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15 of the Best Twitter Header Photos

Introduced back in September, Twitter Header Photos have transformed our profiles.

Bringing in a new visual element, the large image at the top of your profile is a great way to unleash your creativity and build on your brand. Despite being three months old, many businesses are failing to make the most of this new addition.

If you’re one of them, we can help. Here are 15 of the best Twitter header photos for your inspiration:

1. @Starbucks

Starbucks Twitter Header Photo

No brand does social media quite like Starbucks. We love the Instagram-filtered header photo of the coffee beans, paired with their custom background. The vintage looking photos make the coffee – and the brand – look all the more alluring.

2. @InnocentDrinks

Innocent Drinks' Twitter header photo

Smoothie maker Innocent is known for their quirky social media marketing, and their Twitter header photo fits perfectly. The bright blue sky, juicy oranges, and juice bottle makes for a simple but powerful image. Again, this perfectly reflects the brands ‘innocence’.

3. @CadburyUK

Cadbury UK Twitter header photo

Cadbury’s branding centres around fun, frolics and Cadbury purple. Their Twitter header photo encompasses all of these points. The swirling fireworks – again, aided by an Instagram-style filter – really stand out on the simple, purple background.

4. @CocaCola

Coca Cola Twitter header photo

Another brand who specialise in making the most of social media is Coca-Cola. Their simple header image showcases why people love the drink. It focuses on enjoying it together, all year round. By cementing their brand values in this way, this Twitter photo can say more than any Tweet.

5. @Selfridges

Selfridges' Twitter header photo

A festive offering here from high end retailer, Selfridges. The gift wrapped presents give a nod towards the quality of the company, as well as the holiday period. The clever left alignment of the focal point keeps Selfridges bio and profile picture clear and readable.

6. @WestfieldLondon

Westfield London Twitter header photo

Shopping superstore, Westfield, are also using a seasonal image for their cover photo. The mini-advert for the store showcases great outfits, smiling models and swirling snow. This appealing image really pulls in the eye and compliments the simple profile image.

7. @Sainsburys

Sainsburys Twitter header photo

The third festive Twitter header photo comes from supermarket, Sainsburys. The photo is in keeping with its seasonal #ChristmasDays campaign, showing mouth-watering food and smiling children. Sainsburys knows its audience, and is reaching out to them with this simple, but powerful offering.

8. @TheBodyShopUK

The Body Shop Twitter header photo

Ethical store, The Body Shop knows its brand and its audience inside out. That’s why its Twitter header photo, baring green plants, works so well. It is the most simple – yet effective – way to portray its eco-friendly stance. One criticism though: the white text in the bio is almost impossible to read over the image.

9. @Nike

Nike Twitter header photo

Sports retailer, Nike has been so clever with its header photo. The background and header image match perfectly to complete the large image. This is a really effective way to reinforce its brand message of ‘If you have a body, you’re an athlete’.


Adidas Twitter header photo

The Adidas Twitter header image also blends with the background to form one larger image. The image of sportsmen with their faces in darkness appeals to the brands’ target audience, whilst letting them see themselves in the image.


Richard Branson's Twitter header photo

Richard Branson is one of the most recognisable entrepreneurs in the World. He uses his Twitter photo to make himself seem more ‘human’. He is seen gazing out of a plane window, alluding to him coming up with some more great ideas.


Search Engine Land Twitter header photo

One of the best online resources for all thing online, Search Engine Land use Twitter to share their articles and important updates. Their imaginative header image features a pair of Google branded sunglasses. The blue colour used is consistent with their branding both on and off Twitter.


LinkedIn Twitter header photo

‘Connecting the World’s professionals’, LinkedIn knows the power of social networking competitor, Twitter. The header image is aimed at its target audience, reflecting the stereotypical desk: a Mac, cup of coffee, and paperwork. A simple but powerful image by a brand that knows its audience.


My Blog Guest Twitter header photo

Guest blogging community MyBlogGuest uses its Twitter header image to showcase the community element. The friendly image of cartoon faces adds to the appeal, and is a great way to encourage people to sign up. To find out more about MBG, read our interview with founder Ann Smarty here.


Mumford and Sons Twitter header photo

Our final Twitter photo belongs to folk band, Mumford & Sons. Their header image, background, and profile picture all work together to reflect the group’s unique sound. The bunting, park benches, and horses all reflect the band’s British heritage and their latest album cover.


Superdream Twitter header photo

We couldn't do a run down of our favourite examples without including our own! Our Twitter is a simple grey colour scheme, with an image from our website as the header image. This eye-catching image really stands out and ties in with our new site. Everything else is simple, to let our pin-up girl do all the talking.

Social media marketing is a great way to get your business noticed.

If your business isn’t making the most of Twitter and all its features – why not?! Speak to us today and we can help you get started.


