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★ Quick notes before we begin
•you both are out of UA
•you both are roommates
•this is my first lemon so yeah 😬★

Warning: lemon 🍋

3rd POV

It was in the late afternoon that you returned to your small apartment.

You hung up your coat and took off your shoes.

After a hard day of hero work the only thing you wanted right now was a warm bath to loosen your tense muscles ,some good food and some sleep.

But of course you couldn't forget to greet your roommate Uraraka who you met in the kitchen drinking a cup of tea whilst having her back turned to you.

You quietly sneak behind her and wrap your arms around her waist making her gasp in suprise and almost drop her tea.

"(Y-Y/N)?" She asked uneasily you hum in response placing your face in her neck.

She giggled as she reached her hand up towards your cheek caressing it with her finger.

"How was work?" She asked placing her empty mug on the countertop.

"It was okay I'm tired though" you mumbled nuzzling further into Uraraka's warmth.

"Oh really?" She replied sadly ,she had wanted to do something special for you and suprise you but the fact that you were tired kinda ruined her plans.

You remove your face from her neck and gave her a raised eyebrow look .

"Yup why? What did you plan" you asked with a smirk on your face .

Uraraka blushed and internally screamed she had waited all day for you , today was just one of those very few days where she wanted you but really badly today and just seeing you this close and smirking at her made her lower region throb slightly.

"N-Nothing babe it's okay just go rest " she replied waving her hands giving you a closed eyed smile.

You rolled your eyes and lifted her off the ground making her let out a gasp.

You placed her on the table your hands never leaving her hips .

"Bonbon~ whats wrong ?" You ask leaning in towards your girlfriend her face getting more red as you did.

"(Y-Y/N) nothings wrong" she replied reassuringly making you frown .

Your lips accidently brush her neck making her let out a small moan she immediately covered her mouth and avoided your wide eyes .

"Ohhh so that's what's wrong" you say mischievously a smirk forming on your face .

You leaned into Uraraka's neck and start leaving kisses until you got to her weak spot where she let out another moan .

"Gotcha " you chuckled into her neck as you abuse that spot with your tongue her hands made there way to your hair as she slowly twined her fingers with your (h)c) locks.

You pull away and admired the dark hickey you left on her neck.

She brought your face to hers roughly kissing you catching off guard before you melted into the kiss.

She gently bit your bottom lip and made her way to your mouth where her tongue and yours fought for dominance .

"Clothes off " you ordered she immediately stripped off her shirt and shorts leaving her in (f/c) underwear.

Since she did put up a good fight you began to leave hickeys from her throat to her v-line where you were cock blocked by her underwear.

You rise up from her lower torso and unclipped her bra straps with ease and began to knead her breasts as her moans in ecstasy were muffled by you roughly kissing her leaving no place in her mouth undiscovered.

You lift her up from the kitchen and carried her into your shared bedroom continuing this action.

She pulled away for air before she gasped as you throw her on the bed whilst you closed the door and began to remove your jeans .

You began to remove your panties at a painful pace as Uraraka sat up and watched you with lust and neediness.

You climbed onto the bed and pushed Uraraka down onto her back you climb over her exposed body hovering over her face before she drags you down onto her face and begins working.

You were getting bored you grind slowly .

Uraraka got the message and stuck her tongue in as far as it could go making you moan.

She removed her tongue and sucked your clit giving as much attention as she could.

You moaned loudly making the girl suck harder and faster .

You felt a knot begin to form in your stomach as you moan out .

"Ocha~ko I-I'm com-ing" you moaned loudly .

Ochako muffled moan made you vibrate , making you break as you came into the girls mouth .

She sat up and kicked her lips and swallowed the substance .

She crawled over onto your lap and began to undo your work blouse while kissing you passionately.

As she finished undressing you she left some light hickeys on your neck while you recovered before going back in for another long needy kiss.

You then broke the kiss and rotated the girl and sat her down on your lap as you remove her underwear and glide your nails down the girls bare thighs making her shiver.

You began to trace your finger back towards her womanhood and traced her entrance making her gasp and moan at the same time.

"Please~" she moaned our softly.

