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Transformers are some of the most iconic toys around — an action figure and a car! All in one! A true bargain! But as modern Transformers toys have gotten more complex, they have also become an absolutely huge pain to actually transform from car to robot and back again, often requiring multiple shame-filled trips back to the trashcan where you threw it in a fit of hubris.

Hasbro is finally fixing that problem. Not by making the toys simpler, but by making them a lot more complicated and expensive in the form of its new $700 Optimus Prime Auto-Converting Programmable Advanced Robot, which thanks to the power of real robotics technology (in the form of 27 servo motors and a mobile app) can actually transform all by itself.

The new Transformer is almost breathtaking in its complexity: Hasbro says that the 19-inch figure features roughly 5,000 components, 27 patented servo motors, and 60 connected microchips in order to pull off the automated transforming feature. In addition to a mobile app, the new Optimus Prime toy also features voice commands that allow owners to control the transforming action or drive around the vehicle form by shouting things like “roll out” or “convert.”

Image: Hasbro

The downside of owning the first Transformer that can actually, y’know, transform on its own is the eye-watering price — for $700, the new Optimus Prime toy had better be able to fight off actual Decepticons to save the Earth.

The new model is being built in partnership with Robosen Robotics, which, as noted by Polygon, has been making suspiciously Transformer-looking motorized robots for years. The new collaboration with Hasbro, though, gives Robosen the chance to bring its skills to an official Transformer product instead of a look-alike.

The Optimus Prime Auto-Converting Programmable Advanced Robot is available to preorder now from the Hasbro Pulse website for $699.99. Orders are expected to ship on August 2nd.


Optimus Prime (G1)/toys

Awwwwww yeah......

Since 1984, Generation 1 Optimus Prime has received the largest number of toys for any single Transformers character, a testament to the character's enduring popularity and status as a hero to many fans.

Due to the popularity of the character and the evergrowing Generation 1 continuity family, this article had become far too large, causing internet browsers to struggle loading all of its contents—and in the most extreme cases—crashing entirely. For the sake of a nice clean split, we have opted to move all of Optimus Prime's Generations toys into a separate article which can be found here.

The Transformers

From the DiacloneBattle Convoy came Optimus Prime and all his subsequent incarnations.
Most people would be happy with just oneOptimus Prime, but noooooo...
  • Optimus Prime (1984, 1985, 1986)
    • Takara ID number:01
    • Accessories: Laser Blaster, 2 fists (left & right), Trailer/Combat Deck, Roller, 4 rockets, hose, nozzle, fuel pump
The original Optimus Prime toy started life as the Diaclone toy, "Battle Convoy", created by a team of Takara designers who came on board when the original designer fell behind. This team included Hiroyuki Obara (listed as the sole creator on the toy's patent) and famed mecha designer Shōji Kawamori. The toy transforms into two major components; the first component being a red and blue White Freightliner WFT-8664T cabover semi-trailer truck partially composed of die-cast metal, and the second component being a large silver trailer of currently-undetermined model.
The cab transforms into the robot mode of Optimus Prime himself, with the addition of a pair of removable blue fists that plug into his headlights. The fists themselves do not store anywhere in vehicle mode, but can fit easily in Prime's opening chest compartment (originally designed to accommodate two Diaclone driver figures). Prime is armed with a black laser rifle that, due to design, he cannot hold straight. His smokestacks can rotate, but don't serve much purpose whatsoever.
Prime's trailer opens up into his Combat Deck, containing the scout drone, Roller. The interior of the Combat Deck features three pegs that can accommodate Prime's laser rifle, fuel pump and nozzle accessories, and seating for two Diaclone drivers. As its central feature, the Combat Deck features a missile-armed repair drone pod mounted upon a boom lift arm (featuring another cockpit for a Diaclone driver), which can also be extended through holes in the trailer's roof and front-end when it is closed. Situated in the base of the boom arm is a spring-loaded launcher that can launch Roller out of the Combat Deck and into action. Roller himself has seating for four Diaclone passengers, and features a port that can accommodate either Prime's rifle or the fuel pump. The interior space of the trailer allows storage room for one standard Autobot car, which can also be shot forward by the launcher.
Optimus Prime was subject to several molding and color variations in his early days. The earliest release of the figure featured larger fists, a gun with a thick, round barrel, a slightly-differently shaped gas pump, grey rockets, a grey Roller, a grey launcher in his Combat Deck, and metal plates in the floor of the Combat Deck (a holdover from the Diaclone version of the toy, to which the magnetic feet of the pilots could cling). In short order, his fists were slimmed down, the gun's barrel was pared down to a more slender form, the gas pump's shape was altered, the rockets and launcher were recast in black plastic, the metal plates were removed from the Combat Deck, and Roller's color was changed to a light blue. Along with Roller's color change, however, the Combat Deck's drone pod also became light blue, and a third running change soon followed that saw it restored to its original darker blue, and Roller changed along with it. These modified components would become the default accessories used by subsequent reissues of the Prime toy, though Roller stills fluctuates back and forth between grey and dark blue, depending on how show-accurate each reissue wants to be.
The Japanese release of the figure also underwent the changes in weapon shapes, but never featured a silver Roller; instead, their original release of Prime featured a Diaclone-style Roller without the two rear pegs, and the differently-shaped launcher that accommodated him, before a running change switched over to the Hasbro version of the mold. Finally, in some European countries, Prime sported red feet, as opposed to his traditional blue; this version of the figure is also known in some cases to feature a differently-painted forehead crest which leaves the three central indentations unpainted blue.
For the mainland Europe Milton Bradley release, there were two variants of Optimus Prime available: the first version, manufactured by Takara, sported blue feet like most other versions; the second version, manufactured by Joustra's parent company Ceji, sported red feet instead.[1] On top of that, the Italian release of "Commander" by GiG eventually featured a later variant that replaced the rubber tires and die-cast feet with plastic parts, similar to the US KB Toys variant of Ultra Magnus.
Having been removed from toy store shelves after 1985, Optimus Prime was made available as a mail-away toy in the "Digital Doom on the Highway to Destruction" offer in the US in 1986 to coincide with the Transformers movie premiering that year. He cost $21.50 and 5 Robot Points. He was also offered in 'The Autobots Have A Special Mission For...' mail-away pamphlet and came with a special "Movie Edition Certificate" and a round sticker that read " Movie . Edition . Transformer" with the Autobot symbol in the middle. (This item is considered rare.)
Over twenty-plus years, there have been a bajillion releases of this mold, some identical to the original toy, and some featuring significant variants with notably different paint jobs, color schemes, accessories and other pack-ins. We have striven to list all these variants on this page under their respective series; for a quick-reference list of all variants and releases check here. The cab robot has also been used sparingly to represent different characters; outfitted with different trailers, it has become Generation 1 Ultra Magnus and Pepsi Convoy.
Pepsibots, roll out!
  • Optimus Prime (Limited edition promotional variant, 1985)
    • Accessories: Laser Blaster, 2 fists (left & right), trailer/Combat Deck, Roller (dark blue), 4 rockets, hose, nozzle, fuel pump
A limited edition of the Optimus Prime toy sold as a mail-away exclusive by PepsiCo was made available in North America in 1985. This version of the figure came with a small fold-out leaflet glued to the top-right of the packaging, which contained two Pepsi logo stickers for the buyer to attach to Prime, mid-way through the traditional silver-and-blue stripe on his trailer. Canada also got a version of this promotional figure, but with much larger stickers that were the full length and height of the trailer. This promotion would go on to serve as the inspiration for the Japanese character of Pepsi Convoy, who would in turn be released by Hasbro as a new "Pepsi Optimus Prime" in 2007.
Megatron, what are we doing in the same box???!!!!
  • Convoy vs. Megatron (Versus set, 1985)
    • ID number:VSX
    • Accessories: Laser Blaster, 2 fists (left & right), trailer/Combat Deck, Roller, 4 rockets, hose, nozzle, fuel pump
This Japanese-exclusive release of Optimus Prime came with the Japanese release of Megatron. There are no differences between this release of Convoy and the individually released toy.
He's not leaving! He's right behind you!
  • Good Bye Convoy (Multipack, 1986)
    • Accessories: Laser Blaster, 2 fists (left & right), trailer/Combat Deck, Roller (dark blue), 4 rockets, hose, nozzle, fuel pump
Commemorating the death of Optimus Prime in The Transformers: The Movie, this set contains a special version of the original Optimus Prime figure with show-inspired translucent blue windows. It was packaged with Ligier and Alert, in an apparent homage to the similar Diaclone "Powered Convoy DX" giftset that packaged the "Powered Convoy" version of the Optimus mold with figures using the molds of Ligier and Alert.
Honkimus Prime.
  • Ultra Magnus (1986)
    • ID number:C-69
    • Accessories: Large robot head, rifle, chest plate, 2 trailer connectors/waist plates, 2 small robot fists (left & right), 2 large robot fists (left & right), 2 missile launchers, 4 missiles

Ultra Magnus' inner white Optimus Prime redeco was repurposed as Optimus Prime in the Transformers vs. G.I. Joe issue "The War Never Ends".

Ultra Magnus is a redeco of the Diaclone "Powered Convoy" figure, itself a redeco and slight retool of "Battle Convoy", the toy that became the original Optimus Prime figure, sporting a new trailer. One of the last few Diaclone toys to be released in the Transformers toyline, Magnus was recolored from the original toy's dark blue, red and black color scheme into a more patriotic red, white and blue, though his chestplate, which was rendered white in his package art followed a more the blue color scheme of his shoulders. He transforms into a Freightliner COE, towing a car-carrier trailer capable of transporting up to four normal-sized Autobot cars. As with Optimus Prime, his cab transforms into a small robot, which can then combine with the trailer to form a "super robot", although all original Generation 1 fiction prior to the 21st century ignored this and simply rendered the super robot as Magnus's default robot form. To facilitate this combination, Magnus sports a slightly longer front axle than Prime, thereby creating tabs on either side of the cab that slide into grooves in the trailer to help lock the small robot into place. He is armed with a rifle sporting two handles that allow either of his robot modes to hold it, and two shoulder-mounted missile launchers, whose spring-loaded firing mechanism was removed for the Hasbro release of the figure.
The Diaclone Powered Convoy figure had several additional features and modes which were mostly excised or left unmentioned for the Transformers release of Ultra Magnus. Principally, Powered Convoy came packaged with "Powered Buggy", who was left out of Magnus's release (see notes below for further details). Omitted from Magnus's instructions is the ability of his chestplate and super robot head to combine to form a small vehicle; the Powered Convoy version of the figure included small rolling wheels on the underside of the chestplate which were removed for Ultra Magnus. Additionally, three additional modes were included in the Diaclone instructions that Hasbro left out: a "preparation base" mode and an "Autobot base" mode were excluded entirely, while the third, a "catapult launcher" mode originally intended and proportioned to accommodate the Diaclone Jet Robo figure that became Starscream, was shown only on the front of his packaging, interacting with Silverbolt. The Japanese release of Ultra Magnus—released as part of the Scramble City sub-line—did include instructions for the preparation base and catapult launcher modes, but replaced the original Autobot base mode with a new configuration.
The original Ultra Magnus figure has been reissued and redecoed several times down the years, and this article strives to list each edition of the figure under its own heading. The first alteration to Magnus, however, was a running change made while he was still on shelves: Originally, his tires were made of rubber and he sported paint on both his small and large robot heads, but this version was soon replaced with one featuring plastic tires and no paint on either head. In addition, the clear yellow plastic that formed his windows was removed from the cab, leaving just holes instead; and his thighs and fuel tanks were left white, as opposed to the vacuum metalized chrome ones of the original release.
The small robot component, as well as being part of Optimus Prime, was also released with a different trailer as Pepsi Convoy.
My Japanese release has a lot more bling. And shorter stacks.
  • Optimus Prime (Powermaster, 1988)
Powermaster Optimus Prime was the first new toy of the Autobot leader since the original toy's release in 1984. He is an all-new design, featuring the Powermaster gimmick: His partner figure, Hi-Q, must be transformed into an engine and attached to Prime's vehicle mode in order to enable the transformation into robot mode.
Like the original figure, Powermaster Prime is composed of two major components: his truck cab, which transforms into Prime himself, and his trailer, which is essentially a heavily-armed version of the original. The trailer has a fold-down ramp to allow the storage of a smaller Transformer, or perhaps spare accessories. The trailer transforms into a battle station armed with two long black rifles and two grey double-barreled cannons (featuring seating for Powermaster engine figures), all of which Optimus Prime can also wield in his fists.
Aside from the Powermaster feature itself, the main gimmick of the toy is the ability of the truck cab to combine with the trailer to form the larger "Super Optimus Prime" figure. This is essentially accomplished by standing the trailer up, folding the cab in half and inserting it into the empty cavity in the trailer's torso, forming an imposing—if almost entirely unposeable—robot form armed with all four weapons. The head of this super robot form is a separate piece which can be stored in the rear of Prime's trailer when not in use. While Hi-Q was always shown plugged into Prime's chest in artwork of this mode (as seen in the picture here), this was actually entirely unnecessary as transforming into Super Optimus Prime didn't require the standard Prime toy's legs to be unlocked.
The Japanese release of Powermaster Optimus Prime actually represented a new character named Ginrai, and featured several retools: the cab featured die-cast metal, shortened smokestacks, vacuum-metalized plastic and clear blue windows, while the trailer was given retractable super robot fists. This Japanese version was eventually issued by Hasbro in 2003 as part of the Commemorative Series collection (see below).
This toy was later redecoed into the Japanese-exclusive Nucleon Quest Super Convoy.
There were several different prototypes made for this toy. See a list here.
Eastbound and Down.
  • Optimus Prime (Action Master, 1990)
    • Accessories: 2 Laser Guns, Galactic Pulverizer Gun Barrels, 4 Blaster Cannons, 2 Energon Exhaust Stack, Photon Bazooka
The largest Action Master set, this incarnation of Optimus Prime is a non-transforming action figure which comes with the "Armored Convoy", a large, heavily armed tractor trailer. The cab of the truck transforms into a small jet that can seat one Action Master figure, while the trailer itself converts into a larger battle station with turrets that several Action Masters can man. The sculpt of the Prime figure itself is closely based on his character model, albeit with a coloration that seems to have been based at least partially on the small robot form of his Powermaster body.
The Action Master Optimus Prime figure was later redecoed with a more show-accurate color scheme and included in the Japanese-exclusive "New Year" reissue of the original Optimus Prime toy in 2002.
Also, unlike the one seen in the commercial, the final product loses paint operations of Optimus Prime's upper legs.
Euro classics optimus.jpg
  • Original Optimus Prime (Original Autobot Leader, 1990)
    • Accessories: Laser Blaster, 2 fists (left & right), trailer/Combat Deck, Roller (dark blue), 4 rockets, hose, nozzle, fuel pump
This straight reissue of the original Optimus Prime figure was released in Hasbro's European markets in the early 1990s, at the same time as many other Generation 1 figures were being re-released as "Classics". Oddly, although he shares their golden packaging, Prime is not actually identified as a "Classics" figure anywhere on his box, but is generally considered to be part of the sub-line for simplicity's sake.
  • Convoy (reissue, 2000)
    2000 japanese prime reissue.jpg
    • ID number:01
    • Accessories: Laser Blaster, 2 fists (left & right), trailer/Combat Deck, Roller (grey), 4 rockets, hose, nozzle, fuel pump
The first in what would be a deluge of reissues of the original Generation 1 Optimus Prime figure in the 21st century, this Japanese release sported a golden sticker on his packaging announcing the celebration of the Transformers' 15th anniversary in the country. It featured slightly modified fists to help hold the gun better.
Simultaneously, this figure was available as a black convention-exclusive redeco, and a golden-chromed "Lucky Draw figure" (see below).
Not the first black Convoy, but the first that wasn't a clone.
  • Convoy Black Version (2000)
    • ID number:01
    • Accessories: Laser Blaster, 2 fists (left & right), trailer/Combat Deck, Roller (black), 4 rockets, hose, nozzle, fuel pump
Released concurrently with the 2000 reissue of the original Generation 1 Optimus Prime toy, this black redeco of the original Prime was available exclusively at the Japanese convention JAFCON. Everything about it is black, including all of the Combat Deck and Roller.
Prime's a gold digger/way over Cybertron.
  • Convoy Gold Version (2000)
    • ID number:01
    • Accessories: Laser Blaster, 2 fists (left & right), trailer/Combat Deck, Roller (gold), 4 rockets, hose, nozzle, fuel pump
Released concurrently with the 2000 reissue of the original Generation 1 Optimus Prime toy, this "Lucky Draw" redeco of the original Prime replaced all of the figure's silver chromed parts and stickers with golden ones, and even included a blinged-out Roller. The figure is extremely rare; apparently only 25 are known to exist.
Epic Black repaints are the right of all toy collecting beings.
  • Nucleon Quest Super Convoy (2001)
    • ID number:C-307X
    • Accessories: Hi-Q Powermaster unit, 2 Laser Rifles, 2 Twin Particle Beam Cannons, Super Robot head
This redeco of the Ginrai tooling of the Powermaster Optimus Prime figure (released concurrently with the 2001 reissue of the Ginrai figure) was a Toys R Us Japan exclusive black repaint, made to represent the original Optimus Prime equipped for a special mission. All of his red and blue plastics were changed to black, his clear blue windows were now tinted red, making his overall colour scheme very reminiscent of the now-familiar 'Black Convoy' color schemes.
  • Convoy (Tokubetsu Shiyō) (2002)
    • ID number:01
      New year convoy.jpg
    • Accessories: 2 Laser Blasters, 2 fists (left & right), trailer/Combat Deck, Roller (dark blue), 4 rockets, hose, nozzle, fuel pump, Action Master Optimus Prime figure, Matrix of Leadership, chain, Autobot sticker sheet, mouse pad
Labeled "2002 New Year Special", this Japanese-exclusive "Special Specification" (特別仕様 Tokubetsu Shiyō) of the original Generation 1 Optimus Prime figure featured tinted blue windows, like those sported by the "Goodbye Convoy" edition of the toy, as well as show-accurate blue eyes. Prime came with all his original accessories, including both versions of his rifle, as well as a new die-cast metal Matrix of Leadership accessory, which can be tabbed into his chest. Additionally, the set included a show-accurate redeco of the Action Master Optimus Prime figure, a sheet of Autobot insignia stickers of varying sizes, and a mouse pad decorated with the Autobot symbol.
The Matrix accessory was later recolored in gold chrome for inclusion with the 2005 Galvatron reissue toy, and in green chrome as the Creation Matrix for the e-HOBBY-exclusive Galvatron II toy. It returned to its original silver coloration when it was included, sans chain, in the 2010 Transformers: Reveal the Shield "Battle in Space" 2-pack.
  • Convoy Reissue BAPE Ver. (A Bathing Ape exclusive, 2011)
    • ID number:01
    • Accessories: Laser Blaster, 2 fists (left & right), Trailer/Combat Deck, Roller, 4 rockets, hose, nozzle, fuel pump
Available exclusively from Japanese clothing company A Bathing Ape in July 2011, concurrently with a range of exclusive Transformers t-shirts, "Convoy Reissue BAPE Ver." (コンボイ復刻版 BAPE® Ver.) is a redeco of the original Optimus Prime toy sporting a unique new green color scheme, along with a tan trailer decorated with a camouflage pattern. Both trailer and Prime himself feature the A Bathing Ape logo in place of an Autobot symbol, while the floor of the trailer's Combat Deck mode features new Bathing Ape-themed labels. The figure comes in a recolored version of the original Japanese Optimus Prime packaging.
Prime at his audition for The Artist.
  • Convoy Reissue BAPE Ver. BLACK[2] (A Bathing Ape exclusive, 2012)
    • ID number:01
    • Accessories: Laser Blaster, 2 fists (left & right), Trailer/Combat Deck, Roller, 4 rockets, hose, nozzle, fuel pump
Available exclusively from Japanese clothing company A Bathing Ape in April 2012, "Convoy Reissue BAPE Ver. BLACK" (コンボイ復刻版 BAPE® Ver. BLACK) is a redeco of the original Optimus Prime toy sporting a unique new grey color scheme, along with a grey trailer decorated with a camouflage pattern. Both trailer and Prime himself feature the A Bathing Ape logo in place of an Autobot symbol, while the floor of the trailer's Combat Deck mode features new Bathing Ape-themed labels. The figure comes in a recolored version of the original Japanese packaging.
Three times faster than the original BAPE version.
  • Convoy Reissue BAPE VERSION RED CAMO[3] (A Bathing Ape exclusive, 2013)
    • ID number:01
    • Accessories: Laser Blaster, 2 fists (left & right), Trailer/Combat Deck, Roller, 4 rockets, hose, nozzle, fuel pump
Available exclusively from Japanese clothing company A Bathing Ape in March 2013, "Convoy Reissue BAPE VERSION RED CAMO" (コンボイ復刻版 BAPE® VERSION RED CAMO) is a redeco of the original Optimus Prime toy sporting a unique new red color scheme, along with a red trailer decorated with a camouflage pattern. Both trailer and Prime himself feature the A Bathing Ape logo in place of an Autobot symbol, while the floor of the trailer's Combat Deck mode features new Bathing Ape-themed labels. The figure comes in a recolored version of the original Japanese packaging.
For the people who wanted this for the S.T.A.R.S. kit, I have bad news for you.
  • Transformers 35th Anniversary Commander Convoy (canceled)
    • Accessories: Laser Blaster, 2 fists (left & right)
Released as part of the "Transformers 35th Anniversary Commander Convoy Box Crowdfunding Project" kickstarted by TakaraTomy and TV-Kun, this Convoy is a gold-chrome-and-redeco of the Generation 1 Optimus Prime figure, featuring a more balanced deco compared to the Gold Convoy Trophy (at least until the second prototype reveals that the entire body is chromed). Despite being etched on a trophy stand, Convoy is able to transform into truck mode, albeit facing upwards.
In addition, the set also comes with a replica of the S.T.A.R.S. supply kit, a S.T.A.R.S. badge, a Transformers Fan Club card, a poster, and a Transformers Mook.
Crowdfunding began on July 1st until August 31st, with a total of 2000 backers needed. Unfortunately, it only reached 840 backers with a total of 16,650,000 yen out of 33,600,000 yen needed.
Your bargaining posture is highly dubious.