25+ Twitter Header Templates &#; Tips for Designing Headers That Stand Out

twitter header

Twitter may not have the size and reach of Facebook, but the tweeting app remains critical for many organizations that want to connect with customers and contribute to the broader cultural conversation.

Twitter will swell to about million users this year, according to eMarketer projections, and for the average brand, having a mission-aligned Twitter presence is crucial. But clever and on-brand tweets are only part of the battle.

Creating a Twitter header or cover image is another way for organizations to reinforce their personality, to make a cultural or political statement, or to add an air of seasonality and a bit of festiveness. With Venngage&#;s Twitter header maker, you can quickly and easily create engaging and perfectly sized headers for your company&#;s Twitter accounts.


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Standard Twitter banner

If you don&#;t select your own Twitter header (also called a Twitter banner), most apps will display a standard gray or blue box when a user visits your profile. While that may work for those going for a very &#;It&#;s not cool to try&#; vibe, creating a banner for Twitter is another way to establish and reinforce your brand identity.


What should I use for a Twitter banner?

Twitter banners can come from images you already have, or you can create one just for Twitter, which is we recommend. Creating a banner just for Twitter lets you make sure the size is right and that it fits with your overall brand vibe on the platform.

For headers and banner images, Twitter doesn&#;t allow animated gifs, and the only supported file types are JPG or PNG. Make sure you&#;re using best practices for your banners on Facebook and YouTube, too.

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There are many approaches to creating a good Twitter banner, and many brands find it useful to have several they rotate between every so often. What&#;s important is that the header helps tell your brand story.

And that story will likely change over the course of a year or even a week, while your organization may find it needs to change its entire strategy on Twitter. The good news is header images are easy to make and change with Venngage&#;s Twitter header maker.

Twitter banner examples

Let&#;s look at some great, real-life examples of effective Twitter headers and see why they work for their respective brands:


twitter header

Apple&#;s Twitter header on Aug. 4, , promoting one of its many products

In late summer , Apple&#;s official corporate Twitter account used images of the latest iPad Pro as its header image. The overall style, sleek and modern, fits in perfectly with Apple&#;s brand identity. Simply showing a product may not be the best use of an account followed by million people, though the company changes its header often.


twitter header

The Twitter header Nike was using on Aug. 4, , a simple depiction of the brand&#;s iconic tagline

Nike&#;s Twitter header is simple and effective, consisting entirely of the shoe and apparel brand&#;s now-iconic catchphrase. This minimalist take is perfectly Nike, and it&#;s appropriate for any time of the year thanks to its simplicity and broad appeal.


twitter header

Coca-Cola&#;s Twitter header on Aug. 4, , showcases a minimalist take on the company&#;s well-known logo shape.

Coke&#;s Twitter background image is a simplified version of its logo, stripping the cursive lettering away and leaving the organic wave shape with which we&#;re all familiar. Texture applied to the image gives it a lived-in feel. It&#;s all quite on-brand for Coca-Cola.


twitter header

The NFL&#;s Twitter header on Aug. 4, a day before the league&#;s Hall of Fame Game to open the season

The National Football League&#;s preseason begins with Hall of Fame week, where current teams play in games that don&#;t mean anything but the league honors those newly enshrined into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. In the days leading up the installment, the league used the faces of some of the enshrinees as its Twitter background.

This is a good example not only of reinforcing a brand—the look is at once stately, celebratory and vintage—as well as using an upcoming major event as inspiration for a Twitter header. The downside of this approach is this image won&#;t be useful after the event is over.


twitter header

Steak-Umm&#;s undeniably strange Twitter header on Aug. 4, , which fits perfectly with its unique voice on the platform

Anybody who&#;s been paying attention to brands on social media has no doubt come across the Twitter account of Steak-Umm, a frozen food company based in Pennsylvania. In recent years, the brand has transformed its Twitter account into a socially conscious posting machine.

While the account frequently tweets out lengthy threads about things like student debt or critical thinking, it also posts bizarre things, and the Twitter header above illustrates that sometimes it&#;s OK to be weird just for the sake of being weird. Would this be right for Apple? No, but for Steak-Umm, it works.

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Where do you find Twitter headers?

Your brand may already have some existing visual assets you could repurpose into a Twitter header, but we recommend creating a new one so you can be sure it fits with the Twitter presence you&#;re going for.

Consider a royalty-free photo service like Unsplash, Pexels or Pixabay if you&#;re looking for a Twitter header without words, or visit the Library of Congress for a collection of free materials if you&#;re going for that old vibe.

The best option is to create your own Twitter banner using Venngage&#;s Twitter header maker, and you can sign up for free to get started.

We offer a collection of over 11 million stock photos, 3+ million of which are high resolution. You also have access to a library of over 40, icons and illustrations, with 2, diverse icons you can use for your Twitter header to reflect your diverse audience.


