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Molly O'Connell


Charleston, South Carolina


1.78 m (5 ft 10 in)

Molly O'Connellis an American fashion model, best known for her participation in cycle 16of ANTM in 2011, where she was the runner-up.


During her time in the cycle, Molly was known for producing beautiful pictures that stunned and captivated the judges, but she was often castigated for her pessimistic, tough and unfriendly attitude. This often led the judges to doubt that she would do well in the industry.

Molly's makeover was a long, thick, blonde weave which caused her great problems throughout the cycle. Her first problem was when the weavologist sewed the weave on incorrectly, so it was only half on her head, but Tyra had it re-done for her to Molly's relief. However, the new weave caused scalp problems, angering her greatly, and making her attitude even worse. Eventually, Tyra took out the weave completely and just left Molly's natural hair.

Molly achieved four first call-outs, two second call-outs and won one challenge. She appeared in the bottom two twice, the first time with Dalya for letting her hair problems affect her jaguar photoshoot, and the second time with Jaclyn for her bad attitude. She was spared both times.

In the final two, Molly's portfolio was deemed to be strong, but she lost out to Brittani, due to Kline's outstanding runway walk, fantastic Covergirl commercial and equally strong portfolio.


After the show, Molly has been signed with Images Management in New York. As of 2020, she is signed to Click Models in New York.[1] She was in the magazines HUF, ShoeHolics, Fuzion, Vogue Knitting, FantasticsMag, Bronze, Stella Nova, Arsenic and American Salon.[2]

She appeared in an episode of Below Deck.[3] She was a runway model for Sergio Guadarrama on the Project Runway season 18 finale.[4]

She was a guest for the cycle 16 episode of Jays Chat in 2020.[5]


Her makeover ranked number 4 on MsMojo's YouTube video "Top 20 Worst America's Next Top Model Makeovers".[6]


  • Molly stated that she was originally on the All-Stars cast, but the day of the live judging in episode one was the same day as the cycle 16 finale airing. The producers switched her out for Alexandria for spoiler purposes.

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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: ANTM Cycle 16 Runner-Up Molly Reveals Surprising NYC Roommate

A silver medal ain’t bad! We talked with Cycle 16 runner-up Molly this afternoon, and she gave us the dirt on what it was like to make it to the top two. Read about her reaction to being called a mean girl by Tyra, how she felt about that short haircut, and which contestant she’s moving to New York with (hint: it’s not Alexandria).

Wetpaint: Given how all of the challenges went last night — from the commercial to the print ad — did you feel like you were going to win? How did you feel going into panel?

Molly: It was really kind of resting on the CoverGirl commercial. I was just like, if my commercial is really, really bad, then I’m probably screwed. Also, Brittani falling on the runway, I thought that might help, but I knew that a lot of other times girls who haven’t been that great at runway have still won the competition, so I wasn’t sure until after they showed me my commercial, and then I kind of had a feeling I probably wasn’t gonna win.

Tyra described the commercial as mean girl-esque. How did you feel about that? Did you see where she was coming from or did you feel like it was totally out of bounds?

Oh no, I definitely agreed with her. I looked angry in the commercial. I was just really uncomfortable and needed to smile more. Yeah, I got where they were coming from, definitely. It wasn’t very good at all.

A lot was said about your attitude throughout the cycle. Do you think you were portrayed accurately? Was it edited heavily? How do you feel about how you came across?

I mean, I definitely complained about some stuff, but a lot of the time I was happy, having a good time. Yes, it’s edited a little bit to emphasize that I complained, but also, it was a little bit of my own…kind of half and half. There’s just some stuff they can’t show. I wish they would have shown a lot of other things that happened.

Did you think you were going to make it to the final two? And did you think it would be you and Brittani?

Once we got to Morocco, I was kind of thinking maybe I would make it to the final two, looking at the five who went. Even out of the fourteen from the very beginning, I said Brittani was my competition, so I felt if I was going to be in the top two, it would have been with Brittani. She was a worthy competitor.

So, the haircuts were kind of a big final surprise to everybody last night. What was your reaction to that? Because it kind of seemed like it came out of nowhere.

