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Through a completely unrealistic series of events, Naruto - the Hokage of Konoha - lands in the body of his younger counterpart, 22 years into the past.

What follows is Naruto making the most of his second life which includes turning revenge-thirsty Sasuke into a normal angsty teenager, helping Sakura get over her puppy crush, annoying Kakashi and somehow getting himself entangled in a romance with Shikamaru (which for the record, doesn't even feel like one.)

Orochimaru and the Akatsuki linger in the background, but Naruto's not letting them ruin his life by a stupid war to feed the ego of a dead man. Again, that is.

Long fic, % light-hearted, 31% unnecessary angst, and % of sheer idk-what-made-me-write-this-shit. (I did this only to show you that I'm capable of doing math, yes.)


This is basically a mashup of what I wanted to see from Naruto, So it’s better to think that it’s just me writing whatever I daydream of I already have some major plots going through my head even while writing this summary and I’m starting to wonder how will this end up(will this be abandoned? Or completed?).

No Sasuke going rouge though, nah-ah I’m not letting this kid be a power-hungry avenger

Naruto gets to know his heritage early and Kakashi approaches Naruto early and he's not going to be loud, just optimistic

Oh and No Sakura, she’s just going to be a normal extra civilian
(I don’t hate her but I don’t like her either I was wondering what I should do about it and came up with a brilliant idea to just not add her in the story!)

And I guess those are the Major changes that will change the canon plot you need to know before reading the story

It’s Fanfic of what Naruto experienced before the “Reincarnating with the hokages” It doesn’t really matter with what you read first though

[this book will start updating once the “Reincarnating with the hokages” chapters reach at least two digits]

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Archive of Our Own betaArchive of Our Own

Future!Naruto / Obito.

For a moment he thought he was facing a ghost. Those eyes, that hair and that posture belonged to a person Obito had known very well. But that person had died because of him.
It couldn't be.
"Who are you?" he then asked, a menacing growl.
The ghost took another step forward, the fire drawing shadows on his serious face and lighting blue eyes bright with determination.
"I'm Uzumaki Naruto," he said, "and I'm from the future."


The man in front of him seemed to have been devoured by the world and spat out of hell, only to have been hastily and inaccurately put back together.
"How why did you decide to trust Naruto?" Jiraiya asked him.
Obito barely looked at him, grabbing a heavy black cloak instead. "Madara's plan is doomed to failure, I don't have much choice." He froze, as if he had been struck by a thought and frowned. "There is something about Naruto that makes me want to help him."

Naruto became an idol, Sasuke becomes a bad boy, Tenten's dream world Naruto English Dub

Archive of Our Own betaArchive of Our Own

Rewrite fic! Finally getting on a team, Naruto throws away a mask, and decides to use the skills that's helped him survive in a village that's hated him for so long. Building new bridges and fixing old ones, watch as he trains to become the Hokage of his dreams, one that everybody respects!

Edit: 11/10/21 (dd/mm/yy)
Hey! so I didn't like how chapter 14 turned out so I had removed it, as well as every reference to it edited, I like to thank you all for reading and supporting this little idea of mine! as thanks, I will be posting two new chapters this week with a third on the way!
chap 5 paragraphs
chap 8 paragraphs , 9
chap 10 paragraphs 2
chap 13 paragraphs ,
New! chap 14 paragraphs , 16
New! chap 16 paragraphs , 21
again, thank you to everyone who reads this, thank you for going with this silly little idea of mine <3


Ao3 naruto sasuke

Sasuke es un chico que lo tiene todo, inteligencia, dinero, buena apariencia, es hábil en deportes y además es acosado por donceles y mujeres.

Naruto por su parte asiste a la misma escuela élite que él, pese a no tener dinero ni talentos, por ello es molestado constantemente por sus compañeros, tiene que trabajar a medio tiempo y sólo cuenta con su madre.

¿Qué pasará cuando por un accidente Sasuke quede paralítico y únicamente Naruto lo ayude?

¿Qué pasará cuando un joven doncel pelirrojo aparezca en la vida de ambos a dar celos y problemas?

Grandes secretos que rodean tanto al rubio como al moreno saldrán poco a poco a la luz.

Si quieres saber que pasará te invito a entrar a leer.

Historia de pocos capítulos.

Inspirado en Pagliacci" ("Los payasos"), compuesta por Ruggero Leoncavallo en , acerca de un payaso que llora.

Los personajes pertenecen a Masashi Kishimoto y la compañía Shonen Jump, más la trama, así como algunos personajes son originales míos, y no acepto adaptaciones ni plagio.

Kurama Chibi And 9 Bijuu Vs Akatsuki, Story of Karin Uzumaki, Naruto Shippuden English Dub

Itachi não fazia ideia de como chegou naquele ponto.

Tudo passou rápido demais, surreal demais, tanto que ele nem sequer era capaz de lembrar como aquela noite que era para ser apenas uma festa de família acabara consigo dividindo o mesmo quarto que seu irmão e seu primo, culminou com seu corpo entre o de Sasuke e Shisui, sendo beijado por um e sentindo sua cintura ser segurada pelos braços de outro.

Em meio aquela névoa densa e absurdamente enlouquecedora em seu cérebro, naquele quarto espaçoso que outrora estivera frio, que agora estava escaldante — e o culpado não era o aquecedor —, tendo os suspiros e as respirações dos três mesclando-se com uma harmonia caótica, ecoando entre quatro paredes, ele lembrou o porquê de estar ali, vulnerável, à mercê deles, dos dois homens que compartilhavam de seu sangue.

Aquele maldito jogo, tal qual achou que fora sugerido despretensiosamente apenas para passar o tempo. Tsc, como fora tolo De despretensioso não tinha nada!

E quem diria que uma simples e inocente brincadeira de verdade ou desafio levaria àquilo tudo?

[Incesto|18+|Lemon|ShiItaSasu|Universo Alternativo|Shortfic]


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Uzumaki Naruto has never let his presentation as an omega define how strong, and how determined he can be. In fact, most people mistakenly believe him to be an alpha upon first meetings, his scent having been described as “very brawny for an omega.” Growing up on the sandy beaches of his hometown, he has made a name for himself amongst competitive surfers. With a title like “water demon,” it was hard for people not to take him seriously once they were beneath the swell of the waves, even if he was the only omega competing.

After a long day of practice, Naruto found himself lying adrift on his surfboard -- fingers carding gentle through the top of the waves, while he looked up into the orange of the setting sky. It was pure peace for one who loved the water more than he loved the sandy shore. But when something bumps his board and sends him tipping over into the current, he feels fear in the ocean for the first time. He thinks he’s about to come face to face with a shark, wishing to make Naruto his next meal. Instead, he finds himself staring straight into the bright-red, patterned eyes of a creature he never knew existed.

It's hard to catch a wave, but it's even harder to stay on top.


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