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What size is a Twitter header?

Twitter headers have a specific dimension that&#;s best, which is 1, pixels wide by pixels tall. That means they&#;re wide from side to side but narrow from top to bottom. That also means that if you&#;re simply uploading an image, the platform will crop it to fit.

Twitter Header Size

It&#;s also important to keep in mind that your profile image will bump slightly into this space when users visit your profile, as seen above. That&#;s another reason why we recommend making your own so that you can control how the two overlap and adjust your images as needed.

Another thing to keep in mind is that sizes for social media assets change often, so make sure you keep up with the latest required dimension for your cover image, be it a Twitter header, a Facebook banner or a Youtube cover.

Let&#;s take a look at some of the Twitter banner templates you can customize for your personal account or your business.

Note that some of these templates are not the current Twitter header size as they were designed some time ago—but you can always take them as an inspiration and resize and customize them as you see fit. Simply go to &#;Settings&#; and choose the dimension you want for your design:

twitter banner

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Black Twitter banner

Black Twitter banners use all or mostly black and other dark colors, often with white or light-colored text to make the messaging pop. They&#;re appropriate for brands of all types, but especially those with simple and minimalist identities.

twitter header


This black Twitter banner uses an image of Earth from space, creating a moody and high-tech effect, which makes the white text stand out.

twitter header


This effective Twitter header consists of just four colors, including black and dark purple. The white and yellow text play off the dark shades perfectly to make this simple banner effective and memorable.

twitter header


A black Twitter header like this is ideal for electronics and other tech companies, given its black-gray-white-yellow color scheme and blocky text.

You may notice that this Twitter header is larger in size compared to the previous two. This is because the header had been created before the current Twitter banner dimension (&#;) came into effect.

There will also be some instances of Twitter headers of a different size as we explore more Twitter banner types and examples. Remember that you can still resize the template dimension as well as its different design elements to make sure it fits well as your Twitter header.

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White Twitter header

White Twitter headers, similar to black ones, tend toward simplicity and are ideal for brands that want to create a stripped-down but elegant appearance.

twitter header


Reinforce a minimalist personal or corporate brand with this white Twitter header that consists of a few shapes and modern typography.

twitter header


*Note: This Twitter banner has a different size from the recommended &#; dimension. See how you can resize it using Venngage here.

Twitter headers are also a chance to inform readers, as this one does by sharing an important statistic. Using a simple color scheme anchored by white is an excellent way to make the data stand out and be memorable.

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Aesthetic Twitter header

Aesthetic Twitter headers focus on creating a vibe using colors, patterns, textures or imagery to set a mood. That can be anything from relaxed to energetic—it&#;s all about the spirit of your brand and content.

twitter header


This low-poly background with a green-to-blue gradient sets a laid-back but approachable mood. Change the text and add icons to make it your own.

twitter header


*Note: This Twitter banner has a different size from the recommended &#; dimension. See how you can resize it using Venngage here.

Photography is an ideal type of visual to use in aesthetic-forward Twitter headers, particularly for brands located in iconic cities or that are based in travel. Look for photographs that are rich in colors that fit with your brand identity.

Looking for more ways to connect with your audience? Check out these email newsletter templates.

twitter header


*Note: This Twitter banner has a different size from the recommended &#; dimension. See how you can resize it using Venngage here.

The bokeh photography effect in this image is a popular way to make a picture look more like a series of shapes than a photograph, which is an excellent technique for creating aesthetic Twitter headers.

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Unique Twitter header

Twitter headers are an excellent opportunity for creatives, artists and others to show their unique side. That could mean creating a unique Twitter header that shows a quirky side to their personality or a more serious air.

twitter header


Sharing a quote that&#;s meaningful to you is a great way to engage with like-minded followers who have similar interests.

twitter header


For creatives, musicians, artists and others attempting to establish their personal brand, it can be helpful to use your Twitter header space as something of a resume, as this example does. Keep in mind Twitter&#;s profile image placement before hitting &#;upload.&#;

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Halloween Twitter header

Halloween Twitter headers take advantage of the fun and spooky holiday by using seasonally appropriate imagery, and they can play on the brand&#;s identity if appropriate.

twitter header


Halloween Twitter headers can lean playful or serious, but this one is decidedly playful. While it&#;s not right for every brand, it could be effective for companies that can take a light-hearted approach to the holiday.

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Christmas Twitter header

Christmas Twitter headers, similarly, take advantage of the holiday season. That could mean using Christmas or winter-themed imagery or showcasing Black Friday and seasonal bargains you&#;re offering to your followers.

twitter header


Christmas is another opportunity to take advantage of holidays and seasons, and with both religious and cultural imagery on offer, it&#;s easy to create a Christmas Twitter header that appeals to your audience.

twitter header


*Note: This Twitter banner has a different size from the recommended &#; dimension. See how you can resize it using Venngage here.