I’ve had short hair in the past. I’m not that girl who’s had long hair since I was five, so it wasn’t too crazy for me. I mean, I was trying to grow my hair our for a couple of years, so I was like, oh man! But I wasn’t going to be like, no, I’m not going to do this. Especially at that point when it’s like, I’ll do whatever you all tell me if I think I’m going to win. I was fine with it. I like the haircut. It’s cool, it’s fun. I miss my long hair, but I wasn’t too upset about it. I think Brittani was kind of upset because they had already cut her hair into that bob. I actually kind of liked the bob more for her, too. I think that was better.

Your parents seemed really awesome. They made a great cameo. How was it having them there, and did you feel badly for Brittani because of her situation with her mom?

I was kind of waiting to have them there. I thought, OK, final two. All the other cycles their parents come, so I was like, where are they gonna be? Are they gonna pop out of somewhere? And then it was like the one hour I had forgotten about the fact that they might come. I went home, and they were there. It was awesome. I was so happy to see them. I realized pretty quickly that nobody was there for Brittani. She had been thinking, who can come for me? My mom can’t come because of her back surgery and her anxiety disorder. Having that happen, I felt really bad for her. At least she got to Skype with her mom, but it’s not the same. I was sad for her.

What do you think is one thing about the show that the audience doesn’t see that you feel like they should know?

Before I came on the show and watching it through the years, I didn’t realize how much goes into everything — how much work, how many people there are behind-the-scenes. It’s not just photographer, make-up,hair, stylists. It’s a lot of other people. It’s cool to see how everything ends up coming together in the end.

Which of the people you met throughout this process — whether it was a judge or a designer — did you feel like you benefited the most from meeting? Who gave the best advice?

Mr. Jay, just having him in every photo shoot, giving you tips and pointers, he was one of the people we interacted with the most. I learned a lot from him, definitely. Obviously, from Tyra, she’s Tyra. Nigel tried to help me understand lighting and photography as opposed to being a model and not understanding what the photographer is doing. So that kind of helped, too, giving me his perspective.

What are you up to now?

I’ve been home waiting for the finale to air. I’ve been working for my parents in their law office running errands. I plan on moving with Brittani up to New York in the next month or two. So, I’m gonna see if IMG wants to sign me. If they don’t, then I’m gonna find another agency and I’m gonna go try and model.

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America's Next Top Model (season 16)

Season of television series

The sixteenth cycle of America's Next Top Model premiered on February 23, 2011, and was the tenth season to be aired on The CW.[1] The catch-phrase for this cycle is "Rainy Day Women."

The prizes for this cycle were:

All three permanent judges from the previous cycle – Vogue editor-at-large André Leon Talley, photographer Nigel Barker and Tyra Banks herself – remain.

The international destination for this cycle is Marrakech, Morocco.[2] The show’s first visit to Africa since cycle 4, as well in Northern Africa and the Arab world.

The winner was 19-year-old Brittani Kline from Beech Creek, Pennsylvania with Molly O'Connell placing as the runner-up.


(ages stated are at start of contest)[3][4]

Contestant Age Height Hometown Finish Place
Angelia Alvarez 20 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in) Pembroke Pines, FloridaEpisode 1 14
Ondrei Edwards 18 1.70 m (5 ft 7 in) Muskegon, MichiganEpisode 2 13 (quit)
Nicole Lucas 20 1.80 m (5 ft 11 in) Orlando, Florida12
Dominique Waldrup 23 1.75 m (5 ft 9 in) Houston, TexasEpisode 3 11
Rune George Longoria [a]18 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in) San Antonio, TexasEpisode 4 10
Dalya Morrow 21 1.75 m (5 ft 9 in) Corona, CaliforniaEpisode 5 9
Monique Weingart 19 1.80 m (5 ft 11 in) Hebron, IllinoisEpisode 6 8
Mikaela Schipani 21 1.76 m (5 ft 9+1⁄2 in) Boca Raton, FloridaEpisode 7 7
Jaclyn Poole 20 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in) Belton, TexasEpisode 8 6
Kasia Pilewicz 26 1.75 m (5 ft 9 in) Wheaton, IllinoisEpisode 10 5
Alexandria Everett 21 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in) Huntington Beach, CaliforniaEpisode 11 4
Hannah Jones 20 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in) Houston, TexasEpisode 12 3
Molly O'Connell 22 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in) Charleston, South CarolinaEpisode 13 2
Brittani Kline19 1.79 m (5 ft 10+1⁄2 in) Beech Creek, Pennsylvania1



