying stages to unlock the top path!

So the amount of D-Energy we used before is INCLUDED in this total.

Total cost thus far: 23 D-Energy drinks


In the Pop Quiz Rewards, you can see that during the event we will be awarded 14 D-Energy drinks, and on the To Do page we are given an additional 3 for meeting that condition.

After replenishment, we will need: 23 - 17

The required total is: 6 D-Energy


(ONLY if you have no D-Energy)

If you run out of D-Energy, the cost per 3 extra battles is 5 DP

If you have no D-Energy, the total cost will be: 69/3 x 5 = 115 DP

In Pop Quiz Rewards, during the event we will be awarded 30 DP

Additionally, on the day of Mammon’s birthday we get 30 DP

Adjusted total is: 115 - 30 - 30 = 55 DP


The final cost is the AP required for these extra battles. The To Do page has 100 AP as a reward for unlocking 15 spaces on the birthday SR awarded in the pop quiz at 1200 points.

The event itself gives out 375 AP

The event also gave a 200 AP release gift in Mail.

However, you will probably need this AP for the daily battles (unless you saved from the last event!).

The 69 extra battles require: 69 x 8 = 552 AP

If we take into account the above: 552 - 200 - 375 - 100 = -123 AP

Aka, a profit of 123 AP. But as I said, that AP is probably needed for the regular number of daily battles.

AP costs 1 DP per 10 AP

The required total is: 56 DP

Note: the special deals in Akuzon are NOT worth it. The 200 AP for 10 DP deal that pops up every 12 hours IS worth it.


In total we need to spend 6 D-Energy drinks and 56 DP to get Mammon’s UR.

  • The cost of this event UR is the same as Lucifer’s birthday UR this year. The side characters who are having their first birthday have birthday URs that cost less. I don’t know why.
  • The event is 7 days long technically. Because it begins and ends around 14 and 15 hours BEFORE the daily reset. The first day and last day are thus only 14 and 15 hours long.
  • If you didn’t unlock the path on day one, do it today! That will still save you a lot of D-Energy and/or DP.
  • Unlike Lucifer’s birthday event this year, Mammon’s has no potentially triggering content. It’s a very wholesome and sweet story on both paths of the event.


If I can, I’ll be writing a little more about Mammon’s birthday event regarding the actual story, but I really enjoyed the event and I’m pleasantly surprised 🥰


OM! Guides Masterpost

OM! Theories Masterpost

Obey Me: Personality Swap

The recent fanart of nerd!Mammon, prep!Lucifer, and jock!Levi by @warm-meelk got me thinking…

What if the brothers swapped personalities, like in the swap event, BUT this time, they keep their own sin?

In Body Swap Panic, each brother swapped sins, and some personality traits thought the latter could be held out against a little more than the sins.

What I’m looking at, is what happens when each demon keeps their sin, but swaps their entire personality.

And oddly, it ends up revealing a great deal about each demon’s personality… and how their sin is best controlled by their personality alone.

[hit the tl;Dr at the bottom for the theory part!]


Icon key

Sins in order: 🦚💳🐍😡💕🍔🦥

Personalities: 🍷🐯🎮📚🎉🏋️💀


🦚🐯 Lucifer (Pride) + Mammon

- Lucifer becomes softer, more mischievous, and hyperactive. He can get so much done! There’s a generosity, a goodness here, but it’s very hard to pierce through his prideful shell to find it. His boasting, boosted by Pride, is pretty insufferable, and his energy is diverted not into petty money making schemes and pranks like Mammon, but in demanding the best from everyone else, to goad others to try and at least attempt to match The Mighty Lucifer.

Were it not for his Pride, some humility would break through to reveal a true lack of self-confidence, but instead, he’s rather insufferable…

🦚🎮 Lucifer (Pride) + Levi

- Work? Why the hell should Lucifer work?! It’s not like his effort is appreciated anyway, despite him clearly being better than everyone else around him. Far better to focus on trivial things, to lose himself in fandom and carve out his own space there to be worshipped as a god of his own making.

Nobody appreciates musical genius like he does, and others on the devilnet will be shown their ineptitude! Toxic fandom? It starts here…

🦚📚 Lucifer (Pride) + Satan

- A Lucifer who listens? Who considers that his own initial take might not be the most correct? Who prefers to gather all evidence and opinions before making judgements? Who enjoys socialising and broadening his circles, taking in new forms of art and culture? Who loves kitty cats as much as he does Cerberus? Who can easily take Pride in all of the above? Holy moly, peace at last!

Except… all that resentment, all that rebellious energy unquenched due to a lack of excess Wrath - does that fool Diavolo really think he is entitled to Lucifer’s respect and thanks?! The anti-Diavolo club is born…

🦚🎉 Lucifer (Pride) + Asmo

- Hold on to your pants, the hottest demon in the realm is here, and boy does he know it. All that charm, all that fun loving party boy attitude, all that interest in beautifying himself! And holy moly, does he take real Pride in his looks! There’s no huge Lust to drive him here, it’s all Pride baby!

Effortless confidence, Lucifer is the preppiest and prettiest prep. Except… there’s no goal to his efforts, no people to impress, to charm, to attract. His Pride turns his confidence to true narcissism. Pray you don’t forget to compliment him enough…

🦚🏋️‍♂️ Lucifer (Pride) + Beel

- Meet the Devildom’s biggest gym bro, as Lucifer works out 6 hours a day every day, plays on every RAD sports team, and enjoys his status as King Jock. And wow is he Proud of himself! The prideful git enjoys his successes to the maximum, and never shuts up about them.