Another major aspect of Christmas, at least in North America and Europe, is retail shopping, and most brands that sell goods offer deep discounts starting on Black Friday. If you&#;re one of them, make a Twitter header to advertise it, like the one above.

twitter header


*Note: This Twitter banner has a different size from the recommended &#; dimension. See how you can resize it using Venngage here.

This slightly more sophisticated take on a Christmas Black Friday Twitter background is perfect for elevated or upscale brands.

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Organic Twitter header

Organic Twitter header imagery is ideal for brands that want to show followers that they are good stewards of the environment and/or that their products are made from natural and organic materials.

twitter header


*Note: This Twitter banner has a different size from the recommended &#; dimension. See how you can resize it using Venngage here.

Nature photography is an excellent way to illustrate your brand&#;s connection to the wild world, and Venngage offers a wide array of photos like this one.

twitter header


*Note: This Twitter banner has a different size from the recommended &#; dimension. See how you can resize it using Venngage here.

Animals are always popular photography subjects, but our planet is filled with beauty, like the verdant clovers in the above picture.

twitter header


*Note: This Twitter banner has a different size from the recommended &#; dimension. See how you can resize it using Venngage here.

Of course, nature isn&#;t just for looking, and encouraging people to get out among the flora and fauna is important for many companies. That&#;s true whether they&#;re in tropical vacation locales, like the one above, or more remote ones like the one below.

twitter header


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Hiring & recruitment Twitter header

Many companies are finding it a challenge to hire these days, so it&#;s not uncommon for brands to use their Twitter pages to get interested candidates to apply for open jobs.

twitter header


Use this simple, elegant Twitter header if your organization is looking for candidates in the tech field, or swap out the image for something that fits better with your industry.

twitter header


Consider customizing this Twitter banner if your company is in the general business, law, accounting or other business services industry.

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Sales & events Twitter header

Sales, conferences and other scheduled events are all excellent uses of a Twitter header. If you have events that occur throughout the year, be sure to change the Twitter header in enough time that your followers have a chance to take notice.

twitter header


*Note: This Twitter banner has a different size from the recommended &#; dimension. See how you can resize it using Venngage here.

Promote an upcoming event by soliciting input from attendees, speakers or others. Or customize this Twitter banner to share advice gleaned during the event with your followers.

twitter header


Sales are natural topics to create new Twitter banners for, and they can be tied to holidays, like the above for Valentine&#;s Day. Pair the icons or imagery not only with your brand but the event itself. In this case, sparkly jewelry is the subject, but Venngage&#;s library is vast, so you&#;ll find exactly what you&#;re looking for.

twitter header


*Note: This Twitter banner has a different size from the recommended &#; dimension. See how you can resize it using Venngage here.

This back-to-school sale-themed Twitter header uses icons as well as a school-themed background image to promote the sale.

twitter header


*Note: This Twitter banner has a different size from the recommended &#; dimension. See how you can resize it using Venngage here.

Sales aren&#;t the only events brands need to promote, and if your organization hosts regular events, it&#;s wise to have a supply of banners on hand.

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In summary: Twitter banners can help inform and engage, and they&#;re ideal for reinforcing your brand identity

Use Venngage&#;s Twitter header maker to create Twitter backgrounds for everyday use by your brand, as well as seasonal or occasional images to promote events, sales and more. Easily customize text and add your brand assets to keep everything cohesive.



About Jennifer Gaskin

A veteran of newsrooms and agencies, Jennifer Gaskin is a writer, editor and designer who is the only living person not to have strong feelings on the Oxford comma. She's an award-winning practitioner of journalism and information design who spent the better part of a decade as the creative director of a digital marketing shop. As a writer, Jennifer contributes to a variety of publications while working with clients as well as taking on her own projects.

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What do you think to yourself when you see someone's Twitter avatar is the default image of an egg? Chances are, you probably assume they are either inactive, a fake account, or someone not worth following.

While almost all businesses understand that the egghead approach isn't doing them any justice, they often fail to understand that a plain, flat Twitter cover photo can be equally as off-putting to potential followers.

Think about it: Would you rather engage with a company that has a header image featuring a dozen of their happiest employees working together on a cool project, or one that relies on a plain blue rectangle to do the talking?

Despite the prominent placement and size (the Twitter cover photo dimensions are pixels tall by pixels wide), far too many companies are underusing this opportunity to express themselves. All they need is a little inspiration.

To give you a better sense of what a cover photo done right looks like, we've put together a list of 23 cool, funny, and cute Twitter header image examples from companies around the world. Check them out below.