Call-out order[edit]

1 MollyHannahAlexandriaKasiaHannahBrittaniJaclynAlexandriaMollyMollyMollyBrittani
2 BrittaniBrittaniMollyHannahBrittaniKasiaMollyHannahBrittaniBrittaniBrittaniMolly
3 AlexandriaMoniqueBrittaniJaclynJaclynMollyHannahKasiaHannahHannahHannah
4 MikaelaMikaelaKasiaDalyaMoniqueJaclynKasiaBrittaniAlexandriaAlexandria
5 DalyaKasiaJaclynMoniqueAlexandriaHannahAlexandriaMollyKasia
6 HannahDominiqueHannahMollyKasiaAlexandriaBrittaniJaclyn
7 OndreiRuneMoniqueMikaelaMikaelaMikaelaMikaela
8 MoniqueAlexandriaDalyaBrittaniMollyMonique
9 NicoleJaclynMikaelaAlexandriaDalya
10 KasiaMollyRuneRune
11 JaclynDalyaDominique
12 RuneNicole
13 DominiqueOndrei
14 Angelia
  The contestant won the challenge
  The contestant was eliminated
  The contestant quit the competition
  The contestant won the competition

Bottom two[edit]

Episode Contestants Eliminated
1 Angelia & Dominique Angelia
2 Dalya & Nicole Nicole
3 Dominique & Rune Dominique
4 Alexandria & Rune Rune
5 Dalya & Molly Dalya
6 Mikaela & Monique Monique
7 Brittani & Mikaela Mikaela
8 Jaclyn & Molly Jaclyn
10 Alexandria & Kasia Kasia
11 Alexandria & Hannah Alexandria
12 Brittani & Hannah Hannah
13 Brittani & Molly Molly
  The contestant was eliminated after their first time in the bottom two
  The contestant was eliminated after their second time in the bottom two
  The contestant was eliminated after their third time in the bottom two
  The contestant was eliminated in the final judging and placed as the runner-up

Average call-out order[edit]

Casting call-out order and final two are not included.

Rank by
Place Model Call-out
Number of

Photo shoot guide[edit]

  • Episode 1 photo shoot: Backstage of a fashion show shot by Russell James
  • Episode 2 photo shoot: Extreme beauty shots with bees & jewelry
  • Episode 3 photo shoot:Alice in Wonderland inspired couture dresses and gowns by Lori Goldstein in groups on a ranch
  • Episode 4 commercial: Retro-style coffee commercial
  • Episode 5 photo shoot:' Rachel Zoe's faux fur with a baby jaguar
  • Episode 6 photo shoot: Blondes vs. Brunettes covered in mud
  • Episode 7 photo shoot: Crazies for fashion in Universal Studios
  • Episode 8 photo shoot: Eco-friendly couture in a landfill
  • Episode 10 photo shoot:Nomads posing on a camel
  • Episode 11 photo shoot: Moroccan women In Jemaa el-Fnaa
  • Episode 12 photo shoot: Love story on a Marrakech beach with a male model
  • Episode 13 photo shoot and commercial: CoverGirl Lip Perfection Lipcolor commercial and print ad, and Beauty In Vogue spread


  • Dominique - Big curly dark red weave and eyebrows dyed to match
  • Sara - Cut shorter and dyed dark brown
  • Dalya - Long straight black weave
  • Monique - Long wavy fusion bond extensions
  • Mikaela - Long straight black extensions; later, extensions removed
  • Jaclyn - Volumized curls
  • Kasia - Crimped blonde extensions
  • Alexandria - Long straight blonde extensions
  • Hannah - Blonde highlights and eyebrows lightened
  • Molly - Big curly blonde weave; later, weave removed and even later, cut short
  • Brittani - Bob cut with bangs and dyed black; later, pixie cut

Cast members[edit]

Post-Top Model careers[edit]