"Hmm what was that bonbon~?" You ask teasingly making her grab the back of your neck and push your lips back on to hers and kiss you as roughly as she could.

You then push your two fingers in and  stop as Uraraka let's out a scream of pain.

You kiss away the tears and comfort her before a few minutes later she wiggles her hips signalling you to move.

You start to pump in and out at a medium pace before you put in a third finger and go as fast as you could.

Uraraka moaned so loudly that she needed to be muffled with a kiss so the neighbors didn't hear .

She moaned your name into your mouth making you pump quicker.

"(Y-Y/N) I don't know how much more I can take " she moaned in absolute ecstasy.

She moaned your name each one louder than the last before she came into your fingers.

You removed her hand as you both fell back onto the bed Uraraka snuggling into your bare chest.

"All better now?" You teased making her giggle.

"Yes thank you (Y/N) " she smiled as she gave you a chaste kiss on the lips before breaking it again .

"We need to do this more often " you say as your girlfriend hugs you tightly .

" Yeah " she yawned tiredly falling asleep on you.

You chuckled as you closed your eyes and let the sleep take you away.

Extended ending:

"D-Do you think they aren't home?" Midoriya asked innocently "I mean the door is opened and (Y/N) and Uraraka's shoes are here so.."

The heterochromia boy shrugged his shoulders as the sonic rip off  announced.

" It is extremely rude to enter another person's house without permission therefore we should not-"

"AAH~A-ah (Y/N)~ Please- Aah~"

The three boys turned bright red and turned away from the door and walked away leaving your backpack at your door.

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This is gay, enjoy.


Quirk: Teleportation, the user can teleport anywhere, but the farther the way it is, the harder it is to teleport. When over-extended the user will get nausea and there is a possibility they will pass out. 


I looked outside my window, only to see that it was snowing! Excited, I ran into my room and put on some warm clothes, but I soon paused wondering where my phone was. I looked under my bed, under my sheets, everywhere! I sighed, thinking that I would never find my phone, before catching a glimpse of my it under my pile of clean clothes. I facepalmed, wondering why I hadn't noticed it before. I picked it up and decided to call my girlfriend.





"Hello?" I hear a tired sounding voice through my phone.

"Oh, did I wake you up? I'm sorry, you can go back to bed!" I replied with a worried tone, I didn't stop to think that she was still asleep since it was 6 am(goals am I right?).

"No! No, it's okay, I don't mind. I need to start getting up earlier anyway," she does usually sleep until the afternoon, "So, why did you call me again?" She asked, sounding more awake. 

"Well I was going to tell you that it's snowing outside, but I then realized what time it was," I answered while giggling sheepishly.  I heard a pause, before a shriek of excitement, which caused me to slightly pull the phone away from my ear.

"SERIOUSLY??" I could hear her getting up, and rushing to a window. "IT IS!" She yelled, again. I sighed at her behavior before smiling. "I'm coming over right now!" She exclaimed suddenly.

"Wai-" Before I could utter a single word, she hung up the phone. I sighed but decided to go ahead and get ready for her arrival.

15 minutes later

I heard a knock on the door and immediately went to open it because I already knew who it was. I open the door to my girlfriend, smiling with some snow on her clothes. I opened the door for her to come in, but instead, she pulled me outside. I yelped in surprise and landed on her, our noses almost touching. I felt my face heat up, and I instantly got off of her. 

"S-sorry Uraraka, I didn't mean to fall on you." I smiled sheepishly, holding my hand to help her get up.

"It's okay Y/N! It's my fault I didn't warn you." She chuckled before taking my hand and getting up. We just smiled at each other, and I closed my eyes to take in the moment, but I felt something cold on my face. I opened my eyes and wiped my face off to see snow on my hand. I looked at her to see she was stifling a laugh. I just smiled even wider and got a hand full of snow before throwing it at her. I see her eyes suddenly go wide before she looked up at me (she's smaller than you).

"It's war!" She declared, running away to what I assume is getting more snowballs. I chuckled and went to go set up a fort and get some snowballs too.

I could tell she was tired because last time I saw her, she was sweating. I decided to go ahead and finish this war since I knew where she was. I teleported right behind her, snowball in hand, before hitting her back with it.