Download Now: How to Use Twitter for Business [Free Kit]

Best Twitter Headers

  1. Lyft
  2. Canva
  3. Target
  4. LinkedIn SlideShare
  5. British Airways
  6. Taco Bell
  7. Netflix
  8. Animoto
  9. Basecamp
  10. Rio Tinto
  11. Etsy
  12. Starbucks
  13. TOMS
  14. UNICEF
  15. Zendesk
  16. Old Spice
  17. Petzl
  18. Garmin
  19. Live Nation
  20. Chloé
  21. Vodafone Group
  22. Maersk
  23. American College of Sports Medicine

1. Lyft

Pink and cool Twitter header image by Lyft

Lyft's Twitter header image is designed to give you an emotional lift. The company has always been a positive face on the sharing economy, but now, it combines a creative use of the peace sign -- subbing in for the "y" in Lyft -- with an overall positive tone.

The company's header image also embraces simplicity, centralizing its text on a user's screen and ensuring consistency with its profile icon on the bottom-lefthand side.

2. Canva


Canva is an easy-to-use design app, and everything about their cover photo supports their brand. For one, their sub-brand, "Design School," is an inclusive campaign that encourages even non-designers to find their creative side -- thereby encouraging tentative customers to use their products. It's also fun, friendly, and colorful, all of which are characteristics consistent throughout their web presence.

Finally, and most importantly, it was probably made using Canva, which lets you create simple designs using images, text, and objects. Overall, very well done.

3. Target


Target's creative cover photo is almost so mesmerizing that we don't want to look away. The red and white pattern, the man's white outfit, and the back wheel of the bike he's carrying all perfectly compliment the company's signature target logo. The image makes for a visually interesting look and feel. We're giving Target an A+ for coordination.

4. LinkedIn SlideShare


The collage SlideShare created for its header photo is an interesting way to show off what people can expect to see on the social presentation platform. While collage formats can sometimes appear cluttered, they managed to arrange this image strategically so it doesn't feel overwhelming. Not to mention, this approach doubles as a way for them to delight their users by highlighting real presentations for the whole Twittersphere to see.

5. British Airways


British Airways' cover photo is perfectly simple. While the high-quality image of the plane dominates most of the space, our favorite part is the team of people on the ground, beneath the jet.

The company could have put the jet all by itself, but British Airways chose to keep the dozen neon-vested employees around it. This approach collectively reminds viewers how people-focused this airline is -- that the product is nothing without its employees. As a result, this cover photo tells a story that satisfies potential customers and potential job candidates alike.

6. Taco Bell


Ahh, Taco Bell, the social media darling marketers can't help but love. They're rocking almost every social platform imaginable: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and even Snapchat. And while this Twitter header is fairly simple, we love that it's consistent with their other social media accounts, such as their Facebook cover photo below.


Plus, they always use fun, bright colors to create a unique, thematic experience across all of their accounts. This is a great trick for anyone looking to enhance their brand consistency.

7. Netflix


Netflix's Twitter header image is a great example of a brand that knows how to capitalize on this prominently placed visual space. Here, they use the space to promote one of their latest original shows. And honestly, who doesn't love a good Netflix recommendation?

We also love how Netflix has localized its Twitter cover photos across its international accounts, dedicating each image to a different promotion that's relevant to the audience in that region. Check out the variations below from three different areas of the world:

Netflix Middle East & North Africa


Netflix Japan


Netflix Korea


8. Animoto


When someone new arrives on your Twitter profile, something about your profile needs to compel them to stick around. If they can't easily figure out what your company does, you risk losing them pretty quickly. Why not tell them right in your cover photo? Animoto uses that precious real estate -- the very first place that draws the eye on your Twitter profile -- to nail its value proposition. While the business reiterates what it does in the Twitter description, putting it right out there in an attractive visual is a great way to communicate that value prop faster.

9. Basecamp

Funny Twitter header image by Basecamp

For those of us who don't have professional or stock photography at our disposal, here's a great example to inspire you. Basecamp, a project management software company, doesn't have a product that's easy to showcase through photos, either. Instead, the company uses a funny, captioned cartoon to portray what it does. The office supplies, written question, and of course the frantic employee in the center, all lead back to a single theme: the need for productivity.

Rio Tinto


This crisp image of an old tree, which Rio Tinto uses for its cover photo, above, catches your eye right away. And while it is impressive, what we're most interested in is the story it tells about the company. Rio Tinto is a pioneer of mining materials that, according to its Twitter bio, are "essential to human progress." The tree above could be considered a nice metaphor for how much success is rooted in the company's rich past.



If you're not already familiar with Etsy, it can be best described as a peer-to-peer ecommerce website for handmade and vintage goods. With that said, it's only right that the business would employ an artsy display of images to represent their do-it-yourself roots. But the juxtaposition of the left image and the one on the right is perhaps the best part: Etsy sells everything, from office supplies to beautiful flowers -- both of which are consistent in color with the Etsy brand.