  • Alexandria Everett participated in America's Next Top Model, cycle 17: All-Stars along with other returning models.[5]
  • Molly O'Connell was originally chosen to participate in the All-Stars cycle, but the day of the live judging in episode one was the same day as the cycle 16 finale airing. The producers then switched her out with Alexandria for spoiler purposes.[6]
  • Monique Weingart was asked to participate in the All-Star cycle along with Alexandria, but she declined.[citation needed]
  • Brittani Kline is currently signed with Muse Model Management in New York, Premier Model Management in London, Why Not Models in Milan, Paragon Model Management in Mexico City and P Models.[7][8] She has walked for Balenciaga Resort and Prabal Gurung. She also appeared in Interview Magazine. She used to be signed with IMG Models in New York City under the name of "Autumn" but her contract was terminated. She appeared in a Vogue Mexico advertorial for United Colors of Benetton. Her Beauty In Vogue and Vogue Italia spreads were published in November 2011.[9]
  • Dalya Morrow has signed with Wünder Model Management.[10]
  • Jaclyn Poole signed with Models International,[11] but as of 2020 she had left the fashion industry and currently works as a grade school teacher.[12]
  • Mikaela Schipani has been signed with I Model Management,[13] Paragon Models in Mexico[14] and Ford Models in Miami.[15] She also signed with Fenton Moon NY along with Andrea Debevc and Natasha Galkina[16] and have Fashion Week S/S 2013 Show Cards for New York S/S 2013.
  • Hannah Kat Jones met her manager at ThirdHill Entertainment and Hannah signed with Paradigm, booking a guest star role as Carrie on the Disney Channel show, Austin & Ally. Hannah has also hosted for "TMI", a sketch comedy show at Second City in Hollywood.


According to winner Brittani Kline, when the contestants were in Morocco, the show “started punishing girls for whenever they didn’t win the challenge of the day”. She claims that the producers “said ‘since you lost and didn’t indulge in the Moroccan culture, we’re gonna make you indulge in the culture’. So me and this other girl had to play butcher: literally.” She recounts that “There was a bulls head, there was some like organs, some bones on a table and they’re like ‘put this into this wagon’. ‘Put the meat in the fridge and then take the wagon back to where it was’”. She continued, saying “It was me and this vegetarian girl and ... she’s like ‘Oh my God!’. It took both of us to lift the bull head ... but that never got on the episode.”[17]

During a fan meet and greet challenge, Monique was approached by a man who asked her to sign a photo and write on it that he was a good kisser. She declined but said that fellow contestant Alexandria would do it. After resisting the man’s advances repeatedly, she finally gave in and have him a kiss on the cheek. She was criticised by J. Alexander for this, who said this could lead onto “stalking”, which many deemed unfair, since she was heavily pressured by the man to do so.


  1. ^Credited as Sara Longoria.
  2. ^In episode 2, Ondrei quit the competition when she was called forward for her individual evaluation at judging panel.


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Jay's Chat: ANTM Cycle 16

HOME>America's Next Top Model>America's Next Top Model 16

By Elizabeth Kwiatkowski, 05/20/2011 

Molly O'Connell finished in the runner-up spot behind America's Next Top Model's sixteenth-season winner Brittani Kline during Wednesday night's finale broadcast on The CW.

On Thursday, the 22-year-old student from Charleston, SC, talked to Reality TV World about her America's Next Top Model experience -- including why she broke down in tears before Tyra Banks even revealed the winner, how she overcame her difficult past, when she thought her chance of winning had slipped through her fingers, how she responded to her "mean girl" persona that was portrayed during the show, and what her career plans are for the near future.

Reality TV World: You broke down crying before the winner was even revealed, so what was going through your mind at that moment? Were they tears in that you were emotional because you believed you had won or did you have a bad feeling it wasn't you?

Molly O'Connell: I kind of knew that they were not going to call my name. That was why I started crying. I knew that my CoverGirl commercial wasn't very good, and so I kind of thought they were probably going to call her name.

Reality TV World: Could you explain why you thought that, especially since you had won best photo three times at the end of the competition?

Molly O'Connell: Well, even if you have really good pictures and everything, the CoverGirl contract is the commercial and probably doing publicity for CoverGirl and stuff, so I figured, why would they want me to do that contract if I had a horrible commercial? So, I knew my commercial wasn't very good even before they showed it to me. I had a feeling.