Proceed on your way to oblivion.
This item has been canceled, with no current plans for release.

Transform Jr

Prime's kid brother.
  • Convoy (1985)
    • ID number:01
    • Accessories: 2 fists (left and right), head, Laser Blaster, cardboard trailer
As one of the first Transform Jr toys, this version of Optimus Prime was released under the early name for the series, Transform Gōkin. As a smaller, simplified version of the original Generation 1 Prime figure intended as a low-cost alternative for younger children, Prime features a similar transformation, with a removable head in addition to fists, but lacks rubber tires and translucent windows. As with most other Transform Jr figures, he lacked any of his major accessories, coming only with his rifle and a cardboard replacement for his trailer that had to be assembled by the buyer.
The true Heroes of Cybertron
  • Cybertron Hero Set (multipack, 1987)
    • Accessories: 2 fists (left and right), head, Laser Blaster, cardboard trailer
The Transform Jr version of Prime was re-released a few years later in a "Hero" set alongside the Jr versions of Chromedome, and Fortress Maximus.
  • 5 Years of Leaders Set (multipack, 1989)
    • Accessories: 2 fists (left and right), head, Laser Blaster, cardboard trailer
Prime was again re-released several years later in a lucky Draw "5 Years of Leaders" set alongside the Jr versions of Rodimus Convoy, Fortress Maximus, God Ginrai, and Star Saber.

Return of Convoy

StarConvoy toy.jpg
  • Star Convoy (Powered Master, 1991)
    • ID number:C-372
    • Accessories: Laser rifle, Micro Trailer, Microcarrier, small cannon, cannon turret stand, radar, connector, 2 ramps
As the final new-design Optimus Prime toy from the original Generation 1 era, the Japanese-exclusive Star Convoy was a significant departure from previous versions. This incarnation of Prime transforms into an extended-hood cab truck of made-up model pulling an implausibly large trailer, incorporating the motorized "Microcarrier". Powered by four AA batteries, the Microcarrier drives Star Convoy either forward or backward, spinning a radar dish mounted on the rear of his trailer as he rolls along. Prime's teammate in the Battlestars, Grandus, can link up to the rear of Star Convoy's vehicle mode and be pulled along behind him; Sky Garry can then land atop Grandus, forming a giant vehicle.
Unlike previous Optimus Prime toys, the cab section does not separate from the trailer for transformation, instead forming the arms of his imposing 12-inch tall robot mode. He lacks any sort of leg articulation in this mode, but the Microcarrier comes into play again, allowing Prime to roll either forward or backward into action.
Additionally, Star Convoy transforms into a large battle station that interacts with the Micromasters that made up the vast majority of the Transformer toyline at the time. His chest contains a peg that allows Micromaster figures to stand inside it in either robot or base modes, and he comes with a unique Micromaster version of Hot Rod not available on its own. He features storage space in his legs for two spring-loaded figure-launching Micro Trailers, and comes with one of his own, decorated in a unique black and orange color scheme. In this mode, two ramps are connected to the Microcarrier; when the carrier's treads are set rolling, they do not move the base, but instead act as conveyor belts that carry Micromaster figures down the ramps. The Microcarrier also spins a gun turret mounted between the conveyors, on which Micromaster figures can stand. Finally, a special connector packaged with Star Convoy allows the Microcarrier to be connected up to Grandus's base mode, powering his moving elevator.
StarConvoy reissue.jpg
  • Star Convoy (reissue, 2005)
    • ID number:C-372
    • Accessories: Laser rifle, Micro Trailer, Microcarrier, small cannon, cannon turret stand, radar, connector, 2 ramps
Star Convoy was reissued by Takara in 2005, with some notable alterations to his deco: his white plastic was replaced with metallic silver, and the yellow star on his chest was chromed golden. Star Convoy himself retained some of his original decals but most notably his "simulated head lights" and "wind shield panels" were stamp graphed on him, similarly, Hot Rod's were replaced with the same stamp graphing applications. Additionally, where the original toy had been packaged in robot mode in a tall box decorated with the standard Japanese package art of the time, the reissue was packaged in vehicle mode, in a long, wide box more reminiscent of the original Generation 1 toys.

Generation 2

  • Optimus Prime (1993, 1994)
    • Accessories: Laser Blaster, 2 fists (left & right), trailer/Combat Deck, Roller (light blue), 4 rockets, hose, nozzle, fuel pump, 2 missile launchers, 2 missiles, sound and lights module
The first Generation 2 Optimus Prime toy is a redeco of the original Generation 1 figure release with some notable new additions to catch him up to radical 1990s. While his cab robot retained his original red and blue color scheme, his trailer was recast in black, with the original blue and silver striped sticker replaced with a red and silver one displaying Optimus's name. On the first release of the trailer, the internal components and Roller matched the blue of the cab robot. Later, the internal components and Roller were changed to a lighter blue. Another running change followed, making the dark blue of the cab robot match this lighter shade. A bright yellow "Autobot" tampograph was also added to the back of his right leg.
Generation 2 Optimus Prime comes with all his original accessories, as well as two major new play features. To increase his arsenal, Optimus is now armed with a pair of large, black handheld missile launchers that fire red missiles. These launchers were retooled from the G.I. Joe figure Barricade. Second, he comes with an electronic "sound and lights module" that can either plug into the front of the trailer (where it resembles a trailer refrigeration unit), or hook onto Optimus's back in robot mode via a new slot retooled into the cab robot. Unfortunately, the soundbox is heavy enough that doing so can often overpower Prime's hip joints, causing him to topple backward. The soundbox features a large, vacuum metalized Autobot symbol on its front, and three grey buttons which trigger two flashing red LEDs on either side of the module, and a trio of sound effects: a truck engine noise, a laser gun sound effect, and a very loud "I am Optimus Prime!". The module also features ports on either side into which the missile launchers can peg.
How the sound module handles batteries is an oddity among Transformers before or since. As G2 Optimus came out during a transitional period where button cell batteries were still fairly expensive, the module uses AA batteries by default, but was originally packed with a small bracket for included LR44 batteries that overrides the AA compartment completely to support the "Try Me!" feature in the box. The original intent is to discard the bracket once the LR44s run out and switch to several AA batteries, but if one were to keep it, the electronics can work equally well solely off far fewer button cell batteries.
  • Optimus Prime (Hero, 1994)
    • Takara ID number:TRF-1
    • Accessories: Gun, 2 rockets
Hero Optimus Prime was the first new-mold Optimus Prime toy created for the Generation 2 line. He transforms into a Kenworth truck of unknown model which defies Optimus convention by being one continuous unit, rather than the traditional cab-and-trailer combo. Decals form the windows of a faux truck face to represent his chest, featuring both his name and what appears to be a life support readout coming alive towards the end. In addition to a small gun, he is armed with a large missile launcher, which can fire a rubber-tipped rocket by means of a bellows which you slam your fist down on to produce a puff of air. The launcher is accessible in both modes, ending up mounted on his right forearm in robot mode; the bellows is attached via a rubber hose and cannot be disconnected, but stores on the figures's back when not in use, as do the rockets. A similar air-launching system with identical missiles was used by the simultaneously-released Hero Megatron, and by Laser Optimus Prime the following year (see below).
This mold was also used to create Sureshot and the KB Toys-exclusive DestructiconScourge.
  • Laser Optimus Prime (1995)
    • Takara ID number:TRF-13
    • Accessories: "Laser cannon", "saber weapon", missile launcher, 10 missiles, 5 discs, 2 rockets
What was that about shoulder-speakers, Jazz?
Laser Optimus Prime (released in Europe under the name "Laser Rod Optimus Prime") transforms into a mid-1990s Western Star 4964EX, pulling a grey and black fuel tank trailer. The sides of the trailer are decorated with a sticker depicting Prime using a flamethrower to burn down a banner with the words "Optimus Prime Octane" on it. The truck is armed with a disc launcher on the roof of its trailer, which launches five blue discs bearing the Generation 2 Autobot insignia as a knob is turned. Like the other "Laser" toys released this year, Prime features electronics powered by two button-cell batteries; in truck mode, pressing the button on the cab's roof causes his headlight to light up with yellow LEDs.
In the grand Optimus tradition, the cab of Laser Optimus Prime disconnects to become the highly poseable robot mode of Prime himself. Like Powermaster Prime and Hero Prime, the toy features the iconic windshield pecs and grill abs, despite not actually being formed from the actual truck components they emulate. In robot mode, pressing the button on Prime's cab (now on his back) activates a red LED in his right fist which illuminates his clear-plastic sword (which stores beneath his legs in truck mode).
Prime's trailer unfolds via a spring-loaded transformation mechanism in a battle station that is positively bristling with varied weaponry. In addition to the disc launcher, it is armed with a "ripple-fire" missile launcher that fires five missiles, an air-powered rocket launcher like the one previously seen on Hero Optimus Prime, and a small laser cannon that mounts on the base's main tower. Both the missile launcher and laser cannon can disconnect and be held by Prime; his LED-fist will illuminate the laser cannon like it does his sword. Additional missiles and a second rocket are stored in grooves inside the sides of the trailer.
This mold was redecoed by Takara in 2000 as Car RobotsBlack Convoy, sans electronics. The following year, it was released by Hasbro as Black Convoy's 2001 Robots in Disguise franchise counterpart, Scourge, with retooled discs that lacked the Autobot insignia and a blunted sword, again sans electronics. Following this, the next use of the mold was planned to be UniverseToxitron, which ended up being canceled. The modified Scourge tooling was also used when Laser Prime was reissued by Takara in 2006 with a modified deco (see below), and for the e-Hobby exclusive Laser Ultra Magnus that accompanied the reissue's release, with electronics restored. In 2015, Platinum Edition Year of the Goat Optimus Prime, another repaint version, comes with partially transparent plastic torso.
In addition to being the most popular Generation 2 figure, Laser Optimus Prime was, prior to 2003, a regular contender for most popular Transformers toy ever, back in the days of the annual fan awards; the toy won twice, and actually lost once to his redeco, Scourge.
Sweet ride, Prime
  • Optimus Prime (Go-Bot, 1995)
A redeco of the Generation 2Go-BotFirecracker, Optimus Prime transforms into a red Hot Wheels-sized Lamborghini Diablo. Like most Go-Bots, he features high speed axles and can roll very well across smooth surfaces, but lacks the weight to propel him quickly. He is armed with a small red laser rifle. The plastic colors are a "solid" version of Firecracker's color layout, substituting opaque red for transparent red plastic.
The Japanese release of this toy swapped out the orange plastic for neon yellow, and had a large tampograph on the car's hood that was shaped like a stylized letter 'T', with the Transformers logo in it. Going against the grain, this toy was released in Japan with the name "Optimus Prime" instead of "Convoy".
In Europe, this deco was sold as Firecracker himself rather than Optimus Prime (at least in the French/Dutch/German packaging variant). The sculpt was later redecoed again for the third wave of Go-Bots to become Sideswipe (who Prime really looks a lot like), and later still into the 2001 Robots in DisguiseSpy ChangerR.E.V..
  • Optimus Prime (Combat Hero, 1995)
    • Accessories: Gun, 2 rockets
Combat Hero Optimus Prime was to be a redeco of Hero Optimus Prime in dark blue and red. Packaged samples of this toy were produced, but it was ultimately never released.
The packaged samples feature a "traditional" color scheme for the head, with a silver mouthplate; the prototype depicted in the official catalog image seen on the right sports an unusual red mouthplate, which inspired several later toys.
A finished sample of Combat Hero Optimus Prime was among the rare toys auctioned off for charity at BotCon 1996, along with several other unreleased Generation 2 items.
Your bargaining posture is highly dubious.

Proceed on your way to oblivion.
This item has been canceled, with no current plans for release.

  • General Optimus Prime (Auto Roller, 1995)
    • Accessories: Four missiles
Un autorollers.jpg
"General" Optimus Prime would have been a redeco of the Decepticon Auto RollerDirtbag in green, ironically bearing a closer resemblance to Hound's color scheme than the also-unreleased "Sgt. Hound" Auto Roller. General Optimus Prime would have transformed into a dump truck, and would've had an autotransformation gimmick.
This mold was also used to make Autostinger.
Your bargaining posture is highly dubious.

Proceed on your way to oblivion.
This item has been canceled, with no current plans for release.

LaserPrime reissue.jpg
  • Battle Convoy (reissue, 2006)
    • ID number:TRF-13
    • Accessories: "Laser cannon", "saber weapon", missile launcher, 10 missiles, 5 discs, 2 rockets
This reissue of the original Generation 2 Laser Optimus Prime figure was made using the modified version of the mold created for Robots in Disguise Scourge, lacking the sculpted Generation 2 Autobot insignias on the disks featured on the original. It sported a modified deco, with the flat grey plastic on both the trailer and Prime's chest now replaced with silver chrome; additionally, new Autobot symbol tampographs were added to the doors of Prime's cab mode and the front end of his trailer, and a pair of new chest-window stickers featuring an illustration of the Matrix of Leadership replaced the original decals.
This version of the mold was used to create the e-Hobby exclusive Laser Ultra Magnus, and somewhat more perplexingly, was briefly repurposed by the secondBeast Wars Reborn text story as a temporary body for Optimus Primal!

Beast Wars

Very early in the life of the Beast Wars toyline (before the debut of the Beast Wars cartoon), Hasbro treated the series as an extension of the Autobot/Decepticon war, and so Optimus Primal was presented as being the same character as Optimus Prime.