"I win," I stated, with a smug smirk on my face. I heard her huff in annoyance and slowly turn around to face me.

"It's not fair, you snuck up on me!" She groaned in frustration and annoyance. I just ruffled her hair, making her even madder.

"We never set up rules, sweetie." Saying this made her blush, in embarrassment, and the nickname I gave her. "Anyways, we should get inside. I don't want you to get a cold." I said before making my way inside. She didn't say anything for a few seconds, but then she realized I had already left.

"H-hey wait up!" She suddenly exclaimed, running after me. I waited at the door for her, and let her inside. I told her to wait on the couch as I made hot chocolate for both of us.

I came back with two hot chocolates in my hands and gave her one. I sat down next to her and blew on my cup to make it cool down some, but then I suddenly felt something on my shoulder. I looked over to see her head laying on my shoulder, I smiled softly at the sight and laid my head on hers.

"I love you."

"I love you too."

745 words

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WARNING!!!!! THIS STORY CONTAINS: Same Sex Romance, Swearing, + More Your name is (y/n) Midoriya. Your the twin sister of Izuku Midoriya, but unlike your dear brother, you had a quirk, your quirk was called "Guardian Angel" Sadly your brother was bullied for not having a quirk at all, so you made it your mission to protect your dear brother at all costs. One day, you meet a certain brunette at the the top hero school, U.A. Once you met her, you knew there was something special about her. Maybe it was her bubbly personality, or her just her overall character. This girl caught your eye, and stirred up feelings you didn't even know were there. "Hey! My name is Ochako Uraraka!" The girl beamed happily "....(y/n) Midoriya" I whispered "You're shy huh?" She smiled "...I think so..." I smiled back

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Quirk: Crystals, the user can produce crystals out of their hands and can make different shapes, and weapons. If overused, the user will get a cut on their body, which may leave a scar.


Your p.o.v

I stared at her from across the classroom, why did she like them?  It's obvious they liked someone else, or well, each other. 

My friend Uraraka had crushed hard on Bakugou and Izuku, but they were already dating each other( I'm sorry if you don't ship it, but it's just for this story since she is shipped with them a lot). I mean, everybody knew that they were dating, except her, though they didn't openly tell everyone, but it was so obvious.

 Izuku had told me the instant he and Bakugou were dating (because we are childhood friends) and I kept it a secret. So, of course, he told me they were going to make it official today in front of everyone. That meant Uraraka was going to hear they are there and her heart will break into pieces, but I plan on putting them back together. And no, I totally don't have a crush on her.

At the end of the day

The last bell rang, and everyone got up to leave the classroom. We all talked in the hallway, and I went up to Uraraka to see what she was going to do that evening. I tapped her shoulder, causing her to look at me.

"Oh, hey Y/n! What did you need?" She questioned once she realized who it was.

"I was just wondering what you were doing this afternoon since I have nothing to do and don't want to be alone," I asked while wondering why Bakugou and Izuku hadn't announced their relationship.

"No, I don't have anything to do-" Before she could finish both of our phones made a ding noise notifying us that Izuku said something in the group chat. We both looked at our phone to see what he had said.

Class 1A:

Broccoli boi: Hey guys, Bakugou and I have an announcement to make, so let's all meet up at the park!

Alien girl: I have a feeling I know what that announcement is ;)

Lord explosion murder: Shut up pinky!

Perverted grape boy: Am I invited too?

Everyone but Mineta: No

Broccoli boi: Let's meet up as soon as possible! Hopefully, everyone is there by six!

"Well, I guess we both have something to do now!" She exclaimed, unknowing of what was about to come. I sweatdropped and I could only mutter a small 'Yeah...', knowing exactly what this 'announcement' was.  

A few minutes later

We had made it to the park, and everyone was already there and talking with each other. Ururaka and I had made our way halfway through the crowd before we heard Deku's voice rise above the crowd, getting our attention.

"Everyone, we got an announcement," everyone quieted down "Well uh... me and Kacchan are d-dating!" He stuttered, a blush most likely on his face. My face went pale when I heard this, and I looked over at Uraraka who already had tears forming in her eyes. Before I could say a word to her, she had already started running out of the crowd, and I don't know where to, but I followed her anyways.