Reality TV World: It sounds like you basically thought it just came down to the commercial rather than the comparison of your looks or personalities or anything like that, right?

Molly O'Connell: Yeah, well, I mean we both kind of had the "Tyra got mad at us thing" for an attitude problem, so I figured the personality thing may not come into play as much as pictures, runway or the commercial. So, I knew my pictures were stronger, and her runway was stronger, so it was kind of like we were equal in different ways.

The whole competition, Brittani and I had been kind of scared about the commercial, the CoverGirl commercial. That was the one thing we were dreading a little bit, and so then once I knew she did better in that, in me, I was kind of like, "Uh oh. Not good."

Reality TV World: You just said you thought Brittani did better than you when it came to runway, so when she fell during the last runway show, did you think it wasn't really a big deal or were you surprised that wasn't so much a factor when determining the winner?

Molly O'Connell: I definitely thought that it was a pretty big deal, but I've seen many other girls win who haven't been that strong in runway. None of the parts of the contract was runway. It's all pictures and Italian Vogue, Beauty in Vogue, and then the CoverGirl commercial and the shoot, so I kind of figured that mattered more.

Reality TV World: She also burst out laughing during the runway show. Did you think it was funny as well but you just concealed your emotions or did you just not find it to be that awkward of a moment?

Molly O'Connell: Yeah, I did think it was really awkward but I tried not to call attention to how we looked, so I was like, "I'm just going to keep going." But yeah, I mean, it was funny looking. It looked like I was like thrusting into the back of her or something and we both immediately were like, "Uh oh. This looks super perverted and wrong, doesn't it?"
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So, I wanted to laugh and any other time I probably would have started laughing, but I was like, "Hopefully they didn't see that. Let's just keep going."

Reality TV World: How important was it to you to win the competition and looking back now, do you still see it as a huge disappointment that you lost or have you kind of accepted it and are ready to move onto bigger and better things?

Molly O'Connell: I've accepted it more. You know, right after they told me that she won and I was runner-up, I was like, "Oh no. I'm just going to go back to Charleston and not be able to [unintelligible]. If I don't move to New York, no one's going to want to sign me because" -- I don't even know what I was thinking.

So, after a few days -- even a few hours after that -- I was kind of like, "Okay, well a lot of the other girls from past cycles who didn't win are" -- I mean I see them in commercials. I see them in magazines.

So, there is potential for every single person on the show to have a modeling career. So, definitely, I've come a lot more optimistic about modeling than I was right after they told me I lost. So, I'm going to go do it either way. I'm going to try.

Reality TV World: Your final words were pretty interesting. You started off on serious note talking about how you failed at the one thing you wanted to do but then switched it up and said you wanted a nap and a pulled pork sandwich. Could you elaborate on what you were thinking? Were you being sarcastic for any reason or was that just the honest humorous truth?

Molly O'Connell: Oh, no I was being so serious. I talked the entire time, like almost everyday, about pulled pork. I talked almost everyday about how I missed barbeque, because I'm from the south. We have really good barbeque, and so I'd go and eat barbeque weekly. So, I was always like, "I can't wait to go home and eat some pulled pork and take a really long nap."

So they asked me, "What are you going to do when you get home?" And I was like, "Realistically, I'm going to go take a nap and I'm going to eat some barbeque." Yeah, I was really upset, but it was also kind of a relief -- not a relief to lose -- but a relief to just be like, "Okay, well, life is going on now. I'm passed this part and now I get to start doing other stuff."

Reality TV World: You talked about some very hard times you went through in your life during the finale, including how you felt abandoned and got into drugs and such, but you've obviously come a long way since then. If you don't mind talking about it, could you elaborate on how the drug problem came about and what made you enter rehab and change your life?

Molly O'Connell: I smoked pot and I didn't do anything too crazy. I wasn't like really sketchy, like strung out on drugs or anything, but it was more so depression and anxiety I was suffering from and kind of trying to maybe medicate to help -- stop feeling sad or angry or something.

So, I just kind of had enough and I needed to go get some therapy and get out of Charleston and away from the people that I was hanging out with. So, I just moved across the country and went into sober living and got some therapy, talked to people, learned more about I don't know, everything -- life.