  • Optimus Primal vs Megatron! (Basic versus two-pack, 1996)
    • Takara ID number:C-6
      I'm Batman, and I can breathe in space.
    • Accessories: Two swords
The first Beast WarsOptimus Primal is a Basic size class blue bat which could autotransform into a robot by pulling the tail. Two swords were removable from under its wings for use as weaponry in robot mode. It was packaged along with an alligator version of Megatron and a Beast Wars mini-comic.
This figure was released during the short-lived period when Hasbro was treating the Beast Wars as an extension of the Autobot/Decepticon war, and Optimus Primal was presented as being the same character as Optimus Prime. This was soon relegated to the realms of micro-continuity when the Beast Wars animated series began and clearly established that the two Optimuses were different characters, but the toy remains one that was officially branded as Prime, and is consequently listed here.
This mold was also used to make the Optimus Prime-recolored Convobat, and Onyx Primal.
Well, that's just Prime.
  • Optimus Primal (Ultra, 1996/1997/1998)
    • Takara ID number:C-1
    • Accessories: Two swords, four missiles, flail
The second Optimus Primal toy was an ape in the Ultra size class. Though the transformation from primate to humanoid was a relatively simplistic one, the toy compensated with more than a fair share of weaponry and action features. A compartment on his right forearm opened to reveal a skull-shaped mace he could hold in his fist. His left forearm could open into a double-barreled missile launcher. On his back were two spring-loaded missile launchers which auto-flipped over each shoulder. By pulling a lever in the center of his back, both arms would either spin at the bicep or bend in and out at the elbow, depending on the placement of notch-buttons located on either bicep. This gimmick was shown to be an effort to simulate a gorilla beating its chest while Optimus was in beast mode, but could also be used in robot mode, making him swing his weapons wildly before himself. And finally, like many first-year Beast Wars toys, a battle mask/"mutant head" could be deployed over his robot head.
Takara released the toy as part of their Beast Wars line in July of 1997, nearly identical to the Hasbro version. The missiles for the Takara version are thinner and simpler than the original Hasbro version, and would be used in all subsequent releases of the mold.
Just like Optimus Primal's basic bat toy, this figure was released during the short-lived period when the Beast Wars was still considered to be an extension of the Autobot/Decepticon war, and Optimus Primal was the same character as Optimus Prime. This was soon relegated to the realms of micro-continuity when the Beast Wars animated series began and clearly established that the two Optimuses were different characters, but the toy remains one that was officially branded as Prime, and is consequently listed here.
This mold was redecoed into Universe Optimus Primal and Beast Wars Telemocha Series DX Convoy, and retooled into Beast Wars Reborn/Beast Wars Tenth Anniversary versus pack Optimus Primal. Takara also created multiple special variants, including all-gold (from Tele-V Magazine, only ten awarded), red and gray (Tele-V again, but only one awarded), and blue-fur (a Comics Bom Bom design-contest prize, only five awarded).
Freedom is the right of all superstitious, cowardly lots. Wait, no, that's not right...
  • Amazon Showdown Special Version (1997)
    • ID number:VS-S1
    • Accessories: Two swords
Available only in a special CD-ROM two-pack with a purple redeco of "Megaligator", this redeco of "Convobat" takes his colors from the first G-2 Convoy toy released in Japan and retains his previous gimmickry. His back features a silver Maximal faction symbol plus "C-ROM", as in "Cybertron", get it? Huh? And Megatron has the "D-ROM"? See what they did there?
The toy's bio clarifies that this Convobat is Optimus Prime, having had a trailer truck alternate mode and later scanning a bat to fight Megatron.
The included CD-ROM includes the bios from wave 1 of the Beast Wars toyline, the first Beast Wars commercial, and a coloring game.
This mold was also used to make Onyx Primal.

Machine Wars

  • Optimus Prime (Ultra, 1997)
    • Accessories: Laser rifle, 2 missiles
Available only at KB Toys, Machine Wars Optimus Prime is a redeco and slight retool of the European Generation 1 exclusive Turbomaster leader Thunder Clash, transforming into a Cybertronic truck cab. It's easy to see why Thunder Clash was chosen to become the new Optimus Prime, given his adherence to Prime tradition: the cab disconnects to become the robot, while the trailer unfolds to become an assault tower with twin missile launchers. On the original Thunder Clash version of the mold, the launchers operated on a gravity-feed system that saw a new missile drop into the launcher from above each time one was fired, allowing for twelve to be fired in rapid succession, but for Machine Wars Prime, this feature had to be dialed back for safety reasons. The missiles had to be lengthened to prevent choking hazards, and so the toy's launchers were modified to accommodate them, becoming straightforward spring-loaded single-firing weapons. The original Thunder Clash stickers were not properly redecoed to match the new Machine Wars color scheme, resulting in white stickers that are meant to be unnecessarily applied to white patches on his pelvis.
The package art for this toy is a retouched version of the art for Generation 2 Laser Optimus Prime (see above), but now positioned so one robot arm is always "off the edge" of the box and unseen - conveniently hiding the sword that the toy no longer has.
This version of the mold was planned to be redecoed into Menasor for the Universe line, but the release was canceled.

Choro-Q Robo

  • Convoy TV Version (2001)
    • ID Number:Q/01
    • Accessories: Laser rifle
Choro-Q Robo Convoy is a small, cutesified transforming figure of Optimus Prime that changes from trailer-pulling truck directly to robot mode. The toy features a working pull-back motor, and is decorated in a color scheme based on Prime's appearance in the original Generation 1 cartoon, with blue eyes and windows and a grey stripe on the trailer.
  • Convoy Metallic Version (2001)
    • ID Number:Q/02
    • Accessories: Laser rifle
This version of Choro-Q Robo Convoy is a redeco of the first, featuring glittering metallic plastic, and a deco based upon the original toy, with yellow eyes, black windows, and a silver-and-blue stripe on the trailer.

Commemorative Series

The snip that launched a thousand snits.
  • Optimus Prime (2002/2012)
    • Accessories: Laser Blaster, 2 fists (left & right), trailer/Combat Deck, Roller (grey), 4 rockets, hose, nozzle, fuel pump
The first reissue of the original Optimus Prime toy in North America since the Generation 1 toyline reached its end, this "Commemorative Series" edition of the figure was a Toys"R"Us exclusive. It was mostly identical to the original figure, save for some necessary modifications made for safety reasons: In the first instance of what would become a recognizable alteration to the mold, the toy's smokestacks were shortened, while the Combat Deck's firing missiles were elongated to prevent potential choking, as was the case with all other Commemorative Series figures' firing missiles. This release also had the trailer's launching feature removed.
In 2012, a reissue of the Commemorative Series toy was released. Though the "Commemorative Series" label was not printed anywhere on the packaging, the included instructions retained the name. The toy itself is a mix of different versions. The cab has the safety modifications of the original Commemorative Series release, including the shortened smokestacks and longer missiles (and thicker rifle), but also has the modified hitch of the 2011 Chronicle two-pack (see below). Meanwhile, the trailer features the lighter gray plastic colors used for the 2008 Universe release, and the Autobot insignias on the robot's shoulders are tampographed (like on Takara's Encore version and Hasbro's Universe 25th Anniversary release). This version also seems to suffer from mold deterioration.
The real one has a longer missile
  • Powermaster Optimus Prime with Apex Armor (2003, 2012)
    • Accessories: Hi-Q Powermaster unit, 2 Laser Rifles, 2 Twin Particle Beam Cannons, Super Robot head, missile launcher, 2 missiles, Apex Bomber chest/trailer top, 2 legs (left & right), 2 arms (left and right), Armor chest/trailer front, 2 wings (left & right)
Marketed as a reissue of Powermaster Optimus Prime, this Toys"R"Us-exclusive Commemorative Series figure is in truth based on the Ginrai tooling on the toy that had previously been exclusive to Japan. It features a die-cast metal cab with translucent blue windows, and shortened, chrome smokestacks, and comes packaged with the drone Apex Bomber (formerly Ginrai's partner Godbomber), who splits into several components and combines with Prime to form "Apex Armor". As with all other Commemorative Series figures, Prime's new spring-loaded missile launcher featured an elongated missile.
The figure was re-released in Hasbro's Asian markets in 2012, with no known changes to the figure itself but several modifications to the packaging that makes it easy to tell the two releases apart: The flap containing the package art is omitted entirely, the "Commemorative Series II" label is missing, the age recommendation and safety warning labels, the "Changes from double tractor trailer to battle station to super robot!" call-out and the name of the toy have all been shuffled around (with the words "battle" and "super" being omitted in the process), and most notably, the toy is no longer named "Powermaster Optimus Prime with Apex Armor", but simply "Optimus Prime", with Apex Bomber's existence no longer acknowledged anywhere on the packaging.

The Transformers Collection

Tf collection 0 convoy.jpg
  • Convoy (2002)
    • ID Number:0
    • Accessories: Laser Blaster, 2 fists (left & right), trailer/Combat Deck, Roller (dark blue), 4 rockets, hose, nozzle, fuel pump, energon-axe
As yet another in an increasingly large number of reissues of the original Generation 1 Optimus Prime toy, this entry in the Japanese-exclusive The Transformers Collection line of reissues added a few extra goodies to spice things up. Chiefly, the figure was armed with a new energon-axe, based on the weapon used by Prime in the Generation 1 cartoon episode, "More than Meets the Eye, Part 2", which plugs into either of the headlight-holes that normally accommodate Prime's fists. Additionally, Prime came packaged with a ring binder folder designed to hold the pull-out character file sheets that were included with all the other Transformers Collection reissues. Notably, this figure reinstated the original, thick version of Prime's rifle as the standard for all future Japanese reissues.
Tfcollection prime fist.jpg
  • Starscream (2003)
This redeco of the original Generation 1 Starscreamtoy came packaged with a remolded right fist for Optimus Prime. This fist featured additional pegs that allowed it to hold the pistol mode Megatron accessory which was also included with Starscream.

Smallest Transforming Transformers

You didn't find my trailer, did you? Haw haw.
  • Convoy (2003)
    • ID Number:GTF 01A
    • Accessories: Laser Blaster
Standing only two-and-a-quarter inches tall, Smallest Transforming Transformers Optimus Prime was the smallest fully transforming G1 Optimus toy for a while, at least until the release of his chubby super-deformed Q-Transformers versions. He features an accurate transformation sequence based on the original full-sized toy, replacing the detachable hands with actual sculpted fists, and even including a tiny version of his laser rifle. Unsurprisingly, he also has little articulation and is only capable of moving his arms and legs.
His trailer and Roller were also available as a separate set in the same wave, as a rare shortpacked figure with the ID number "GTF-01B". It is a simplified version of the original Combat Deck, lacking features like the interior deco and the lift arm of the artillery robot, but still nonetheless looking fairly accurate to the original toy.
Wstf anime convoy.jpg
  • Convoy (Anime Version) (2004)
    • ID Number:GTF 06
    • Accessories: Laser Blaster
Smallest Transforming Prime was redecoed the following year for the second wave of the line, into a color scheme based on his Generation 1 cartoon appearance featuring brighter reds and blues, white thighs, yellow details on his bumper, and blue eyes and windows. This version of the figure was made available for a second time in the next wave ("Wave 2.5"), with a new anime-decorated version of the Combat Deck now available as a rare "chase" figure.
Wstf white convoy.jpg
  • Convoy (White) (2004)
    • ID Number:GTF X-4
    • Accessories: Laser Blaster
Another version of Prime was also available in the second wave of the Smallest Transforming Transformers series as a chase figure. This almost entirely white version of the figure is clearly based on the version of the original Prime cab robot used in the Generation 1 Ultra Magnus figure, but was nonetheless sold as Optimus Prime for the Smallest line.
Can't you guys ever get along?
  • Convoy vs Megatron (multipack, 2004)
    • ID Number:VSX
    • Accessories: Laser Blaster
Available exclusively as a freebie through the September 2004 issue of Dengeki Hobby magazine, this Smallest Transforming Transformers two-pack contains both Optimus Prime and Megatron, in homage to the original 1984 "VSX" giftset containing the original versions of the two leaders.

Mini Toy Shop Collection

'Cause we got a li'l ol' convoy, rockin' through the night...
  • Convoy (2004)
At about 2/3 the size of the Smallest Transforming Transformers, this diminutive version of the original Generation 1 Optimus Prime toy is the smallest figure of the Autobot leader made to date. It was sold as part of Takara's blindpacked Mini Toy Shop Collection line, a series of miniaturized figures from numerous classic Takara toylines, including Transformers, Microman, Licca-chan, Choro-Q and others. Both of Prime's modes are represented by non-transforming individual figures, which come together in a two-pack. In-box, his truck form is even packed in a miniature recreation of his original Japanese packaging, which also includes a shrunken version of his sticker sheet. A tiny version of the original Takara Transformers catalog completes the set.