Starbucks' Twitter header photo looks like a high-quality version of something you'd pull from a #Starbucks hashtag search on Instagram. For that reason, we're certain that this is something that will catch the eye of its loyal customers and resonate with them. No matter what your coffee is waking you up for, Starbucks should be seen as the comfortable pit stop during your day. This appetizing image will have any coffee lovers craving an ice-cold caffeine fix.



TOMS' entire business is based on the one-for-one business model that helps provide shoes, sight, water, safe birth, and bullying prevention services to people in need from all over the world. Its cover photo isn't laser-focused on these values, but it does showcase both the TOMS product -- the shoes themselves -- and the ordinary customers who make the TOMS cause possible.


Cute Twitter header image by Danone

It's hard not to smile at this adorable -- and real -- Twitter header from Danone. And with a hashtag on the bottom-righthand corner that reads "OnePlanetOneHealth," the image serves as the perfect compliment to the company vision. Between the proud mother on the right and her hungry daughter on the left, Danone celebrates the goofy, educational moments its yogurt is based on.



The Twitter header image of UNICEF, one of the world's biggest not-for-profits, isn't just consistent in color -- it's consistent in vision. When your business is dedicated to serving the underserved, the best thing you can do for your audience is put whom your fighting for front and center. As marketers, we talk a lot about calls to action (CTAs). The image above is the ultimate CTA, and it doesn't even need a landing page to capture your attention.

Old Spice

Funny Twitter header image by Old Spice

Known for their tomfoolery, Old Spice's Twitter cover photo is a great visualization of their quirky, charismatic approach to marketing. Between helicopters spouting laser beams to flaming lion and bear heads, this header image is both inventive and humorous, traits consistent with their brand.


Cool Twitter header image by Petzl

Petzl is a developer of headlamps for all sorts of dimly lit outdoor activities. What we love about the company's cover photo, above, is that it works whether or not you know what the business does.

If you know about Petzl's product, the two lights on the far lefthand side of the image demonstrate just how powerful these headlamps are. If you don't know about Petzl's product, the image above makes you want to find out more. Either way, this cover photo tells a story about its customers, and the amazing adventures they might take Petzl on with them.



It's uncommon (and not often recommended) for businesses to feature their products in their social media cover photos. Garmin is a glaring exception. This GPS watch-maker takes advantage of its circular profile picture to promote its similarly shaped time-tellers in a truly natural way. All the while, its background image clarifies just who these advanced watches are made for, putting the company's core customer (an outdoors-person) in the exact center of the image. This artwork is unbelievably well-balanced from left to right.

Live Nation


Live Nation isn't just passionate about music -- it's passionate about the visual experience music can deliver. What better than to feature KISS, one of the most experience-focused bands in history, as the company's header image? Not only is this artwork consistent in color, but it is true to the business's commitment to an amazing live experience. This is why the header image of a company like Spotify, another music-related brand, might be more focused on the audio, while Live Nation is focused on the artists behind the sound.



Chloé is an upscale fashion brand from France, and its Twitter header image truly lets the clothes do the talking. With a light, understated profile picture to the lefthand side, the superbly dressed models in the cover photo are what draws your gaze. In addition, all of these women are walking leftward toward the profile picture, subtly driving your attention back to the brand name that makes it all possible.

Vodafone Group


Your Twitter header photo is a valuable piece of real estate -- and it's a great space for promoting various marketing campaigns associated with your business. Vodafone reiterates its logo in the cover photo, but just differently enough to draw interest and drive engagement with the clever written copy inside the logo. The image also maintains a consistent color scheme, especially with the reds and whites of its logo.



We've written about Maersk Line's Twitter presence before. We especially admire how its social media team has found a way to find the beauty in a stereotypically "boring" industry -- container shipping -- through brilliant photography. The company's cover photo, which shines light onto an abstract, seemingly remote landscape, is a perfect example of the gorgeous imagery found throughout their Twitter page. It also casually reinforces its commitment to the industry: No matter how distant or unexpected the destination is, Maersk is en route.

American College of Sports Medicine


Colleges, even specialized ones, can be hard-pressed to show the essence of who they are in a single image -- much less in the few seconds they have to capture a person's attention on social media. The American College of Sports Medicine defies the odds with this simple, brand-aligned cover photo, above. Sneakers, water, and weights -- you don't need any other information to know what this institution is all about: sports.

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How to Make a Twitter Header/Banner That Wins Followers [Plus Twitter Header Size And Design Tips]

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The first time I designed my Twitter header, I thought I had it all figured out. After all, it’s just a cover photo. Soon, I realized the header didn’t fit even though I designed it to the standard x pixels. The borders were chopped off. And my profile picture obstructed the left side of the header image.