It was definitely a frustrating experience, but it made me have a little more patience. I'm a horribly impatient person obviously from the show, but that's definitely helped a lot of things -- helped my perspective on life, helped me realize how great my parents are. Meeting my birth mother was kind of a turning point and when I realized how good I really had it my whole life.

Reality TV World: The show made you come across as the "mean girl" and made it seem like you had a poor attitude at times, especially after Alexandria Everett was eliminated because she was portrayed as the villain for most of the competition. Do you think the editing made you look like someone you're not or did you think it was accurate for the most part?

Molly O'Connell: I mean, I'm not like a mean person. I mean, I'm nice to people, I have fun with all the girls, I had fun with Alexandria even. So, it definitely was just partly the editing, but yeah, I was kind of a cranky bratty girl who was complaining about stuff.

So, partly I understand that, but a little of it was exaggerated. There were fun times I had where I was laughing and having fun and saying happy things, and then there were times when I said, "I'm hungry and rawrrr, I'm angry." It was a combination of both. (Laughs)

Reality TV World: The times you mentioned when it was hard to maintain a positive attitude, did other factors go into it such as just the stress of the competition, your nerves, lack of sleep, too much time spent away from home, or anything like that that may have weakened your spirit?

Molly O'Connell: Definitely just the stress of things, and there was a lot of waiting around. We would have to go drive out to locations and wait for things to get setup, so then it was kind of an impatience thing, like I've been cranky all day for five hours, and now I have to go to the photo shoot or something.

I don't know. It was frustrating not being able to do things on my own time, drive myself somewhere, have my [unintelligible], eat my sandwich when I want to. It was the frustration of not having the control over anything. That definitely added to, I think everybody's, I don't know, issues or problems.

Reality TV World: Hannah Jones said during last week's show that you had a negative attitude and didn't make "lemonade out of lemons." She said that normally people wouldn't want to work with you if you bring a negative energy to the set. What's your response to that?

Molly O'Connell: I mean, when I was onset, I was never rude to any photographers or anything. I usually had a lot of fun on the sets. So, it was more so like when I was alone and in confessional or talking about Alexandria or something that I would complain about stuff.

I mean, I never got any bad feedback from photographers or anything. I don't really think that's necessarily true. Obviously, I can work on my anger and annoyance issues or whatever. (Laughs)

Reality TV World: You said you were going to need to put on an act for the CoverGirl commercial because it just wasn't your personality to be all perky and girly. Could you talk about how challenging that was for you and how would you critique your own performance?

Molly O'Connell: I definitely was not very proud of my performance. My personality is, I don't know. I'm not like, "Hey, look at this lipstick!" I don't know. I just say things differently and I'm not having a huge beaming smile on my face at all times when I do it.

So, it was hard to try to act like I guess what I thought they want as a CoverGirl, which really, I mean they just want your personality to come through. I just didn't know what to do. I just psyched myself out and was uncomfortable and just felt like my hands looked awkward every time I talked. I was just totally self-conscious and uncomfortable.

Reality TV World: You seemed really unhappy about the circumstances that surrounded the photo shoot for Vogue Italia's prizes in that you said you had to wear lingerie and sit on a stone floor. Did it end up being as bad as you had expected it to be or did your opinion change at all? Because the photographer and stylist mentioned that you lost you energy throughout.

Molly O'Connell: Yeah, I mean, after the commercial not going well, I kind of was down in the dumps and upset about that. So, that definitely didn't help and also, it was really cold and I have like a thyroid problem.

I have issues with regulating my body temperature and stuff, so while yeah, I was complaining a little bit, I was really just extremely cold. But you know, it was awesome. I had a lot of fun doing the shoot. I was just really tired and it was [about] how I did in the commercial.

Reality TV World: Do you have any regrets from being on the show and do you wish maybe anything would have gone differently in regards to something you said or a way you acted at a certain time?

Molly O'Connell: You know, I definitely wish I just could have seen myself on TV before this. Like just seeing how I look and how I come across to other people, or when I'm not smiling or paying attention and I look kind of angry, I think that was a good thing to be able to see yourself on TV.