And the fandom rejoiced. (Takara Masterpiece Version Pictured)
(20th Anniversary Version Pictured)
  • Optimus Prime/Convoy (December 11, 2003/2004)
    • ID number:MP-1
    • Accessories: Ion blaster, Autobot Matrix of Leadership, gun mode Megatron, Megatron's scope, stock and silencer, energon-axe, cardboard trailer (Japanese release only)
20th Anniversary Optimus Prime was produced for the stated milestone of the Transformers brand. So successful was the figure that ToyFare magazine ultimately ranked it #1 in their quest for "Best Toy Ever".[4]
Created with the specific purpose of producing an Optimus Prime as accurate to the original animated series as possible, the toy is exceptionally poseable compared to toys prior, partially constructed from die-cast metal, features rubber tires and vacuum-metalized plastic and is heavily detailed, with sliding pistons in its joints and working spring-loaded suspension in vehicle mode. The figure also contains multiple non-intrusive gimmicks, such as a moving mouthplate to emulate Prime's traditional method of speech, flip-up communications panels on the forearms depicting images of Bumblebee and Starscream, and an opening, light-up Matrix chamber in the chest, which contains a removable vacuum-metalized Matrix of Leadership that can also be pulled open. The Matrix is housed within a removable gray battery box which can light up the matrix core when activated.
Optimus Prime comes with many accessories in addition to the aforementioned Matrix, including the character's traditional laser rifle, now termed (and henceforth known as) an ion blaster. The initial release of the figure cast the ion blaster in grey plastic, but later assortments recast it in its more familiar black coloration. Other accessories include a transparent orange energon-axe that plugs into either wrist when Prime's fist is retracted, and even a non-transforming gun mode Megatron weapon, with removable stock, silencer and scope accessories, in homage to severalinstances in the Generation 1 cartoon when Prime was forced to wield his enemy. Pack-in bonuses that came with the figure included an inner cardboard tray illustrated to resemble the interior of Prime's Combat Deck, and in later releases, a small poster drawn by Pat Lee.
Takara's version of the figure was released in their markets slightly earlier, as the first of their long-running Masterpiece line. In addition to coming with a cardboard trailer that the buyer could assemble to "complete" Prime's truck mode, Takara's release differed from Hasbro's by featuring longer smokestacks (kept short on the Hasbro version for safety reasons), and lacking the black scorch-marked "battle damage" paint applications Hasbro included on the figure's shoulders, wrists and abdomen. In Western markets, the figure was intended to complement the Alternators line.[5]
This sculpt was redecoed by Takara into a golden Lucky Draw figure and later released in its original coloration with a trailer as a "Perfect Edition" (see below for both), while Hasbro would later redeco it into their Classics-branded "DVD Edition". The mold was also used to make MasterpieceUltra Magnus and "Convoy Black Version", representing one of many drones built in Prime's image, rather than Prime himself.
In Transformers History Collection, a blind-packed Transformers trading figure line, Takara released an add-on hand for Masterpiece Convoy as a Chase figure. The hand holds a Spike Witwicky figure and clips on to the end of Optimus Prime's arm, making the arm slightly longer than normal.
We salute the brave soul who transformed this thing in order to photograph it.
  • Convoy (Lucky Draw figure, 2004)
    • ID number:MP-1
    • Accessories: Ion blaster, Autobot Matrix of Leadership, gun mode Megatron, Megatron's scope, stock and silencer, energon-axe, cardboard trailer
Offered as part of a Lucky Draw campaign in August 2004, this extremely rare version of Masterpiece Convoy is almost entirely vacuum-metalized gold, lacking any other painted detail or stickers. The parts which are not viable are molded in a flat golden plastic; the only exceptions are its rubber tires, the core of the Matrix and the energon-axe, which remain black, blue and orange, respectively. Whether or not the figure was intended to evoke Optimus Prime's entirely-golden appearance in the cartoon episode "The Golden Lagoon", when he was coated with electrum, is unknown; given that entirely chroming a figure gold is a fairly standard deco for Lucky Draw figures, it may just be happy coincidence more than anything else.
The figure comes packaged in the standard Masterpiece Convoy box, with the only telltale sign of its fabled contents being the replacement of the traditionally silver foil lettering on the box with gold. It's not clear how many were made, but it is thought to be no more than 10 or 20.
You just paid $170 for a big box on wheels.
  • Convoy Perfect Edition (September 28, 2006/2009)
    • ID number:MP-4
    • Accessories: Trailer/Combat Deck, ion Blaster, Autobot Matrix of Leadership, gun mode Megatron, Megatron's scope, stock and silencer, energon-axe, cardboard trailer
For this re-release of Masterpiece Convoy, Takara submitted to the biggest desire fans had for the figure and produced a full-size, fully transforming plastic and die-cast metal trailer. The trailer opens up into Convoy's Combat Deck, with storage for its accessories and a functional repair drone, though Roller is conspicuous by its absence. Like the original Combat Deck, the drone can extend through holes in the roof and front of the closed trailer, and the interior has enough room to accommodate one Alternators figure in vehicle mode. Some reports suggest that the paint on this figure's chest chips more easily than past editions.
This version of Convoy, and Hasbro's 20th Anniversary DVD version of the toy depicts Megatron and Grimlock on its communicators rather than Bumblebee and Starscream.
Continuating the trend begun by their previous release of Masterpiece Ultra Magnus in 2005, Hasbro Australia released Convoy Perfect Edition as a Target Australia exclusive in 2008. Takara themselves then made the figure available for a second time in October 2009.
Remember that scene from the movie that made you cry and traumatised you as a kid? Well now you can display me doing just that!
  • Convoy Sleep Mode (2010)
    • ID number:MP-4S
    • Accessories: Trailer/Combat Deck, ion Blaster, Autobot Matrix of Leadership, gun mode Megatron, Megatron's scope, stock and silencer, energon-axe
Released by TakaraTomy as part of a 2010 promotion honoring the "future era" of the original cartoon (which was set in 2010 in Japanese continuity, you see!), this exceptionally morbid re-release of the Masterpiece Convoy figure recolors the Autobot leader in blacks and greys, representing his dead body from The Transformers: The Movie—but don't worry, kids, it's actually a "sleep mode", according to the figure's name! Limited to 2010 pieces in Japan (see what they did there?), it comes with all its customary accessories, including the Perfect Edition trailer, redecoed where appropriate: the trailer itself has become translucent, its energon-axe is now transparent grey, and Megatron, in another movie homage, is rendered in translucent purple, evoking the scene depicting his transformation into Galvatron. The figure was also released in other parts of Asia as a limited edition of 2010 as well, combined with the Japanese edition for 4020 total. The Japanese version denotes "Serial Number in Japan: ####/2010" on its bio card with the number out of 2010, while the Asian version denotes "C1 - ####/2010" with the number out of 2010 on its bio card.
This version of Convoy depicts Hot Rod and Ultra Magnus on its communicators.
Well, it had to end someday...
  • Convoy Last Production (March 26, 2011)
    • ID number:MP-1L
    • Accessories: Ion blaster, Autobot Matrix of Leadership, gun mode Megatron, Megatron's scope, stock and silencer, energon-axe, sound stage
"Convoy Last Production" was the final re-use of the Masterpiece toy mold before it was at last retired after numerous re-releases and redecos. The figure is essentially identical to the original Japanese MP-1 release, aside from a slightly brighter red, and the addition of the words "LAST SHOT" in Transformers typeface molded into the small of Convoy's back, hidden beneath its headlight-flaps in robot mode. Lacking the trailer of MP-4, the figure instead comes with a redecoed version of the electronic base included with Hasbro's "DVD Edition" of the figure from five years prior, which now features a collection of sixteen soundbytes of Convoy delivering famous lines from the Japanese version of the Generation 1 cartoon, recited by the character's original Japanese voice actor Tesshō Genda. The base was promoted as containing a hint as to the identity of the next Masterpiece toy; as it would turn out, this was a new version of Convoy himself (see below), foreshadowed by a sound clip on the base which played only intermittently, and which had Convoy announce that he would "soon be reborn".
For its release in Korea, Hasbro Asia provided a collector coin featuring truck-mode Optimus Prime on one side and "MP-01L" on the other. The coin came mounted on a card featuring lineart of the Autobot leader's head, the stark black design of which could be mistaken for promoting the earlier "Sleep Mode" release. The limited release (and general lack of enthusiasm for the collector coins in Korea) makes this one of the more difficult Masterpiece coins to find.
Here we go again...
MP-10 Convoy, advertised as a "perfect new model" on its packaging, is an entirely new tooling of Generation 1 Optimus Prime. Convoy is now smaller, making him more in-scale with other recent Masterpiece toys, such as Rodimus, and comes with a trailer and various accessories. While the front of the vehicle mode's cab is an accurate depiction of a mid-to-late-1980s Freightliner FLT cabover, the back half, (which is, as usual, made out of Convoy's legs) is much larger and robot-leggier in proportion. (So much that they sculpt a ladder on each side.)
Many of the small features and electronics of the original Masterpiece mold are left out. Instead, this Convoy features better overall cartoon accuracy (chest interior, head, etc.), an extensive red paint job that covers much of his red plastic, corrected robot mode proportions, improved articulation, and its gun can now collapse and store inside a compartment on its back in either mode. In addition to Convoy's trailer, which can transform into Combat Deck, it also comes with Roller, a small Spike Witwicky figurine, a die-cast metal Matrix of Leadership (with a clear blue plastic center), and an energy axe that slips over Convoy's right hand. Spike can fit inside the cab in vehicle mode, ride in Roller's seat, or fit into any of the seating compartments inside Convoy's trailer. Roller has options to plug in Convoy's gun or pull Convoy's trailer, and the trailer itself can store Convoy's weapons in any mode. Although not easily breakable, care must be taken for posing the index fingers; extending the finger even far would cause it to pop off.
Being a brand new and intricate remake of the Autobot leader, MP-10 was used as the gold standard in terms of scale for future Masterpiece figures, with all the upcoming releases being sized to best match him. Much like his older incarnation, he was also cherished by collectors, generating heated debates on which version is the best one up to this day.[6]
On the other hand, this mold also became a staple source for various knockoffs, ranging from recolored to upscaled/downsized figures.
This figure was re-released in 2016, with the packaging now advertising the "Long Life Design" award which the Masterpiece line won that same year.[7] This mold was also used to make MP-10B Black Convoy.
See also: MP-10 Hasbro and Hasbro Masterpiece.
In the jungle / the mighty jungle / the Convoy sleeps tonight
Available exclusively from Japanese clothing company A Bathing Ape in 2014, MP Convoy Reissue BAPE Ver. is a trailer-less redeco of the MP-10 mold sporting a green color scheme matching the Convoy Reissue BAPE Ver. of the original G1 toy, with "BAPE's famous camouflage pattern" and an ape head print on the shoulder replacing the usual faction symbol.
Unlike Shinji, this guy won't go strangling his girlfriend or dating his mother's clone, if he even has a mother...
Exclusive to the TakaraTomy Mall and limited to 1,000 pieces, this figure was released as part of the Transformers × Evangelion crossover. It uses the MP-10 mold with all the same accessories, decoed in the green and purple color scheme of Eva-01. The trailer, Roller, and Spike figure are done up in Nerv-themed colors.
Because one overpriced clothing store exclusive MP10 repaint wasn't enough. Anyone like to give the odds for a BAPE Ver. BLACK in 2017 then?
  • Convoy (BAPE REDCAMO ver.) (2015-11)
    • ID number:MP-10R
    • Accessories: Ion Blaster, Matrix of Leadership, Energon axe
Available exclusively from Japanese clothing company A Bathing Ape in 2015, MP Convoy Reissue BAPE Ver. is a trailer-less redeco of the MP-10 mold sporting a unique deep red color scheme matching the Convoy Reissue BAPE Ver. RED of the original G1 toy, with "BAPE's famous camouflage pattern" and an ape head print on the shoulder replacing the usual faction symbol.
Replacing the collector coins in previous releases, the Asia release of Masterpiece Inferno comes with a mini Optimus Prime figure, the first in a range of non transformable collectables made from Die-Cast metal and based on the corresponding Masterpiece figure (MP10).
As predicted. What's the chances of a new BAPE color scheme? Teal Blue or Burnt Gold would be nice if you're reading this BAPE.
  • Convoy (BAPE BLACKCAMO ver.) (2017)
    • ID number:MP-10K
    • Accessories: Ion Blaster, Matrix of Leadership, Energon axe
Available exclusively from Japanese clothing company A Bathing Ape in 2017, MP Convoy Reissue BAPE Ver. is a trailer-less redeco of the MP-10 mold sporting a unique black color scheme matching the Convoy Reissue BAPE Ver. BLACK of the original G1 toy, with "BAPE's famous camouflage pattern" and an ape head print on the shoulder replacing the usual faction symbol.
At your 7-Eleven, freedom's waiting for you.
  • Convoy (7-Eleven ver.) (February 28, 2018)
    • ID number:MP-711
    • Accessories: Ion blaster, Matrix of Leadership, energon-axe, trailer, Roller, Spike Witwicky figurine
Available exclusively from Japanese 7-11 stores, MP-711 is an Ultra Magnus-decoed Convoy—white with green and blue highlighting—themed with 7-Eleven logos. Unlike most MP-10 redecos, he comes with a trailer, Roller, and Spike figure, who is sporting a 7-Eleven uniform. Roller and the combat deck come with 7-Eleven logos, however Convoy's shoulder logos are stickers with the option of a green 7-Eleven logo or the standard Autobot logo on either shoulder.
  • Convoy (atmos safari LeBron Ver.) (March 15, 2019)
    • ID number:MP-10ASL
    • Accessories: Ion Blaster, Matrix of Leadership, Energon axe
Exclusive to Japanese Atmos stores, this deco of Optimus matches Atmos Safari LeBron James sneakers, in a fetching scheme of vibrant orange plus black and gray with extra details and logos. Unfortunately he does not come with a ballobot accessory.
All this for the low, low price of an arm, a leg, and your firstborn son! (Note: Basketball accessorynot included.)
  • Convoy (August 31, 2019)
    • ID number:MP-44
    • Accessories: Ion Blaster, 2 beam effect parts, Matrix of Leadership, Energon axe, damaged head, alternate head, Starscream head, Starscream shoulder intakes, damaged chestpiece, jetpack, trailer, Roller, Spike Witwicky figurine, Sparkplug Witwicky figurine, Carly figurine
An entirely new mold released to commemorate the brand's 35th anniversary, the third Masterpiece Convoy is a much more complex and cartoon-accurate figure than previous releases. At 50,000 yen (approximately $450 USD), this Convoy had the highest MSRP of any mass-market Transformers toy until War for CybertronUnicron's $575 price tag was announced.
Alongside the Trailer (which retains the same function and can hold 4 standard-sized Autobot cars at a time when open), Roller, the Ion Blaster, Matrix of Leadership, and Energon Axe, the Combat Deck's base can be removed and with the new flip-out wheels, Roller (now cast in stark grey with silver rims) can tow it around. The cannon and arm section can also be removed so it can function as a flight stand, while an adapter for MP-41 Dinobot's display stand is also included, and the Ion Blaster now has 2 effect parts, which can simulate blaster fire and when used with the Sideswipe rocket pack included, can be used as booster flames. He also comes with a fuel hose like that on the original figure, as well as a soundbox feature that can be switched between recorded lines by the character's original Japanese (Tesshō Genda) and English (Peter Cullen) voice actors, with transformation effects (though the ascending and descending transformation sounds are spliced together in his English voice) and Douglas Walsh music to boot! As to note, Cullen's clips are closer to the recent Aligned portrayals.
Like MP-36 Megatron, Convoy includes a battle-damaged head and an abdomen cover to replicate the war wounds in the climatic battle in the movie, and alongside a newly designed figure of Spike, he comes with two of Sparkplug and Carly, any of them capable of riding inside via 2 small doors on the side of the cab. A second alternate head is based on his head's rounder design seen in the first season of the cartoon and the Marvel Comics. His accessories can be stored in the trailer's removable undercarriage.
This figure, with the included intakes and alternate head in place, also doubles as Starscream from "Megatron's Master Plan, Part 1".
Unfortunately, Convoy has been known to suffer from differing quality control issues. Because of a design flaw, certain plastic parts in his lower ratcheted knee joints tend to build stress during movement and eventually break. Furthermore, grey and yellow paint in parts that tend to get scratched and bumped during transformation have been prone to paint chipping. Some units have come with their soft plastic ear antennas on different heads warped in-package. The human minifigures can have their ball jointed limbs rather easily popping out of their sockets and misassembled ( in this case, Carly with her groin part in reverse from the front).
Unlike MP-01 and MP-10, this version of Convoy did not get a fully localized Hasbro release for English-speaking markets. However, it is being imported by Hasbro through numerous retail outlets with additional branding using the localized Optimus Prime name and presumably with the same Hasbro-branded slipcover and English safety sheet given to other contemporary Masterpiece releases. In Canada, the figure is being released as an EB Games exclusive, where he'll cost even more than the game consoles sold there! Hasbro's online product description neglects to mention the voice box gimmick, possibly due to English-speaking audiences' unfamiliarity with Japanese Transformers media and the fairly late reveal of his English-language voice clips.
This mold was redecoed, with the sound gimmick removed, as Black Convoy, without the trailer, battle damaged, and Starscream parts.
  • Convoy (atmos duckcamo Ver.) (March 26, 2020)
    • ID number:MP-10DC
    • Accessories: Ion Blaster, Matrix of Leadership, Energon axe
Exclusive to Japanese Atmos stores, this deco of Optimus matches Atmos Safari Duck sneakers, in a fetching scheme of greens plus vibrant orange.
Let's see what you can see...

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Specifics: toy

These other atmos variants were revealed in 2019, but to date have not been released. All have the same accessories.

  • Convoy (atmos ELEPHANT CAMO Ver.) (black plus vibrant teal)
  • Convoy (atmos VIOTECH CAMO Ver.)(light grey plus light gold)
  • Convoy (atmos TIGER CAMO BLACK Ver.) (black plus shocking green and gold)
  • Convoy (atmos TIGER CAMO YELLOW Ver.) (yellow and black tiger stripes plus white)


My vehicle mode is dangerous and unroadworthy!
  • G1 Convoy (2004)
    • ID number:RM-01
    • Accessories: "Convoy Gun", missile launcher, missile, energon-axe, 4 fists (2 left, 2 right)
Robotmasters "G1 Convoy" (as he is amusingly referred to even in fiction) visibly takes its cue from 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime, featuring a similar sculpt, but sharing few to none of the larger toy's other attributes, least of all anything that could be described as a successful transformation.
G1 Convoy comes with two sets of fists, each pair featuring differently-shaped fist holes: one pair with square holes to hold the figure's "Convoy Gun" (as his ion blaster is called), and the other with round 3mm-compatible holes to hold the spring-loaded translucent blue missile launcher (a generic accessory also available with RobotmastersBeast Megatron and Beast Convoy). The fists are swapped out by simply popping them out of the wrist-hinge that holds them in place; the figure also includes an energon-axe that can be inserted into the wrist instead of a fist.
Due to being molded in translucent plastic, the waist section is prone to breakage, so exercise some caution.
I'm shiny!
  • G1 Convoy + DVD (2004)
    • ID number:RM-10
    • Accessories: "Convoy Gun", missile launcher, missile, energon-axe, 4 fists (2 left, 2 right)
This special edition release of G1 Convoy is decked out in metallic paint and a tint of yellow for his eyes, with an extra Autobot insignia tampographed onto his right shoulder, and a black Convoy Gun. The figure comes packed with a DVD containing the first episode of the Robotmasters cartoon, "Fight! The Group of the Strongest Commanders!".
I'm blacky!
  • G1 Convoy Limited Black Version (2005)
    • ID number:RM-01
    • Accessories: "Convoy Gun", missile launcher, missile, energon-axe, 4 fists (2 left, 2 right), Calamity Defenser
Available only via mail-order through Dengeki Hobby magazine, the "Limited Black Version" of G1 Convoy is just that: a straight black repaint of the G1 Convoy toy. He comes with all his original accessories, appropriately redecoed (including a silver version of his axe), as well as a gold-chromed version of the "Calamity Defenser" Solitarium weapon that came with Psycho-Orb.
The third one is totally Shattered GlassPrime!
  • G1 Convoy (Lucky Draw figure, 2005)
    • ID number:RM-01
    • Accessories: "Convoy Gun", missile launcher, missile, energon-axe, 4 fists (2 left, 2 right)
When Robotmasters G1 Convoy was turned into a Lucky Draw figure, the color scheme into which he was redecoed was chosen through a children's coloring contest held in the pages of the December 2004 issue of TV Magazine. The winning entry was a... startling mixture of blue, orange and two shades of green, earning the toy the fan-appointed nickname of "Crayola Convoy". As with all Lucky Draws, it is extremely rare, with only ten units produced.

Universe (2003)

Why won't they repaint my full-size toy in these colours?!?
  • Optimus Prime (Spy Changer, 2004)
Universe Optimus Prime is a redeco of the Robots in DisguiseScourgeSpy Changer toy. He replaces most of the black plastic with predominantly red and blue, with silver for detailing, with an overall deco making him resemble the original Optimus Prime. Like most Spychangers, he features high speed axles and can roll very well across smooth surfaces, but lacks the weight to propel him quickly.
Originally a KB Toys exclusive, the first release of this toy (and the others in the assortment) did not have any sub-line designation at all, but later releases for other chains, most notably "budget" chains like Family Dollar, marked them as Universe product.
This mold would later be redecoed into a Spy Changer version of the live-action movie Optimus Prime.

Collector's Edition

"Welcome to The Past!"
  • Orion Pax (2005)
    • ID number:67
    • Accessories: "Barrelroller" robot/"electromagnetic lift handle", "laser rifle"
This Collector's Edition Japanese e-HOBBY exclusive is a redeco of TargetmasterKup, released in conjunction with Kup's 2005 reissue in The Transformers Collection. He transforms into a Cybertronian pickup truck, and is colored to represent Orion Pax as he appeared in the Generation 1 television series episode "War Dawn".
Like the Kup reissue, he comes with both the original release's gun and a Targetmaster, in this case Barrelroller, a redeco of Recoil. The original-release rifle has been slightly retooled to fit in the wider fist-holes of the Targetmaster vesion of the mold.
Just as the reissued Kup came with a reissue of Wheelie, this set also included a redeco of Wheelie as Orion's best friend, Dion.
This figure was recreated years later under theTribute line.

Hybrid Style

  • Convoy (2006)
    • ID number:T.H.S.-02
      Expensive and tiny.
    • Accessories: Trailer/Combat Deck, Roller, ion blaster, gas pump, energon-axe, Autobot Matrix of Leadership, rocket pack, 8 hands (4 left, 4 right), Autobot insignia stand
Hybrid Style Optimus Prime is an insanely detailed and complex transforming toy, created under the supervision of famed mecha designer Shōji Kawamori. Standing only three and three-quarter inches tall in robot mode, the figure is partially constructed from die-cast metal and features one of the most complex transformation sequences ever seen on a Transformers figure of its size. Alas, the small size of the figure also works against it, as it required several design concessions that resulted in (if we're being nice about it) an unimpressive cab mode.
Prime is loaded with a ridiculous number of features and accessories. The robot itself is highly poseable, and both the smokestacks on Prime's shoulders and the fuel tanks on his legs can be rotated forward to act as guns, even featuring sculpted detail to this effect. As ever, he comes with a trailer that opens up into his crazy-detailed Combat Deck, featuring more action features than ever before. In trailer mode alone, it features a flip-down support stand so it can stand alone, a spring-loaded pop-out ramp instead of a fold-down one, and when the trailer is split for transformation, the traditional support legs underneath automatically swing out into place. The trailer houses most of Prime's accessories, including his ion blaster (with a moveable ammo clip to allow for multiple poses) and energon-axe, as well as his classic gas pump accessory, now with a poseable wire instead of a rubber hose. Two fold-out compartments provide storage space for six of Prime's interchangeable fists, while the other two remain attached the robot: two clenched, two open, a pointing right fist, a tilted left fist (for holding the ion blaster's ammo clip), and two fists with slots to grip the miniscule Matrix of Leadership that fits in a tiny chamber in Prime's chest. The Combat Deck's artillery robot features two flip-out handles that Prime can grip as if aiming the drone's guns, and Roller is also included, with three different 3mm ports to hold Prime's gun and gas pump. Lastly, Prime comes with a rocket pack like those used by the Autobots in such Generation 1 cartoon episodes as "Dinobot Island", and a stand shaped like the Autobot insignia that allows him to be displayed in mid-air, as if in flight. The rocket pack also has 3mm ports for Prime's weapons, and stores on the front of the trailer in vehicle mode.
Purchase of a Hybrid Style Optimus Prime at a Japanese Toys"R"Us store allowed the buyer the option of also purchasing the exclusive Smallest Transforming TransformersHot Rod toy.
  • Convoy Black Version (2006)
    • ID number:T.H.S.-02B
    • Accessories: Trailer/Combat Deck, Roller, ion blaster, gas pump, energon-axe, Autobot Matrix of Leadership, rocket pack, 8 fists (4 left, 4 right), Autobot insignia stand, 2 missile launchers, 2 heads
Available exclusively through e-Hobby, this black and teal repaint of Hybrid Style Convoy features the traditional "Nemesis Prime" color scheme, but represents a version of Optimus Prime himself. In addition to all the original accessories, the toys also includes several more deliciously metatextual goodies, themed around the Generation 2 toy and comics: two new large guns patterned after the new weapons wielded by the Generation 2 Optimus Prime toy, and two additional (blue) Prime heads that can be swapped with the figure's regular noggin, sculpted explicitly in the style of Generation 2 comic artist Derek Yaniger. One head is pristine, the other decorated to match the battle damage seen on the cover of the first Generation 2 issue.
As the more franchise-savvy TransFans may realise, these extra parts, plus the black trailer of Convoy Black Version, can all be used to modify the original, red Hybrid Style Optimus Prime into a comic-accurate Generation 2 version, complete with a black trailer, trailer-mounted guns and your choice of Yaniger-style heads.
This figure came in a unique box, packaged with a mini-comic, both illustrated by Hidetsugu Yoshioka.
  1. Graduation pandora charm
  2. 95 inch tv
  3. Steelers seating chart
  4. Ladies short hairstyles
  5. Ark rag map

Optimus Prime Trailer LIGHT-BLUE Only #7 Vintage 1985 G1 Transformers Hasbro


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Condition: Rated an 85 with light wear. It does have the robot inside the trailer. It is missing the back trailer door. It is not broken. Our grading scale is 1 – 100 with mint flawless a 100, near mint a 95, excellent a 90, and so on. This item is an authentic vintage Hasbro item. This item is not a fake, bootleg, reissue, remake, or encore. Comes as shown.