I thought I’d let it be. Except, I realized how unprofessional that would look and decided to redesign. My Twitter header looks much better now. But, it still isn’t free from mistakes. Which begs the question – what makes the perfect Twitter header?

In this post, let’s see how you can design an awesome Twitter header, which reflects your brand’s key message and attracts followers as well. By the end of this piece, I’m hoping you’ll be armed with important information including the standard Twitter header size, what to include in your cover, and design pitfalls to avoid.

Ready to get the perfect Twitter header? Let’s get to it:

Before we dig into the meat of the matter, it’s best we settle on important pointers such as the correct size for a Twitter header, acceptable file type, and the like.

According to Twitter, the dimensions for a Twitter header are x pixels with a file size of 2 MB. However, what you need to know is that this doesn&#;t mean you’ve all this space to yourself. Twitter tends to crop the top and bottom of a header on the desktop.

On a mobile screen, the Twitter header displays in full. This means you need to design a cover image that doesn’t include any important design elements or text near the corners. In other words, your main message should be positioned in your Twitter banner size safe zone, which is x px.

Next, you need to factor in your profile picture’s positioning – it’s something very easy to miss despite being so obvious. The profile image shows on the left side of a header so you need to be careful nothing important is present in that area.

Twitter Header

When you choose to design using software like Adobe Illustrator, you’ll have to be mindful of these dimensions. Don’t forget the space your profile picture will take either. If you prefer a design tool though, you’ll get templates customized to fit a Twitter header’s size. For instance, Visme, an all-in-one design tool that helps design Twitter headers, infographics, and presentations among other things, gives you pre-sized templates such as below:

See that the grey-shaded areas show which parts will be chopped off (the borders) and where your profile picture is positioned, helping you ensure no important design elements get into these occupied areas. If you don’t prefer templates, you can opt for the blank canvas which also comes with its grey areas to guide your design.

Save your designs in PNG or JPEG format as these are what Twitter accepts. It accepts GIF format too. However, at this point, Twitter headers don’t support playing GIFs or any other animation or video (as in the case of Facebook cover photos).

When choosing your Twitter banner/header, you also need to remember it’s a horizontal space so a landscape-oriented image looks much better than a portrait or vertical photo.

Your Twitter banner/header shows up in one of these two circumstances:

  • When someone visits your profile
  • When someone clicks to see its summary

Frankly, only you can tell how many times followers will see your header as it depends on how active you’re on the network. For instance, if you host a Twitter chat, your audience is more likely to visit your profile and, therefore, see your header several times.

Good Tweets interest Twitterattis. If your tweets are interesting, say you have a humorous brand voice like Innocent Drinks has, people are more likely to be intrigued and check you out. See what happened, there? More views on your Twitter banner/header.

Lesson learned? You can’t ignore your Twitter banner. It’s a good place to personalize your profile and further your branding. In fact, it’s one of the first things that capture people’s attention when they visit your profile, so you really can’t afford to go wrong here.

Here’s an example:

Pocket’s Twitter account

Considering our brains are a sucker for visual imagery, our eyes naturally go to the big, prominent header as we visit Pocket’s Twitter profile. It’s Twitter banner/header (and logo) is what sets it apart from other profiles in the first instance.

Notice what Pocket’s Twitter header is doing here:

  • Hooking our attention. I’m thinking, “wow, that’s pretty”
  • Showing Pocket’s personality. We can tell the brand has a light-hearted personality
  • Shows what Pocket does

This last point is, particularly, important. A Twitter banner/header is a great place to showcase what your product does. Pocket’s cover banner tells a story. The character is tucking away files that are otherwise unorganized. If you read Pocket’s bio now, it’ll make sense what the app does – it saves your content in one place.

Apart from storytelling, there are a lot of creative ways to use a Twitter banner/header. Let’s look at the next.

Use your Twitter banner/header to show what you stand for or convey your key brand message. Here’s a roundup of the creative ways to use your header:

  • Deliver your key brand message – instantly

Visuals are a great way to communicate your brand message. They can immediately tell viewers what you do. And a prominent visual such as the Twitter banner works wonders in showcasing your message.

You can also use your header to show the impact your work has on your customers’ lives. Or, give an insider look into your team like British airways do:

Cover photos are an excellent way to deliver a consistent brand message. The same branding elements across various social networks make your brand recognizable. Take Medium as a case in point here. Their Facebook cover and Twitter banner/header show design consistency:

Medium on Facebook

Medium on Twitter

  • Change your header regularly to share business updates

Lastly, you can also update your Twitter cover to update your audience. For instance, Dunkin Donuts has updated its header to talk about its latest product:

Looking for some inspiration before you design your header? Here are some of the best Twitter header examples I’ve come across.

1. Starbucks – the picture does the talking

If you sell a product, it’s never a bad idea to showcase it.