Because now I know the things I can change in my appearance or just when I'm going on go-sees and stuff, so if I had seen that before, I probably would have changed a couple things. But for the most part, no. I was pretty proud with what I did photo shoot and competition wise.  

Reality TV World: It sounds like you had a struggle with the CoverGirl commercial and the Vogue Italia prizes, so how did everything change once you saw your parents? That must have uplifted your spirit a lot.

Molly O'Connell: Yeah, it definitely was nice seeing them, and it made me happier so I had more energy and wanted to go to the runway show and show them what I've been doing all this time in the competition. So, it was really nice to have them there so I could just share it with them, because they never get to see stuff like that.

Reality TV World: How do you feel about your new haircut? Did it upset you that they cut it right before you discovered you didn't win Top Model in that maybe you felt like it was a big change for nothing?

Molly O'Connell: It was a little frustrating having them be like, "Okay, we chopped all your hair off, and oh by the way, you didn't win. Haha!" But I mean, it's Tyra Banks and Ivan Bart. If they say that they think I should cut my hair, then I'm going to listen, because even after coming home, I get at least a person a day -- no exaggeration -- that tells me they love my haircut.

I just get stopped on the street. People will stop me and ask me if I'm a model often, and sometime they would before, but especially now with the haircut. So, it definitely is a lot edgier and while it may hinder me in some kind of photo shoots if they want long hair, it can also help me in other parts of modeling -- athletic maybe or more edgy stuff with short hair.

So, it's -- I don't know -- Linda Evangelista cut all her hair off. That was a huge thing and so you can start trends and stuff and just have a signature hairstyle, so maybe this fine, I don't know. I'll probably grow it out eventually, but I wasn't too upset about it.

Reality TV World: I think your hair looks great by the way! But I just wanted to get your opinion on what you thought the purpose of cutting your hair was after all the photo shoots and commercials were said and done with. Do you really think the decision was based on how they said the competition was just really close between you guys?

Molly O'Connell: Um, I don't know if that was necessarily really why. They judged everybody else before without having to chop all their hair off, but the shock factor was probably a big part of why they did it. But it worked. It was shocking, but I like it. Ivan Bart with IMG, hopefully I will get signed with them anyway, and he kind of had something to do with the haircut. So, I trust all of them.

Reality TV World: Some viewers were wondering if you girls went to an actual hair salon to get the haircut and how all that played out. Also, how much time elapsed from when you got your hair done to when you actually appeared before the panel?

Molly O'Connell: It was like we were at the finale and then we went to where the panel was held. They cut our hair and we immediately went onstage for panel. So, there was maybe like 30 minutes that you didn't see with our hair getting cut, so it wasn't a long time.

It was really like, "Okay, by the way, we're going to cut your hair. Okay we're cutting your hair. Okay, now there's panel." So it was really very quick. I don't know, it was just weird. (Laughs) It happened very fast.

Reality TV World: What modeling experience did you have before the competition, if any, and I know you said you want to pursue modeling from this point on, but do you have any specific plans for the near future?

Molly O'Connell: I was doing some local stuff here in Charleston -- we have Charleston Fashion Week, but I wasn't getting any paid work. I was just kind of doing random stuff, but yeah. I plan on moving up to New York in the next month or two.

Brittani and I are going to be roommates, and I'm waiting -- I have two weeks to hear from IMG to see if they want to sign me, and if not then I'm going to talk to some other agencies and get signed and then move up there if they want to sign models.

Reality TV World: How were you cast onAmerica's Next Top Model and was it your first time applying for the show?

Molly O'Connell: I actually was going to apply, or going to go tryout, two hours away and then I woke up that day and said, "I'm not going to make it. I might as well not even go drive two hours." A week later, I got an email asking if I wanted to come to an audition, because they found my picture on Model Mayhem -- a website for models and stuff.

So, they said, "Are you interested in being on the show? And I was like, "Oh my God, yes! I'm obsessed with the show." So, they asked if I could come and do an audition in Nashville and my dad drove me nine hours and the rest is history. It was perfect timing because it happened a week before I was planning on going to Columbia to tryout.

Reality TV World: A few of the other girls I've talked to from the season also were found on Model Mayhem. Did you know any of them before the competition or recognize them once you met them on the show?