Thankfully, he is also a softie, and always puts his family first, with his temper greatly reduced. As long as he gets his protein shakes bro!

🦚💀 Lucifer (Pride) + Belphie

- Oh dear. Pride and sly cunning are not the best mix, and if Diavolo thought he had problems when Lucifer got Satan’s personality, he had no idea how bad things could truly get. Lucifer seethes at the world, at everyone, but most of all at whoever he can blame for his sisters death all those years ago.

Sure, she lived a human life, but that’s not enough, is it? And as for the price he paid… his Pride is wounded. Badly. And a wounded Lucifer is a truly terrifying enemy to have, especially when he’s close enough to strike…


💳🍷 Mammon (Greed) + Lucifer

- Mammon’s tastes change drastically. No longer is he after quick flashy items and conducting hare brained schemes, Mammon now has a full on batcave lair from which to plan his operations, an organised itinerary of what he’s after next, and a great many charts tracking profit and asset progress.

He invests in the classics - cars, alcohol, paintings, and wears only the finest clothes while smoking the most luxurious cigars. You want him to model for your magazine? Sure, but be prepared for intense contract negotiations. The Avatar of Greed doesn’t come cheap, and nor should he. Just… don’t annoy him too much. It’s not pretty.

💳🎮 Mammon (Greed) + Levi

- Lmao, why the Great Mammon hasn’t changed at all! I mean, this bedroom was always full of anime figures and merch and fanmade art and tickets and life-size figures and Harrison Porter props from all eight of the movies and definitely every game that has ever been released as well as pristine copies of every console and- Party? Nah, man. Normie- uh, people suck.

Mammon has everything he needs right- DON’T TOUCH THAT!!! Great. Now he has to buy ten more copies, and can’t even fit himself in his bedroom 😭

💳📚 Mammon (Greed) + Satan

- At first, this is an efficient mix, much like with Lucifer but without losing his social butterfly tendencies. He’s organised, proficient, knows exactly what to put his money into and when to take it out, graduated RAD yesterday, and all is well!

Except… he no longer sends money to his human wards. He doesn’t stop to help Devildom kids. Luke is a little terrified of him. His undemonic generosity has disappeared. And as for being safe? Oh no. This Mammon isn’t safe at all. This Mammon has a temper, and if that temper snaps, he relishes the violence, craves it, and has Greed for much much more…

💳🎉 Mammon (Greed) + Asmo

- Oh boy. Mammon doesn’t just take his time preening himself before parties, he literally can’t stop. All of his thoughts are centred on himself, no longer self-critical - which is good - but self obsessive - which is not good.

All the demon does is stare at himself in the mirror, needing just one more minute. One more minute. Just one more. His craving has no end, the demon and mirror trapped together, forever…

💳🏋️‍♂️ Mammon (Greed) + Beel

- Sports time baby! Mammon’s newfound dedication to sports opens up a whole new avenue of potential moneymaking. Sponsorships! Prize money! Rigged gambling-!

Ah. Well, it’s a hard balance to strike, but at least Mammon still always puts his family first, his loyalty to Lucifer still utterly solid. He’s even a little calmer, and thinks before he speaks. SPORTSBALL BABY, WHOOOO

💳💀 Mammon (Greed) + Belphie

- Mammon’s thoughts become focused like a laser, and his pranks turn a little more… deadly. Sure, his greed dictates that money comes first, but the lack of a strong bond with Lucifer unglues his exploits pretty damn quick.

Mammon becomes less trusting, more cynical, and keeps all his thoughts locked up tight. The once happy demon now never smiles at all…

[Other bros beneath the cut!]

Keep reading

Sours: https://thalfox.tumblr.com/post/655250390313500672/obey-me-theories-discord
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  2. Rule in arabic
  3. Free standing closet
  4. Heart good morning gif


OBEY ME RP & COMMUNITY discord server

Obey Me is 13+ literate canon roleplay and community server that allows canon characters AND original characters! If you aren't into the roleplay aspect? That's fine, come hang out with us! But if you're into roleplay then you're in luck! We have templates that both canons and originals must fill out and submit!
𝚆𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚆𝚎 𝙾𝚏𝚏𝚎𝚛
🌙┋An action-packed story/plotline with many events awaiting you
🌙┋Character Development and Advanced Writers
🌙┋An amazing + supportive community for Obey Me! fans!
🌙┋Interact with your favorite characters!
🌙┋A community if you wish to just hang out rather than roleplay!



Click to copy!

33 members

Votes: 0
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Sours: https://discord.st/server/obeyme/
Obey Me! But it’s the Backyardigans

Just now I noticed that the table in the laboratory is completely concave, maybe that's why it was so good to roll on it, back and forth, like. On a swing, and the table creaked softly to the beat. back and forth. creak-squeak.

Discord obey me

"O-ooo, how good it is. good !!!, she moaned breathlessly and with growing excitement, she pressed my head to her crotch with her hands, squeezing my head with her legs. As if afraid to miss this pleasure. before this, the girls were aroused to the very limit. Julia, purring with pleasure, moistened my lips and my chin even more.

replaced mc react--obey me X tears of themis--GCRV--

Eve joined in the pleas. Parents were embarrassed by this turn of events. - Not. Definitely not.

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