After a few minutes, she stopped at a tree and slid down to the ground, and she just started bawling. I slowed down and walked to her before stopping and sitting next to her. I put a hand on her knee, causing her to look up suddenly. 

"Y-Y/n? What are you doing here? Please leave..." She questioned, wiping her tears but they just kept flowing. I didn't move but instead talked to her,

"Being alone is the last thing you need right now," I took a breath before continuing, "I knew you liked Bakugou and Deku, yet...I didn't tell you that they were dating. They had told me before but I didn't tell you because I knew it would break your heart. I should have told you before..." I muttered disappointed in myself, and I looked down before I looked back up to her. "But I mean, you still have me!" I exclaimed suddenly, my face red.

She looked at me for a while, before smiling at me softly. She had already stopped crying by then, and I was just relieved that she was happy again, or at least seemed like it.

She then surprised me by grabbing my face and pulling it close to hers, causing me to instantly blush. I did not expect this-

"I never thought that you would ever say that, you see the truth is, I also like you." She said, causing me to blush harder- if that is possible-. She just giggled at my reaction, is this a dream? I thought she was straight-

"The thing is, this was a plan me, and Izuku came up with because we knew you would follow me -because you are so kindhearted- so I acted like I liked the both of them." She said quickly, noticing that I was deep in my thoughts. That does explain a lot... I then suddenly stopped thinking and realized how close our faces were, and I tried to back up but I only scooted a little bit before I hit a tree.

"Ah, well I um, guess you got me! I thought that you were straight," I couldn't really focus because she was scooting closer to me, "so um, I uh guess I was wrong?" I stuttered and she only nodded in response. 

She was right in front of me, and I could feel her hot breath on my face, as she inched in closer. Our lips eventually met, and we both melted into the kiss, and I put my arms around her waist as she put hers around my neck.

We pulled away and just stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity before my phone buzzed. I jumped a little bit and checked my phone to see what it was. Message received from: Broccoli boi

Broccoli boi

Broccoli boi: Where did you and Uraraka go?!

Broccoli boi: Oh wait, did our plan work? 

Broccoli boi: I mean- uh...

Me: Yes your plan worked...We are sitting beside a tree

Broccoli boi: Oh, have fun!

I smiled at my phone, and just tucked it into my pocket before looking up at Uraraka who had a confused look.

"Who was that?" She questioned, an eyebrow raised.

"Oh, it was just Izuku." I replied casually, and she just let out a silent, 'oh'.  It was quiet for a couple of minutes, as we did not know what to say to each other. After a minute or two of silence, I spoke up,

"So, are you like, my girlfriend?" I asked, and we both blushed at the word 'girlfriend'. She just gave a slight nod, and I just smirk. I decided to make a small heart-shaped crystal and gave it to her.

"Since we are dating, you can have this as a token of my love for you. Like a lucky charm!" I exclaimed and looked up to only see that tears were forming in her eyes.

"Hey, are you okay? Did I do something wro-" She suddenly tackled me to the ground and hugged me tightly.

"I love it so much! I'm going to make it into a necklace, so I will never lose it!" She exclaimed in happiness, and I felt something wet on my shirt which I can only assume is her tears. I sighed in content, and patted her head and just stared at the sky. I saw a heart cloud and promised myself I would never let her go.


Ahhhhh I love this so much! I really enjoyed writing this, and I'm thinking that maybe I should make this a full-on book? Tell me what you guys think!

1329 words

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X wattpad uraraka reader

It immediately became more comfortable. And maybe a bra then. And then the nipples are visible. Ay, angry at myself for cowardice, I nevertheless put it on, and then I opened the door more boldly. But she still did not dare to leave.

Y/n Meets Mha -- MHA -- Uraraka x Y/N

But then, as the wild passion grew, she ceased to control herself, and took Slavik for the entire length of her eighteen centimeter penis. At first Slavik resisted, kicked, covered her with obscenities, screamed in pain. Then he somehow immediately drooped, and only whimpered softly, like a wolf cub.

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