Molly O'Connell: No, I didn't. No, I didn't know any of them. I'm trying to think if I even saw anyone -- I saw [Mikaela Schipani] at our audition in Nashville, but before that, I had never seen any of them.
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Elizabeth Kwiatkowski is Associate Editor of Reality TV World and has been covering the reality TV genre for more than a decade.

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16 molly cycle antm

Molly O’Connell

Molly O’Connell is a widely recognised American model and reality television show star who is best known for featuring on cycle 16 of ‘America’s Next Top Model’ in 2011 when she came second on the show. During her time on ANTM she became well known for her beautiful and captivating images that stunned the judges. O’Connell has worked with many esteemed fashion brands and companies on commercial campaigns, as well as walking on the runway.

Post ANTM, she signed with Images Management in New York and as of 2020 she is signed to Click Models in New York.

O’Connell has graced magazines such as HUF, ShowHolics, Fuzion, Vogue Knitting, FantasticsMag, Bronze, Stella Nova, Arsenic and American Salon. She has also appeared in an episode of ‘Below Deck’ and has been a runway model for Sergio Guadarrama on the ‘Project Runway’ season 18 finale. In 2020, she appeared on television again as a guest for the cycle 16 episode of Jays Chat in 2020. O’Connell is popular online with an impressive following of fans, she has over 36k followers on Instagram where she shares her lifestyle, modelling career and commercial collaborations.

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Molly O’Connell



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Antm 16 Makeovers

America’s Next Top Model alum slams Tyra Banks for giving her ‘the worst weave ever’ that looked like ‘ramen noodles’

AMERICA'S Next Top Model alum Molly O'Connell slammed Tyra Banks for hiving her "the worst weave ever."

The model said the weave looked like "ramen noodles" in a new TikTok video.

An America's Next Top Model alum slammed Tyra for giving her 'the worst' weave


The contestant shared she was not impressed with the makeover


Molly compared the look to 'ramen noodles'


Molly, 33, was the runner up during Season 16 of the long running competition show.

The TikTok video began with Molly as she appeared to be deep in thought.

Text on screen read: "Remembering that time Tyra Banks gave me the worst ramen noodle weave makeover on America's Next Top Model."

A number of photos followed that showed Molly with the large, blonde curly hair during her time on the competition show.

Molly's comments are not the first time Tyra, 47, has been slammed for her work on the show.

The ANTM alum shared a number of photos of the haircut


Molly didn't hold back as she called the look 'the worst'


Back in January, ANTM winner Lisa D'Amato accused Tyra of "using her childhood trauma against her."

Lisa, 40, suffered sexual, physical and emotional abuse as a child while being raised by her mom.

The former model broke down in tears during an Instagram video as she accused the host of "torturing girls with their childhood traumas for profit."

Lisa - who was eliminated during cycle 5 of the modeling show but won the All-Star season - sobbed as she made claims against Tyra.

"What you guys do and the way you guys would poke me and use my childhood trauma against me, day in day out, was just so f**ked up and it broke my heart," she said.

Molly's video is not the first time Tyra has been slammed by a contestant


Lisa accused Tyra of 'using her childhood trauma against her'


Lisa continued: "Like how can you do that?"

"I don't know how you sleep at night because you, Tyra, knew very well the horrible trauma that my mom inflicted on me.

"And you also talk so much about how you wouldn't be where you are without your mother and how powerful she is.

A clip previously resurfaced of Tyra telling a contestant to close the gap in her teeth


Fans slammed the host for the comments


"So knowing that you still did that to me and then continued to do it to other girls, even after I spoke publicly about it... how do you sleep at night?"

Back in May, fans slammed Tyra when a clip resurfaced of her putting “blackface” on a contestant during Season 4 of the reality show.

She was also criticized for demanding an aspiring model close the gap she had in her front teeth.

ANTM fans haven't held back when slamming the host


Days after the “problematic” scenes went viral, the ANTM host broke her silence.

Tyra tweeted: “Been seeing the posts about the insensitivity of some past ANTM moments and I agree with you.

“Looking back, those were some really off choices. Appreciate your honest feedback and am sending so much love and virtual hugs."

Her work on ANTM is not the only time Trya has been criticized, as many Dancing With the Stars viewers slammed her throughout her debut season as the host.





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