Sticker Condition: Rated 90.

Accessories: Comes as shown.

Joint Condition: Tight.

Additional information

Weight32 oz
Dimensions15 × 8 × 5 in





Movie & TV



Original/Licensed Reproduction



Without Packaging


Generation One

TV Show



Transformers & Robots

Time Period Manufactured



Action Figure



Year Manufactured



Optimus Prime

Transformer Faction


Optimus Prime Transformers RID, Rescue Bots, Masterpiece Collection Blue Car Color Mainan Truck Toys

Optimus Prime

For the comic book series featuring Optimus Prime, see Optimus Prime (comics).

Fictional character from the Transformers franchise

Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime box art showing his original G1 toy design

Voiced by (English)Peter Cullen (The Transformers, Rise of the Dark Spark, Transformers: Devastation, Transformers: Prime, Transformers: Rescue Bots, Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015 TV series), Transformers: Titans Return)[1]
Ron Hayden (20th Anniversary toy sound base, Universe Flash cartoon)
Neil Kaplan (Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2001 TV series))
Garry Chalk (Unicron Trilogy)
Robert Belgrade (Transformers (2003 video game))[2]
David Kaye (Transformers: Animated)
Jon Bailey (Transformers: Combiner Wars)
Voiced by (Japanese)Tesshō Genda
Satoshi Hashimoto
Toru Ohkawa
Katsuyuki Konishi
Taiten Kusunoki
Hiroki Takahashi
Toshiyuki Morikawa
Japanese nameInochi, Convoy
Sub-groupAction Masters, Autorollers, Combat Heroes, Deluxe Vehicles, Go-Bots, Masterpiece, Primes, Powermasters, Voyagers
FunctionAutobot Leader, Supreme Commander, Chief Commander
PartnerRoller, Hi-Q
Motto"Freedom is the right of all sentient beings." (Generation 1)
"No sacrifice is too great in the service of freedom." (Classics)
Alternate modesFreightliner Cab-over-engine Class 8truck, Cybertronian truck, COBRA Sentry & Missile System tank, 1920s style truck, Peterbilt Truck, Mid-90s Peterbilt 4964EX Tanker Truck, Lamborghini Diablo, Dump truck, Dodge Ram SRT-10, Nissan GT-R, Bat

Optimus Prime, known in Japan as Convoy (コンボイ, Konboi), is a fictional character created by the Transformers franchise. He is a Cybertronian, a fictional extraterrestrial species of sentient self-configuring modular robotic lifeforms (e.g.: cars and other objects), a synergistic blend of biological evolution and technological engineering. In almost every version of the mythos, Optimus is the leader of the Autobots, a faction of Transformers who are rivals of the Decepticons, another faction. He is defined by his strong moral character and is almost always portrayed as the primary hero of the story, opposing the evil Decepticon leader Megatron.

Over the history of the Transformers franchise, Optimus has been portrayed by a variety of actors, such as Peter Cullen, Garry Chalk, Neil Kaplan, David Kaye and Jake Tillman. He is considered an icon of popular culture and has been featured in countless forms of media.

Animated character biography

Optimus Prime (formerly known as Orion Pax) is constantly, if not always, depicted as having strong moral character, excellent leadership, and sound decision-making skills, and possesses brilliant military tactics, powerful martial arts, and advanced extraterrestrial weaponry. Optimus Prime has a strong sense of honor and justice, being dedicated to building peaceful and mutually beneficial co-existence with humans, the protection of life and liberty of all sentient species.[3] As the current Matrix of Leadership bearer, Optimus Prime is the de facto leader of the Autobots, a faction of a transforming species of synthetic intelligence from the planet Cybertron. The Autobots are constantly waging civil war against a rival faction of transforming robots called Decepticons. According to Bob Budiansky, co-writer of the Transformers series, Dennis O'Neil was responsible for his name.

Optimus Prime is usually depicted as being a member of an ancient Transformers race called the Dynasty of Primes, often receiving the title "The Last Prime" in many stories, in which he is depicted as being the last of the Primes. In the Transformers: Covenant of Primus, it was established that Optimus Prime was the last born of the original Thirteen Transformers created by the creator Primus. It was his unique spark and his inspiring reassurance that "All are One" that allowed the Primes to rally and succeed in their battle against the Chaos Bringer Unicron. When tragedy at last ended the era of the Primes and brought forth the new race of lesser descendant Transformers he alone chose to be reborn in the Well of All Sparks as one of them, that he might know them and their needs more completely. All memory of his past life gone, he took the name "Orion Pax" and sought his way like any other robot on the new world becoming Optimus Prime once more when receiving the Matrix of Leadership when Cybertron faced a new enemy in his former friend, Megatron and his army of followers, the Decepticons. This brings a Great War to their planet of Cybertron. Optimus's origins and personality can vary depending on which "universe" he's seen in. This origin is the most consistent between the various incarnations. Further differences are listed in the respective sections below.

Generation 1

The first generation Optimus Prime transforms into a Freightliner FL86 cab oversemi truck.[4] Within his chest is a mystic talisman, known as the Autobot Matrix of Leadership or the "Creation Matrix", carried by all Autobot leaders.[5] When Optimus transforms, his tractor cab disconnects to become a sentient robot, and his trailer opens to reveal an ion blaster, forming a combat deck.[6] The combat deck supports a mobile battle-station and command headquarters armed with assorted artillery and beam weapons that fire automatically. The combat deck can also serve as a radio antenna for battlefield communications between the Autobots. The combat deck also included "Roller", a mobile scout buggy meant to scout behind enemy lines. When Roller is deployed, Optimus can see and hear what Roller sees and hears.[7] Injury to one component is felt by each of the others. If the combat deck or Roller were to be destroyed, Prime could survive. However, despite the slight degree of autonomy they possess, the combat deck and Roller would not be able to survive without Optimus.

In the animated series, Optimus is able to fire short-range optic blasts, project holographic maps, and deploy hydro-foils, designed by Wheeljack, to traverse bodies of water with ease. In the animated series, Optimus was also given the ability to retract his right-hand unit and replace it with a glowing axe.[8] Across the assorted continuities of the original Transformers universe, there have been various interpretations of Optimus Prime. One of Prime's most notable characteristics over all continuities his unswaying commitment to leadership by example. The animated series' version of Optimus Prime is depicted as a straightforward, wise, and upbeat battlefield general. Additionally, the animated series' version of Optimus dislikes rap music, putting him at odds with music-loving characters like Jazz and Blaster. In the Marvel Comics series, in addition to these characteristics, Prime is secretly plagued by self-doubt and a conflicted sense of pacifism that often makes him an extremely reluctant warrior.

The original specification of the Generation 1 Optimus Prime specifies that Optimus Prime consists of three components: the humanoid "Brain Center" (which transforms to the truck cab), the "Combat Deck" (which transforms to the truck trailer) and the "Scout Car", a non-transforming six-wheeled buggy called Roller, which can ride inside the truck trailer. All three components can function independently, but injury to one is felt by the other two. However, in by far the most of the fiction, the humanoid robot actually is Optimus Prime, with the other two components treated as mere accessories that disappear off the scene when Optimus Prime transforms from truck to robot mode.

G1 Biography

Originally, Optimus Prime was created as the leader of the Autobots, though it is unknown how he was created or his origins. In a possible future, Megatron was threatened by the existence of the Aerialbots and had Shockwave build a time machine to send them back in time to get rid of them. However, he only ended up changing history for the better. In the revised timeline, Optimus Prime began his life as a robot named Orion Pax, a mostly defenseless dock worker during the Golden Age of Cybertron nine million years ago, with a girlfriend named Ariel and a best friend named Dion. During this time, a new breed of robot with new flight capabilities appeared on the planet, which the naive Orion and other younger robots idolized. When Megatron, the leader of the new group of robots, approached him with inquiries about using one of the dock warehouses, Orion was swayed by Megatron. Both Orion and Ariel were severely wounded when Megatron and his forces attacked in order to claim the energy stored there. Searching for someone to help them, the time-displaced Aerialbots took Orion and Ariel to the ancient Autobot, Alpha Trion, who used them as the first subjects for the new reconstruction process he had developed involving rebuilding the frail Autobot frames into more battle-hardy configurations.

With this reconstruction, Orion Pax became Optimus Prime, the first of the Autobot warriors.[9] Optimus took the mantle of leadership as the civil war against the Decepticons erupted, and would remain in that position for the next nine million years. Ariel was rebuilt into Elita One, the commander of the Autobot resistance on Cybertron. The fate of Dion is left unrevealed. It has been speculated by fans that Dion might have become Ironhide or Ultra Magnus just as Orion and Ariel became Optimus and Elita, but this remains fan speculation only, and, his close friendship with Optimus notwithstanding, there is no evidence to support the idea.

As the leader of the Autobots, Prime headed up their mission to search for new sources of energy to revitalize the depleted Cybertron. Optimus vowed to Elita that he would return from his mission for her, but just before the launch of the Ark, Optimus was mistakenly led to believe that Elita was killed. Shortly after its launch, the Autobots' craft was attacked by the Decepticons' space cruiser, the Nemesis, and boarded by Megatron and the Decepticons. In the ensuing struggle, the G-forces of a nearby planet pulled both craft down, and the Autobots' ship crashed into a volcano, thrusting all the occupants into emergency stasis. Four million years later, in the Earth year 1984, a volcanic eruption jarred the ship's computer, Teletraan I, back to life. The computer reactivated the Decepticons, programming them with new Earth-based disguise modes. As a parting gesture, Starscream fired upon the Autobot ship, creating a landslide. The vibrations from that landslide knocked Prime into the path of the computer's restoration beam, restoring him to life, thus beginning the war anew on Earth.

Over the course of the next twenty years, the Decepticons succeeded in seizing control of all of Cybertron, forcing the Autobots to operate from their new city on Earth and two bases on Cybertron's moons. In the Earth year 2005, Prime, stationed on Moonbase One, dispatched troops to Earth to acquire energy for an upcoming strike on Cybertron. The Decepticons, however, got wind of the plan and used the shuttle run to attack Autobot City. A distress call summoned Prime and support troops to Earth. In the fearsome, ensuing battle with Megatron, Optimus Prime sustained fatal wounds, but not before turning the tide of battle and forcing the Decepticons to flee. Despite the efforts of Perceptor, Optimus Prime went offline after passing the Matrix and role of leader to Ultra Magnus, despite protestations. His last words were "Until that day... 'til all are one." The Matrix later fell into the hands of Galvatron, a recreated Megatron, and was finally taken back by the young Autobot Hot Rod. As the Matrix reformatted him, Hot Rod heard the voice of Optimus Prime saying, "Arise, Rodimus Prime." Instead of giving the Matrix back to Ultra Magnus, Rodimus decided to take the duty of leadership, with Magnus as his second-in-command.

Later, during one of those times when Rodimus was in command, a small group of Autobots and human allies Spike and Daniel Witwicky fled to the Autobot Mausoleum from the Decepticons. There, they discover that Optimus Prime was somehow resurrected. Rodimus then returns the Matrix to Optimus, reverting to his old self. However, Optimus does not act the same as before. He also appears to be mind-controlled, causing him to go insane and commit violent acts, such as attempting to kill the group of Autobots and to trick the other Autobots on Cybertron to fly into a trap set by the Quintessons. As Hot Rod confronts him, Prime has a flashback of his resurrection at the hands of the Quintessons, who reprogrammed him in order to lead the Autobots into the trap. The influence of the Matrix eventually allows him to overcome the programming. He stops attacking Hot Rod, and returns the Matrix. Afterward, Optimus orders the Autobot fleet to move away from the trap. He pilots the Autobot flagship to the asteroid where the trap is set, triggering an explosion that seemingly kills him once again.

The death of Optimus Prime in The Transformers: The Movie received a strongly negative reaction from fans, especially the young audience, so screenwriters decided to bring him back into the series. In the subsequent season 3 finale, "The Return of Optimus Prime", it was revealed that a group of humans had actually managed to retrieve his body prior to the destruction of the ship, but he was now contaminated by strange particles released in the explosion. Using Optimus's body to lure the Autobots, an anti-Transformer scientist attempted to attack them with these particles, only to release a 'hate plague' that turned all those infected with it against others. With the plague spreading rapidly, Rodimus Prime ordered the Autobot Sky Lynx to rescue a Quintesson in the hope that it would be able to bring Optimus back to life to lead the remaining uninfected against the plague victims. After this plan was a success, Optimus was eventually able to reclaim the Matrix of Leadership from Rodimus Prime and learn that the plague could be countered with wisdom, prompting him to sacrifice the accumulated knowledge of the Matrix to restore all those victims of the plague to normal. With the Matrix now empty, Optimus mused that all would be a little wiser now from the knowledge it had given them, and it was up to them all to refill it.

While the Transformers animated series came to an end in America in 1987 after The Rebirth, production was continued in Japan with three new, exclusive animated series spin-offs to continue the story. The first of these series, Transformers: The Headmasters, supplanted the events of The Rebirth. With the Decepticons defeated, the Autobots entered into an even closer relationship with Earth. The Autobots also began the colonization of other worlds, the first of which was the planet Athenia, where Optimus Prime was stationed. It soon became apparent, however, that the consequences of releasing the energy of the Matrix to cure the Hate Plague were more far-reaching than Optimus had anticipated. Without the energy of the Matrix to act as a balancing factor, Vector Sigma had become destabilized. The Decepticons suddenly returned to exploit this, assaulting Cybertron in order to seize control of the mega-computer. Prime took a squad of troops to aid in the battle on the planet. When the arrival of the Autobot Headmasters tipped the battle in their favor, Prime broke off from the main attack and headed down into the depths of the planet, planning on stabilizing Vector Sigma at any cost.

While the other Autobots searched for the Matrix on Earth, Optimus Prime searched for Vector Sigma, guided through the dangers of the planet's catacombs by the spirit of Alpha Trion. Prime eventually arrived at the computer, only to find his way barred by Cyclonus and Scourge. At that moment, Hot Rod arrived with the Matrix, the same with which Alpha Trion merged, re-energizing it. The Matrix transformed Hot Rod back into Rodimus Prime and, for the first time, the two Primes fought side by side and defeated Galvatron. Before Rodimus could implement the Matrix to stabilize Vector Sigma, however, Optimus Prime merged himself with the computer, restoring its balance to save the planet. Optimus Prime sacrificed himself, dying again only a few short episodes after his rebirth. Later, Prime would make a final and permanent return in the Japanese Transformers continuity, Battlestars: Return of Convoy. This entry was only available in print, appearing in the TV Magazine, a Japanese publication. Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Spike Witwicky are the only main characters to appear in all of the seasons of The Transformers animated series and survived throughout the show. Optimus reappears in Generation 2: Redux, a Botcon magazine which is set after the events of the final episode as a flashback where he led the first generation of Autobots to pursue Galvatron and Zarak in deep space.

Beast Era

Optimus Primal, leader of the Maximal faction in the Beast Wars animated series, and toy line, is not Optimus Prime. Primal is one of the Maximal descendants of the Autobots, who took the name to honor Optimus Prime. The same applies to the Megatron of this era. Before the animated series began, Hasbro envisioned Prime and Megatron as their beast counterparts, but once the animated series began, this had already been changed. Design elements, such as Prime's mouth-plate slit to add an actual mouth for the animated series and the first mini-comic that came packaged with the toys, suggest this. Nonetheless, Optimus Prime and Megatron were a major reason the Beast Wars began, as Megatron's Predacon namesake traveled back in time seeking to alter history and insure that the Decepticons triumphed over the Autobots.

This agenda led the Predacon Megatron to attack the comatose Optimus Prime in stasis on prehistoric Earth, forcing Primal to take Prime's Spark into his body in order to preserve his life while his body underwent repairs. Primal was subsequently mutated into the massive "Optimal Optimus" form, which shared elements of Prime's form, prior to returning the Spark to its rightful place. The Maximals were occupied throughout the remainder of the series protecting Prime and the other Transformers aboard the crashed Ark until the Predacons were defeated. Various monuments to Optimus Prime appeared on Cybertron in Beast Machines, one of them a holographic statue in Iacon that Megatron took control of in order to trick Primal.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise

Optimus Prime is the fictional protagonist of the Transformers: Robots in Disguise (Fire Convoy in the original Japanese version) branch of the Transformers universe.[10] Based on the character of the same name, Prime once again leads the Autobots against the Decepticons. His voice actor, Neil Kaplan, does his voice in a style reminiscent of that of Peter Cullen, the voice of the original Optimus Prime. Wired Magazine nominated Fire Convoy as one 12 most ridiculous Transformers ideas of all time.[11]

Hidden on Earth as common, everyday vehicles, the Autobots are forced to emerge when Megatron and his Predacons arrive and wreak havoc in their attempts to attain the power of Earth's various energy sources.

