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Delta Faucet Clogged

Supply Hose Clog

The supply hoses bring water from the sink to your Delta faucet. These hoses, in most cases, are flexible. However, they can sometimes become kinked and clog up the line. Material inside the water supply, such as silt and rust, can also clog up the supply hoses. In order to unclog or un-kink the supply hose, turn off the water supply valve then unscrew the hose couplings Straighten out the hose if it is kinked or blow through the line with a garden hose. Replace the hose and secure the couplings.

Main Water Line

If the main water line that leads up to the house is clogged, then your Delta faucet won't work. Check the other water fixtures in the house to see if they are operating or not. If they aren't, the problem is with your main water supply line. Call your city or county municipal water works and let them know about the problem or see if they are working on it.

Faucet Aerator

One of the main causes for why a Delta faucet might be clogged is due to objects trapped inside the aerator. The aerator is a series of screens placed just inside the faucet lip. These screens break up the water as it exits the faucet, mixing it with air to create a fuller stream of water. To fix the aerator, unscrew the outlet on the Delta faucet and remove the aerator screens. Rinse them off underneath a running faucet then replace.

Faucet Body

Similar to the aerator, dirt and other foreign objects can become trapped in the body of the faucet. Fix this by removing the faucet body and flushing it out with a stream of water. On some Delta kitchen faucets you can remove the faucet head without having to remove the entire faucet body.

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Author: Sam8902 (IN)

Just installed a new Delta faucet in our bathroom vanity. I Followed the instructions about removing the aerator, turning on both handles fully to flush out any debris. Everything looked good with no leaks but when I reinstalled the aerator a stream of water poured out of the center hole underneath and down into the vanity. Removed the aerator and NO leaks! Reinstalled the aerator and it leaked through the center hole! Considered taking the faucet back to L***s, thinking that the faucet was faulty. Did a search on the internet and found this site discussing the problem with the aerator. I tried to blow through the aerator and notice it was highly restrictive so I used the internals out of our old one but it was somewhat restrictive and I still had the leak. I would have just left the internals completely out but when the faucet was fully turned on the water would splatter outside the sink.

The solution was to take the aerator apart and remove the highly restrictive screen and the part directly underneath. Then taking a 1/16 drill bit and drill out 2/3rds of the holes (not the very bottom but the section above) making it less restrictive and it solved the leaks and no splatter.

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Author: Palm329 (VA)

I’m no expert but something sounds very suspicious, like something is loose in there or you have a dud faucet.

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Author: Sam8902 (IN)

I should have posted a reply in the thread that I found. I can't find it using the "search" button above but if you Goggle "please help--new faucet leaking from 3rd hole" you will find what I'm referring to.

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Author: packy (MA)

it can do that if the aerator is not fully tight.
water runs down the underside of the spout and shows up as a leak below.

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Author: hj (AZ)

If the aerator was NOT leaking because it was loose, it would be almost impossible for it to cause those symptoms even if it were completely clogged, which some are.

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Author: packy (MA)

sorry hj, please rephrase that response ????
i can't tell if you are agreeing or not ??
i have seen aerators leak water as described and that water run down the bottom side of the spout and show up in the center hole down below.

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Author: hj (AZ)

I am saying that if the aerator was TIGHT, then it could NOT cause the leak down below, regardless of the size hole made in it, or even if it were completely plugged.

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Author: bernabeu (SC)

tight AND had the appropriate washer so that it SEALED against the spout

... just sayin'

grinning smiley

- - - -

Retired U.A. Local 1 & 638
"Measure Twice & Cut Once"

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Author: hj (AZ)

And, if that were the case, it would NOT have leaked regardless of whether it was drilled larger or not, so, either the original premise was false, or we were not given all the correct information.

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Author: Slim (NV)

@Packy (MA). Thank you very much for your post. You solved my extreme dilemma. I was at wits end. I'd already concluded, first that my new supply line(s) were leaking. After replacing the lines (for the second time) I then realized the leak was coming from the center hole. As a newbie DIY plumber I concluded the new and admittedly cheap faucet I bought to replace the old one was defective (leaking internally), hence the leak from the faucet through the center hole. I replaced the faucet (again) and, OH NO!!, the second new faucet was leaking through the center hole also. Yes I did remove the aerator on both faucets to clear the line then tightened them snugly, but not too tight because the threads the aerator screws into are plastic. I then went to search for an answer on the internet and found this thread and your comment. I immediately after reading what you wrote went and screwed the aerator in good and tight. and Voila, no more leak. Hallelujah! Instruction videos on faucet installation should stress the absolute need to really tighten firmly the aerator after removal for line clearing. Much thanks for your post.

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Removing delta faucet aerator

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Delta Cleaning Replacing Aerator

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