2. Pinterest – the graphic walks the talk

Pinterest does an aesthetically pleasing job at conveying what it does with the help of pins. And the best part – it chose to be unique with the graphic element in its cover image.

3. Animoto – minimalism takes home the trophy

Animoto doesn’t overdo the design in its header. Instead, it keeps it simple with a tag line that delivers a clear brand message.

4. KFC – clean design wins hearts

KFC’s header is stunning from the way it pairs simplicity with its brand colours.

5. Asana – tells what it does

Asana’s Twitter header instantly tells what it does and shows its team as well. So there’s that.

Each of these examples leaves us with a good takeaway for designing a Twitter header. In the next section, we’ll outline these lessons. On we go.

Design is tricky. One wrong move and all your hard work go down the drain. So how do you ensure your Twitter header is eye-catchy? Keep the following tips in mind:

  • Stick with a clean, minimalist design

The clutter-free design makes your Twitter header visually designing. Viewers aren’t instantly blasted with a lot of information, which makes your header easy to understand and memorable.

  • Use a tagline or get rid of the text altogether

Adding text to your Twitter header is a gamble because the text size has to be readable. If not, you’re killing the very purpose of a header, which is to instantly tell viewers what you’re all about.

So you’ve two choices moving forward. One, get rid of all the text like KitKat does:

Two, only add your tagline like Maersk does:

If you choose to add your tagline, make sure you pick a readable font size. To this end, test your font’s eligibility on various screens before finalizing your header.

  • Position any important elements in the centre

Like we’ve already discussed, a Twitter header’s corners are cropped on a desktop and your profile picture sits at the left-hand side. In other words, these areas aren’t design-safe. What’s safe, however, is the centre, which is why it makes sense to include any important elements of your design in the centre of Twitter banner.

Here’s an example:

  • Experiment with asymmetrical design

Since your profile image sits on the left side of the header, you can experiment with an asymmetrical design. The asymmetrical design doesn’t worry about symmetry or equality between two sides as you can see below:


A case in point here is Basecamp. Their Twitter banner/header plays with its symmetry by positioning their tagline on the right-hand side:

  • Only use high-quality images

Since a Twitter banner/header is the first thing that grabs a profile visitor’s attention, its quality is VERY important. You wouldn’t want to appear unprofessional by using a low-quality image on your cover. If you&#;re not a designer, you can still be creative by drawing inspiration from things like these beautifully designed templates for postcards that provide a design shortcut that can easily be adapted to suit your Twitter header.

  • Be mindful of your branding

Lastly, make sure your header aligns with your brand. Don’t pick a header font that isn’t part of your branding. Make sure the colours you use also align with your branding. Another very important point – ensure colours in your Twitter headers go with your profile image.

McDonald’s Twitter header is an excellent example of a header that complements its brand colours:

Save yourself from the following:

  • Cluttering your design, which makes it unpleasant to see and difficult to understand
  • Forgetting about your header’s design safe zone and adding important design elements including text near the borders or under your profile image
  • Overdoing it with text and missing out on its eligibility so header text isn’t easy to read
  • Using stock photos that although good in quality are widely used, therefore, nothing unique
  • Missing on using contrasting colours so your banner goes with your profile picture
  • Failing to keep your branding consistent across social channels

Alright, so you know what to add to your Twitter banner/header, design tips to stick by, and mistakes to avoid. Let’s get to the design part now. Follow these 3 simple steps to designing an awesome Twitter header:

1. Decide what you want

Before anything, plan. What do you want your Twitter header to look like? Should it tell a story? Or should it showcase your product? If you’re a service-based business, ask yourself: do you want your header to show you in action or you’d want to add your tagline only?

Once you’ve your objectives clear, you can get down to designing. Remember, your Twitter banner/header needs to be visually stunning and understandable. And, a representative of your brand personality.

2. Create a wireframe

It sounds complicated, doesn’t it? But it really isn’t. You only need to prepare a rough sketch of what you want your Twitter header to look like. Such a wireframe is essential for guiding you throughout the design part. It also speeds up the process because you know exactly what you want.

3. Design and test

I’ve already mentioned you can choose between Adobe Illustrator and a design tool. The only catch is – not everyone knows how to use Illustrator. In contrast, design tools are easy to use for almost everyone including non-designers (🙋‍).

Once done, test your header design. It’s better to test how your header looks before you close your design tools than to notice something wrong later on. Check how it looks on different screens. Is the text easily readable from the desktop as well as portable devices? Is your design well within the safe zone design space? Tweak your cover according to your test results. And, you’re all set.

Hopefully, this piece answered any questions you had in mind related to designing a Twitter header/banner and gave you some tips too!
If you still have any unanswered questions, drop us a comment below and we’ll get back to you.



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