In this universe, Optimus Prime transforms into a fire engine. This is also the very first incarnation of Optimus Prime to transform into a Fire Engine. The front section of the vehicle detaches and becomes Prime himself, armed with "Blaze Blaster" cannons. To attack, he is able to use his headlights, known as the "Fire Flash" attack, and leg wheels, known as the "Gyro-Strike". The rest of the vehicle transforms into a mobile battle station/refueling port/communications array and can combine with Prime as additional weapons and armor, forming his super mode referred to as "Super Fire Convoy". The ladder/hose section houses Prime's Power Stream water cannon, capable of shooting freezing streams of water, called his Blizzard Storm attack. It also contains a quartet of rocket launchers. In super mode, his feet contain missile launchers than can mount to the shoulders of his regular robot mode. In this mode, he can fire his fists for his "Flying Fist" attack.

Optimus Prime and his brother, Ultra Magnus, were created at the same time by Alpha Trion, but when Prime was chosen to carry the Matrix, Magnus felt ignored and was left carrying a grudge against his brother.

Later, Optimus pursued Megatron to Earth to stop him from pillaging the planet's energy resources. Prime's loyal team of Autobots clashed with Megatron's Predacons on many occasions, stopping their schemes with the aid of Koji, a human whose father had been abducted by the Predacons. Prime and Koji went on to form a strong friendship, although Prime blamed himself for Koji's father's abduction. Optimus proved his bravery on many occasions, battling and defeating Sky-Byte in an underwater duel and personally rescuing Side Burn from a Predacon trap. Later, when Megatron targeted a tanker truck to scan as the alternate mode of the final protoform, Optimus Prime leaped into action in order to save the truck's human driver and, as a result, the tanker, Prime and the human were all scanned. With an infusion of Megatron's spark energy to complete the concoction, Scourge was born, emerging from his pod as a dark twin of Optimus Prime. Prime's pleas to make Scourge remember his original Autobot loyalties fell on deaf ears.

Prime soon had other things to worry about, as Magnus arrived on Earth with the intention of taking the Matrix, which he believed was rightfully his, at all costs. Prime, who refused to fight back, was seriously injured by Magnus. Magnus tracked Optimus to a desert island, where he pretended to offer him the hand of friendship, only to attempt to absorb the Matrix for himself. During the struggle, the brothers combined into the form of Omega Prime, also known as the God Fire Convoy. Through this link, Magnus was also able to channel the power of the Matrix, which he used to supercharge the Autobot Brothers into newly colored forms. Prime went on to battle the Decepticons on many other occasions. Although Magnus remained a free agent, refusing to take orders from his brother, over time, his animosity dwindled, and he frequently helped the Autobots by combining with Prime to battle the Predacons and Decepticons. During the final battle with Megatron's new form, Galvatron, the two brothers finally reconciled. Together, they faced Galvatron at the Earth's core and defeated him once and for all.

In Car Robots, the original Japanese version of Robots in Disguise, there is not one singular Matrix, but multiple ones, each held by a high-ranking Autobot. God Magnus already possesses a Matrix, and simply seeks to steal the power of Fire Convoy's to increase his own. The overspill supercharges the Autobot Brothers.

Unicron Trilogy

Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime in as he appears in Transformers: Armada

Voiced by (English)Garry Chalk
Voiced by (Japanese)Toru Ohkawa (Micron Legend)
Katsuyuki Konishi (Superlink)
Taiten Kusunoki (Galaxy Force)
Japanese nameConvoy (Micron Legend), Grand Convoy (Superlink), Galaxy Convoy (Galaxy Force)
Sub-groupSuper Vehicles, Deluxe Vehicles, Deluxe Beasts
FunctionAutobot Leader, Supreme Commander/Ultimate Supreme Commander/Super Ultimate Supreme Commander/High-speed Mobile Supreme Commander
PartnerSparkplug, Jetfire and Overload (Armada) Primus, Wing Saber and Leobreaker (Cybertron)
Motto"Freedom is the right of all sentient beings." (Armada)
"Those who threaten peace will fall in pieces." (Energon)
"All hands to combat! I will lead all to freedom with intelligence!" (Galaxy Force)
Alternate modesSemi truck, Fire engine/aircraft, mechanical gorilla

The "Unicron Trilogy" version of Optimus Prime is a fictional character of this branch of Transformers lore. Appearing in Transformers: Armada, Transformers: Energon and Transformers: Cybertron (known as the aforementioned trilogy), Optimus is the leader of the heroic Autobots. He often converted to his super combat mode. In all three series, Optimus' English voice actor is Garry Chalk, who previously voiced Optimus Primal in Beast Wars and Beast Machines.

In Transformers: Armada and Transformers: Energon, Optimus Prime shares the role of main protagonist with Rad, Alexis, Carlos, Starscream and Hot Shot. The Optimus of this universe shares many similarities with his parallel universe versions, including nobility of spirit and a strong desire to protect all humans on Earth. In this continuity, the two sides are not looking for Energon, but a small race of power-enhancing Transformers known as Mini-Cons. Optimus led his small band of Autobots to stop Megatron from acquiring their power for himself.

In his first appearance in the series, Optimus looks similar to the original G1 Optimus Prime until he copies himself with a semi-truck and his design in robot mode changes. Soon after, he retrieves his Mini-Con partner, Sparkplug. The cab of his truck mode detaches to form Optimus himself, while the trailer transforms into a battle station mode operable by Optimus and several Mini-Cons. Optimus can also combine with his trailer to form a "Super Mode" robot that, when combined with Sparkplug, can fire a series of powerful lasers. Additionally, Optimus can combine with Jetfire and/or Overload in his Super Mode for additional power.[12]

Although the original Japanese incarnation of Transformers: Cybertron, known as Transformers: Galaxy Force, was produced apart from Armada and Energon, the series, as originally conceived by Hasbro, was as the third part of the trilogy. The English language dub of the series treats it as such.[13] Consequently, inconsistencies arise between Cybertron and the other two series, but have been explained by the Cybertron comic book, available exclusively through the Official Transformers Collectors Club, as the result of fluctuations in the fabric of reality caused by the Unicron-induced black hole.

In this incarnation, Optimus Prime is the main protagonist and shows a near-xenophobic reluctance with interacting with other cultures, believing that such interaction would cause more harm than good. Consequently, he prohibits his team from mingling with the locals of Earth, Velocitron, and the Jungle Planet during their search for the Cyber Planet Keys. This attitude was drastically changed when Prime realized that the only way to acquire the Cyber Planet Keys from Velocitron and Animatros was to play by their laws.

Early in this new series of encounters with Megatron, Red Alert contacted the Autobots on Earth and asked for Optimus Prime to join then on Velocitron. Ransack and Crumplezone tricked Hot Shot and Dirt Boss into believing that a race between them would determine which of them would be allowed to race Override for the Planet Cup. During the race, Ransack and Crumplezone caused a rockslide that buried Hot Shot. Hot Shot was saved when Optimus Prime, Vector Prime, and Landmine arrived, but Optimus was upset that Hot Shot had become involved with the locals. Clocker and Brakedown were eager to help the Autobots. After being unable to obtain the Planet Cup from Override herself, Optimus Prime endorsed Hot Shot's plan to win the cup in a race with the aide of the other Autobots. Ransack and Crumplezone were contacted by Megatron and were told to keep on eye on things. They also decided to enter the race, either to win the cup and cause as much damage as they could to the other racers. Override, Dirt Boss, Ransack, Crumplezone, Optimus Prime, Hot Shot, Red Alert, Landmine, Clocker, and Brakedown participated in the qualification round. In the final episode, Optimus Prime proposed a new Space Bridge project using the power of the four Cyber Planet Keys and the four great Cybertronian ships. Many Autobots and former Decepticons joined in the project. Jetfire was left in charge of Cybertron as Optimus Prime led the Atlantis with the Earth Cyber Planet Key, joined by Red Alert, Safeguard, Scattershot, Leobreaker, Menasor, and Heavy Load.

Transformers film series

In the online CGI cartoon Cyber Missions produced by TG Studios for Hasbro's website, Optimus is once again seen fighting Megatron, this time with some help from Sideswipe. Optimus also helps Ironhide against Mindwipe.

Transformers Animated

Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime in the Transformers Animated series

Voiced by (English)David Kaye
Voiced by (Japanese)Hiroki Takahashi
Sub-groupActivators, Bumper Battlers, Deluxe Vehicles, Micro Vehicles, Voyagers, Supreme Vehicles
FunctionAutobot Leader, Team Commander
PartnerBumblebee, Rodimus Minor, Ratchet, Bulkhead, and Prowl
Motto"Freedom is the Right of All Sentient beings".
"As a team we can accomplish anything." (Deluxe Figure)
"While I function, Earth is under my protection." (Voyager Figure)
"Bring it on, Decepticons!" (Bumper Battlers)
Alternate modesCybertronian Cab-Over Truck
futuristic Semi-trailer truck/Fire Truck

Optimus Prime appears in the Transformers Animated series in 2008 as a red semi-trailer truck, able to be fitted with many "trailer" attachments, most notably one that effectively makes him a fire truck. Unlike the other Optimus Primes, this one is much younger.[14]

Optimus has the ability to change any part of his robotic body into a tool or gadget. He has swing lines in his wrists. His wrists can also fire capture bolas. His arsenal includes a grappler, fire extinguisher and a negative friction spray. Unlike in all the previous series, his face can almost always be seen, because his mouthplate is retractable like in the 2007 live-action film.

Animated Optimus Prime, in an Earth-based fire truck mode, appears as a hidden character in the Transformers Netjet video game by Hasbro. Instead of being the leader of the Autobots, Prime was actually a washout from the Elite Guard. Despite no longer being a member, he maintains his military ranking of "Prime". The scale chart released for the series indicates Optimus Prime stands about 22 feet tall.[15]

In the lead up to the premiere of the Japanese translation of this series, TakaraTomy marketing director Masahiko Yamazaki indicated changes would be made to place it as a prequel to the 2007 Transformers live-action film. This would have made this version of Optimus Prime an earlier version of the film character. In practice, however, the only changes that were made consisted of trimming for time to allow additional promotional material to be added to the start and end, and the name change of Bulkhead into "Ironhide" (with Ironhide becoming "Armorhide"). The future 22nd century Detroit setting and characterizations of the cast remain as they were in the original production.

In the animated series, Optimus Prime was originally in the Autobot Academy and friends with Sentinel Prime and Elita One. When Elita is lost on a planet dominated by a giant spider-like aliens, he blames himself for leaving her behind, where she supposedly dies in the explosion of a wrecked Decepticon warship loaded with Energon. Sentinel doesn't forgive him for losing her and Optimus takes full responsibility for Elita's demise. This caused Optimus Prime to wash out of the Autobot Academy. However, Ultra Magnus pulls some strings so that Optimus Prime could be captain of a strange Space Bridge repair crew composed of a war vet named Ratchet, a fledgling cadet named Bumblebee, and his fellow cadet Bulkhead. Optimus is given command of the starship which is the vehicle mode of Omega Supreme.

The series begins when Optimus and his crew, after picking up a disillusioned ninja named Prowl, are sent to clear rubble from a space bridge passage. There, the Autobots stumbled upon the Allspark and are immediately attacked by Megatron's battlecruiser, the Nemesis. Through treachery by Megatron's second-in-command, Starscream, Megatron was fragged and the Autobots crashed on Earth in the early 21st century. After being in stasis under Lake Erie for 50 years, the Autobots awaken in Detroit of the near future, where they immediately discovered humans in need and became heroes of the city after stopping a Sumdac Industries experiment gone wrong. During the battle for the possession of the Allspark, Optimus goes offline after defeating Starscream, only to be revived by Sari Sumdac and her Allspark-infused key.

In "Endgame" 2-parter, Ratchet builds Optimus a jetpack attachment to help in the coming battle against the Decepticons. After some initial difficulty, Optimus is able to get the hang of the device, only to be shot down by Starscream's female clone, Slipstream. Though Ratchet urges Optimus to use the Magnus Hammer, he is reluctant to do so, given his past with Ultra Magnus. In the end, he wields the weapon as the Lugnut-controlled Omega Supreme clones land on Earth. During the fight, Optimus manages to master the Magus Hammer's power in order that overwhelms Megatron to the point of being acknowledged by name. After a devastating battle, the last remaining Omega clones self-destruct due to Starscream's intervention. With Prowl's sacrifice, the Allspark is rebuilt into one as it forms a barrier around the Omega clone, along with Optimus and Megatron. Prowl's spirit pulls Optimus from the bubble just as the clone self-destructs with Megatron still trapped inside. Prime laments Prowl's passing before defeating a heavily damaged Megatron and sparing him the deathblow, saying that Megatron does not deserve the "easy way out". He and his team return to Cybertron with Omega Supreme, the captured Decepticons, and Prowl's body and are greeted as the hero he had wished to be so long ago. The reconstructed Allspark, having a structure similar to the G1 incarnation of the Autobot Matrix of Leadership, is hung around his neck.

Optimus Prime appears among the characters in Re-Unification, the 2010 TFCon voice actor play prelude comic.[16]

Aligned Continuity

Orion Pax/Optimus/Optimus Prime/Optimus Supreme
Voiced by (English)Peter Cullen
Voiced by (Japanese)Toshiyuki Morikawa (Prime)
Taiten Kusunoki (Robots in Disguise)
AffiliationAutobot, temporarily Decepticon (as Orion Pax)
Sub-groupDeluxe Vehicles, Voyagers
FunctionAutobot Leader
PartnerBumblebee, Arcee, Bulkhead, Ratchet, Smokescreen, Wheeljack, Ultra Magnus, Ironhide, Sideswipe, Warpath, Perceptor, Jetfire, Metroplex
Motto"Freedom is the Right of all Sentient beings"
Alternate modesCybertronian truck, long-nose semi-trailer truck, all-terrain expeditionary fighting vehicle

Optimus Prime is the leader of the main group of Autobots in the iteration of the Transformers franchise primarily marked by the 2010 computer-animated series Transformers: Prime on The Hub.[17] Optimus Prime was created as the last of the Thirteen Primes, the first generation of Transformers, each created directly by Primus as a band of unique warriors to combat and defeat Unicron. Upon his creation, Optimus united the Thirteen by his greeting All are one. While all of the other members of the Thirteen each possessed unique abilities and artifacts, Optimus wielded no special powers or weapons. It was only his vision and courage that allowed the Thirteen to finally defeat Unicron. Reborn through the Well of All Sparks, Orion Pax became Optimus Prime, a veteran military commander and second in command who wields an ion blaster and a double-bladed Energon axe. He became the leader of the Autobots after Sentinel Zeta Prime fell in battle, but is not certain he wants the responsibility.

In the Transformers: Prime series, he can form bladed weapons or blasters from his hands. He has a telescopic vision and turns into a long-nose semi-trailer truck. Before the Great War, Optimus Prime was originally known as Orion Pax; a young data clerk who worked in Iacon, under the wing of Alpha Trion. Orion was chosen by the High Council and became "Optimus Prime", upon being entrusted with the Matrix of Leadership by Primus himself. Years of war against his old friend/rival, Megatron, have brought Optimus and his team to Earth. After Optimus and his team first met humans on Earth, they allied with them. During their fight against the Decepticons on the planet, Optimus and the other Autobots were subject to many disadvantages, managing to pull through every time in their various mission to stop Megatron's exploitations of Earth's vast Energon resources.

When Unicron threatened Earth, Optimus Prime had no choice but to surrender the Matrix of Leadership in order to stop Unicron. However, due to the loss of the Matrix of Leadership, Optimus not only lost the collective wisdom of the Primes but also lost his memory of events following his conversion from Orion Pax. As he and Megatron had formed a temporary alliance, to stop Unicron, Megatron was the first to notice Optimus' amnesia. He, therefore, took advantage of this and brought "Orion" along when Soundwave opened a ground bridge to the Decepticons' warship. Megatron then told Orion half-truths about the Decepticons and the Autobots, thus tricking Orion into serving the Decepticons' cause.

Orion Pax was put to work on Project Iacon, a project to decode the coordinates of, and then recover, several Cybertronian relics hidden on Earth. Orion was able to decode some of the coordinates before Starscream—who was unaware of Optimus' amnesia—called him Optimus Prime to his face. This led Orion to question Megatron, hack the Decepticon files on Optimus Prime, and relearn his true identity.

Orion's hacking did not go unnoticed by Megatron, who knew he would learn the truth sooner or later. Since Orion would no longer cooperate with the Decepticons, Megatron forced him to finish Project Iacon. Orion escaped the warship, feeling that even if he wasn't a Prime, he definitely wasn't a Decepticon. Thanks to his human friend Jack, Optimus was able to get his memory back, minus the memories of his time on the warship. Optimus was assured by Ratchet that deep down he knew he was an Autobot and couldn't hide his true self whether he was Orion or Optimus.

Despite having his memory back—including his surrender of the Matrix of Leadership, Optimus still did not remember how much information he had supplied to Megatron during his time on the warship. Following a near-death experience and an upgrade by the Forge of Solus Prime, he gained a jetpack, a larger size, and an all-terrain expeditionary fighting vehicle for an alternate mode. During this time he was shown to be capable of flight and seemed to have increased his strength as he was seen taking down a whole group of Insecticons easily.

After restoring Cybertron to life at the end of the third season, the series's finale movie, Transformers Prime Beast Hunters: Predacons Rising, saw his recovery of the AllSpark and subsequent sacrifice to save it from Unicron and return it to Cybertron's core.

The sequel series, Transformers: Robots in Disguise saw Optimus contacting Bumblebee to warn him of danger on Earth—a prison ship's complement of Decepticon prisoners escaping upon the ship crashing and appearing briefly in physical form to help Bumblebee's unlikely new team defeat the Decepticon Underbite. Optimus appeared throughout the first season as a vision to Bumblebee, though he was only allowed to do so when the latter's need was dire. Residing in the "Realm of the Primes", Optimus Prime began training to combat an "ultimate evil" where his first part of the training was overseen by Micronus Prime.

