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Swimming, my father used to say, is the most harmonious sport. Swimming guys have beautifully built figures, evenly developed muscles of the whole body, and besides, this sport is always healthy. Staying in the water pool, taking a shower every day, before and after workouts - develops a certain level of cleanliness.

And hygiene.

My next visit coincidentally coincided with my birthday. I bought a cake and flowers and packed everything in a plastic bag so that no one could see entered the. Building of the KVD.

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As soon as we approached our clearing by the lake, the boys and I, including Tolik, stripped naked and ran into the water while the girls spread. Towels and undressed. I got out of the water first and invited Tanya to walk together along the coast. She immediately agreed, as if she had been waiting for this for a long time. I took her hand and we went in the direction where it was not crowded.

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Their lips parted fully, their eyes flashed with fire. No one had partners anymore, everyone merged in a mass of six bodies inflamed with desire, now in one movement, then in another. Trying to convey their passion to the one who was nearby at that moment. All this lasted about ten minutes, then we sat down at the table again.

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Ir. Y lo que va a hacer. (I'll go. And what are we going to do there?) Also quietly asked Cristiano.

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Seeing this, Tolik laughed:" H-ha. My Nike panties hide the boner better. In your adidas, side slits reveal everything under your panties. "Yes, putting on a T-shirt, Ruslan answered and ran to the toilet. Coming out of the toilet onto the veranda, he found the girls and boys standing in separate groups.

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Confused and also a little scared, Roma answered. - You saw, stood and spied. - Vadim attacked, offended and a little viciously. - No, Vadik.

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