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Ken Fulk Inc. is a creative think tank specializing in multi-disciplinary design that extends far beyond residential and commercial buildings, with a scope that encompasses special events, architecture, branding and graphic design.

In recent years, Ken Fulk Inc. has been featured in every major US newspaper, launched a major collection with a national furniture brand and completed such projects as an estate in Provence, a high-profile restaurant in NYC and the complete overhaul of a private jet. But our current projects are the most exciting yet: boutique hotels on both coasts, creative direction and design for a new residential building in New York and a spate of ground-up residences from Mexico to Alexander Valley.   

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Ken Fulk is a designer of experiences big and small. He is renowned for his layered interiors and over-the-top parties. With a team of 50 “magic makers” to help bring his ideas to life, Fulk leads a team of architects, designers, branding and event specialists in both San Francisco and New York.

The Virginia-born designer has spent the last 20 years developing a business from turning his clients’ dreams into reality. Fulk has become the curator of lifestyles, not only designing homes, restaurants and hotels but also choreographing unforgettable weddings, parties and family getaways.

In recent years, Ken Fulk has expanded his impact around the globe. In addition to current residential work from Mexico to Miami and Provence to Provincetown, Ken Fulk is making his mark in New York with a new concept for rental residences on West 38th Street, slated to open this spring. Designed like a boutique hotel with a lobby restaurant and rooftop lounge, the unit building will offer residents a taste of Fulk’s extraordinary experiences, from interior design and party planning to weekly floral market and guest performances.

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Interior designer Ken Fulk grew up in Virginia, but he knew from an early age that he wouldn’t stay there. As a parlor trick, his parents would invite 4-year-old Fulk into the room and ask him, to the amusement of guests, where he was going to one day live. “In Manhattan!” he would exclaim. “In a penthouse!”

Ken Fulk always starts with a story

Ken FulkCourtesy of Ken Fulk Inc.

“I was always sort of an alien,” Fulk tells host Dennis Scully in the latest episode of the Business of Homepodcast. “I always saw life in a very cinematic fashion. I was waiting for the troupe of dancers to enter from stage left, and I felt like it was always my responsibility to get others to see the world the way I did.”

Eventually, he did, though there were some in-between steps. After attending college in Virginia, Fulk was living in Boston working a marketing job he hated. In a laundromat, a mix-up involving Ralph Lauren sheets led to him meeting his future husband. Soon after, on a whim, they moved to San Francisco together, and the freedom of a new home allowed Fulk to “become himself.”

Part of that transformation was a new profession: He became an interior designer. His timing was fortuitous. This was the late s and San Francisco was on the verge of exploding with creativity, invention and money to fund both. Many of Silicon Valley’s rising stars became Fulk’s friends, contemporaries and clients (notably, he designed a home for Instagram founder Kevin Systrom and the wedding of early Facebook president Sean Parker).

The city was also the perfect environment for a creative person who wanted to push creative boundaries—and test the limits of what a designer could be without formal schooling. “I never worked for anyone else; I was never trained. It was all made up,” says Fulk. “I didn’t want someone to tell me I couldn’t do something or that I had to do something a certain way. I was desperate and passionate about learning, but I didn’t want to conform, because I felt somehow that I didn’t want anybody else’s business. … But the great irony is that now we hire only highly trained people who have enormous skills, which I [had] none of.”

Indeed, to this day, his person firm reads more like a creative agency than a standard design office: He has a branding and graphics team, an events team and an in-house floral team. All of this considerable muscle is put to work in service of Fulk’s narrative approach. The goal is not just to create a pretty room, but to tell a beautiful story.

“Whether it’s a hotel that spans a city block [or] a once-in-a-lifetime night, we start with the story. It’s a roadmap for us,” says Fulk. “Sometimes it’s filled with obscure references from my weird little brain, and then we begin telling it with imagery and drawings. It’s very much like storyboarding and moviemaking.”

Though it’s infused with a lively and inventive spirit, that’s not to say that Ken Fulk Inc. isn’t very much a business. In recent years, the firm has been exploring taking ownership stakes in its commercial projects (which range from a coffee company to an omakase sushi bar to several hotels). The practice, says Fulk, ensures that both his firm and their clients are completely aligned in their incentives.

As for the coronavirus? It has certainly slowed down Fulk’s work travel and complicated a number of planned events, but he’s energized to take on the creative challenges posed by the new normal: “This will not be an excuse for us to not deliver our work. We will find a way to do that. If we have the privilege to continue working, we are going to find our way through it.”

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Inside Pharrell \u0026 David Grutman's Goodtime Hotel In Miami Beach - Open Door - Architectural Digest

A Tour of Ken Fulk’s Midcentury House in San Francisco

Age 51

Occupation Creative director of Ken Fulk Inc., a design studio; author of “Mr. Ken Fulk’s Magical World.”

Location San Francisco

Favorite Room The great room of the midcentury house that Mr. Fulk shares with his husband, Kurt Wootton, a classically trained pianist. The house is in Clarendon Heights, the highest neighborhood in the city. The great room has foot-tall windows.

You must feel like a king in his castle up here. When the real estate agent showed it to us, I asked to come back at nighttime. I asked to sit in the great room by myself. I sat there and looked at the lights of the city and the Bay. It really was almost a religious experience. It was one of those times when architecture does lift you up. To the point where I was hesitant to bring any of my stuff in. I said: “I’m going to have to bring a cot in. I don’t want to screw it up.”

With such reverence, how did you make it your own? Don’t get me wrong. We live in this house. I have giant dogs and all of my crazy stuff and beautiful dinner parties. I envision it like a Japanese lodge. There’s an imperfect quality. The worn leather sofa, combined with furry throws and old rugs and wonderful collectibles.


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