At the conclusion of the first season, Optimus was upgraded by the Thirteen Primes when the Fallen arrived on Earth, during which he gained a body that closely resembles his Beast Hunters form. After the Fallen was seemingly destroyed, Optimus Prime remained with Bumblebee's group, though he stated he would only do so as Bumblebee's "equal", rather than his leader. However, the Thirteen subsequently reclaimed the additional power they granted him, leaving him weakened but still determined to aid the team.

Optimus Prime also appeared in Transformers: Rescue Bots, stated to take place in the same universe as Prime, as the leader of the Autobots who transformed into a semi-trailer truck, though unlike his Prime appearance, it was flatnosed like his G1 counterpart. He gave the Rescue Bots their mission and mainly appeared via a view-screen, appearing physically in the first episode and then in the first-season finale, where his truck mode was seen for the first time on screen. He then returned, with or without Bumblebee, many times throughout the second and third seasons as a recurring character. In the episode "Land Before Prime", Optimus Prime arrived on Wayward Island to help the Rescue Bots. He scanned Trex as a secondary form where gained a Tyrannosaurus form, making him a Triple Changer, though he stated that scanning anything techno-organic might have unpredictable results. While he lost control of this "Primal Mode" at first, the Rescue Bots determined that his loss of control was due to low Energon reserves, and were able to replenish his energies and restore him to normal using an Energon patch. At the conclusion of the third season, Optimus helped his old friend, High Tide, along with the new recruits, Blurr and Salvage, save Griffin Rock and subsequently sent Heatwave and his team on a new mission to use the island as "testing place" to reveal their true identities as aliens.

Voice actors

Optimus Prime is primarily voiced by Peter Cullen in most of his incarnations, who voiced him in the original series. Following the production of the 2007 film, Cullen reprised his role for the sequels and supporting media and would even voice Optimus in later series such as Transformers: Prime. Optimus has been voiced by a number of other voice actors in other series such as Neil Kaplan, Garry Chalk, and David Kaye in the series Transformers: Robots in Disguise, the Unicron Trilogy, and Transformers Animated, respectively.


Marvel Comics

In the series released by Marvel Comics, before the Great War broke out on Cybertron, the robot who would be Optimus Prime, before he received the Matrix of Leadership from Sentinel Prime, was a Transformer of note, displaying his skills in the Infraformers Sharpshooting Competition. When the war began, Prime quickly made a name for himself as a combat leader of the Autobots. On a mission with the Triggerbots to stop Megatron from claiming the Underbase, Prime was forced to jettison the massive databank into space to prevent anyone from acquiring its power. With this action, he proved his wisdom and skill to the Autobot Council of Elders. He continued to move up in rank, eventually becoming the field command over the Autobot armies.

Four million years ago, Cybertron, shaken from its orbit and drifting through space, became threatened when it floated into the path of an asteroid field. Prime led a group of elite Autobot warriors on the Ark, the Autobot starship, on a mission to destroy the asteroids. Although the mission was successful, during the aftermath of this mission, the Ark was attacked by Decepticons hoping to overpower their weakened foes. Intent on keeping the secrets of the Ark from the Decepticons, Prime set the craft on a suicide course, crashing it into the then prehistoric planet Earth.

Later, the Transformers were all transported to Cybertron by Primus to battle Unicron. Although Unicron had tainted the Matrix after killing Thunderwing, Prime managed to reacquire and purify the Matrix. Prime then sacrificed his life one more time to destroy Unicron by plunging the Matrix into his maw. The Powermaster process, however, had been working to fully bond Prime and Hi-Q. Prime's death completed the process, and the two minds and souls became one. Hi-Q's biomechanical body was stripped down and reconstructed by the Last Autobot, resurrecting Optimus Prime once more with the two minds now one. Prime rejoined the other Transformers on the planet Klo and routed Bludgeon's Decepticons.

The sequel series, Transformers: Generation 2, began an undisclosed period of time later. At the beginning of the series, Prime was restored to a form resembling his original body. He and the Transformers found themselves caught in the schemes of a new generation of Cybertronians, led by the icy Jhiaxus, who were colonizing and cyber-forming other worlds. Plagued by nightmarish visions of a life-destroying entity called "the Swarm", Prime looked into Cybertron's past and discovered that Jhiaxus and his kind were the result of an unintentional Transformer reproduction. Their nature and intent, he found, was distilled to the purest, most unemotional form of conquest and that the Swarm was the by-product of this process. To fight this new enemy, Prime and the Autobots entered into an alliance with the recreated Megatron's Decepticons. Though Prime was eventually consumed by the abomination and destroyed, he was able to unleash the energies of the Matrix into the Swarm, purifying it. In parting, the Swarm recreated Prime in a new form, and he and Megatron set out to lead the united Autobots and Decepticons into a new age.

Simon Furman's "Alignment", a text story available through Transforce, a British Transformers convention, mentions Prime falling during what was intended to be the final conflict with the Decepticons at Pinea Omicron, long after the events of the Generation 2 comic book. He managed to defeat Galvatron II, but in doing so, was damaged such that Grimlock had to engage a stasis field around him to save his flickering Spark, making Prime a living war monument.

Though Prime's ultimate fate is unknown, in a story entitled "The Last Days of Optimus Prime", also from Transforce, Prime laments the new Transformers age without war and passes on to a Transformers afterlife, referred to as "J'nwan". The story is vague, however, and may be a metaphor for Prime rejoining the Matrix, as his time had come. In this realm, he was approached by the PredaconSandstorm, who tried to plead for the help of Prime and the other legendary Transformers in dealing with a Unicron/Predacon hybrid named Shokaract. Prime refused, but later led a group of Transformers, including Megatron, Grimlock, and Soundwave), to distract the creature while Primus dealt the final blow.

Dreamwave Productions

In the 21st century reimagining of the original continuity by Dreamwave Productions, Optimus Prime started life as a data archivist known as Optronix or Orion to his friends. After taking note of a battle where the Autobot leader Sentinel Prime had been killed by Megatron, he was summoned to the Council of Elders and informed that the Matrix had chosen him to be the next leader of the Autobots. He received the Matrix of Leadership shortly thereafter and arranged for the Autobot evacuation of Cybertron. He intended to leave the Decepticons to their own devices, but a battle with Megatron beneath the planet's surface, accompanied by visions from the Matrix, stirred him on to fight for the safety of his homeworld.

Some time into his role as a leader, Prime disappeared with Megatron in a spacebridge experiment, spending a period of time on Quintessa, but returned sometime later. Events during this period have gone unrecorded as a result of Dreamwave's closure.

The actual events of the Autobots and Decepticon coming to Earth were never printed by Dreamwave comics, but flashbacks of the events are printed later. These flashbacks suggest that the Autobots allied with humankind and defeated the Decepticons at the turn of the century. They planned to return to Cybertron aboard the newly constructed Ark II, but the ship was destroyed as part of a military conspiracy to take control of the Transformers. A terrorist organization, run by the enigmatic Lazarus, was able to seize control of several of the Transformers that fell back to Earth while the U.S. military was occupied with locating Prime's body. Before his departure, Prime had entrusted a small portion of the Matrix to Spike Witwicky, who was forced by the product chief, General Hallo, to use it to reactivate Prime. Functional again, Prime used the Matrix to reactivate more of his fallen comrades, and then faced off against Megatron in San Francisco.

Following the battle, Prime began to experience subconscious urgings, leading both the Autobots and the Decepticons to the Arctic Circle. When they arrived, Shockwave was there to arrest them as war criminals. Shockwave had succeeded in ending the war on Cybertron, but Prime soon fell in with a rebel Autobot group that had discovered Shockwave had greater agenda. Rallying Transformers across Cybertron to the cause, Prime faced Shockwave, but was defeated and had the Matrix ripped from him and used to activate Vector Sigma. Before Shockwave could make full use of the mega computers data, however, Ultra Magnus, Prime's brother, arrived and bested him. The injuries Prime took during this conflict necessitated a prolonged restoration period in stasis, but Dreamwave's closure meant that Prime never appeared in their pages again.

Art from unreleased issues later showed Optimus Prime awakening from the cryo regeneration chamber and freeing Alpha Trion from Shockwave's lab.

Prime would make one further surprise appearance in Dreamwave's Transformers: Armada comic series, although it would not be the Prime of Dreamwave's first series. When the Optimus Prime of the Armada universe disappeared, pulled into another dimension by the power of Unicron, the Chaos-Bringer sent something back in his stead: a nearly dead Optimus Prime from that universe, who warned the Transformers of Unicron's coming into their universe before dying.

IDW Publishing

When IDW Publishing received the rights to the series, author Simon Furman was hired to oversee the line. Furman decided that the Generation 1 continuity "was in need of ... a contemporary restart"[18] so that the comic could retain a modern audience. Furman's revised continuity establishes Optimus Prime as the present-day leader of an Autobot army spread across the galaxy in small units, waging a covert war against teams of Decepticon infiltrators over resource-rich worlds. The Stormbringer miniseries explains that the Transformer homeworld of Cybertron is a dead planet, ravaged by an ancient cataclysm caused by the Autobot-Decepticon War. Prime had been forced to ally with his arch-rival Megatron to end the destruction. In the series, the interference of Jetfire and the Technobots, in a plot organized by the Decepticon Bludgeon, alerts Prime to the possibility that the Cybertronian cataclysm might be re-ignited and spread to other planets. Prime calls in the Wreckers, meeting them on the surface of Cybertron in time to witness the return of the being called Thunderwing, the focal point of the apocalypse. The combined efforts of Prime, the Wreckers, Jetfire, the Predacon-led Decepticons, and a unit of aging Centurion drones are barely enough to render Thunderwing inert.

Bludgeon's recovered files bring Optimus Prime to Earth, where an Autobot detachment led by Prowl has discovered that a Decepticon infiltration unit led by Starscream has broken standard protocol after discovering a new form of Energon. This Ore-13 appears to be the same "Ultra-Energon" that Bludgeon used to revive Thunderwing, who had been dormant for millennia after the apocalypse. Starscream had already used it to fuel a failed attempt to usurp Megatron's leadership, as detailed in the Infiltration miniseries.

In the Escalation miniseries, Megatron engages Prime and, boosted by Ore-13, overcomes him. Believing their leader dead, the rest of the Autobots attempt to buy the newly arrived Hot Rod the time to collect the clone. Prime, who had transferred his consciousness to a backup memory in his trailer command post, advised them to exploit Ore-13's weakness and assault Megatron all-out, catalyzing the Decepticon leader's Energon supply and crippling him.

Bumblebee, Jazz, Optimus Prime, Prowl, and Ratchet appeared in a New Avengers/Transformers crossover by Marvel Comics and IDW Publishing in 2007.[19]

Optimus Prime leads Bumblebee, Drift, Kup, Prowl, Ratchet, and Wheeljack in Las Vegas when a Cybertronian ship crashes, containing Galvatron, Cyclonus, Scourge, and an infestation of zombies from another universe. Galvatron attempts to take command of the Autobots and, after fighting them, explains his mission to stop an undead infestation. Wheeljack sets up an energy shield around the city to keep the infestation contained, but it only last for 24 hours. Despite the containment effort, Kup realizes that Bayonet, a Decepticon in Galvatron's command, is not all she seems. She turns out to be the extradimensional vampire Britt.[20]

Video games

Generation 1 Optimus Prime has appeared in numerous video games since the introduction of the Transformers series. He makes a cameo in the 1999 Beast Wars Transmetals video game for Nintendo 64, where he is killed by Megatron at the end of the campaign, showing what would have happened in the Beast Wars series with a Predacon victory. Prime is also one of the playable characters in the 2003 Japan-only Transformers game for the PlayStation 2 and the 2010 Transformers: War for Cybertron. Optimus Prime is also playable in the Hasbro Net JetTransformers fighting game Transformers Battle Universe. Three versions of Optimus Prime are playable characters, including the first generation incarnation, his incarnations from the 2007 live-action film, and the incarnation from Transformers Animated. In this game, Optimus Primal is also a playable character. He is a regular character in the Nintendo GameCube and PlayStation 2 2003 fighting gameDreamMix TV World Fighters. He appeared as a boss in a simple Flash-based video game on the Hasbro web site.[21]

Generation 1 Optimus Prime is also offered as downloadable content for some versions of the 2009 third-person shooter Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

Unicron Trilogy Optimus Prime is among the characters appearing in the 2004 Transformers video game for the PlayStation 2.[22][23]

Movie Optimus Prime has appeared in numerous Transformers video games.

In the Autobot Campaign, Optimus Prime provides intelligence and missions to Bumblebee in his search for the Allspark. Eventually, the clues lead the Autobot to Sam Witwicky. After saving Sam from Barricade, Bumblebee finally completes preparations for the Autobots to arrive on Earth. Once on Earth and having informed the two teenagers of their mission, Prime and the Autobots are discovered by Sector 7. Optimus sends Jazz on a high-speed destruction distraction mission, then sends Ironhide to rescue Jazz from a double-threat posed by the government agents and various Decepticon scouts. When Bumblebee is captured, Prime transforms and chases the chopper which from which the small Autobot is tied. After a lengthy chase, Prime manages to catch the net, only to be thrown off by another Cybertronian meteor. As Bumblebee is carried away, Optimus promises he will not fail him again. Jazz informs him that the meteor is not an Autobot. Prime confronts the new threat, who turns out to be the Decepticon Triple ChangerShockwave. The two battle it out across Tranquility before Optimus finally destroys him. During the battle, Optimus overhears Starscream's transmission revealing the location of the Allspark. Optimus then returns to an intel role as he guides Bumblebee in his mission to retrieve the Allspark from Hoover Dam. Unfortunately, the Decepticons manage to free Megatron, leading to the final battle in Mission City. As the Autobots battle it out with the Decepticons to protect Sam and the Allspark, things seem to take a turn for the worse as Megatron finally arrives. Before he can claim the Allspark, Optimus attacks him. Optimus defeats Megatron and leaves him on the ground, seemingly devoid of life. However, just as Sam is giving the Allspark to Optimus, Megatron awakens, leaping at Optimus with his chain-flail out, making one last attempt at defeating his adversary. Optimus grabs the chain, pulling Megatron in closer, and, with the Allspark clutched in his fist, delivers a punch through Megatron's spark, killing him. Optimus reflects on the losses and rewards of this battle, as the Autobots have a new home, but many were killed in the battle. The story ends with Optimus and the Autobots choosing to remain on Earth, proclaiming it as their new home.

Optimus Prime appears near the end of the Decepticon Campaign. Sam and Mikaela inform Optimus that all the Autobots were defeated by the Decepticons. Optimus proclaims that they sacrificed their lives to protect the Allspark, and their sacrifice will not be in vain. Leaving Sam and Mikaela in a safe place, Optimus faces Megatron but is defeated. Weakened and damaged, Optimus crawls to reach the Allspark. However, Megatron attacks Optimus with his chain-flail, killing him.

In Transformers: Autobots, Optimus Prime meets up with the other Autobots to give further commands to his troops. Create-A-Bot, the new rookie, is eager to help in the cause, but Optimus tells him to sit back while the other Autobots fight the Decepticons. Create-A-Bot finally defies orders and completes a mission against Optimus's council. After nearly getting himself and the other Autobots killed, Create-A-Bot apologizes to Optimus personally. Taking pity on the newcomer, Optimus lets him off with a stern warning, and they move out together to face Megatron, who has absorbed the power of the Allspark. Optimus fights Megatron, but Megatron gains the upper-hand. Optimus is on the verge of defeat when Create-A-Bot takes the Allspark and drives to Megatron's chest, weakening Megatron but mortally wounding himself in the process. Optimus fights Megatron again, defeating him. As Megatron is on the ground, he tells Optimus that if he kills him, the Allspark will be destroyed and Cybertron will never be restored. Optimus says to Megatron that he will do what he must do, then he raises his sword and kills Megatron, destroying the Allspark in the process. Create-A-Bot also dies, but not before telling Optimus his final request to make Earth the new home of the Autobots and to protect the humans. The game ends with Optimus sending a message to all surviving Autobots taking refuge among the stars.

In Transformers: Decepticons, Optimus Prime lands on Earth along with the other Autobots to stop the Decepticons. Optimus does not appear until Megatron is released and Starscream escapes with the Allspark. Optimus fights Megatron but is defeated and is killed while Megatron gives chase to his traitorous second-in-command. In the 2009 Revenge of the Fallen video game by Activision, Optimus Prime is among the playable characters.[24]

Optimus Prime is also among the characters who appear in the flash game TRANSFORMERS CVBERVERSE Battle Builder Game.[25] Optimus Prime is one of the Autobots featured in Transformers: The Ride at Universal Studios theme parks. In the ride, Optimus fends off against the invading Decepticons at N.E.S.T. headquarters while telling Evac to escape with the AllSpark shard. He battles Megatron throughout the ride until Megatron is killed by Evac. Optimus then congratulates Evac and the riders for protecting the AllSpark.

Animated Optimus Prime is one of the playable characters in the 2008 Transformers Animated video game for the Nintendo DS.[26]

A younger version of Prime Optimus Prime is one of the playable Autobot characters in the 2010 video game Transformers: War for Cybertron. In the Autobot campaign, he starts off as Optimus, a warrior who rallies his fellow autobots against the Decepticons following the reported death of their leader Zeta Prime. He succeeds in defending the Autobots' home city of Iacon from Starscream and his forces. Optimus then receives a distress call from Zeta Prime. Knowing that this is most likely a trap set by Megatron, he proceeds anyway with a rescue mission. He lets himself, Bumblebee, and Sideswipe be captured by the Decepticons and is sent to a prison in Kaon, the decepticon capital, in an elaborate scheme to free Zeta Prime and all imprisoned Autobots. He frees all the other prisoners, and defeats Soundwave and his minions Frenzy, Rumble, and Laserbeak, but he is too late to save Zeta Prime. After taking Zeta Prime's body back to the Autobot high council, he is bestowed upon the well earned title of Prime.

Optimus Prime is then informed that Megatron has infected the core of Cybertron with dark energon and is given the task to undo the damage done. After rescuing Omega Supreme, Optimus, Ironhide, and Prowl fight their way to the core, but it's too late. The core informs Optimus that it is far too corrupted. It can repair itself by shutting down, but it will take millions of years. By that time, Cybertron will have to become cold, barren, and uninhabitable. The core gives Optimus a small piece of itself, saying it will still survive as long as the piece does. Optimus accepts the burden and the core relinquishes the Autobot Matrix of Leadership.

Realizing that the planet is dying, Optimus orders a mass evacuation of all Autobot cities, but many transport ships are destroyed by the Decepticon satellite Trypticon, under orders from Megatron that no one shall leave the planet. He orders the AerialbotsJetfire, Silverbolt and Air Raid to fly and destroy Trypticon. The aerial trio manages to destroy Trypticon's jet pack and send the Decepticon behemoth crashing into Cybertron, where Optimus Prime and the Autobots band together to narrowly defeat him, sending him plunging into a pool of raw energon. Optimus and the remaining Autobots volunteer to stay and defend Cybertron from Megatron for as long as possible while the rest evacuate the planet. He commissions a massive vessel known as the Ark to transport the remaining Autobots into space when the time comes.

In the Nintendo DS game War for Cybertron: Autobots, Optimus Prime and Bumblebee are the initial two characters playable in the game. Optimus Prime appears in the next game, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron.


The original Optimus Prime toy patent design. Art by Hiroyuki Obara.

Through the years, there have been many action figures made in the likeness of the original incarnation of Optimus Prime, some of which have been featured in fiction, others of which have not. Additionally, some toy makers have made unlicensed toys in his image or accessories for the existing toys. The original 1984 Optimus Prime toy was part of Takara's 1983 Diaclone toy line named "Battle Convoy". It was designed by the creative design team of Hiroyuki Obara, Shoji Kawamori, famous for his work in Macross, and Kohjin Ohno.[27] The toy's characteristics, such as the head design and the use of the cab front as the upper torso, have become design elements in nearly every incarnation and variant of Optimus Prime. This particular toy has been reissued multiple times, mostly to commemorate the anniversary of the Transformers franchise. Optimus Prime was also released as an Action Master and Powermaster toy in the original Transformers toy line.

For the Generation 2 toy line, the original Optimus Prime toy was altered somewhat and an electronic sound maker was added.[28] Later Generation 2 toys of Optimus were completely new designs, such as Combat Hero Optimus Prime, Laser Optimus Prime, and Gobot Optimus Prime, who could become a red Lamborghini car. In 2003, Takara introduced the Masterpiece MP-01 Convoy/Optimus Prime. While retaining the original concept of a transforming semi-trailer truck, this die-cast figure incorporated modern toy manufacturing techniques for improved detail and articulation, while, at the same time, captured the look of the cartoon character. It has since been released by both Hasbro and Takara Tomy in different variations. In 2010, a version of the Masterpiece toy, called Masterpiece Convoy Sleep Mode, was released, painted in dark colors to match the appearance of Optimus Prime after his death in the 1986 film.[29] In 2006, Hasbro introduced Alternators Optimus Prime, which turned into a licensed 1:24 scale model Dodge Ram SRT-10.[30] In 2011, Takara Tomy released MP-10 Convoy, a smaller, more show-accurate version of the Masterpiece Optimus Prime figure.[31]

Other merchandise

Optimus Prime is among the three Autobot figures available to play in the Monopoly Transformers Collectors Edition game.[32] As the figurehead of the entire Transformers franchise, Optimus Prime has been on more pieces of merchandise than can be stated here. Several statues and busts of Optimus Prime as well as Optimus Prime themed objects have been released by various companies since the return of Transformers to prominence, such as the "Optimus Prime Oral Care Station". Other figures released include various PVCs as part of Takara's "Super Collection Figure" line, which were later imported as part of Hasbro's "Heroes of Cybertron" series. Larger "Mega Collection Figure" PVCs were articulated and came with energy axe and gun figures. As part of the merchandising wave for the first Transformers film in 2007, Hasbro's Playskool line released a Transformers-themed version of Mr. Potato Head based on Optimus Prime. To keep with the potato theme, the toy was labeled "Optimash Prime" and the packaging included the slogan "More than meets the fry", a potato-oriented version of the Transformers slogan "More than meets the eye".

Transformers film series

Optimus Prime
Voiced by (English)Peter Cullen (films, toys, video games)
Eric Eowards (Cyber Missions)
Michael Dorn (Revenge of the Fallen toy Commercials)
Voiced by (Japanese)Tesshō Genda (films)
Yoshimasa Hosoya (Q Transformers: Mystery of Convoy)
AffiliationAutobot, Decepticon (as Nemesis Prime)
Sub-groupPrimes, Leaders, Voyagers, Legends, Cyberverse Commanders, Thirteen Primes, Legendary Knight, Transformer Knights
FunctionAutobot leader
PartnerSam Witwicky, Quintessa (as Nemesis Prime), Arcee, Elita-One, Bumblebee, Ratchet, Wheeljack, Camshaft, Jazz, Jetfire, Comettor, Ironhide, Sentinel Prime, Grimlock, Sideswipe, Hound, Drift, Cade Yeager, Crosshairs
Motto"Freedom is the right of all sentient beings."
"Those who threaten peace, will fall into pieces"
"All hands to Combat, I will lead you all to Freedom with my intelligence"
"Until that day, Till all are One"
"Heroes never die. I, Optimus Prime, can never be conquered"
"I will fight anyone who stands in my way." (as Nemesis Prime)
Alternate modesCybertronian Entry Mode Protoform, 1997 Peterbilt 379 semi-truck, 1973 Marmon cab-over semi-Truck, Western Star 4900 Phantom Custom semi-truck[33]

Optimus Prime appears in the Transformers live-action film series as the leader of the Autobots and one of the main protagonists. In the first three films, he is able to transform into a conventional Peterbilt 379 cab, rather than the cab over design of his original Generation 1 body. In Transformers: Dark of the Moon, he gains a first generation-style trailer form before changing into a 2014 Western Star 5700 Concept.[33] Also straying from the G1 design, Prime's vehicle mode is now decorated with red flames painted onto a blue body à la Rodimus Prime, his Generation 1 successor. The reason for the change was due to Director Michael Bay's decree that mass displacement does not occur when they transform, requiring Optimus's vehicle form to have more mass to achieve the desired size in his robot form.

Although the character was redesigned to some extent, like the other characters in the film, many classic design elements remain in his robot mode including a predominantly red torso, primarily blue legs, the presence of windows in his chest, smoke stacks on his shoulders, and a head design influenced by the original, featuring the iconic faceplate and ear finials. The faceplate is able to retract to reveal a mouth. His weapons include his iconic ion blaster, a Barrage cannon, two retractable energon blades that extend from his forearms, which is a homage to Prime's energy axe in the Generation 1 animated series, and two retractable energon hooks that extend from his wrists. The trailer contains an energy axe, a shield, and flight gear. In the later IDW comics, he displays the ability to produce a holographic driver.

At San Diego ComicCon 06, it was announced that original Optimus Prime voice actor, Peter Cullen, would reprise his role for the third film. Cullen has commented that Prime is basically the same in the third film as the previous two, and retains the same basic personality.


The 2000s film series incarnation of Optimus Prime was met with warm reception. It was named the 30th greatest movie superhero of all time by "Total Film Magazine".[34]

Involvement in the films

See also: Transformers (film), Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Transformers: Age of Extinction, Transformers: The Last Knight, Bumblebee (film), and Transformers: Rise of the Beasts

A Peterbilt 379used in Transformers to portray Optimus Prime's alternate mode.

The character of Optimus Prime first appears in the 2007 Transformers film as the leader of the Autobots in the search for the AllSpark. He intends to destroy it, even if it means sacrificing himself, before the Decepticons can use it to create a new army to conquer the universe. After arriving and scanning a Peterbilt truck, Optimus greets Sam Witwicky and Mikaela Banes, introducing his men and explaining why they have come to Earth. During the final battle, Optimus slays the hate-filled Decepticon Bonecrusher and faces his ancient enemy, Megatron. Unable to match Megatron in combat, Optimus urges Sam to push the AllSpark into his chest, which will destroy them both. Instead, Sam rams the AllSpark into Megatron's chest, destroying it and killing the Decepticon leader. The film ends with Optimus sending out a deep-space signal, inviting other Autobots to join them on Earth.

Optimus Prime returns in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. He leads the Autobots as part of NEST in hunting down the remaining Decepticons on Earth. He later engages in a battle with Starscream, Grindor, and a resurrected Megatron. Although Optimus manages to injure Starscream and kill Grindor, he is eventually impaled and killed by Megatron. However, Optimus is resurrected during the battle in Egypt by Sam using the Matrix of Leadership. He is then fused with the dead body of Jetfire, giving him an extremely powerful upgraded mode. After severely maiming Megatron, he kills The Fallen, forcing Megatron and Starscream to retreat. At the end of the film, Optimus thanks Sam for reviving him and again transmits a message to space, hoping to find more Autobots.

Optimus appears again in the 2011 film Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Optimus receives his own armory consisting of weapons and flight tech that transforms into a trailer for him to carry in vehicular form. After assisting NEST operatives in fighting Shockwave at Chernobyl, Optimus learns that the humans have concealed the discovery of an ancient Cybertronian ship on the moon. He revives his old mentor, Sentinel Prime, with the Matrix of Leadership. However, Sentinel Prime later betrays the Autobots, murders Ironhide, wipes out most of NEST, and brings an army of Decepticons to Earth with Space Bridge Pillars. During the battle of Chicago, Optimus kills Shockwave, the Driller, and many Decepticon Protoforms. Finally, Optimus challenges the traitorous Sentinel Prime and they engage in a fierce duel. At first, Optimus appears to have the upper hand, but Sentinel eventually overpowers him and severs his right arm. However, before Sentinel can deliver the killing blow, Megatron attacks and severely injures him, having realized that he will never be able to remain leader of the Decepticons as long as Sentinel is at large. Megatron attempts to make a false truce with Optimus, but Optimus doesn't fall for it and attacks Megatron, decapitating him with his battle-axe. Optimus then bitterly executes the wounded Sentinel with Megatron's shotgun. With the Decepticons defeated and the war finally over, Optimus and the Autobots accept Earth as their new home.

For Transformers: Age of Extinction, Optimus Prime initially transforms into a rusty 1973 Marmon semi cab-over truck and later on a new alternate mode in a blue and red Western Star 5700 Custom semi-truck.[35][36] After humanity turns on all Transformers, regardless of faction, Optimus and the other Autobots go into hiding. Eventually, they find themselves being hunted by a rogue organization called Cemetery Wind. Optimus is severely injured in a trap set by the group, while many of the other Autobots, including Ratchet and Leadfoot, are slain. An inventor, Cade Yeager, comes to Prime's aid and helps restore his health. After uniting with a small band of Autobots, Optimus faces Lockdown, a ruthless assassin and bounty hunter allied with the humans, and KSI, an organization that produces man-made Transformers. Optimus is captured by Lockdown, but the Autobots rescue him. Optimus is quickly losing faith in humanity, but at the urging of Cade, chooses to stay and fight a resurrected Megatron and his new army. Prime awakens the ancient Dinobots, and rides a newly tamed Grimlock into battle through Hong Kong. He kills Lockdown and Harold Attinger at the film's climax, avenging his friends, such as Ratchet and Leadfoot. At the end of the film, he leaves Earth and flies off into deep space, seeking to find out the truth about his mysterious Creators.[37][38]

Optimus Prime returns in Transformers: The Last Knight, which is set three years after the events of the previous film. Having been frozen in the vacuum of space, Optimus has been drifting on the far reaches of Earth's solar system for some time. However, he later crash-lands on Cybertron, its atmosphere reviving him. He then confronts the being currently in control of the planet, a powerful sorceress named Quintessa, who professes to be the maker he is searching for. Optimus is easily subdued by Quintessa, who convinces him that he destroyed Cybertron and reveals that the Earth is actually Cybertron's "ancient enemy" Unicron. Redubbing him "Nemesis Prime", Quintessa brain-washes Optimus and tasks him with retrieving her stolen staff, with which she plans to drain Earth/Unicron's life force so that Cybertron can be restored. Nemesis succeeds in retrieving the staff, but is hindered by Bumblebee, whom he engages in a fierce duel. Nemesis nearly kills Bumblebee, but when the normally mute Bumblebee suddenly speaks, urging Prime to remember who he is, the sound of his oldest friend's voice is enough for Optimus to return. However, Megatron, revealed to be in league with Quintessa, swoops in and steals the staff from Optimus. Prime is then attacked and sentenced to death by the Guardian Knights for aiding Quintessa, but he is saved by Cade Yeager, who convinces Optimus to correct his mistake. Optimus leads the Autobots in the attack on Quintessa's lair, during which he slays the Infernocons and defeats Megatron. Optimus then attacks Quintessa, distracting her long enough for Bumblebee to shoot and seemingly vaporize her. At the end of the film, Optimus and the other Autobots return to Cybertron, unaware that Quintessa is actually still alive.

Optimus Prime returns in the 2018 film Bumblebee, initially a prequel and later declared as a reboot. As the Decepticons are defeating the Autobots in a war on Cybertron, Optimus Prime orders the surviving Autobots to evacuate, and sends Autobot scout B-127 to establish a base on Earth for the Autobots to regroup. To buy time for him to escape, Prime fends off an army of Decepticons. Later in 1987, teenage girl Charlie Watson finds and befriends B-127, whom she names "Bumblebee". She accidentally unlocks a holographic message from Optimus Prime about B-127's mission, restoring Bumblebee's memories of watching Optimus fighting many Decepticons while escaping from Cybertron. The message is activated again when Bumblebee is interrogated by Decepticons Shatter and Dropkick. Optimus later reunites with Bumblebee, driving alongside him. In a mid-credits scene, he praises Bumblebee for protecting Earth, as they walk together through a forest.[39]

Optimus Prime will return in the upcoming film Transformers: Rise of the Beasts and will also feature the his Beast Wars counterpart, Optimus Primal.

In popular culture

  • A forty-foot (12.2 m) statue of Optimus Prime exists in Kunming city in Yunnan Province, China. It is located near several automobile dealerships.[40]
  • In the South Park trilogy "Imaginationland", Optimus Prime is one of the warriors who fight on the side of the good imaginary characters.
  • A figure in the form of Optimus Prime appears in a pattern of windows and other markings on the background of the game Assassin's Creed.[41]
  • Optimus Prime was parodied in several episodes of Robot Chicken. He was voiced by character actor Abraham Benrubi.[42]
  • In 2003, a United States National Guardsman legally changed his name to "Optimus Prime" on his 30th birthday.[43]
  • Sheldon Comics includes several comics either containing Optimus Prime toys or referencing the Optimus Prime.[44][45][46]
  • In conjunction with the release of the 2007 live-action film, Hasbro released a Mr. Potato Head version of Optimus Prime named Optimash Prime[47] and a transforming plush toy called Softimus Prime.[48]
  • Optimus Prime is mentioned in the Lemon Demon song "The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny".
  • In the 2006 comedy movie Clerks II, Elias states that his screen name is Optimus Prime.
  • A Canadian military operation in Afghanistan was code-named "Op Timis Preem".[49]
  • British Prime MinisterGordon Brown told the news media that, "Optimus Prime could solve the current problems in our world."[50]
  • At a gathering of Jewish people near the end of the Family Guy episode "When You Wish Upon a Weinstein", Peter Griffin finds out that Optimus Prime is Jewish when the robot arrives at the gathering in vehicle form and transforms, complete with a yarmulke and tallit.
  • Legacy Brewing Company from Reading, Pennsylvania, now out of business, made an Imperial India Pale Ale called "Hoptimus Prime". The beverage also appeared in the 2008 Xbox 360 game Fable II.
  • Optimus Prime, as well as the whole Transformers franchise, is referred to in the 2009 song ''I Can Transform Ya'', by Chris Brown, Lil Wayne and Swizz Beatz. The music video also features the performers 'transforming' into various cars and motorcycles in a similar fashion as the transformation sequences in the film series.
  • Optimus Prime is referred to in a verse from the song "Get at Me Dog" by DMX.
  • Optimus Prime was featured in Seth MacFarlane's Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy in a short cartoon in which Prime was having sex with a human female in robot mode. When he reached the climax, he transformed into his vehicle mode and crushed his partner.
  • In 2011, James Reimer, the rookie goaltender of the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team, has been dubbed "Optimus Reim" for his positive demeanor and machine-like ability to stop pucks.
  • Presenter Tanner Foust makes a reference to Optimus Prime in a segment of Top Gear USA while driving a Peterbilt 379 (Optimus' vehicle disguise in the 2007 film).
  • Optimus Prime makes a few appearances in Cartoon Network's Mad (in both his Generation 1 and Movie incarnations). He is voiced by Gary Anthony Williams.
  • On the Disney Channel series A.N.T. Farm, Fletcher makes a reference to Optimus Prime when daring Nigel to turn into a truck (which he is somehow able to do).
  • Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman is sometimes referred to by his fans as Optimus Prime.[51]
  • Optimus Prime is mentioned in the 2015 song ''WTF (Where They From)'', by Missy Elliott featuring Pharrell Williams, in Pharrell's verse: ''...lyrically I'm Optimus Prime, look how I drive, look at my ride...'', directly referencing Optimus' well-versed speeches as well as the Transformers' vehicle modes.
  • Optimus Prime made a cameo appearance in Ready Player One.
  • Optimus Prime was featured on the online series Death Battle and was pitted up against the Gundam and won due to better combat experience, superior weapons and feats.[52]
  • Optimus Prime is referenced in the song "I Punched Keanu Reeves" from the film, Always Be My Maybe, performed by Randall Park as a part of the film's fictional band Hello Peril.

Film incarnation

During the promotion of the Transformers films, Optimus Prime appeared in several commercials. Optimus Prime, along with other Transformers, were featured in several commercials for General Motors. Scenes with Optimus Prime were used in several General Motors commercials.[53] A commercial for the Discovery Channel featured Optimus Prime singing part of a promotional song.[54]

Optimus also appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman, giving "The Top Ten Things That Sound Cool When Spoken by a Giant Robot".[55]


At BotCon 2010, Hasbro named Optimus Prime as one of the first five robot inductees in the Transformers Hall of Fame.[56]

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